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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q3 2013 (version 2013.3.1015)

October 16, 2013


  • Added: Overlay property for RadAjaxLoadingPanel to allow it to render over Java applets and PDF viewers.
  • Fixed: RadAjaxManager throws server exception when UpdateInitiatorsOnly is set to true.
  • Fixed: RadAjaxManagerProxy's EventName property is not working.


  • Added: RadAsyncUpload configuration check for handler registration.
  • Fixed: IE10 crashes if uploading file with size of 0 bytes - due to browser limitation the control fires OnClientFileUploadFailed event.


  • Added: MinFilterLength property.
  • Added: MaxResultCount property.
  • Added: AutoCompleteBox ClientFiltering.
  • Fixed: Cancelling the OnClientDropDownClosing event doesn't prevent the clearing of the dropdown.


  • Fixed: In Firefox, QR Code has few wrong pixels in the bottom corner, when output method is SVG.


  • Improved: RadButton's Enter key functionality to use only the keyDown JavaScript event.
  • Fixed: Duplicate requests of RadButton when a form's DefaultButton property is set.
  • Fixed: Click event is raised twice when enter key is pressed and the cursor is in a textbox.
  • Fixed: The compatibility of RadButton with custom image and AntiXssEncoder.


  • Added: Overlay property for RadDatePicker to allow it to render over Java applets and PDF viewers.
  • Added: Ability to disable weekend days in calendar.
  • Fixed: RadDatePicker throws "Date is out of range" error when equal dates are set as selected date and max date.
  • Fixed: RadTimePicker hangs the browser when the Interval property is set incorrectly.
  • Fixed: The buttons in MonthYear's popup are below each other in IE7.
  • Fixed: When ShowPopupOnFocus=true, input of RadMonthYearPicker does not stay in focus when clicked.


  • Added: Ability to manipulate the label and input of RadCaptcha.
  • Added: Random noise to the generated Captcha audio files – this feature levels-up the security of the Capture with yet another level.
  • Improved: Validation UI. You could manipulate the label and input of RadCaptcha.

Cloud Upload

Telerik’s Cloud Upload gives you the ability to upload files to the following cloud storage providers– Azure, Amazon S3 and Telerik Everlive. See demos


  • Improved: RadColorPicker rendering to pass HTML5 validation.


  • Improved: WAI-ARIA Support for the RadComboBox.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent Behavior for ComboBox on Browser Window Resize.
  • Fixed: In Lightweight render mode RadComboBox throws JavaScript error, when repaint method is invoked and fake input is deployed.
  • Fixed: RadComboBox is not properly disabled when residing in a disabled container, but not disabled itself.
  • Fixed: RadComboBox does not maintain the selected/highlighted item when using keyboard in WebService load on demand scenarios.
  • Fixed: Add Keyboard support for RadComboBox for checking items, when the CheckBoxes functionality is enabled.
  • Fixed: JavaScript error shows in IE10 CompatView when EnableAria is set to true.


  • Fixed: RadDock's repaint() method is not calling ResizableWidget's repaint.


  • Added: WAI-ARIA Support for the RadDropDownList.


  • Added: RadDropDownTree mobile support.
  • Added: RadDropDownTree integration with Persistence Framework.
  • Fixed: Clear button does not get disabled, when the RadDropDownTree control is disabled and has some entries selected in the entry area.
  • Fixed: RadDropDownTree control does not set the checked nodes of the tree as entries when the method SyncEmbeddedTree() is used.


  • Added: Redesigned FileBrowser Dialogs (Image, Silverlight, Flash, Media, Document and Template managers).
  • Added: Resizing of images and tables in the content.
  • Added: ID field to the HyperLink manager in RadEditor.
  • Added: The tooltip field to the email tab of LinkManager dialog of RadEditor.
  • Added: AutoSize functionality for RadEditor's dialogs.
  • Added: A RadEditor filter for one-way tag conversion (ConvertTags) as a replacement of MozEmStrongFilter.
  • Improved: AccessibleRadEditor rendering to pass WCAG 2.0 - Compliance Level AA.
  • Improved: RadEditor rendering to pass WCAG 2.0 - Compliance Level AA.
  • Improved: RadEditor rendering to pass HTML5 validation.
  • Improved: EnterNewLine command of RadEditor.
  • Fixed: Editor replaces div element with p element when NewLineMode=P.
  • Fixed: When the cursor is in an empty list item, and enter key is pressed in NewLineMode="Br" in IE9/10, the new created paragraph should be after the list one.
  • Fixed: ConvertToXhtml content filter removes the space between the "family name" and the "generic family" of the font-family property in FireFox.
  • Fixed Div new lines don't show up in site, while shown in editor.
  • Fixed: ConvertToXhtml content filter is changing the order of the attributes in FireFox.
  • Fixed: When trying to insert list in a table, the list is inserted outside the td tag.
  • Fixed: New line is not rendered in NewLineMode="Br" in Firefox when cursor is in the end of a paragraph.
  • Fixed: Error on RadEditor focus within RadMultiPage.
  • Fixed Silk and Glow InsertTable Dropdown Height.
  • Fixed RadEditor MetroTouch and BlackMetroTouch InsertTable Dialog icon positions.
  • Fixed: If a span is wrapped into a link, modifying the link with the Hyperlink manager doesn't change the URL but adds additional nested anchor in IE and Chrome.
  • Fixed: When outdenting some list items of a nested list, only the first list item is moved to the parent list.
  • Fixed: Split buttons are incorrectly displayed in the dialogs of the RadEditor.
  • Fixed: When ContentAreaMode=Div and ToolBarMode = ShowOnFocus, clicking a text box outside the Editor throws a JavaScript error.
  • Fixed: RealFontSize command raises an error in Chrome and Safari, when it is applied after loading the editor without clicking in the content area.
  • Fixed: Clicking in INPUT elements with type="text" or TEXTAREA elements, causes a JavaScript error in IE7 and IE8.
  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown when trying to apply CSS class to some text in IE11.
  • Fixed: FormatPainter tool is not working in IE11.
  • Fixed: Paste related issues in IE11.
  • Fixed: Broken BR tags in the content under IE11.
  • Added: DOM based and consistent across different browsers inline commands for Editor – Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough.
  • Removed MozEmStrongFilter from the default filters collection.

    For more information on the Important Changes, check this sticky thread.


  • Added: NormalizeRelativePath method in FileBrowserContentProvider base class.
  • Improved: RadFileExplorer rendering to pass HTML5 validation.
  • Fixed: InitialPath property is not working correctly, if the pointed folder contains a plus sign.
  • Fixed: Uploading a file, when ExplorerMode is set to FileTree, causes a JavaScript error.


  • Fixed: The OperationMode property throws an error, when it is set to "ServerAndClient".
  • Fixed: RadFilter throws stack overflow JavaScript exception, when AllowFilterOnBlur="true" in some conditions.
  • Fixed: RadFilter`s "Apply" button is not styled correctly in IE7, when "Glow" skin is applied.


  • Added: Navigation through select items using arrow keys.
  • Improved: RadFormDecorator rendering to pass HTML5 validation.
  • Improved: In RTL direction decorated DropDown List alignment should become right aligned.
  • Improved: RadFormDecorator LightWeight not to have legend background color.
  • Fixed: Decoration of select elements, placed inside invisible parents in Chrome.
  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator LightWeight Disabled states for input, button and dropdown list.
  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator Select border color in Glow skin.


  • Added: RadGrid Virtualization of remote data on the client.
  • Added: RadAsyncUpload control as editor into the GridAttachmentColumn and GridBinaryImageColumn edit form.
  • Added: RadGrid excel like multiselect filtering.
  • Added: RadGrid rotate header text functionality.
  • Added: RadGrid BatchEditing SaveAll functionality for saving the changes from all tables views at once.
  • Added: RadGrid and GridTableView RetainExpandStateOnRebind property.
  • Added: Overlay property for RadGrid to allow it to render over Java applets and PDF viewers.
  • Improved: RadGrid's GridBinaryImageColumn property for handling null and nullable values.
  • Fixed: Memory leaks in RadGrid.
  • Fixed: RadGrid is not databound correctly, when bound to a SqlDataSource with SelectParameters and EditMode set to Batch.
  • Fixed: If EditMode is set to Batch and a column, whose Display property is set to false is declared, when inserting a record, the grid layout breaks.
  • Fixed: RadGrid layout breaks when calling GetColumn on a button click.
  • Fixed: The Batch EditMode does not work, when the grid is placed inside the NestedViewTemplate of another RadGrid.
  • Fixed: If the InsertVisiblityMode property of a column is set to AlwaysHidden, when inserting an item, a server error is thrown.
  • Fixed: The special characters & < > are not encoded when the EditMode is set to Batch.
  • Fixed: OnRowDblClick event is not fired in mobile devices.
  • Fixed: RadGrid throws a server-side exception, when bound to a SqlDataReader and a sum aggregate is assigned for columns containing numeric values.
  • Fixed: Canceling the ChangePageSize and Page commands of RadGrid client-side does not work properly.
  • Fixed: Client-side bound RadGrid with Web Service - Setting AllowPaging to False does not change maxRows parameter sent to the web service.
  • Fixed: RadGrid throws JavaScript error in IE7, when show/hide columns client-side.
  • Fixed: When the EditMode is set to Batch and a value is not present in the ItemTemplate of a GridTemplateColumn, after the cell is edited the changes are not applied.
  • Fixed: When the EditMode is set to Batch and a multi-line text is submitted, an error is thrown in IE.
  • Fixed: If EditMode is set to Batch ";" and "\" symbols are not handled correctly. The first one causes a server error on update and the second one is escaped.
  • Fixed: When RadGrid has another RadGrid in NestedViewTemplate and the outer RadGrid has client settings set, some of the settings are also applied to the inner grid.
  • Fixed: RadGrid's batch editing does not insert items in some cases.
  • Fixed: RadGrid raises both RowClick and Edit commands on the server, when clicking a RadButton with EditCommand="Edit".
  • Fixed: RadGrid's illegitimate extension of the Array.prototype object under IE8 or lower.
  • Fixed: RadGrid BatchEdit does not work on GridNumericColumn, when edit type is MouseDown.
  • Fixed: RadGrid EditMode="Batch" throws server exception, when new record is added and then deleted.
  • Fixed: RadGrid EditMode="Batch" controls with same ID in EditItemTemplate and InsertItemTemplate throws exception.
  • Fixed: GridDropDownColumn throws exception for Between filter function.
  • Fixed: RadGrid uses ItemTemplate from Template column, when no Edit or InsertItemTemplate is defined.
  • Fixed: RadGrid initial ResizeToFit in IE7/8 does not work properly.
  • Fixed: In RadGrid in RTL mode the border under the scroll is missed.
  • Fixed: When a RadDatePicker with DateFormat="yyyyMM" is placed in the EditItemTemplate in Chrome, the date becomes null in Batch EditMode.
  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown, when reordering a column in IE7 and ReorderColumnsOnClient="true".


  • Added: Sparkline layout for RadHtmlChart.
  • Added: Navigation functionality for displaying data over time.
  • Added: GroupName property to put stacked bar and column series into separate stacks.
  • Added: Step property, which defines that every n-th axis' label is rendered.
  • Added: Skip property, which defines that the first "n" axis' labels will not be displayed.
  • Added: CommonTooltipsAppearance property in RadHtmlChart, which defines the general tooltip's appearance settings for all of the series.
  • Added: Shared property for CommonTooltipsAppearance, which controls the shared behavior of the tooltips.
  • Added: SharedTemplate property for CommonTooltipsAppearance, which defines the text template of the shared tooltips.
  • Improved: ClientTemplate and SharedTemplate are now inner properties of LabelsAppearance, TooltipsAppearance and CommonTooltipsAppearance.


  • Added: RadDatePicker setting for RadInputManager to use DateInputs and SharedCalendars.
  • Fixed: RadTextBox in Multiline mode counts new line as 2 characters server-side and as one character for the MaxLength client-side.
  • Fixed: RadTextBox Password Strength Checker counts the comma as letter instead of a special char.
  • Fixed: PostBack without blur of RadTextBox does not submit the new value in iPad.
  • Fixed: The button of RadTextBox is not visible when Skin is Glow, Silk, MetroTouch and BlackMetroTouch.
  • Fixed: RadTextBox does not submit its value, when it is auto-filled from the browser's save user name and password feature.


Telerik’s ASP.NET LightBox is a lightweight control providing you with an easy way to display images and template content, such as HTML elements, iFrames, Flash, YouTube videos and more in a popup window.See demos


  • Added: CheckAll functionality.


  • Added: RadListView data grouping and aggregates.
  • Fixed: RadListView floats are not cleared correctly in IE7.

Media Player

Telerik’s RadMediaPlayer uses the built-in HTML5 video and audio element functionality to bring rich media capabilities to your apps. See demos


  • Added: Lightweight rendering.
  • Added: Functionality to show Toggle Handle for the Menu Items.
  • Fixed: Menu appearance issues.
  • Fixed: Wrong hovering in vertical orientation.
  • Fixed: RadMenu does not apply hover state to child menu items when navigating with the keyboard.

New for All Controls

  • Added: AutoMode implementation – Setting the Telerik.Web.UI.RenderMode key to Auto in web.config, will automatically detect modern browsers and turn on the lightweight rendering for them;
  • Added: Light-weight rendering for RadMenu (demo).
  • Added: Almost all of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX follow the latest standards for HTML5 content and pass the HTML5 validation. We added support for ColorPicker, Editor, FileExplorer, FormDecorator, ListBox and Splitter.
  • Added: Forced text wrap support for PDF export.
  • Added: Overlay property for controls with Pop-ups such as RadDatePicker, RadGrid, RadAjaxLoadingPanel to allow them to render over Java applets and PDF viewers.
  • Improved: Add an API to Toggle the PDF Security.
  • Improved: Handling of elements that do not have a tabIndex attribute by modal popups (e.g. RadWindow, RadToolTip).
  • Improved: Modal popups disable the AccessKey property of the elements in the main page.
  • Fixed: Exported PDF files appear blank in some cases.
  • Fixed: PDF text wrapping causes white space characters to disappear.
  • Fixed: JavaScript error throwing, when enabling visibility of a control and AJAX, validation and a RadButton are used in .NET4.5.
  • Fixed: Thread unsafe operations in RadControls.
  • Fixed: Transparent skin issues.
  • Fixed: The method get_isWcf returns false for WCF services over https.
  • Fixed: Reported issues with Bootstrap.


  • Fixed: The close icon is not visible in MetroTouch skin.


  • Fixed: RadODataDataSource does not parse result, when the format of the data is XML and the result is an XmlDocument and not a string.


  • Fixed: Node Drop event does not fire if a node is dragged on a certain hierarchy.

Persistence Framework

  • Added: Support for DropDownTree and Tile controls.
  • Improved: RadTileList persistence - persistence of the selected state.


  • Added: Overlay property for RadPivotGrid that applies for the Filtering window.
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid layout breaks with PagerStyle.AlwaysVisible="true", no row fields and one column field.
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid GroupIntervals do not work, when nullable datetime objects are used.
  • Fixed: DateTime Rows and Columns of RadPivotGrid are not rendered, when they are null and RangeGrouping is applied.
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid IsHidden property damages filtering window.
  • Fixed: PivotGridBiffExporting event’s arguments returns empty table cells into Telerik.Web.UI.ExportInfrastructure.TableCollection object.


  • Fixed: RadRating stops event propagation when clicking on it.


  • Fixed: Loading RibbonBar from an XML file throws an exception, if there is no ApplicationMenu in the source XML.


  • Fixed: The functionality of RadRotator under the default browser of Android.


  • Added: Agenda view which is designed to show appointments in a simple table layout. This is pretty useful for visualizing the scheduler’s agenda on mobile devices (demo).
  • Fixed: Appointment jumps one slot up or down after it is dropped in RadScheduler.
  • Fixed: Appointment selection for appointments with more than one element/parts.
  • Fixed: InlineEdit form positioning for appointments with more than one element/parts.


  • Fixed: JavaScript error shown, when "Enter" is pressed during a request processing and control is inside update panel.
  • Fixed: Button is not rendered in the Input, when the RadSearchBox control is used in a RadPageView of the RadMultiPage control.
  • Fixed: The RadSearchBox is not properly sized in IE7, when the width of the SearchContext is not defined.
  • Fixed: When the reference between the SearchContext DataSource and the DataSource of the SearchBox is in UpperCase characters, the reference is not correct.


  • Fixed: SPRadGrid is throwing a null reference, when bound initially to an empty data source.
  • Fixed: SPRadGrid's Multi-Choice value parsing is throwing a null reference, when the value coming from the list is null.
  • Fixed: SPRadListView does not display correctly choice fields with multiple checkbox options.


  • Fixed: RadSiteMap does not render items correctly, when used in an ItemTemplate in a RadMenu in a combination with RTL set to the RadSiteMap.


  • Fixed: Custom skins for controls, loaded on Ajax call, are not loaded if CDN is enabled and root-based path is used in the SkinReference.


  • Improved: Update the RadSlider API to allow programmatic changing of the value without raising value change events.


  • Improved: RadSplitter rendering to pass HTML5 validation.
  • Fixed: Scrolling of a RadPane, when there is external content in iPad.
  • Fixed: The SlidingPane's title exceeds the width of the Pane, when resizing.


  • Fixed: Appearance issue with RadTabStrip with Office2007, Office2010Blue and Office2010Silver skin under Internet Explorer - Compatibility View.


  • Added: Design-time support for TileList - smart tag and wizard.
  • Added: Server-side DataBinding to TileList.
  • Added: Provide the tiles as standalone controls.
  • Added: LiveTile tile type.
  • Fixed: If the Visible property of a tile is set to false, all its client controlled properties are applied to the next tile in the group.
  • Fixed: A JavaScript error is thrown after moving the tiles and postback.
  • Fixed: The Postback events of a control inside the PeekTemplate of a tile are not fired.
  • Fixed: RadTileList group to be reinitialized, when dragging a tile over, but not dropping it.
  • Fixed: In Chrome, Safari & IE the events of a user control, placed in PeekTemplate or ContentTemplate, are not executed.
  • Fixed: The setting of ForeColor to the title of a RadTile.
  • Fixed: When a tile is added in the peek template of other tile and peek animation is Slide, a JavaScript error is thrown.
  • Fixed: Drag and drop in Opera, when the tile list is scrolled the tiles are shifted corresponding to the scroll value.
  • Fixed: Tile's BlackMetroTouch Skin to use background image for dark colored skins.


  • Fixed: RadToolBar arrow image displayed incorrectly in the dropDown when ExpandDirection="Up" and ImagePosition="AboveText".


  • Fixed: The manual close button image of RadToolTip is not visible in MetroTouch and Silk skins.


  • Fixed: When the text of the RadTreeNode contains anchor or input DOM elements, their default behavior is prevented, when checkboxes are enabled.

Visual Style Builder

  • Added: RadAjaxLoadingPanel colorization.
  • Improved: Apply the changes from the Colorize tab to all controls.
  • Improved: Allow Read-only and Hidden files in the .zip archive to be imported in the Visual Style Builder.
  • Improved: Display a warning message, when trying to create a skin with the same name as the built-in skins.
  • Improved: Remove Silverlight image uploading and replace it with RadAsyncUpload.
  • Fixed: The "Select all controls" option is not working.


  • Fixed: In a modal RadWindow input, the statusbar gets tabIndex=0 instead of tabIndex=-1.
  • Fixed: When the minimize button is clicked, the setActive event is fired twice.

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