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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q3 2015 (version 2015.3.930)

September 29, 2015

Spreadsheet (Beta)

NEW The new component will allow you to deliver Excel-like look and feel ​to your web apps. The intuitive UI and UX design is influenced by MS Excel and Google Spreads and offers support for XSLX import/export, worksheet and content management and formatting, column and row resizing and selection, cell merge and many more.

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  • If you are looking for a way to create new skins or to customize existing ones with ease, the new Theme Builder is the right tool for you. You can give it a spin at http://themebuilder.telerik.com
  • Discontinuation of the IE7 Support in accordance with Microsoft plans.


  • Add Property for Setting Default Cell Alignment When Exporting to Excel Format
  • fonticons.css is not loaded when the control is inherited


  • Modal functionality for the RadAjaxLoadingPanel
  • Improve RadAjaxLoadingPanel to announce the page loading status in JAWS


  • Fluid Capabilities for RadProgressArea
  • maxFileCount does not change, but files deleted via API are still counted towards total
  • uploadRemoved client event has bug where get_fileName() returns bad data
  • RadAsyncUpload throws error when file is uploaded in Medium Trust


  • PDF417 standard for RadBarcode is added
  • Added Rotation property


  • RadButton with button type checkbox or radio has incorrect margin in Internet Explorer when skin is set to Silk or Glow
  • Fix the compatibility of RadButton in Lightweight with image in cookieless session
  • RadButton hovered state is persisted when a dialog is opened on OnClientClicked
  • The layout of Image Button is different in classic and lightweight mode


  • RadDateInput does not parse correctly the dates where the Day, Month or AM/PM are composed of more than one word
  • Disabling Autocorrect in RadDatePicker
  • When the DateInput-DateFormat is set to ddd MM/dd/yy and Australian regional settings are used the date does not get properly selected
  • When cultures in which the AM and PM symbols consist of two words are used and the user select a PM time it always gets parsed the respective AM
  • When culture that uses Um Al Qura Calendar (Saudi Hijri) is set on the page, a server-side exception is thrown
  • RadDatePicker does not work properly with DateFormat set to ddMMyyyy
  • The bottom border of RadDateTimePicker pop up button is missing in MetroTouch skin when render mode is Mobile


  • Lightweight RenderMode of ColorPicker + Elastic abilities


  • RadComboBox CheckedItems incorrectly returns 0 on RadWizard NextButtonClick event if RadComboBox is in RadWizard
  • Highlighted text of the previously selected Item is lost after loading more Items- [ShowMoreResults/VirtualScrolling=Enabled]- Firefox
  • RadComboBox - a Separator Item cannot be persisted after a postback
  • On a page with two RadComboBoxes with CheckBox support enabled, the SelectedIndexChanged and TextChanged Server-side events are not fired correctly


  • When the Dock's EnableAnimation property is set to true the animation breaks the expanding and collapsing functionality and causes incorrect behavior on docking into dock zones under IE8


  • Open Link in New Window option in the RadEditor hyperlink context menu
  • The Mobile Editor becomes official
  • Improve Mobile Editor under Windows Phone
  • Revamp the RadEditor's ApplyClass command behavior
  • Opening MobileTableProperties dialog resets table percent values to pixels
  • Default ContextMenu does not show up when TrackChanges has been enabled
  • Setting a list to an aligned text loses the alignment
  • When we remove a list, which has been indented, the indent of the text is stripped
  • Changing the type of a list doesn't affect its nested lists
  • The Insert External Video dialog does not clear the set values when it is being closed
  • Using Paste tool in Editor triggers a paste command with an empty command name under IE
  • Selection of an image is impossible if an Area is mapped over the entire image under Chrome
  • IE11 crashes when cancelling Table Properties and reselecting the table
  • JS error is thrown when selecting an image in paragraph in full HTML page mode and switching from HTML to Design under Chrome
  • Unlink command remains disabled for images in RadEditor
  • Pressing Toggle Floating Toolbar button scrolls the page to the top
  • Uploaded image in Image Manager is not selected
  • JavaScript error is thrown when pressing enter on an EditorToolStrip tool when EnableAriaSupport is enabled
  • Incorrectly positioned cursor when pressing Tab key in an empty paragraph
  • Cannot unlink anchor with a class name
  • The Content Area Height does not respect min height of Content Area Iframe under iOS mobile devices
  • The titles of the Paste HTML dialogs are updated with a delay
  • Floating toolbar does not show when RadEditor is in full screen mode
  • When a new paragraph is inserted before a link, the link element is cloned on both the paragraphs(all browsers except IE)
  • Fix state of tools on initial load of the editor


  • Lightweight rendering of FileExplorer + Elastic capabilities
  • The pager in FileExplorer is not updated properly after refreshing the control
  • Scroll into view does not scroll folders correctly in the tree view in RadFileExplorer
  • Configuration property is not expandable in DesignTime PropertiesWindow


  • Added Client-side range validation for Between filter
  • RadFilter does not work properly with a System.Guid
  • Lightweight Date Filter input is misaligned with the other filter elements in BlackMetroTouch and MetroTouch skins
  • Lightweight Date Filter input text is covered by the DateTimePicker buttons
  • RadFilter does not work with SqlDataSource
  • The filtered state of RadGrid is not being persisted.


  • Remove the decoration of scroll bars in RadFormDecorator
  • Scroll position is lost after an AJAX request for a decorated element in Chrome
  • JavaScript error is thrown when RadHtmlChart is clicked and a decorated select by RadFormDecorator presents on the page
  • Button decorated by RadFormDecorator with Bootstrap skin can only be clicked on the text
  • Labels of decorated Radio Buttons by RadFormDecorator are displayed inline-block in Chrome
  • Cursor type text style is applied to the decorated Radios and Checkboxes in Lightweight rendering that uses font icons in IE
  • The selection is incorrect when Select Items are dragged in a decorated Select element under Chrome and IE
  • When RadFormDecorator in Lightweight render mode is present on the page the GridClientSelectColumn checkbox cannot be selected in Firefox and IE.


  • Add Column Resizing
  • Added OnClientRequestStart event to Gantt
  • RadGantt Improvements
  • Add Client Task Template
  • Add RTL Support for RadGantt


  • RadRadialGauge with Scale-Labels-Position Outside causes IE7/IE8 alert for slow running script


  • Section 508 improvement: WAI-ARIA role attributes are applied to RadGrid’s form textboxes, checkboxes, filter boxes and expand/collapse buttons
  • Section 508 improvement: Tooltips are provided for the "Expand / Collapse All" grid icons in the case of grouping and hierarchy
  • Added Excel-like filtering functionality
  • Batch edit indication for deleted rows
  • Improve: Add RadGrid rowDragging Client-side event in the ClientEvents
  • Accessibility improvements for expand/collapse and checkbox columns
  • Batch edit - indicating deleted rows
  • Support for frozen columns with grouping
  • Expose a property to let the developers determine if RadGrid is currently exporting a file
  • Improve: Column resizing
  • Improve: ColumnClientFreeze to work even with FrozenColumnsCount=0
  • Improve: Add RadGrid Property for Setting Default Cell Alignment When Exporting Excel
  • Improve: Add tooltips for the expand / collapse all icons in the case of grouping and hierarchy
  • Improve: Expose a server-side method to get the header cell by column UniqueName when multicolumn headers are used
  • Dragging item down and right causes GridItemDropIndicator to disappear
  • InsertItem controls are misplaced with UseStaticHeaders=true, EditMode=InPlace and InsertItemDisplay=Bottom
  • Specified cast is not valid error is thrown when RadGrid contains checkboxes upon initiating a form insert with the Bind statement
  • Filtering through the header context menu with a string containing a single quote causes a SyntaxError
  • RadGrid with keyboard navigation does not properly display the detailed tables
  • RadGrid filter types Checklist and Combined are not working properly on mobile devices
  • RadGrid accessibility issue: The popup edit form does not read the popup window title with JAWS
  • ItemStyle HorizontalAlign should be copied when reorder a column
  • RadGrid keyboard navigation does not expand a hierarchy item the second time
  • Filter icon of GridDateTimeColumn is not located correctly
  • ResolvedRenderMode=Classic is added to the controls' markup when edit them via the designer of Visual Studio 2010
  • Field label when EditMode is Popup is incorrectly rendered for a ReadOnly column in Mobile RenderMode
  • RadPivotGrid displays an extra empty row under the header in Bootstrap skin
  • RadGrid header background is missing in IE8/9 (Lightweight render mode only)
  • Column headers not announced when moving through the cells
  • CheckBox does not work in a grid HeaderTemplate when render mode is Mobile
  • Columns with Display=False text is not available when exporting
  • The ExpandCollapseColumn does not behave as expected when ExpandImageUrl and CollapseImageUrl are set
  • JavaScript error is thrown when closing RadWindow with RadGrid and executing AJAX request in IE11
  • Calling clearSelectedItems does not clear the item selection
  • The 'Check All' CheckBox is misaligned when CheckList filtering is enabled
  • The header of Grid Popup edit form is distorted when Bootstrap framework is included on the page
  • Bug in IE8 with resizing and hiding columns
  • RadGrid EditMode=Batch throws server exception when new record is added and then deleted
  • Red flag in Batch edit mode does not show up when RenderMode is Lightweight
  • Layout of RadGrid CheckList filtering is broken when RenderMode=Lightweight
  • When you open the RadDatePicker PopUp in the filter item and you click on another filter icon, the popup is not closed
  • When GridRowIndicatorColumn is used the drag to group is not working properly
  • When the data is initially grouped and later grouping is disabled the group expand/collapse column is still rendered
  • RadGrid - When there are no items in the grid and the pager is visible, the MinValue and MaxValue properties of the RadNumericTextBox are not set
  • Grid throws JavaScript error when try to resize a column in IE8
  • When GridRowIndicatorColumn is used some of the grid columns are not rendered
  • When EnableLinqExpressions is disabled after deleting the records from the last page of RadGrid No records is displayed
  • GridDateTimeColumn does not render the picker correctly when the grid is in Lightweight render mode
  • Picker bottom border is missing in the edit form when skin is set to Bootstrap and RenderMode is Lightweight
  • The PopUp edit form does not display properly when RadGrid is using Bootstrap Skin, PopUp edit mode and enabled scrolling for the popup


  • Added maxDateGroups property for date categoryAxis in RadHtmlChart
  • Added baseUnitStep property in RadHtmlChart XAxis
  • Added AutoBaseUnitSteps collection for the x-axis in RadHtmlChart
  • RadHmlChart databinding with different than the default culture


  • Lightweight rendering of ImageEditor + Elastic abilities
  • RadImageEditor CropBox cannot be resized and dragged in IE11 under hybrid devices
  • Improve RadImageEditor French Localization


  • Animation is played outside of the ImageArea
  • If the RadImageGallery is placed in a wrapper that has text-align set to value different than left the next image is not properly displayed


  • RadInputManager Required mode should behave as RequiredFieldValidator. If the textbox have only spaces, the validation should fire as it is empty
  • New line at the beginning of Multi-Line RadTextBox is ignored by the browser


  • RadLightBox Native Fullscreen Mode
  • Native Fullscreen support for RadLightBox
  • Close button is partially hidden in Chrome and Opera when closing LightBox with enabled resize animation


  • RadMediaPlayer – When enter full screen mode the Playlist is not resized properly if Position=Vertical is set


  • Item's bindTemplate method is not applied properly under lightweight


  • Integrate RadClientDataSource with RadNavigation control
  • Add Client-side Templates for RadNavigation control
  • Add Content Template for the RadNavigation control
  • RTL support for RadNavigation
  • Add Demo Showcasing Expand/Collapse on Hover Functionality


  • Content icon of RadNotification in Lightweight RenderMode is larger in IE


  • Flickering RadOrgChart when tapping on it on iOS Safari and Chrome


  • RadPanelBar child items do not get highlighted when selected in Metro Skin in Programmatic State Persistence scenario


  • AllowRadPersistenceManager to store/load only certain settings
  • Allow RadPersisitenceManager to store only certain settings and controls


  • Lightweight RenderMode for RadPivotGrid
  • Add NoRecordsTemplate for RadPivotGrid
  • Wave validation improvements for RadPivotGrid
  • When a CellStyle-Width is set for the PivotGridRowField and scrolling is enabled a white area appears inside the content zone
  • PivotGrid throws JavaScript errors in IE 7/8 and resize browser window
  • RadPivotGrid current page is not shown and pager layout is misaligned for BlackMetroTouch skin


  • FIX Exact and Half precision do not have effect for the items in the Items collection after the 5th


  • OnClientButtonClicking is not triggered when you click on RibbonBarButtonStrip sub button in classic RenderMode
  • Using RibbonBarApplicationMenu throws a Renderer = CreateControlRenderer(); error


  • Year View for RadScheduler


  • Improve ScriptManager.GetScriptManagerUrlsInternal applies caching solely based on the accept-header.
  • Encryption for the Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axd handler URL


  • Wrong value is set when changing it in the OnClientDataBound event of RadSlider


  • Lightweight rendering of SocialShare + Elastic capabilities


  • Lightweight rendering of Splitter with font icons
  • Title of SlidingPane is not centered in modern browsers
  • Improve: The Scroll position of a RadPane is not persisted after PostBack in iOS and Android
  • The value set to the PanesBorderSize property is not taken into account
  • The title of the SlidingPane is truncated in IE8
  • Splitter's width in percent is not calculated properly if all Pane's height is fixed


  • RadStyleSheetManager skips combining newly added StyleSheet, until the app is restarted


  • WAI-ARIA Support for the RadTabStrip control
  • WAI-ARIA Support for the RadMultiPage control


  • Elastic Capabilities for RadTileList
  • Server-side error is thrown when saving RadTileList state with RadPersistenceFramework and all tiles are set with visible=false


  • Inconsistent background image on hovering a button with image above/below text in Silk skin
  • Missing arrow on expanded ToolBarDropDown in BlackMetroTouch skin


  • FIX RadToolTipManager does not dispose its tooltips' HTML elements


  • Client-side expand/collapse for RadTreeList
  • Add RadTreeList method that finds a TreeListDataItem by its DataKeyValue
  • Add a method that finds a TreeListDataItem by its DataKeyValue


  • AddNodesTo does not show the added nodes when there are no root nodes
  • Not visible RadTreeView Loading icon in MetroTouch and BlackMetroTouch skins


  • IMPROVE RadWindows should have their final z-index during animations as well
  • Improve: RadFormDecorator should decorate headings through a class added to them
  • RadWindow opens with incorrect size when RenderMode=Lightweight
  • Maximized RadWindow does not prevent page scrolling when scrolling the iframe in iOS and Android


  • WizardStep height does not resize correctly according to its content
  • RadWizard does not show its steps when in an initially hidden parent


  • Introduced support for Cross Reference Stream
  • Introduced API for exporting PDF documents to plain text
  • Implemented option to invert colors when creating ImageSource using DecodeArray property
  • Introduced support for importing Page Contents from PdfArray
  • Introduced support for importing documents with multiple Cross Reference Tables
  • Introduced support for import and export of IccBased, Indexed and CMYK color spaces
  • Provided the ability to import TrueType font with FontFamily, when there is no available embedded FontFile
  • Introduced support for "v" and "y" Bezier geometry operators
  • Introduced support for import of "Close and stroke path" path-painting operator
  • Exception is thrown when importing an image without filters
  • Document Trailer cannot be imported when the trailer is written on a single row. Exception is thrown
  • Import of cross reference table throws an exception if the document is created with Telerik Reporting
  • PdfReader cannot read line ending with a single carriage return without any line feed
  • TextMatrix operator takes its arguments in reverse order
  • Path is not visualized when it is interrupted by insertion of a rectangle in the content stream
  • When importing standard font with ANSI encoding the exported document contains invisible glyphs
  • Clipping transformations are not imported correctly


  • The currency number format in Spanish culture (es-VE) cannot be parsed and an exception is thrown
  • "INDEX" function is not updated when used in a complex formula
  • Importing document containing data validation rule which argument is formula containing list separator in a culture where the list separator is not ',' causes a crash
  • A document with ShowGridlines, ShowRowColHeaders and Locked properties set to "true" or "false" cannot be imported
  • A date format containing '/' or ':' escaped using '\' or '"' is not interpreted correctly


  • RTF Format Provider: Implemented omitting of color definitions in the color table, if a color is set to "auto" or "transparent"
  • HTML Format Provider: Images with URI source are handled automatically, without using HtmlImportSettings.LoadFromUri event
  • Introduced API which allows merging documents at concrete position
  • Introduced support for exporting Watermarks to PDF
  • Merging table cells sets the same content to all merged table cells when exporting the document to DOCX
  • Export to PDF: ArgumentException is thrown when table spans more that one page
  • Export to PDF: Table column width is not calculated correctly if the cell has preferred width set and there is a child element which cannot be split with bigger width

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