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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q3 2014 (version 2014.3.1024)

October 27, 2014

Data Form (New)

RadDataForm is data oriented control, which displays the values of a single record or collection of data items from a DataSource using user-defined templates. See demos.

Progress Bar (New)

The Telerik ASP.NET Progress Bar is a lightweight customizable control that allows you to visualize the progress of an operation such as a download, file transfer, level of completion of a form or any other measurable process. See demos.

Tree Map (New)

The Telerik RadTreeMap control displays a hierarchical tree-structured data as a set of rectangles. Each branch of the tree is given a rectangle, which is then tiled with smaller rectangles representing sub-branches. See demos.

Wizard (New)

The Telerik RadWizard control is a Step-by-Step User Interface which takes the user through a series of steps in order to accomplish a set of tasks, for example to collect user input. See demos.


  • TypeScript definitions for Telerik's ASP.NET controls.
  • Serialize as function string/function properties with a JavaScript prefix.
  • Export Infrastructure integration with DPL (Docx, Xlsx).
  • Updated device detection database.
  • Export Infrastructure-specific events for RadGrid, RadPivotGrid, and RadTreeList.
  • An exception is thrown when exporting to Excel BIFF format on a FIPS-enabled server.
  • Font size is not applied on the merged Excel cells when Export Infrastructure is used.
  • Font icons of RadTreeList, RadDataPager and RadCalendar are missing in IE8.
  • Export to Docx (EI, RadGrid, RadTreeList, RadPivotGrid) throwing exception in some cases.


  • Nested AjaxPanels issue after a change in "Telerik.Web.UI.ProxyScriptControl.GetScriptDescriptors()".


  • Allow developers to control whether the temporary files will be added to the application Cache for later removal.
  • RadProgressArea does not work correctly when 2GB+ files are uploaded with the Silverlight module of AsyncUpload.
  • "Remove Localization" property changes to its initial state when postback occurs and the PostBackTriggers property is set.


  • Improved the performance of RadAutoCompleteBox in iframe under IE and Chrome.


  • RegisterWithScriptManager property for RadBarcode.


  • Added RadBinaryImage support for Web Farm scenarios.


  • Checked state is not updated when RadButton is clicked via its AccessKey in IE11.
  • The ClientSelectedToggleStateChanged event is not raised when executing set_selectedToggleStateIndex() method of RadButton.


  • In case the DatePopupButton is set with Visible="False", the RadDatePicker does not work consistently in all browsers.
  • The internal RadDatePicker client-side logic prevents the selection of RadioButtons defined in the calendar FooterTemplate.
  • The user cannot navigate back once he navigates to the next month when the AutoPostBack property of the RadCalendar is set to true and the RangeMinDate is set to the last day of the month.


  • Added Design Time Wizard for ClientDataSource Control.


  • Removed styles related to IE6 from RadCloudUpload.


  • Focus RadComboBox when the server method Focus is invoked.
  • RadComboBox is not triggering postback when you check/uncheck items.
  • RadComboBox throws an error under Chrome with AutoPostback and load on demand because it requests the next portion of its items.
  • RadComboBox dropdown has two vertical scrollbars and a horizontal one in Lightweight render mode when DropDownAutoWidth is enabled.
  • Width is not applied when RadComboBox in Lightweight render mode has a label.
  • The enable() method removes custom CSS classes.


  • Added elasticity to DataPager.
  • Added RemoveUrlFromDisabledHyperLinkButtons property to sidestep setting 'return false' to hyperlink buttons to avoid crawling errors in SEO paging scenario.


  • RadDeviceDetectionFramework throws an exception when one of the ScreenRanges is not specified and the GetScreenSize method is invoked.

Diagram (Beta)

  • Added color property in the content settings of Shapes and Connections.
  • Added Zoom, ZoomMin and ZoomMax to define zoom settings for the Diagram control.
  • Added editable settings for the diagram shape to define resizing and rotation.
  • Added SelectionSettings property to define the behavior and appearance of the selection.
  • Added Editable boolean property to enable/disable the editability/interactivity of the Diagram.
  • Added font size and family settings to the content settings of Shapes and Connections.
  • Added Source property to be used as a src for Shape of image type.
  • Added SelectableSettings to fine-tune the selection of items.
  • Added Selectable property for the Diagram control to enable/disable selecting of items.
  • Added EditableSettings configuration to define the interactivity with the Diagram items.
  • Added EditableSettings in ShapeDefaults to fine-tune the rotation and resize of shapes.
  • Added ID property to the RadDiagram connection object.
  • Added Source property for the DiagramShape.
  • Setting the StartCap/EndCap property does not affect the appearance of the diagram connection.
  • Replaced DataBackgroundField in ShapeSettings for Data binding to DataFillColorField.
  • Replaced background property with FillSettings in ShapeDefaults.
  • Replaced DataHoverBackgroundField in ShapeSettings for Data binding to DataHoverFillColorField.
  • Replaced background property from the HoverSettings of a Shape with FillSettings.
  • Replaced rotatable, resizable from ShapeDefaults with EditableSettings.
  • Replaced the background property of a shape with fine-grained Fill settings.
  • Replaced Resizable, Rotatable and Draggable with EditableSettings configuration.
  • DiagramConnectionPoint class is now used instead of ConnectionPoint class.
  • ZoomRate property of the Diagram defined the zoom step instead of the zoom scale altogether. Changed default value from 1.1 to 0.1.


  • JavaScript error is thrown when a RadDock with RenderMode=Lightweight and DefaultCommands=None is dragged.


  • Context is not properly serialized when DropDownList is bound to a WCF Service.


  • A JavaScript error is thrown when CheckNodeOnClick=true and clicking on a node that is not checkable.


  • Added Lightweight render mode for RadEditor.
  • Inline edit mode of RadEditor.
  • Integrated document processing library in Editor export module.
  • Added multiple file selection when uploading files with file managers.
  • Added filter for malicious code in RadEditor.
  • Added prevention against an XSS attack using CSS expression in IE.
  • Added https support for importing external videos in the ImportExternalVideo dialog of the Editor.
  • Integrated document processing library in import and export modules of RadEditor.
  • Added Docx import and export.
  • Changed the naming and content of TrackChanges attributes.
  • Added Docx/Rtf import event.
  • Export event is now cancellable.
  • Improved TrackChanges Insert, Delete and inline commands for handling multiple users.
  • Improved TrackChanges accept of deletion and reject of insertion functionality.
  • A StripDomEventAttributes filter that removes DOM event attributes from the content of the Editor.
  • When the NewLineMode property is set to P, adding new lines after links causes the link element to be copied in the new line under Chrome, Firefox and some versions of IE.
  • When RadEditor is present on the page, the FocusControl method of RadAjaxManager does not focus controls properly in IE.
  • Tracking of inserted text in Safari for MAC.
  • Content in a DIV element cannot be selected under IE when the element is set with size attributes.
  • The selection of elements (e.g. Image ) under IE11 is lost when a dropdown from the toolbar is opened.
  • When scrolling is applied in the Preview of the ImageMapEditor, resizing a newly created area is not applied correctly in IE.
  • When scrolling is applied in the Preview of the ImageMapEditor, the position of the new shape is not applied to the scrolled position in IE.
  • "Aw, Snap!" error is thrown after clicking anywhere on a page that contains RadEditor and an iframe under Chrome.
  • FontName and RealFontSize tools do not update their state in IE9, 10 and 11.
  • RadEditor in a RadWindow does not apply its styles to the content area in Firefox.
  • ForeColor and BackColor commands do not work as expected when selection has collapsed in plain text.
  • The layout of the editor breaks when setSize is used with less than the initially set values.
  • After deleting without selection by backspace or delete key in TrackChanges, Undo and Redo commands do not work.
  • White spaces in front of inline elements are stripped on creating new paragraph by the InsertParagraph command.
  • The RadEditorCommandList global object is now obsolete. Use Telerik.Web.UI.Editor.CommandList full name instead.


  • Added elasticity to RadFilter.


  • Added delete confirmation dialog.
  • Added popup edit dialog.
  • Added YearView.
  • Added import from MS Project XML.
  • Added keyboard navigation.
  • ServerEvents cannot be used to cancel CRUD and implement them manually.
  • The get_selectedView() and set_selectedView() methods of RadGantt do not work correctly.
  • Setting the start date of a task in the cell editor should shift the task (moving the end date accordingly, so that the duration is kept the same).


  • Gauge is not rendered in IE 11 with Document Mode 7 or 8.
  • When a Range that starts/ends at 0 is present, it occupies all of the available space.


  • Added adaptive render mode for RadGrid optimized for mobile devices.
  • Added RadGrid client-side grouping with RadClientDataSource.
  • Added MinValue and MaxValue properties in the GridNumericColumn of RadGrid.
  • Added Docx and Xlsx export formats for RadGrid.
  • Added configurable 'Group By' box position.
  • RadGrid throws error when a row is selected, its parent group is collapsed and the clearSelectedItems method is called.
  • The edited cells are not updated when using Batch editing in IE8.
  • The header is not styled correctly in some skins when multi-column headers are used and a user sorts a given column.
  • When a backslash('\') symbol is entered into the filter input, the filter functionality does not work as expected.
  • Programmatically created grid with grouping and paging enabled and UseAllDataFields property set to true does not work properly.
  • The resizeToFit() method does not set the proper widths for all columns in RadGrid with multi-column headers.
  • In a GridButtonColumn changes to the ImageUrl for the rendered ImageButton are not applied.
  • In RadGrid the CheckBox filtering does not work with client-side binding when StaticHeaders and AllowScroll are enabled.
  • The NewValues and OldValues will both return true in Batch Edit Mode when AJAX is enabled for the grid, when we have a check box (GridCheckBoxColumn or GridTemplateColumn) and we change the state from unchecked to checked.
  • The SortCommand event is not fired when initiated from the HeaderContextMenu.
  • DataFormatString is not applied if HtmlEncode property is enabled.
  • When RadGrid is bound via model binding the designer throws System.ArgumentException exception.
  • When the grid is bound to a custom collection and a data field is included in the DataKeyNames and in a column with Visible="false", ExtractValues() method returns the custom object's class name.
  • Handling internally the mousedown event of the document and manually blurring the active element causes issues with other controls (like DropDownList for example) in RadGrid with Batch Editing.
  • The filter of GridNumericColumn does no work with “de-De” culture.
  • Simultaneously inserting into more than one grid using batch editing throws an error.
  • Misalignment in the footer of RadGrid.
  • When resizeToFix() client-side method is executed, the filter item is not taken into account during the calculation of the new width.
  • Underline style does not work in ExcelML export in RadGrid.
  • RadGrid PDF export borders are not applied properly when multiple tables per hierarchy level are used.
  • The OnDeleteCommand event is not fired when using GridClientDeleteColumn and performing a postback.
  • RadGrid throws a JavaScript error when hiding a column via Client-Side API and MultiColumnHeaders are enabled.
  • The Filter item in the HeaderContextMenu of RadGrid has a wrong font-family (Silk skin).
  • Reordering of RadGrid columns is not working in native IE8 – JavaScript exception is thrown.
  • An error is thrown when RadGrid is bound on the client and the AlternateText property is defined for a GridImageColumn.
  • Item selection in a hierarchical grid is not persisted if the RetainExpandStateOnRebind property is set to true.
  • In a RadGrid with static headers the header and data cells get misaligned when there are no rows initially and a row is added on the client.
  • BatchEditing incorrectly triggers validation when clicking the remove button.
  • It is not possible to reorder columns when MultiColumnHeaders are enabled and AllowScroll is set to false.
  • The client-side Grouping of RadGrid with ClientDataSource does not work properly in IE7.
  • When calling the hasChanges property before calling saveChanges of the batchEditingManager, the new values collection on the server is null.
  • RadGrid flickers when dataBind is called and there are columns with Display=false(Firefox and IE).


  • Added click and hover events for the legend item in RadHtmlChart.
  • Added Logarithmic axis in HtmlChart.
  • Added Stacked 100% functionality in RadHtmlChart.
  • Added Mirror property for X and Y axis, which controls the position of the axis labels.
  • Added new Waterfall and Horizontal Waterfall chart types.
  • Added HtmlChart Multi-line Labels functionality.
  • Added OverlayGradient property in RadHtmlChart.
  • Added OnLoad client-side event to HtmlChart.
  • Added new RangeBar and RangeColumn chart types.
  • Selection hint of Data Navigation in RadHtmlChart is not visible.
  • Since Q2 2014 Bubble chart colors in the plot area are random instead of taking the color defined for the series.
  • OnClientSeriesClicked and OnClientSeriesHovered events of RadHtmlChart are now obsolete. Use the OnSeriesClick and OnSeriesHover events instead.


  • Added new filters in ImageEditor - blur and sharpen.
  • HueSaturation filter no longer changes greyscale values.


  • Examples link in Design Time throws a "404 not found" error.


  • When TextBox with set MaxLength property is added to RadInputManager and the EmptyMessage is longer than MaxLength, the form is not submitted in IE10.
  • When your current year is 2014 and you are using Brazilian time zone, selected date of the DateInput is changes by one day.


  • Wrong page rescaling in Android and iOS when a RadLightBox is opened in fullscreen view and its meta tag is duplicated with a pre-set page meta tag.
  • The methods of RadLightBox navigateTo and set_currentItemIndex do not accept string values.
  • RadLightBox with ItemTemplate cannot scroll the content under mobile devices.
  • Clicking through the modal layer should not be possible in RadLightBox.
  • RadLightBox throws a 404 error when you click on the link to Examples in design time.
  • RadLightBox does not work correctly when RadAjaxPanel is used within its server-side templates.
  • LightBox close button click propagation problem.


  • Removed styles related to IE6 from RadListBox.
  • The arrow that indicates where the item will be dropped (RadListBox with enabled EnableDragAndDrop & AllowReorder) moves to the next items on the page.


  • Added BubbleSettings for the LayerDefaults.
  • Added MinSize property for a map layer to define the minimum symbol size for bubble symbols.
  • Added Symbol property to define the bubble shapes in a bubble layer.
  • Added OnBeforeReset client-side event.
  • Added MaxSize property for a map layer to define the maximum symbol size for bubble symbols.
  • Added ZIndex property to define the bubble layer z-ordering.
  • Added ValueField for binding bubble item values on the client.
  • Added OnMarkerClick client-side event.
  • Added Bubble layer type.
  • Added OnMarkerActivate client-side event.


  • The volume drag handle in RadMediaPlayer is not styled correctly in IE7/8.
  • Examples link in Design Time does not navigate to the Overview section of the demo.
  • The ShareButton in RadMediaPlayer moves when it is clicked (MetroTouch and BlackMetroTouch skins).


  • Removed styles related to IE6 from RadMenu.
  • Tapping on a disabled item of a Classic render mode RadMenu selects the item preceding the disabled one in iOS Safari and Chrome.
  • The root items of RTL Vertical RadMenu are displaced in Glow skin.


  • ColumnCount property is not working when it is set to 1 in web service binding.


  • Added Lightweight render mode.
  • Expand arrow appears on item with no children when two PanelBars are on the same page and one of them has a template.
  • Missing scrolling of template item of PanelBar in IE and Chrome.


  • Persistence Framework does not work with the multi-column sorting of RadGrid.


  • Added Docx and Xlsx export formats for RadPivotGrid.
  • The CellTemplate of the PivotGridRowField is lost when you make a reorder.
  • When the 'Summarize by settings' item in the 'Aggregate fields' zone context menu is clicked, a JavaScript error is thrown.
  • Some selected fields in the Configuration Panel disappear after clicking on the Update Button.
  • It is not possible to add fields to PivotGrid when you use Olap context menu or drag-drop.
  • RadPivotGrid drag field functionality does not work as expected.
  • The numeric textbox in the Top filters of RadPivotGrid does not function as expected for Percent filters.
  • RadPivotGrid does not work with OLAP hierarchy level field.
  • RadPivotGrid layout breaks when RowTableLayout=Compact.
  • Fields cannot be added correctly using the configuration panel in OLAP.
  • OlapUncategorizedFolderName and FlattenOlapUncategoriezedFields could not be applied.
  • When using calculated items for both columns and rows there is no consistency in the order of the performed calculations.


  • Wrong Value of RadRating is returned in iOS and Android when device is zoomed.


  • When you add an attribute with the name "Location", it will be exported in the ICal file.
  • Single mode loading of Appointments.
  • Calling the set_allowInsert(true) method does not re-enable the InsertAppointment items of TimeSlotContextMenu.
  • The recalcAppointmentWidth method is causing a huge performance issue when WebService is used.
  • Timeline view misalignments of the appointments in Chrome when more slots are generated.
  • RadScheduler throws "MaxJsonLength exceeded" error when there are many appointments for serialization.
  • Misalignment in RadScheduler with resources grouped vertically in timeline.


  • A "MaxJsonLength exceeded" error is thrown and the value cannot be changed.


  • Added elastic functionality.


  • Added ShareOnGooglePlus styled button in RadSocialShare.
  • RadSocialShare Facebook scripts are updated.
  • The RadFacebookButton of RadSocialShare displays warning message - FB.init has already been called.
  • The RadFacebookButton of RadSocialShare displays warning message - FB.getLoginStatus called before calling FB.init.
  • The OnFacebookLike, OnFacebookSend and OnFacebookUnLike events of RadSocialShare do not work.


  • RadStyleSheetManager does not load cached styles after a page reload when the machine key is changed.


  • Missing styles for vertical orientations in RTL TabStrip.


  • Added Docx and Xlsx export formats for RadTreeList.
  • Added elasticity to RadTreeList.
  • The icons of RadTreeList are incorrect in MetroTouch skins.
  • The pager combo box is too small in RadTreeList (RenderMode=Lightweight).


  • The size of RadWindow in RadPivotGrid.
  • Closing a RadWindow with RenderMode="Lightweight" does not activate another opened RadWindow.
  • Dynamically changing behaviors of RadWindow does not remove Resize and Move.

Visual Style Builder

  • Applying certain colors from the Colorize tab results in setting a different color from the one that is specified.

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