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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q3 2011 SP1 (version 2011.3.1305)

January 4, 2012

Common for all controls

  • Added: Notification in the Skins dropdown in VS Design mode if the skins assembly is not added in the web application
  • Improvement: jQuery version updated to 1.7.1
  • Fixed: SkinRegistrar's GetDefaultSkinsAssemblyName method throws an existing entry exception

Installer and Visual Studio Extensions

  • Fixed: .NET version is not displayed in Toolbox groups names after Toolbox configurator is used
  • Fixed: Scenario wizard fails when attempt to add a scenario through the Add New Item context menu
  • Fixed: No skins available when trying to add scenario to nontelerik project
  • Fixed: RadToolTip scenarios use Telerik skin by default
  • Fixed: Upgrade Wizard issue: Wrong target framework version for web.config


  • Added: Hover state for the select button
  • Fixed: RadAsyncUpload.set_enabled(false) did not work as expected
  • Fixed: An issue with Flash module - when file validation failed the client-side Uploading event fired
  • Fixed: A JavaScript error is thrown with the IFrame module in RTL scenarios


  • Fixed: Selecting a date through the calendar of RadDatePicker makes the picker button to shift down with a couple of pixels in Chrome 15
  • Fixed: RadPicker controls miss some of the newest skins in design time


  • Improved: RadComboBox to show a one-item-high drop down when no items are present
  • Fixed: After clicking in RadComboBox input a request for items is performed despite the MinFilterLength property setting
  • Fixed: RadComboBox.get_selectedItem() returns null if the currently selected item was removed and there were other items in the control
  • Fixed: RadCombobox's findItemByValue method to search for items if 0 (numeric value) is passed as a parameter
  • Fixed: OnTextChanged server-side event not fired properly when CheckBox functionality is enabled and AutoPostBack is set to true
  • Fixed: RadComboBox get_simpleRendering() returns "true" if there is a "<select>" added within control HeaderTemplate
  • Fixed: When ESC key is pressed under FF8&9 RadComboBox dropdown closes but then opens again


  • Fixed: RadDataPager with SEO paging enabled cannot show the Prev, Next, First and Last images for non-default skins


  • Fixed: A visual glitch of the title bar of a RadDock, when nested in another RadDock
  • Fixed: RadDock commands throw exception at design-time
  • Fixed: Hovering RadTextBox in a RadDock causes the Dock to increase its size under IE9


  • Fixed: ConvertWordLists problem when pasting Roman numbered lists
  • Fixed: EnterParagraphMozilla command in RadEditor will delete all elements (including images) in block if there is no text content
  • Fixed: Extra &nbsp; in paragraph leads to wrong HTML when inserting a link
  • Fixed: IE9 NewLineMode=BR bug when the cursor jumps on the previous line on writing after enter
  • Fixed: In SetImageProperties the constrain ratio for the width does not respect mixed metrics
  • Fixed: Links insertion & new lines as paragraph
  • Fixed: New NewLineMode Br in IE. When the selection is in the beggining of an anchor, the BR element is inserted inside and not before the anchor
  • Fixed: Pasting from MSWord to RadEditor removes tags in Firefox
  • Fixed: Table - Row Delete bug in IE9
  • Fixed: TableLayoutCssFile issue while browsing through HTTPS
  • Fixed: Undo / Redo problem when ContentAreaMode="Div"
  • Fixed: ApplyClass tool does not set class attribute to the table cell and row when selected under FireFox
  • Fixed: EncodeScripts filter adds OriginalAttribute and OriginalPath to items inside noscripts tag
  • Fixed: If there are scrolls on the page where the editor is loaded, all scrolls jump to top when anything is pasted in the content area
  • Fixed: Images' and links' URLs are modified when elements are moved in the content
  • Fixed: Input element is not recognized as self-closing tag in Internet Explorer 9
  • Fixed: RealFontSize tool does not position the cursor correctly in Chrome
  • Fixed: Set font-size or font-family to multiple table cells does not apply the span tag to the last cell
  • Fixed: SetImageProperties dialog strips the width and height declarations if they match the actual image size
  • Fixed: setSize() client-side method is not working properly under Internet Explorer
  • Fixed: TableWizard dialog missing localization
  • Fixed: Javascript error is detected using “Select All” and “New Paragraph” tools consequently in FF
  • Fixed: “Remove Align” does not work in Chrome
  • Fixed: Alignment is not applied properly using “Sellect all” command in Firefox


  • Fixed: Clicking very fast on the "Back" button in RadFileExplorer causes infinit loading panel to appear
  • Fixed: SerializeGridData fails on attributes containing control characters
  • Fixed: Warning message glitch when uploading a file of not allowed type
  • Fixed: Appearance of a horizontal scrollbar to the Upload dialog when opened second time in FireFox
  • Fixed: Drag and Drop does not work in Ineternet Explorer 9 when DocumentMode is different than Internet Explorer 9 Standards
  • Fixed: Extra added upload fields are displayed outside of the window after subsequent display of the dialog
  • Fixed: InitialPath is not processed correctly if the ROOT folder is "/"
  • Fixed: OnClientItemSelected client-side event is not fired when multiple items are selected using Shift key
  • Fixed: Rename context menu is enabled for items that does not have correct permissions
  • Fixed: The Upload button inside the Upload dialog is not properly disabled during file upload
  • Fixed: When deleting selected item from the TreeView, OnClientFolderChange client-side event is not raised
  • Fixed: When RadFileExplorer is disabled, context menu in grid still appears and the toolbar still looks enabled
  • Fixed: Incorrect trigger for OnClientFileOpen client-side event


  • Fixed: RadFilter cannot recreate custom field editors when FilterContainerID or DataSourceControlID is specified


  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator should not unify the width if it is too small


  • Added: Ability to localize the Delete text of an autogenerated delete column and the GridClientDeleteColumn in RadGrid
  • Added: RadGrid client-side clearSort() method to clear the applied sorting for a specified column
  • Added: get_itemIndexHierarchical() property to RadGrid client-side GridDataItem object
  • Added: RadGrid client-side clearFilter() method for clearing the filter of a column
  • Improvement: RadGrid with support for Telerik OpenAccessLinqDataSource
  • Fixed: Frozen columns in RadGrid in RTL mode
  • Fixed: Enter key does not make new line in textarea inside the InsertItem of RadGrid
  • Fixed: RadGrid columns cannot be found using GetColumn() when FilterMenu properties are set
  • Fixed: RadGrid columns cause memory leaks in IE6 & IE7
  • Fixed: RadGrid LINQ based grouping does not work under Medium trust
  • Fixed: RadGrid LINQ based grouping does not work when the grid is bound to data grouped by several nested group fields
  • Fixed: RadGrid LINQ grouping trows an exception when the grid is bound to list of anonymous objects boxed in object
  • Fixed: RadGrid properties do not show up in the VS property grid when the control is first added in the markup
  • Fixed: RadGrid with SEO-paging enabled does not change the pager button images when the skin is changed through RadSkinManager
  • Fixed: RadGrid's client-side OnActiveRowChanging event does not provide table view and grid data item in event arguments in some scenarios
  • Fixed: RadGrid's HeaderContextMenu does not pick the right skin when the latter has been selected from the skin chooser
  • Fixed: GridHTMLEditorColumn does not take into account the MaxLength property
  • Fixed: GridCalculatedColumn throws an exception when RadGrid.Culture property is set to any culture and AllowFilteringByColumn="True"
  • Fixed: In RadGrid when FilterMenu.EnableImageSprites is set, the GridExpandColumn is not shown
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not properly clear RadInput controls in the filter item when using client-side databinding and NoFilter is selected from the filter menu
  • Fixed: RadGrid Intellisense is missing the FilterMenu attribute property
  • Fixed: RadGrid keyboard navigation - "Enter" key does not work when inserting items and EditMode = "InPlace"
  • Fixed: Sort images are not shown correctly for hierarchy with autogenerated columns
  • Fixed: Exception is thrown in RadGrid when exporting to Excel with NestedViewTemplate
  • Fixed: RadGrid tables' cellspacing attribute in IE7 when using meta element with HTTP-EQUIV Attribute
  • Fixed: HideStructureColumns does not work correctly with grouping and hierarchy
  • Fixed: RadGrid throws an exception when filtering by char field with LinqDataSource
  • Fixed: Pager style items in RadGrid
  • Fixed: The page size is reset after paging when SEO paging is used
  • Fixed: Incorrect images for some skins
  • Fixed: RadGrid bound to EntityFramework under Medium trust throws Security exception


  • Fixed: An Unhandled exception detected in design time of Visual Studio


  • Added: InputType "time" for RadTextBox
  • Fixed: Caret of RadTextBox is disappearing instead of flashing in IE when SelectionOnFocus="CaretToEnd"
  • Fixed: form reset causes blinking of the validation value and error styles in RadInput with EnableSingleInputRendering="true"
  • Fixed: WrapperCssClass of RadInput does not apply correctly when EnableSingleInputRendering is false
  • Fixed: Absolute positioning does not work for single input rendering mode
  • Fixed: Add default value of Password Strength Indicator of RadTextBox. Also use this value instead of empty value when set. Empty value will not be used in calculation of the wrapper and the Input.
  • Fixed: Adding a blank DateInputSetting to a RadInputManager breaks RadComboBox autopostback functionality
  • Fixed: DecimalDigits in RadNumericTextBox does not apply correctly when rendering the control if AllowRounding is false
  • Fixed: Error event of RadDateInput is not fired when it's owner is RadMonthYearPicker and invalid text is entered in the input
  • Fixed: When EnableSingleInputRendering="true" the get_textBoxValue() property should return the value which is currently visible
  • Fixed: When RadNumericTextBox is in single input rendering mode the ValidationValue has wrong DecimalSeparator in some cultures
  • Fixed: The IndicatorWidth property does not work correct when there is a Label and single input rendering mode is enabled
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox shows more digits than required in single input rendering mode when the page loads
  • Fixed: RadDateInput does not validate properly if enter key is used to set new value and then the control is blurred
  • Fixed: RadInput controls are not hidden when Display="false" and the control has a defined Label
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox allows "$" characters to be entered in Opera
  • Fixed: The set_value() client-side property of RadInputExtender is not working with TextBoxSetting when entering a number or null
  • Fixed: The EmptyMessage for asp:TextBox inputified with RadInputManager is submitted as Text
  • Fixed: SkinRegistrar fails to load custom skin for RadTextBox
  • Fixed: RadTextBox does not work properly when disabled in IE9 in single input rendering mode


  • Fixed: RadOrgChart has erroneous markup when dragged from the toolbox
  • Fixed: GroupItems do not get DataItem with simple binding
  • Fixed: There is no way to access the controls inside of the template of a GroupItem
  • Fixed: Design time error when nodes are declared in the .aspx
  • Fixed: GroupColumnCount property does not work when OrgChart is bound to data (not statically declared in markup)
  • Fixed: Rendered Fields not to render in the ItemTemplate


  • Added: New findItemByAttribute() method for RadRibbonBar, RibbonBarTab and RibbonBarGroup
  • Fixed: If you set Visible="false" to a Group containing QuickAccessToolBarButtons (or a Group that is in a tab containing Group with QuickAccessToolBarButtons) all of the Groups in any tab disappear
  • Fixed: Page_Load fires twice in Chrome (when there is a masterpage and contentpage) and Safari (when placed in a simple page)
  • Fixed: Having invisible groups causes wrong calculation of hierarchical indexes
  • Fixed: RibbonBarMenu doesn't serialize DisabledImageUrl
  • Fixed: RibbonBarMenuItems without image set display the default browser image (for resource-not-found scenarios) in IE9
  • Fixed: Group.set_text() does not change the rendered text, however Group.get_text() returned the changed text


  • Added: script grouping (via Groups) to RadScriptManager


  • Improvement: When run under https, third party buttons cause security warnings
  • Fixed: An apostrophe in TitleToShare property causes js error
  • Fixed: CustomIconHeight is not correctly set
  • Fixed: Missing resource error under IE6


  • Improved: RadStyleSheetManager to resolve relative image url when serving external style sheets


  • Fixed: TagCloud throws JS error after Ajax call, when placed in UpdatePanel


  • Fixed: The loading sign is not displayed at all when Transparent skin is used
  • Fixed: The loading sign of Metro skin is not correctly displayed


  • Added: TreeListColumn.HeaderToolTip property
  • Fixed: RadTreeList fails to create its items when RenderColumns is accessed before the page render event
  • Fixed: RadTreeList load-on-demand does not support binding to DataReader in the ChildItemsDataBind event
  • Fixed: RadTreeList with Load-On-Demand does not support selection
  • Fixed: RadTreeList with StaticHeader enabled and validator in the FormTemplate throws an exception on insert
  • Fixed: When TreeListItem is expanded above the current item it is expanding to the inner most level of the current item and it is collapsing the previous item to the first child item
  • Fixed: Pager style items in RadTreeList


  • Improved: RadTreeView trackChanges() and commitChanges() to apply client changes to the associated context menus as well
  • Fixed: A Javascript error is thrown when a node is being edited and the enter key is pressed in Google Chrome


FIXED Fixed: RadWindow with Metro or Simple skin does not always work correctly when maximized/restored in a Restriction zone

SharePoint 2007/2010

  • Fixed: [SharePoint2007] Dialog NOT FOUND problem when a site is named like an system folder. For example solutions.

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