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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q3 2012 SP1 (version 2012.3.1205)

December 5, 2012


  • Added: Localization for the "Drop files here" text in RadAsyncUpload
  • Added: RadAsyncUpload LastModifiedDate property to the UploadedFile class
  • Added: RadAsyncUpload OnClientFileDropped event
  • Added: RadAsyncUpload HideFileInput property
  • Improved: RadAsyncUpload configuration is encrypted with default key. The users could set their encryption key by setting the following app setting in the web.config file - Telerik.AsyncUpload.ConfigurationEncryptionKey
  • Improved: RadAsyncUpload validated uploaded files’ extension at server side
  • Fixed: RadAsyncUpload drag and drop is not working when UploadedFilesRendering is set to "BelowFileInput"
  • Fixed: RadProgressManger makes infinite requests when some other control triggers an Ajax post back
  • Fixed: RadAsyncUpload deleteAllFileInputs is not working when UploadedFilesRendering is set to BelowInput


  • Added: DropDownPosition property (Automatic, Static)
  • Added: Single Selection (Text mode only)
  • Added: Double character separator
  • Fixed: RadAutoCompleteBox doesn't trigger the search when you paste text from the right-mouse context menu "paste" option
  • Fixed: When typing in the input and quickly tab out of it (moving the focus away from the AutoCompleteBox) the dropdown is still displayed
  • Fixed: If some custom text is typed in the input, TextChanged event is raised on blur of the AutoCompleteBox with AllowCustomEntry="false"
  • Fixed: Enabled="false" disables the functionality of the control, but allows typing in the input box in FireFox, Chrome and Safari
  • Fixed: RadAutoCompleteBox throws an error when user starts typing if the control DataSource is not set


  • Fixed: Some of the lower case letters are cut


  • Improved: RadButton ToggleButton height and line height
  • Fixed: The positioning of a toggle RadButton's checkbox image
  • Fixed: The position of a toggle RadButton's checkbox
  • Fixed: The enabled state of RadButton when its Single Click functionality is enabled and ASP.NET validation fails
  • Fixed: RadButton FilledCheckbox position


  • Fixed: When RadDatePicker is disabled, window scrollbar is displayed in IE9


  • Added: DropDownAutoWidth property
  • Fixed: CheckAll checkbox is not unchecked after clicking it for the first time
  • Fixed: The ItemChecked event did not fire after the user checks a checkbox in a RadComboBox with an ItemTemplate implemented
  • Fixed: Auto-complete functionality is not working properly under IE10
  • Fixed: ComboBox loading message is not shown when the drop down is opened for the first time
  • Fixed: ComboBox text is transparent when disabled in Google Chrome
  • Fixed: ComboBox design-time size
  • Fixed: Selected Text in RadComboBox is clipping off

Common for all controls

  • Improved: Design-time for RadScheduler, RadSiteMapDataSource, RadAutoCompleteBox and RadContextMenu


  • Fixed: Incorrect positioning of RadDock in Chrome when undocked


  • Added: Multiple Selection support for the FileBrowser Dialogs
  • Added: Missing tools to FullSetOfTools.xml file
  • Improved: Provided localization strings for "Toggle advanced mode embed code" and "Grid View" and "Thumbnail View"
  • Fixed: Modifications applied to links in Preview mode are not restored before submitting the page if the editor is still in Preview mode
  • Fixed: Pasting generates a JavaScript error after an update panel refresh in IE
  • Fixed: Image is not inserted from the ImageManager of the Image Map Editor tool
  • Fixed: Changes are not saved to the image when using in RadEditor's Image Manager
  • Fixed: Title attribute is not set to RadEditor's content area Div element
  • Fixed: Image manager allows to insert a folder to the content
  • Fixed: ConvertCharactersToEntities filter should convert the entities only in the text but not in the HTML elements
  • Fixed: FormatBlock command removing near BR elements JavaScript is not executing correctly
  • Fixed: Appearance of size problems, when ContentAreaMode="Div" and the user is toggling between editing modes or resizing the control
  • Fixed: RadEditor FormatPainter command does not apply format elements in the correct order
  • Fixed: Stylebuilder dialog comboboxes layout is broken in IE7 and IE8
  • Fixed: RadEditor FormatPainter command does not apply STRONG format elements
  • Fixed: LinkManager producing non XHTML compliant output when selecting entire heading tags under Internet Explorer
  • Fixed: RadEditor text tool hover state background
  • Fixed: Broken background appearance of RadEditor's disabled buttons on hover
  • Fixed: Content area background problem when ContentAreaMode="Div"
  • Fixed: ConvertToXhtml strips empty <p></p> tags in non IE browsers
  • Changed: EditorFileOptions and EditorFileTypes enums are moved under Telerik.Web.UI.Editor namespace


  • Added: New AllowMultipleSelection configuration property to enable / disable multiple item selection for the FileList component
  • Added: Invalid characters validation for Rename
  • Fixed: Typing inside Filter textbox is not possible in Chrome
  • Fixed: FileExplorer's AsyncUpload window rendering in Chrome is broken
  • Fixed: Disabling of the Delete button in FileExplorer when a folder does not have delete permissions
  • Fixed: ControlPreRender throws null reference exception if ToolBar Items collection is empty
  • Fixed: Incorrect sizing of Upload dialog's window in MetroTouch Skin
  • Fixed: New folder button is disabled in toolbar when current folder is empty and DisplayUpFolderItem is true
  • Fixed: When only one file is uploaded in the only visible folder it cannot be deleted when ExplorerMode=Thumbnails
  • Fixed: ListView ContextMenu's Upload / Delete items are disabled incorrectly upon second show
  • Fixed: ClientCopy client-side event does not pass item information correctly
  • Fixed: Incorrect rendering of the AddressBar causes extra sizing issue


  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator throws a JavaScript error under old IE versions when EnableRoundedCorners=true and a RadDatePicker is present on the page
  • Fixed: The last RadFormDecorator is overriding the decorated zones in WebKit browsers
  • Fixed: <select> elements are not decorated when displayed in a RadWindow's content template
  • Fixed: percentage width of decorated text boxes with rounded corners are not persisted in IE versions below 9
  • Fixed: Decorated <select> tags in a div with 100% height renders with an extra space underneath, i.e. a double scroll occurs
  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator does not properly disable a button in Chrome when its disabled attribute is set to disabled
  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator Fieldset Background image in several skins
  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator Grid TH cell background color and vertical align for radios and checkboxes in WebKit
  • Fixed: Decorated by RadFormDecorator <select> is not scrollable under mobile devices


  • Fixed: RadGrid DetailItemTemplate problems when both hierarchy and grouping are enabled in client load mode
  • Fixed: RadGrid nested table views does not apply GroupFooterTemplate
  • Fixed: RadGrid has inconsistent behavior when cell selection is enabled and there is a control that needs focus in the cell that is clicked
  • Fixed: RadGrid calculates wrongly ColSpan of GroupFooterTemplate when static headers are enabled
  • Fixed: When GroupByExpression set declaratively the ungroup option in the HeaderContextMenu does not work
  • Fixed: A space could not be set in filter's textbox when cellselection and keyboardnavigation are enabled
  • Fixed: GropHeaderTemplate does not behave correctly when UseStaticHeaders="true"
  • Fixed: RadGrid's cell selection under IE10: when a single cell is selected and navigation started, the navigates cells initially retain the selected style
  • Fixed: RadGrid's not scrolling horizontally to selected cell
  • Fixed: Filtering on numeric column from header context menu does not apply if "0" is entered
  • Fixed: Gap in RadGrid's Footer when using the staticHeaders
  • Fixed: Hide additional space in command item and footer in RadGrid
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not persist resized column widths after selection
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not properly update ClientState for all affected columns during column resizing
  • Fixed: RadGrid MultiColumn Headers misalignment in IE6/7 when we have horizontal scrolling
  • Fixed: Convert this column to a template column does not uses DbValue of RadNumericTextBox
  • Fixed: RadGrid designer throws exception when we have MultiColumn Headers
  • Fixed: RadGrid's external numeric column editors don't function properly when multi editing is switched on
  • Fixed: RadGrid's not picking up the correct skin for its delete/edit column images when the skin is changed from RadSkinManager's skin chooser
  • Fixed: RadGrid's not showing NoRecordTemplate when AutoGeneratedColumns = "true" and the grid is bound to an empty source just after it had been bound to a full source
  • Fixed: GridBinaryImageColumn does not show the image when the RadGrid is placed into the NestedViewTemplate
  • Fixed: RadGrid renders incorrect group header text when more than one GridGroupByExpression is applied
  • Fixed: RadGrid throws an exception when GridHyperLinkColumn is used and Rebind method is called in the ItemUpdated event
  • Fixed: RadGrid throws exception when GroupFooterTemplate is used and "Custom" aggregate is set to a RadGrid's column
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not generate correct group messages in the GroupHeaderItem for some inner groups
  • Fixed: RadGrid pager is not rendered when data is grouped in .NET35
  • Fixed: When RadGrid is exported to PDF in IE7, exception is thrown by the export engine
  • Fixed: When RadGrid has its SEO paging feature enabled, the rendering of the buttons in the NextPreviousAndNumeric pager item is different
  • Fixed: Drag-and-drop and resize issues with RadGrid in mobile devices


  • Fixed: Opacity value is not updated inside the dialog after undo in Canvas mode
  • Fixed: Last action is showing a wrong value after “Insert Text” in Canvas mode
  • Fixed: get_rotationAngle is returning wrong value after redo in canvas mode
  • Fixed: Firing the ImageEditor's OnClientSaved event when an image is saved on the server


  • Fixed: Initial negative values in TextBoxes are not parsed correctly when using RadInputManager with NumericTextBoxSettings that has and NegativePattern set
  • Fixed: RadDatePicker rendering problem in IE9 Compatibility Mode
  • Fixed: RadInputManager's NumericTextBoxSetting does not parse correctly custom decimal separators
  • Fixed: The width on a RadTextbox with TextMode="multiline" and RadFormDecorator
  • Fixed: RadDateInput does not work with Welsh locale
  • Fixed: RadInputControl throws server error when web crawler submits invalid client state to the server


  • Fixed: Item Drag-Drop does not work when Turkish Culture is used and ListView ItemCreated client-side event


  • Added: Functionality to expand menu items in touch devices when ItemClick event is handled
  • Improved: Scrolling and behavior in Mobile Devices
  • Fixed: Chrome v12 does not calculate the width of the scroll container correctly

Mobile Support Improvements

  • Improved: Provided better support for scrolling and overall behavior in mobile devices in RadMenu and RadTabStrip
  • Improved: RadWindow scrolling under iOS6 when the NavigateUrl is used
  • Fixed: Decorated by RadFormDecorator <select> is not scrollable under mobile devices
  • Fixed: Drag-and-drop and resize issues with RadGrid in mobile devices


  • Fixed: Focus should be set to the filtering window upon opening it
  • Fixed: In RadPivotGrid the ColumnSpan of Pager item is wrong in some cases
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid`s filter window is not styled correctly
  • Fixed: the PivotGrid's height is not calculated correctly when it is set with the attribute height
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid drag drop indicator is missing in some skins


  • Fixed: RadGauge is throwing “Ambiguous match found” error when running in .NET 3.5 website


  • Added: RadRibbonBar XML Support for ApplicationMenu
  • Fixed: Setting enabled state of items when some of the Groups are Visible="false" causes Server Exception


  • Fixed: Removed the border around the rotator when it is not configured in a mode with command buttons
  • Fixed: The position of the right command buttton of RadRotator under Chrome and Safari


  • Added: ShowInsertArea property for Day/Week/Multiday view
  • Added: ShowAllDayInsertArea property to the Week/Day/Multiday view settings
  • Improved: Client-side validation for the AdvancedForm fields in WebService binding mode
  • Fixed: Improve experience of scheduler under iOS6
  • Fixed: Metro skin glitches for scheduler
  • Fixed: RadScheduler's appointments' tooltip message gets truncated when it contains an apostrophe (WebService binding)
  • Fixed: JavaScript error with WebServiceBinding and property LastDayOfWeek set to Friday
  • Fixed: Wrong exceptions behavior after changing the serie of a recurring appointment RadScheduler
  • Fixed: The set_backColor() client method of the appointment affects only the middle section for appointments that span more than one day in Week view
  • Fixed: Recurrence rule does not show the correct yearly rule when the appointment's start date is in January
  • Fixed: Day/Week/Multiday View: WS Binding: When the view is ReadOnly the appointments should occupy 100% of the width of the TimeSlot
  • Fixed: RadScheduler timeslot object does not return correct value for method get_startTime() and get_endTime()
  • Fixed: Error in AdvancedForm when click on disabled control. Happens only in IE 8
  • Fixed: Scheduler WebService binding - can create appointment with null duration - no validation
  • Fixed: Delete image for the appointments is shown when used on IPad even when the AllowDelete=False property is set
  • Fixed: Appointment context menu to show in iPad when AllowEdit=false
  • Fixed: AdvancedEditForm closes when editing of occurring appointment is canceled

SharePoint 2007/2010

  • Fixed: When the plus image of SPRadGrid is clicked in the command item, this incorrectly opens the internal new record dialog in SP edit mode too


  • Fixed: Value of the VisibleDuringInit property is not taken into account


  • Improved: Scrolling in Mobile Devices


  • Fixed: RadToolBar set_tooltip client side does not work accordingly
  • Fixed: RadToolBar renders an additional span everytime a different RadToolBarButton is selected when the EnableImageSprites=true


  • Fixed: Item Drag-Drop does not work when Turkish Culture is used and TreeList ItemCreated client-side event


  • Improved: Various appearance improvements in TreeView
  • Fixed: [Breaking Change] TreeView expand / collapse image in IE8 is too close to node text (RTL mode)
  • Fixed: TreeView text selection in iOS 6


  • Improved: RadWindow scrolling under iOS6 when the NavigateUrl is used
  • Fixed: Closing RadWindow after it has been maximized and destroy on close is enabled causes JavaScript errors in the loaded site (www.bing.com)
  • Fixed: Closing RadWindow crashes IE
  • Fixed: Under Firefox RadWindow does not show a page that has Silverlight or PDF in it unless the BaseStyleSheet is loaded from an external file
  • Fixed: RadWindow hover state cursor when it is maximized

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