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UI for ASP.NET AJAX R1 2022 SP1 (version 2022.1.302)

March 2, 2022


  • UpdatePanelCssClass not available when adding AjaxSettings programmatically


  • Toggle radio buttons are misaligned on pdf export when render mode is Lightweight


  • Dock is erroring out when dragged over 32767px


  • Fix javascipr typos in the linkmanager
  • StripCssExpressions content filter breaks on linebreak
  • The HTML of a selected table gets ruined after applying bold formatting over it
  • The content is duplicated on Chrome when style @import url is used and the head and body tags are uppercased
  • Copied table from MS Word is showing thicker border
  • The link and style tags get stripped when the head and body tags are capitalized
  • The isBlockElement method does not check for col and colgroup block elements


  • RadGrid sort column header visual indicator for unsorted


  • Added support for Type 3 fonts
  • Provided API for setting different permissions when exporting encrypted PDF documents
  • The measured size of the block inside the nested table is wrong
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when converting nested tables to PDF and the vertical alignment is set
  • An ArgumentException is thrown when importing documents containing Font`s Widths array with entries defined as Indirect references
  • An InvalidCastException is thrown when importing a not embedded TrueType Font
  • UriFormatException is thrown when merging/cloning a document containing UriAction with an invalid URI
  • Converting PNG to Jpeg processes only a part of the image on .NET 6


  • NullReferenceException when importing a document that contains notes shapes with no row and column
  • AnIndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when exporting a file in Russian culture under Windows 7 and the target platform is .NET Standard version
  • Notes are not updated after inserting or removing cells

Theme Builder

  • ThemeBuilder update with Switch and SplitButton components


  • PdfFormatProvider: A NullReferenceException is thrown when converting nested tables to PDF and the vertical alignment is set
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown while importing DOCX file with nested content controls over the contents of a table cell with more than one paragraphs
  • Importing empty content control that is the first element of a table cell leads to NullReferenceException
  • The value of a Page field with numberInDash format is not exported to PDF

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