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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2015 SP1 (version 2015.2.729)

July 28, 2015


  • RadGrid with ClientDataSource and ajax throws JavaScript error after postback


  • RadAjaxManager call $create of the updated controls in RadToolTip twice
  • Incorrect background color of AjaxLoadingPanel


  • The Text property is occasionally not evaluated properly, when the AllowCustomEntry is True and the user types the Text of a certain item in the input
  • RadAutoCompleteBox input width is not properly set to 100% when an entry is added and the control is not visible at this moment
  • RadAutoComplete does not return updated custom text when EnableClientFiltering is true


  • Improve the width of the RadButton with an Icon in Classic render mode for all button types
  • RadButton with ButtonType=LinkButton and Target=_blank opens two windows


  • If a control bound to RadClientDataSource is with enabled AJAX, a JavaScript error is thrown after an AJAX request


  • ExpandDelay/CollapseDelay properties do not work for RadComboBox
  • RadComboBox serialize all items data during LoD, thus incorrect values are mapped if an item is hidden on the server
  • First available item selection should take into account the item's visibility
  • RadComboBox htmlDecode is improved
  • RadComboBox scroll bar jumps to the top, when a new portion of items is requested in a VirtualScrolling scenario and when the Height is set.
  • The expand direction of the RadComboBox is not affected after using set_expandDirection()
  • Incorrect checked items after postback when list contains Server-side invisible items
  • RadComboBox the rcbSeparator class has no longer background-color
  • Lightweight: Item with no text has collapsed height


  • RadDataPager - ViewState of controls inside PagerTemplate is not properly loaded
  • Using the FireCommand method to change the current page index on page load does not work


  • Esc key should behave the same way disregarding whether the drop-down of the RadDropDownList is opened or not
  • FIX the expand direction of the RadDropDownList is not affected after using set_expandDirection()
  • RadDropDownList VirtualScrolling functionality does not work as expected in Ajax scenario when used in RadGrid FormTemplate


  • RadDropDownTree does not encode HTML tags in the text when a node is set to selected from the Server-side


  • Implement Remove link command in RadEditor
  • Integrate lightweight RibbonBar into RadEditor
  • When HTML content with comments is set into the editor, href and src attributes are modified from relative to absolute under IE7
  • Aligning of selected text in table does not work correct and consistent across the major browsers
  • Unwanted page scrolling is caused when the Paste Plain Text dialog is opened
  • Multiple jQuery attributes appear in the content after post back under IE7 and IE8
  • Inconsistent behavior when editing text inside text area elements in the RadEditor under Chrome and Firefox
  • Selection returns incorrect results when focused an input element placed right after plain text, under IE11
  • RadEditor Selection throws exception when typing inside a textbox under IE10
  • Content is always returned with an additional when all content is deleted
  • Showing RadEditor with Lightweight rendering via AJAX request leads to insufficient content area
  • Max Snippet Width input width is not sufficient in Format Code Block dialog
  • RadEditor's content element height is not correct when the editor is loaded in Preview Mode in IE7
  • Cursor jumps to an incorrect position when spacebar is pressed after a single white space under IE7 and 8
  • Shift+Tab does not focus the toolbar when the cursor is in the content area under Chrome
  • Web page hangs down when Foreground color of table content is cleared in IE11
  • Root folder is selected when modifying items in nested folder in FileBrowser dialogs
  • The built-in Paste tools does not work in IE when browser's setting Allow Programmatic clipboard access is disabled
  • Cannot configure RibbonBar toolbar in RadEditor markup


  • TreeNodes get collapsed after certain operations in a sibling node
  • Fix ContextMenu shortcut for Thumbnails view in FileExplorer


  • Checkbox for Boolean fields in RadFilter has wrong position
  • Lightweight Filter inputs have white background in Black and BlackMetroTouch skins
  • Incorrect RadFilter font-size scaling in Metro and Sunset skins
  • In RadFilter an additional line is displayed after the last node (Classic render mode)
  • Broken image in RadFilter in IE (Classic Render mode)
  • RadFilter throws an exception on the server when setting EnableEmbeddedSkins=false and setting custom skin name


  • RadFormDecorator doesn't style scrollbars in Chrome


  • JavaScript error is thrown when try to page and EnableCurrentPageScrollOnly=true and PageSize
  • ImageUrl could not be set to RadGrid ImageButton on ItemDataBound event
  • RadGrid throws exception when paging is enabled and the page run in PageInspector and IIS Express
  • RadNumericTextBox events set inside GridNumericColumnEditor declaration do no fire
  • When AllowColumnsReorder property is enabled the HeaderTooltip of the columns is not applied
  • When the HierarchyLoadMode is set to Client the detail table columns are not displayed in the HeaderContextMenu
  • It is not possible to sort and filter RadGrid via ContextMenu when the grid is bound via ClientDataSource.
  • When the exported FileName contains characters that are non-ASCII they are escaped incorrectly in IE.
  • When switching between keyboard and mouse for selecting items in RadGrid the selection is not consistent
  • In Batch Edit mode when Tab is pressed validation is not fired for a cell
  • BatchEditOpening event is not triggered in some scenarios
  • RadGrid - When the pager Mode is set to NextPrevNumericAndAdvanced, holding the SHIFT key and pressing any key within the PageIndex and PageSize inputs, does not indicate the input (does not show the error image)
  • RadSearchBox in RadGrid's form template is incorrectly initialized with input field width: 5px
  • The NoRecordsTemplate gets rendered if the EnableNoRecordsTemplate property is set to false
  • Get_isItemInserted() property returns false when RadGrid is in insert mode and EditMode is Batch.
  • RadGrid in Lightweight RenderMode : hierarchy expand/collapse image causes OnRowClick event to fire in Chrome
  • Sorting using the header context menu does not behave as expected when the grid is empty
  • The column drop indicator is not displayed when the RenderMode is set to LightWeight
  • Grid checkbox column does not create checkboxes correctly after sorting with client-side databinding
  • ShowFilterIcon property of grid column set to false does not apply for mobile devices
  • The GridButtonColumn loses its image after the columns are reordered and the grid is rebound on the client
  • Insert/Update button is not visible when EditMode=Inplace and RenderMode=Mobile.
  • Expand/Collapse icon does not have the correct style in normal and hover state when Dir=RTL
  • Fix appearance issues in RadGrid in edit mode (Bootstrap skin)
  • RadGrid in Batch edit mode - When the CssClass property is set for the ItemStyle and AlternatingItemStyle for a nested GridTableView, the editing does not work
  • iOS virtual keyboard does not pop up on a single tap over a cell in RadGrid Batch edit mode
  • Update Command is fired instead of Insert in some scenarios when Batch Editing is enabled
  • Calling column.set_selected(false) fires Deselected event for the cells even if they are not selected.
  • The last grid's column cannot be increased when resizing feature is enabled and ResizeGridOnColumnResize is set to true
  • RadGrid`s context menu should hide always when reorder columns.
  • Selecting Item does not work correctly if the previous selected item was just deleted
  • Multiple Selection with Shift Key does not work correctly in Client-side bound grid with grouped data
  • Grid hidden column does not persist correctly after sorting with client-side binding
  • UseItemStyles property is not working for the DetailTables in Hierarchical grid.
  • When setting FilterDelay property to the grid the arguments of the OnCommand event does not contains NoFilter filter function.
  • The filter values are not persisted when using CheckListFiltering with AutoGenerated columns
  • Setting FieldAlias for GridGroupByExpression of RadGrid table view clears the group continues and continued messages
  • It is not possible to ungroup RadGrid with ClientDataSource using context menu
  • When you try to ungroup RadGrid using context menu server error is thrown.
  • RadGrid's SEO paging feature does not work as expected when it is enabled on the master table level.
  • Go button of RadGrid pager is not styled correctly when EnableSEOPaging=True
  • RadGrid resizing leads to column reorder/swap in case you prolong the resize action.
  • When RadGrid has enabled AJAX, Virtualization, Paging and Sorting, the AJAX will stop working after moving to the last page and sorting
  • RadGrid HideStructureColumns doesn't work for Row Indicator column
  • Error is thrown when client OnCommand is handled and Model Biding is used for RadGrid
  • RadGrid repaint on initial load throws JavaScript error
  • RadGrid ungroup button does not work correctly with client-side databinding and Ajax
  • RadGrid does not render text in span on the numeric buttons in the pager after expand / collapse from hierarchy
  • Hierarchical RadGrid throws error when EditMode is InPlace
  • The drag icon in the GridDragDropColumn is not displayed with Bootstrap skin
  • In RadGrid the sorted header cell gets bigger in Lightweight render mode
  • When custom CSS class is defined in HeaderStyle-CssClass for a column in RadGrid the rgSorted class is not applied


  • Fix the decimal parsing of string data source fields bound to the RadHtmlChart
  • RadHtmlChart is not rendered inside wrapper with style="display:none"


  • Implement ImageEditor's AddText functionality when multiple lines of text are added in CanvasMode
  • ColorPicker picker button is not showing the correct default color in the drawing dialogs


  • JavaScript error thrown when switching display area modes while slideshow is playing in DisplayAreaMode Thumbnails
  • When multiple ImageGalleryTemplateItem are present a Server-side error is thrown in some scenarios
  • RadImageGallery pager does not work correctly
  • When RadImageGallery changes the images the page scrolls on mobile


  • Disabling Autocorrect in RadDateInput
  • Lightweight RadTimePicker with TimePopupButton Visible property set to False throws an Invalid JavaScriptON primitive error on postback
  • DateInput display a warning with some date format strings when smart parsing is disabled


  • input selection disabled when inside listbox header template in IE
  • ListBox with LoadOnDemand inside AjaxPanel doesn't show items after partial postback
  • Control throws a 'TypeError: this._dragSelector is null' error when node is dragged with the right button of the mouse


  • Visual appearance issue in RadComboBox placed in RadListView


  • SocialShare bar has two Google entries.
  • RadMediaPalyer does not play .flv files in IE11
  • When a YouTube playlist has deleted video, the MediaPlayer throws server error: The given key was not present in the dictionary


  • RadMenu does not fire asp:Link button event in ItemTemplate when subscribed for ItemClick under iOS
  • Mobile RadMenu OnClientItemClicking and OnClientItemClicked events are triggered, if menu items are scrolled on iOS and Android
  • Unable to navigate through a link nested in RadMenuItem ContentTemplate on iOS and Android
  • RadMenu, RadContextMenu if the last remaining RadMenuItem is removed on the client it is still visible until the next postback
  • Unable to type in a textbox nested in RadMenuItem ContentTemplate on iOS and Android
  • RadMenu RepeatColumns does not consider whether the RadMenuItem is visible (item.Visible=false). It includes hidden items in calculations for each column, but they are not rendered on the client.
  • Lightweight RadMenu disabled items do not look as disabled in IE8


  • RadNavigation Nodes in the Sandwich button, which are selected in the markup or in the code-behind are not visually marked as selected
  • Navigation persists its selected state when a node is set as selected from the markup and you click other node one time
  • Navigation - losing selected state of an item when you open the sandwich icon or click on the document


  • RadOrgChart items do not expand/collapse on expand/collapse arrow first tap in iOS Safari
  • Drill Down, Go to Parent and Go to Root icons do not appear if expand/collapse group button has been tapped on iOS and Android


  • PanelBar in Lightweight render mode is not applying focus CSS class when an item is clicked
  • RadPanelBar in Lightweight render mode does not fire OnClientItemFocus and OnClientItemBlur client-side events.
  • RadPanelBar incorrect height of expanded items with ExpandMode=FullExpandedItem

Persistence Framework

  • Fix loading RadGrid settings with RadPersistenceManager when grouping is not enabled


  • Not visualized Context menu and Filtering window sprites in RadPivotGrid with MetroTouch skin
  • RadPivotGrid - DataFields or UniqueNames of Fields containing only non-valid XHTML characters leads to empty ID
  • RadPivotGrid - The auto-generated fields in the Configuration Panel for a DateTime objects do not work properly when they are added as a row/column fields
  • RadPivotGrid GroupInterval property does not apply correctly if set through the FieldCreated event
  • RadPivotGrid throws an exception if a filtered PivotGridColumnField is dropped in the filter zone
  • The filtering does not work in RadPivorGrid with OLAP binding.
  • The GetDescriptionsDataCompleted event is not fired when OLAP binding is used.
  • Fix some visual glitches in RadPivotGrid
  • The buttons in the field items in configuration panel are not always visible when field name text is too long
  • A regression problem has been found in this build. It is related to the PivotGrid horizontal scrolling and you can fix it using this class:
    .RadPivotGrid .rpgContentZoneDiv {overflow: hidden;}
    See more here


  • RadRibbonBar control does not apply disabled styles to the RibbonBarButton and the RibbonBarTab when the following property is set Enabled=false
  • RibbonBarMenu does not close all of its child items when focus is changed to any non-direct parent item
  • Invalid XHTML or HTML caused by RadRibbonBar rendering disabled=disabled for anchor elements
  • RadRibbonBar disabled item within a RibbonBarContextualTabGroup on the Client-side causes a Server-side error
  • RadRibbonBar - hovering over a disabled RibbonBarButton does not always show its ToolTip
  • RadRibbonBar the text of a RibbonBarSplitButton is set incorrectly with the set_text() method
  • ToolTip of the RibbonBarSplitButton does not appear on hover
  • JavaScript error when using RadRibbonbar with ScriptManager with LoadScriptsBeforeUI=false
  • SplitButton - subitems identation is wrong
  • RibbonBar - Tabs are clickable when Enabled=false
  • Disabling the RadRibbonBarButton on the Client-side does not disable its corresponding QATButton
  • RadRibbonBarToggleButton has incorrect value when there is an invisible button in the toogle list
  • RadRibbonBar enable boundary detection of the EnhancedToolTip when the tooltip appears very near to the browser's edge
  • RadRibbonBar when width is set to Button and button is used in the QuickAccessTollBar it has the same width
  • RadRibbonBar image for menu does not change to the small one when resizing the ribbon (in contrast the RibbonBarButton does)
  • RibbonBarTab.Groups.AddRange does not work.
  • RadRibbonBar control when a RibbonBarGroup has Enabled=false property, the group still can be hovered


  • Tapping on an appointment selects the time slot below it, if a time slot was tapped before - Android and iOS
  • New date is not updated in the date bar, when selected through the Android native calendar in RadScheduler with RenderMode=Mobile
  • If an appointment is created dynamically the description field value is not persisted.
  • EnableResourceEditing=false doesn't work in Lightweight RenderMode
  • EnableRecurrenceSupport=false doesn't hide recurrence options from Advanced form
  • WebService binding: Saturday and Sunday columns are not colored correctly when FirstDayOfWeek is different than Sunday
  • WebService binding: initially hidden views don't have correct non-working slots color
  • The link more... overlaps the adjacent cell to its own cell in RadScheduler Calendar Grouping
  • Improve: AdvancedForm Modal maxheight should adapt to smaller windows
  • Inline Form not properly resizing when browser window is resized
  • Custom attributes of appointment are not passed when using the insertAppointment client method
  • get_editSeries() in OnClientRecurrenceActionDialogClosed event returns always false when the appointment is dragged, resized or deleted
  • NewStartTime field of the event arguments in OnClientAppointmentMoveEnd event handler is incorrect when appointment is dragged in Timeline view.
  • RadScheduler in Web Service binding the RadCalendar picker shows the selected date only initially, if the selected date is changed from RadScheduler it shows the old date.
  • RadScheduler Export to PDF when the RadScheduler Width property is set to 100%
  • Keyboard support doesn't work in IE
  • Keyboard support not working correctly when there are two Scheduler controls on the page
  • Error when reminders from a recurring appointment in WebService binding are dismissed one by one
  • RadScheduler with lots appointments ( ~160) and set RowHeight property set to high value (~200px) throws an exception in TimelineView
  • RadScheduler TimelineView dragging appointment scrolls to the end of the scheduler if appointment is long (let’s say 7 timeslots) and most part of the appointment is not in the RadScheduler visible area
  • RadSchedulerRecurrenceEditor is not working properly, i.,e. calendar pop up is not showing at End by option in IE,Mozilla and Chrome
  • LocalizationPath can't be set to RecurrenceEditor
  • Recurrence rule not working correctly when set to occur every two weeks on Sunday, when LastDayOfWeek is set to Sunday
  • RecurrenceRule class does not validate SetEffectiveRange method
  • RadSchedulerRecurrenceEditor with Visible set to False in AdvancedFormTemplate scenario throws a server error on postback
  • RadScheduler: SlotSelection : Custom TimeSlotContextMenu: TimeSlotContextMenuItemClicked event doesn't have both the slots (first and last) of the selection in the arguments of it's handler
  • NullReference exception when trying to access 'RadScheduler.GetTimeSlotFromIndex(n).Control' during PreRender
  • Exporting to iCalendar format returns wrong recurrence appointment count, if the first occurrence is deleted
  • RadScheduler e.SelectedDate in NavigationCommand Server-side event handler returns 1.1.0001 value when user navigates to next/previous period
  • RadScheduler is not showing appointments on the next slots when VisibleAppointmentsPerDay is set
  • All day text spans on two rows and the AllDayRow header cell is higher than the rest of the row in RenderMode Mobile with MetroTouch, BlackMetroTouch, Silk, Glow and Bootstrap skins on small screen devices
  • Inconsistently small RadScheduler View buttons text in MetroTouch and BlackMetroTouch skins


  • RadSearchBox the property values of SearchItems added in code behind are lost after postback
  • RadSearchBox does not size its content correctly if the control is added via Ajax request.
  • When there is no collapse animation and an item is selected under touch device, the touch is applied on the element (e.g. link) underneath the item.
  • Unexpected SearchContextItem selection when scrolling items in SearchContext dropdown on iOS and Android


  • RadSiteMap does not order the nodes on the Level0 when RepeatDirection=Vertical


  • Not properly rendered tabs of SlidingPanes containing nested Splitters


  • ScrollChildren on child tabs does not work, when you resize the browser and the tabs are dynamically added.
  • TabStrip in classic render mode - the CSS class rtsAfter is applied to a wrong tab after removing no selected tab on Client-side
  • Chrome reports scroll position as floating point causing RadTabStrip to throw exception during client state deserialization.
  • The default button is not triggered inside a PageView with IE11


  • The DataBindings.Target field value is ignored for data bound tiles


  • Keyboard navigation in RadToolBar is broken when disabled item is focused


  • Modal ToolTip is always shown behind the modal layer under IE7
  • Calling show() after set_targetControl() requires a timeout in IE


  • TreeList sorting does not work when the DataSource is an array of DataRow.
  • CollapseAllItems does not work with load on demand.
  • JavaScript error is thrown when you resize the browser window and TreeList has scrolling enabled
  • RadTreeList throw exception when resizing the browser window.
  • RadTreeList buttons do to work in Lightweight rendering in Chrome when we have AllowPostBackOnItemClick=True


  • Spaces are not inserted properly in editable DIV inside TreeView in iOS and the div is not focusable on desktop
  • RadTreeView CheckNodes count on the server is different in IE and other browsers when the RadTreeView is disabled.
  • Setting Enabled false to RadTreeView control does not apply disabled state to the nodes
  • Links are still functional under IE8 when tree is disabled


  • RadWindow in Lightweight RenderMode doesn't set value for the name attribute of the iframe element


  • Mobile RadWizard's Complete step has Previous/Finish/Cancel buttons shown
  • RadWizard when added to a page with no WizardSteps a JavaScript error is returned
  • RadWizard client functions set_activeIndex/set_activeWizardStep do not change the step and do not trigger the server event OnActiveStepChanged
  • RadWizard does not return correct e.NextStepIndex in NextButtonClicked event when the next step is disabled


  • Exporting document with encryption occasionally throws FormatException
  • Single and Double Quotes are not recognized as valid keyword start characters
  • ShowTextArray operator interprets number values with opposite direction
  • When negative sign is right after array start the number is parsed as positive number
  • Importing RadFixedDocument from byte array causes ObjectDisposedException on export
  • TextLead parameter should be interpreted with opposite sign when used by MoveToNextLine content stream operator
  • When StrokeLineThickness is not set during path import the path geometry is later exported with thickness 0 instead of 1
  • BitmapSource created with GetBitmapSource method cannot be used to encode image because of ObjectDisposedException


  • Introduced PdfSettings property in PdfExportSettings class which is used to specify settings when a workbook is exported to PDF
  • PictureElement that does not have SizeElement is imported with zero size
  • Setting style name that does not exist in the style repository throws null reference exception, which is not correct type of exception


  • Text in Headers and Footers is not replaced
  • Fixed Open XML SDK validation errors related to invalid child elements
  • Html format provider fails to export more than 9 paragraphs associated with one list level
  • Fields in headers and footer are not updated when UpdateFields() method is invoked
  • Mail merge does not preserve the style properties of the merge field
  • Mail merge doesn't respect document variables

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