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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q3 2015 SP1 (version 2015.3.1111)

November 10, 2015


  • RadAjax throws exception in combination with Google Maps


  • Unable to scroll content of control which uses TouchScrollExtender, if another control using TouchScrollExtender with no scrollable content is touched on iOS and Android


  • Unexpected RadAsyncUpload Select button rounded corners in Bootstrap, Metro, MetroTouch, BlackMetroTouch and Simple skins on iOS Safari and Chrome


  • WAI-ARIA support for RadAutoCompleteBox
  • Updated keyboard support of AutoCompleteBox


  • RadDatePicker cannot set different date than the current one in Win10 (IE11 and Edge) when Finnish and Norwegian culture is used
  • MonthYearPicker generates wrong ID for the inner table of FastNavigation popup when RenderMode=Lightweight


  • HSV palette visual appearance looks broken in IE8


  • RadComboBox navigates to next selected item instead of first item in IE browser when MarkFirstMatch="true"
  • RadComboBox MarkFirstMatch does not work correctly in load on demand scenario
  • Blank space is appended for the items of the checkboxes enabled RadComboBox under Chrome
  • RadComboBox does not scroll down to the correct item with EnableCheckAllItemsCheckBox=true
  • JAWS does not announce when the RadComboBoxItems has checkboxes (RadComboBox has its Checkboxes feature enabled)
  • Disabled RadComboBox EmptyMessage is illegible in iOS Safari and Chrome
  • Vertical scrollbar appears on the drop down when DropDownAutoWidth is Enabled
  • RadComboBox returns the empty message after a postback when MarkFirstMatch is on and all text is cleared with backspace and space is hit
  • RadComboBox with AllowCustomText=false, SelectedIndexChanged is fired after postback


  • RadDataPager rendering breaks when RenderMode=Lightweight and SEO paging is enabled
  • RadDataPager inconsistence between the current page and the query value when using SEO paging
  • RadDataPager and RadGrid styles break when RenderMode=Lightweight and SEO paging is enabled


  • RadDiagram throws an exception when it is declaratively data bound and it is placed in the ItemTemplate of a data bound control
  • RadDiagram throws an exception when it has data bound connections to an ASP.NET data source control and it is in the ItemTemplate of a data bound control


  • JavaScript error when a RadDock is cloned after its content container element is set to be a drag handle
  • Fixed a problem with setting the Width, Height, Top, Left properties of RadDock with comma-separated values


  • Add EnableDirectionDetection property for controls using DropDown widget


  • ClearClass of block elements with collapsed selection
  • Unable to remove body class using Css Classes dropdown inside the Page Properties dialog
  • RadEditor is stripping <br> from inside <li> elements
  • Insertion of a list in an empty table cell
  • Self closing tags are stripped by the ConvertWordList option when pasting from MS Word
  • Localization of Adaptive Editor ColorPicker buttons
  • Multiple symbols are inserted in RadEditor in Lightweight render mode
  • LinkManager is converting double quotes to single ones in the tooltip of the anchor elements
  • Table Wizard dialog counts incorrectly the table header elements when a nested table is inserted
  • Pasting functionality and inserting of tables is tracked via the Track Changes when disabled


  • Not so common files cannot be uploaded via drag-and-drop, but available for upload via the upload dialog


  • Bootstrap - RadFilter field editors the “Remove” text of the anchor located in the rfTools is not properly aligned


  • Integration of RadFormDecorator and RadGrid with GridDateTimeColumn
  • Scroll position in Chrome is reset after Ajax request is performed for a decorated element inside ContentPage


  • Gantt is misaligned when inside RadWindow
  • Confirmation popup for Dependency deletion disappears if OnDependencyDelete event is handled.
  • Input and pickers are not properly RTL when in RTL Bootstrap Gantt
  • On small devices Add Task text is overlapping with add task + icon
  • Wrong rounded corners position in RTL Gantt
  • Not visible dragging clue images in Web20 skin


  • Lightweight RadGrid - Context menu replace sprite with font icons
  • .resizeToFit() method does not resize the columns properly when ShowHeaders=false
  • It is not possible to drag to group a field in IE on touch device(RenderMode=Mobile)
  • Unexpected action triggered on adaptive RadGrid Column settings menu scrolling on mobile devices
  • RadGrid Export to CSV shows a space for an empty column
  • Modal popup in RadGrid issue in Chrome
  • When grouping is used the column order in the exported Excel file is not correct
  • The batch editing manager hasChanges method throws a JavaScript error in some cases
  • Excel-like filtering is not working properly when column of type GridDateTimeColumn is used
  • Object reference exception is thrown when FilterType is set to HeaderContext and GridNumericColumn is added in the Grid
  • Filter item is not removed from header context menu when AllowFiltering is set to false for the column
  • JavaScript error with WAI-ARIA support enabled in RadGrid
  • RadGrid with Frozen Columns has misalignment when hiding columns and scrolling to the right
  • Export buttons in mobile grid have a wrong glow effect
  • Empty space appears in the grid when hiding a column in grid with TableLayout=Fixed and column resizing is enabled
  • In Lightweight Grid misalignment occurs when hide a single column
  • Inconsistent colspan when exporting grouped RadGrid to ExcelML
  • If the items in RadGrid are grouped and the value for the grouped field is null the group is not exported in ExcelML format
  • When a field contains a null values and RadGrid is grouped by this field, the entire groups data is missing from the Excel document when using ExcelML format
  • RadGrid - When exporting to XLSX, column with DataFormatString {0:C} is exported as C
  • The header text is shift with one cell when exporting to PDF with enabled grouping and multi column headers
  • A server error is thrown when put an item of master and detail table in edit mode at the same time and perform a postback
  • RadGrid footer and group footer has wrong styling (Classic render mode)
  • Inputs in RadGrid InPlace edit mode have inconsistent look in Bootstrap skin


  • The Selection Range of RadHtmlChart is not visible if the runat=server is omitted from <head> tag
  • Series tooltips are not visible in a data navigation scenario when the same series are added to the PlotArea and the Navigator
  • Axes and Series Items are not preserved after postback for a programmatically created RadHtmlChart


  • Fixed incorrect initial positions of handles of drawing shapes in ImageEditor
  • Incorrect height of SplitButton in Bootstrap and Lightweight


  • ImageGallery - Paging is not possible in case Mode=Images and Position=Left are set


  • When the RadTextBox InputType property is set to Number a JavaScript error is thrown on focus
  • New line at the beginning of the Multi-Line RadTextBox appears when AntiXssLibrary is used in the project
  • RadTextBox in MultiLine mode is smaller than expected in some scenarios


  • RadListBox OnClientTransferred event is not triggered on Transfer All items if there is a disabled item in the SourceListBox
  • Exception: TransferToID is not set when use key left to transfer back an item


  • In IE8 the buttons in toolbar are not vertically centered


  • Lightweight ContextMenu parent div is not animated and has no border-radius in Bootstrap skin
  • RadMenu child items dropdown go behind the root items of a second menu below it in IE 8 and 9
  • Wrong position of Lightweight RadMenu left scroll button of horizontal subitems group in Chrome and Opera
  • RadMenu screen boundary functionality does not work in RTL mode
  • Setting Width for RadMenu causes a design-time appearance issue


  • RadNavigation in Bootstrap skin - missing border of rnvMore button


  • The div with CSS class 'rnContentWrapper' is two pixels thinner, which interrupts the border between the titlebar and the content of RadNotification


  • OrgChart in lightweight render mode - missing border on groups of nodes


  • The Lightweight RadPanelBar does not transfer correctly the text of an item that exceeds its width


  • Font that is not embedded and does not have FontFamily cannot be imported.
  • MediaBox, Rotate and Resources properties are not inherited from the parent Pages node
  • Dash character is not exported when using standard fonts


  • ConfigurationPanel of PivotGrid is not styled correctly when skin=MetroTouch
  • RadPivotGrid does not calculate the column widths correctly
  • When PivotGrid has a single item NoRecordTempale is shown
  • In Bootstrap skin the PivotGrid pager has too small font-size for the values of both submit buttons
  • PivotGrid shows ? instead of the expand/collapse icons in Lightweight


  • Switching between RadRibbonBar tabs does not close a RadDatePicker’s pop-up placed in one of the tabs
  • RadRibbonBar - empty groups to be as wide as their titles
  • RadRibbonBar in BlackMetroTouch skin keeps its height when minimized
  • Missing RadRibbonBarNumericTextBox upward spin button in MetroTouch and BlackMetroTouch skins
  • RadRibbonBar no hover effect when hovering over RibbonBarApplicationMenuItems with some skins
  • RadRibbonBar Buttons do not show in QuickAccessToolBar when Buttons are placed in a tab of ContextualTabGroups


  • Add YearView to the VS Configuration Wizard
  • RadScheduler recurrence rule does not synchronize other properties when there is an offset
  • Appointments show wrong day in Agenda view when time zones are used
  • Selected view is not clearly outlined from the others in Black, Vista, Web20 skins in Lightweight Scheduler
  • JavaScript error thrown on multiple timeslots selection through keyboard if no timeslot has been selected
  • Header date in Timeline view displays wrong end date when NumberOfSlots=1 and SlotDuration is set to more than one day
  • On AppointmentUpdate server event, AppointmentUpdateEventArgs's ModifiedAppointment does not contain the correct RecurrenceRule when moving a recurring series


  • Script references duplication if a property is changed in Visual Studio Design view and the view is switched back to Source or if asp:ScriptManager is replaced with RadScriptManager through smart tag option


  • Add to the RadSkinManager the ability to set the EnableEmbeddedSkins and EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet properties


  • The wrong item is marked as selected when you set small width to a RadSlider with Classic render mode and MetroTouch skin


  • Implemented public API for retrieving the used cell range for a specific property
  • SetValue(DateTime value) overload resets previously set format
  • Visibility property value is not respected and hiding/unhiding sheets does not work
  • Cells without style id are not imported correctly which may lead to incorrect formatting
  • Setting empty string using SetValueAsText creates document which can not be imported using Excel
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when importing number formats with id 41, 42, 43 or 44
  • Text in rows with zero height is rendered as dots when exporting to PDF
  • Importing or creating formatCode string "General" is interpreted as text instead of General number format


  • Added EnableSelectorLimitCheck property to the RadStyleSheetManager
  • Stylesheet rendered in the middle of a comment if containing a </head> tag
  • RadStyleSheetManager does not expose RenderMode property


  • RadTabStrip does not absorb the focus, when previous control is blurred, while a click on the RadTabStrip is performed
  • When ContentUrl is set to RadPageView a frameborder=0 renders on the page - some validation tools interpret the frameborder as an obsolete property and suggest that css styles are used instead
  • Wrong arrow icons of a scrollable vertical RadTabStrip in MetroTouch, BlackMetroTouch, Bootstrap skins


  • The position of a dragged tile is incorrect when RadTileList is in responsive mode and in a parent with position: absolute that is scrolled down


  • Do not decorate the expand/collapse cell if the button is hidden when exporting to Excel and Word in RadTreeList
  • RadTreeList does not export the styles if they are directly set to the item, the same works for the cells
  • In Bootstrap skin the TreeList pager has too small font-size for the values of both submit buttons


  • Disabled nodes of RadTreeView are not visible when Metro skin is used
  • Inconsistent appearance of disabled RadTreeViewNode toggle arrow


  • Making a maximized RadWindow modal with JavaScript makes it stay behind the modal background once restored
  • Mouse event is passed to the Close handlers when the [x] button is clicked in Q3 2015 when RenderMode=Lightweight
  • The client-side API for displaying the shadows of RadWindow does not work properly


  • Mobile RadWizard step text content is not wrapped if it does not fit on screen
  • RadWizard in Bootstrap skin - when the NavigationBar position is Right, navigation buttons style is broken


  • Block.Measure throws exception when exporting to PDF paragraph with negative left and/or right indents
  • Styles in a document are not imported when css class contains dashes


  • NullReferenceException when creating ZIP archive bigger than 4 GB

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