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Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX

Release History

UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q3 2012 SP2 (version 2012.3.1308)

January 8, 2013


  • Fixed: RadAjaxManager does not call $create for controls that are located in user control


  • Fixed: When file is canceled FileUploadFail event is fired and JavaScript exception is thrown (under Chrome with FileAPI)


  • Added: New Content Filter to replace the pbr //p tags with pnbsp;/p in Chrome and Safari
  • Fixed: Html tags brackets are encoded when the content is passed through ConvertCharactersToEntities filter
  • Fixed: ImageEditor does not open the selected image
  • Fixed: Convert characters to entities filter is encoding angle brackets improperly
  • Fixed: Issue with MakeUrlsAbsolute and IECleanAnchors filters when the page has a querystring
  • Fixed: Multiple elements insert link is not working as expected
  • Fixed: If FormatStripper is set to WORD, all attributes containing "mso" will be stripped
  • Fixed: RadEditor’s content is not edited properly in Safari on iPad when ContentAreaMode is iFrame
  • Fixed: RadEditor content couldn't be edited when zooming in iPad
  • Fixed: Image alignment not working in Firefox
  • Fixed: Applying link to multiple list items produces invalid HTML


  • Fixed: Clicking on the Delete key should not show the delete file dialog when a folder does not have delete permissions


  • Fixed: In RTL mode when DecorationZoneID is used the layout of checkboxes and radiobuttons is broken


  • Fixed: RadGrid deselectItem toggles selection instead of just deselecting the item
  • Fixed: RadGrid is focused initially when set HierarchyDefaultExpanded and AllowKeyboardNavigation are set to true
  • Fixed: RadGrid multi-column sorting does not clear the old expressions correctly
  • Fixed: Server-side exception in RadGrid when trying to clear sorting on column that is not sorted
  • Fixed: SortExpression is not passed to the DataSourceControl when the RadGrid has CalculatedColumns (the grid performs inmemory sorting)


  • Fixed: Paste on RadTextBox in IE10 generates null reference exception


  • Fixed: RadMenu items does not navigate in mobile devices when NavigateUrl property is set
  • Fixed: Links in RadMenu ItemTemplate does not navigate under mobile browsers
  • Fixed: ContextMenu items does not navigate under mobile devices when NavigateUrl property is set


  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid fields were not getting their correct level when the filter window is opened
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid's ZoneType property does not take into account extended fields having the core field types as base


  • Fixed: DateHeaders in scheduler with weekview and DayEndTime set to 23:31:00


  • Fixed: RadTabs does not navigate when NavigateUrl is set and used in mobile devices
  • Fixed: NavigateUrl of the RadTab is lost when it is reordered


  • Fixed: RadToolBar renders an additional span every time a different RadToolBarButton is selected when the EnableImageSprites=true


  • Fixed: The overlay of RadWindow is not hidden after the popup is closed in IE9 and above

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX

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