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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2015 Beta (version 2015.2.604)

June 3, 2015


  • SkinRegistrar uses ThreadStatic collections to register scripts, which may break in WebFarm scenarios
  • All buttons in Lightweight mode are changed to not render additional spans


  • RadAsyncUpload breaks accent characters under ISO-8859-15 encoding


  • RadBarcode does not generate correctly check digit in UPCE format


  • Improve the width of the RadButton with an Icon in Classic render mode for all button types
  • Icon cannot be set in RadButton EnableSplitButton="true" for Lightweight render mode
  • Height of RadButton with ContentTemplate in Bootstrap skin


  • RadDateTimePicker throws error when RenderMode=Lightweight and TimePopupButton-Visible=false
  • The dates of RadCalendar are cut when the header text is too small
  • FastNavigation menu of Lite Calendar could not be opened with left mouse click when click out of the title text
  • In IE7 the layout of the "RadTimePicker1_timePopupLink" is broken
  • Fixed Lightweight issues in RadPickers and RadInputs in some skins
  • The bottom border disappears occasionally in RadPickers when increasing the font-size
  • The PopupDirection property does not correctly set the popup direction when left/right is used
  • Title and navigation text appears in RadCalendar Titlebar in design view
  • RadDatePicker, RadDateTimePicker and MonthYearPicker are using Culture instead of UICulture to localize their tooltips


  • PDF multi page export with RadClientExportManager


  • Added adaptive capabilities to RadDataPager
  • When RadDataPager with RadDataPagerPageSizeField is added to RadListView an error is shown in Design View
  • In RadDataPager in Bootstrap the rdpPagerLabel elements are not vertically centered Classic Render Mode)
  • Vertically not centred text in RadDataPager Bootstrap skin


  • The resize handle of a resizable RadDock is displaced when the control is docked in a RadDockZone in Chrome
  • Content does not appear on show with set_visible(true) when Dock is Closed=true in Classic render mode


  • Selected item with empty text does not remove the default message of the control


  • Disabled Node on the RadDropDownTree still could be selected


  • Added adaptive capabilities to RadEditor
  • Using RibbonBar ToolBarMode is impossible to add link to image via the Hyperlink manager under IE browsers
  • Content after script tags is stripped when submitted from the HTML mode
  • Multiple characters deletion when track changes enabled and Editor in TabStrip
  • ApplyCssClass dropdown is not populated after an imported stylesheet is not found
  • In HTML mode of RadEditor get_html does not run the content filters
  • ConvertToXhtmlFilter adds additional paragraphs when there is a table in the content and the table contains paragraphs and it is placed inside another paragraph
  • Incorrect table nesting when a Table Properties is opened under IE11 and Chrome
  • Paste does not work in Internet Explorer when browser security setting Allow Programmatic clipboard access is disabled
  • Div element is stripped out when submitting from HTML mode and ContentAreaMode is Div
  • Interaction of Zoom with Toggle Full Screen Mode
  • Functionality of Content Comments with enabled Track Changes
  • Selection Issues Using showExternalDialog
  • Paste link path problem in Firefox
  • ContentAreaMode="Div" breaks the editor resizing
  • Inline formatting cannot be applied & removed when no selection is made in iOS
  • The Tab and Enter keys can be used to indent RadEditor's content in IE when the control is disabled from the client-side
  • The Editor appears broken and JS error is thrown when integrated with RadWindow under IE<11
  • Linking an image to an URL using Link Manager of RadEditor does not link the image properly under IE11
  • Font-size and Font-name are not applied under iOS Safari in iPad
  • RadEditor's ConvertToXhtml filter throws JavaScript error when content has empty paragraph with nested empty h tags
  • Executing a Cut command in Track Changes rearranges the content of RadEditor in IE
  • JS error is thrown when inserting link from Hyperlink Manager opened through the InsertLink dialog in IE11
  • The browser crashes after RadEditor undo is performed over a table in IE11
  • get_text() should not encode <> brackets and spaces
  • get_html function returns additional zero-width space (U+200B) characters
  • Typing is not possible in IE11 and ContentAreaMode="Div"
  • InlineCommands cannot be turned off in Chrome
  • IE11 crashes when Undo is performed over table, list
  • RadEditor DropDown values are not elastic in Lightweight render mode
  • A javascript error is thrown in RadEditor with Lightweight rendering and IIS Express server is used
  • Incorrect selection of parent dom element of the DomInspector in IE and WebKit browsers
  • Full HTML editing in RadEditor causes slow CSS rendering when switching from HTML to Design under Chrome and Firefox
  • Improved the Cut command functionality of RadEditor when Track Changes are enabled
  • The obsolete TrackChangesDialog and DiffEngine class are removed


  • Drag and drop upload over the file list area of RadFileExplorer
  • OnClientFilesDropping client-side event created for RadFileExplorer
  • Added property for overriding files when drag-dropping in the file list
  • RadAsyncUpload is the default upload tool


  • RadFilter tool elements are not equal in Bootstrap skin when RenderMode is Lightweight
  • Lightweight Filter DateTimePicker buttons are bigger than expected in Sunset skin
  • DatePickers do not inherit the elastic behavior of RadFilter


  • When tabbing select elements decorated by RadFormDecorator, the original hidden select element is focused in Lightweight Rendering


  • Implemented ClientState to preserve SelectedView and ScrollPosition across postback


  • Setting the width of RadGauge in percent will set it in pixels


  • Improved: RadGrid grouping calculation to use the data of all the group's items
  • Support for resizing columns with frozen columns
  • Added support for ESQL (Entity SQL) expressions in RadGrid + RadFilter
  • Added Drag icon to RadGrid
  • Added mobile rendering to RadGrid pager
  • Added option to generate ESQL expressions in RadGrid even if not bound to EDS control
  • HierarchyLoadMode set to Client does not work properly when RadGrid is bound via NeedDataSource and the detail tables have a DataSourceID assigned
  • Using drag for selecting cells breaks browser selection
  • When Batch Edit Mode is used, entering opening and closing tags at the same time is breaking the escaping functionality
  • The footer value of the GridNumericColumn is represented as string when exporting to Excel Biff format
  • Blank rows are rendered in the last group when the PageSize is larger than the visible number of items in a scenario where client-side binding is used
  • When the picker control in GridDateTimeColumn is focused and Enter is pressed the first Button on the page is clicked
  • Grouping functionality of RadGrid fails when DataField and UniqueName of the column are not equal
  • CommandArgument does not always describe the FilterFunction
  • Invoking the EvaluateFilterExpression method of the GridColumn prior to assigning a data source for the grid prevents it from populating.
  • When 'Detail' is used in the ID of RadGrid, The Column Reordering does not work as expected
  • When virtualization is enabled some of the items are lost after scrolling up and down
  • RadGrid FrozenColumns – in case a column is frozen/unfrozen with the context menu it continues to behave as frozen one
  • GridDateTimeColumn does not fire the filter command on a button click.
  • Automatic deletes do not work correctly when the MasterTableView uses an ItemTemplate
  • RadGrid sets the CurrentFilterFunction to EqualTo if the previous filter is removed and a new filter value is provided
  • It is not possible to cancel the insert form of Mobile Grid when EditMode=PopUp in Firefox
  • Postback is initiated after calling Rebind() when RadGrid is bound Client-side
  • RetainGroupFootersVisibility does not work correctly with GroupLoadMode = Client
  • When EnableEmptyListItem property for a GridDropDownColumn is enabled there is no empty item in the editor
  • Next/Prev buttons of RadGrid frozen columns do not work when the command item is located in the bottom of the grid
  • Filtering does not work correctly for auto-generated columns that are bound to a boolean field.
  • Setting the RenderMode to Lightweight in the web.config file breaks the header context menu rendering
  • Insert item for RadGrid is not opened properly in Chrome in some scenarios
  • RadGrid throws js error when RenderMode="Mobile" and asp scriptmanager is added to the page.
  • Missing Grid batch edit indicator icon for alt row in Bootstrap Skin
  • Visual glitches with Grid group footers in Bootstrap skin
  • Editing a single cell and tapping the Batch Editing Save changes button, while still in Edit mode, does not update the cell content in iOS and Android
  • Group continued from the previous page... message is shown when the grid is on the first page and LINQ Grouping is used
  • When EnablePostBackOnRowClick is set to true and checklist filtering and scrolling are enabled the edit form is not opened for the first grid rows after an EditSelected command is fired
  • Added StringTrueValue and StringFalseValue properties that to be used when binding CheckBoxColumn to string column in the database
  • RadGrid aria-hidden has wrong value on col elements of header table
  • RadGrid HeaderContextMenu does not hide while scrolling the grid
  • RadGrid makes postback when delete column's confirm dialog is RadWindow in a client binding scenario
  • Error/no data returned when filtering dates in RadGrid when bound to WCF service with some culture combinations
  • RatingColumn's value is not exported in HTML Based and PDF export formats
  • DataFormatString is not applied in DOCX export format
  • Setting custom format in the exported does not work for some cultures
  • NoFilter function does not clear column filter value for detail tables
  • When NoFilter is selected for a column in a detail table the filter item value is not cleared
  • GridHyperLinkColumn filter on enter key is not working when the column is added inside DetailTables
  • In RadGrid when using IsEmpty and IsNull filter functions the CSS class rgFiltered is not applied to the filter icon
  • When applying NotIsEmpty and NotIsNull filters in RadGrid the rgFiltered class is not applied to the filter button
  • When EnableLinqGrouping is set to true(default) and the field which is set as a SelectField contains string values, which are substrings in the other values in that same field, the FormatString breaks
  • It is not possible to sort and filter RadGrid via ContextMenu when the grid is bound via ClientDataSource
  • There is a gap on the bottom on the RadGrid when EnableNextPrevFrozenColumns is enabled
  • When the grid is bound to a RadClientDataSource control and grouping is applied, the NoRecords template is shown after the last group is collapsed and then expanded
  • When GridTemplateColumn.ForceExtractValue property is set to Always, exception is throw on Edit command
  • Grouping by a field from a detail table throws an exception when the detail table is bound to a list of DataRow objects
  • RadGrid enters into an infinite loop when exporting a gif image.
  • The hidden columns header text is exported to Excel when using a Biff export with multi-column headers
  • When RadGrid is rendered in Lightweight mode with Black\MetroTouch skins - the input is higher than the filter
  • Sorting with HeaderContextMenu is not getting the SortExpression property from the column and SortCommand event is not firing


  • Added Visual string property setting visual templates function reference for LabelsAppearance, SeriesAppearance, MarkersAppearance, AxisTitleAppearance and Legend Item
  • Added Align, Width, Height, Orientation, OffsetX, OffsetY properties to Legend Appearance property
  • Added NarrowRange boolean property to YAxis. If set to true, the chart will prevent the automatic axis range from snapping to 0
  • Fixed selection hint of Data Navigation in RadHtmlChart is not visible
  • RadHtmlChart is not rendered when initially hidden wrapper becomes visible


  • If there are slashes inside a passed query string, it gets broken when the image is saved in ImageEditor
  • Adding an ImageEditor inside a RadPanelBar breaks the RadPanelBar's designer
  • There is no disclaimer shown when ImageEditor with enabled canvas mode is used in IE8


  • Added adaptive capabilities to RadImageGallery
  • Next/Prev buttons of ImageGallery are not styled correctly in Visual Studio designer
  • Extra arrow displayed in RadImageGallery designer in Visual Studio
  • The toolbar does not behave correctly when its position is set to Top or Bottom
  • The ClientImageLoaded event is not raised for the first image when DisplayAreaMode is set to Image
  • RadImageGallery fullscreen mode overrides viewport meta tag set on page
  • RadImageGallery throws a JS error when hover over it and there is no selected item


  • Added Lightweight RenderMode for RadInputManager
  • RadNumericTextBox in RadFilter does not preserve its value in some cultures when LoadSettings is used
  • Multiline TextBox is rendered as a single-line textbox with the skins, which are using big metrics
  • RadDatePicker and RadDateTimePicker do not accept 01/01/0001 date
  • When a validation group is programmatically assigned to the RadInputManager settings the validation fails
  • RadInput changes its size on hover when RenderMode="Lightweight" and FontSize is set


  • LightBox is not opened when placed in any template of the GridTemplateColumn.
  • Next/Prev buttons of RadLightBox are wrongly located when navigate to empty item
  • Hide animation takes the speed of the last animation seen
  • The bottom glow effect of LightBox is missing in IE7
  • RadLightBox KeyBoardNavigation prevents all the keys shortcuts


  • ListBox in IE - page scrolls down after clicking an item's checkbox


  • When rebind is called and the child data bound controls get populated, the DataKeyValues of the parent RadListViewDataItem are not available


  • Chrome displays an error message upon navigating to different page while RadMediaPlayer is still playing


  • Space key does not work in RadSearchBox in RadNavigation Template


  • Lightweight RenderMode for RadNotification


  • Persistence Framework for RadGrid Showing FieldName instead of Header Text while Loading From 'Data Store'


  • PivotGrid header rendering is not correct on browser window maximize
  • RadPivotGrid layout is broken while nested in RadWindow
  • Using Filter Window of RadPivotGrid and selecting only (blank) to show null values causes a server-side error
  • FlattenOlapUncategoriezedFields property of PivotGrid could not bet set on server
  • RadPivotGrid rendering issue in case it is placed in not initially selected RadMultiPage
  • RadPivotGrid Fields Window is opening and positioning itself relative to the pivot grid itself


  • Lightweight RenderMode for RadProgressArea


  • Lightweight RenderMode for RadRibbonBar


  • Lightweight RenderMode for RadScheduler
  • WebService Day, Week and Multiday Views, after clicking show24hours the generated slots rows are not grouped according to the TimeLabelRowSpan property
  • WebService Day, Week and Multiday Views, after clicking show24hours the generated slots rows don't have the non work hours styling
  • Firefox for Mac display appointments incorrectly in RadScheduler MonthView, when bound to WebService
  • TimelineView grouped by resource vertical with OverflowBehavior is Expand, Resource headers are misaligned
  • Fixed JavaScript error when resizing appointment in Month View
  • MultidayView and TimelineView: appointments spanning multiple days do not show in all days when RadScheduler is grouped by resource and date
  • Duplicated ColumnHeaders for November 2015 in (UTC -5 Eastern Time) for RadScheduler in Month View
  • RadScheduler first day of every month - date formatting issue
  • Row headers misaligned in Day, Week and Multiday Views grouped vertically when TimeLabelRowSpan is set to an odd number (for instance 3)
  • In Day, Week and Multiday views the slots rows are not grouped according to the TimeLabelRowSpan property
  • Vertical grouped by Date WeekView with ShowDateHeaders=false produces no AllDay Row headers
  • WebService Day and Multiday Views, navigating forward and backward through the dates doesn't update the Saturday and Sunday columns style


  • JavaScript error is thrown when Facebook share and LinkedIn share buttons are integrated in RadSocialShare


  • Lightweight RenderMode for RadTabStrip


  • RadToolBar resources are not loaded properly when 'Windows 7' skin is set


  • Added focused states to RadTreeList
  • Added Drag icon to RadTreeList
  • TreeListHyperLinkColumn could not be sorted even when SortExpression property is set
  • TreeListDragDrop and GridDragDrop column does not render correct icon in Lightweight render mode
  • RadTreeList - AllowLoadOnDemand=True causes design-time error
  • When the RadTreeList is initially hidden its columns are misaligned
  • In RadTreeList (RenderMode="Lightweight") the TreeListButtonColumn does not render the proper HTML in order to use font-icon for it


  • The RadWindow Icon in BlackMetroTouch and MetroTouch to be a Window and not a Diskette


  • When validation of RadWizard control is triggered you need two clicks to invoke a postback

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