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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2014 SP1 (version 2014.2.724)

July 23, 2014


  • Loading of duplicate external style sheets for multiple Telerik UI instances of type RadHtmlChart and RadDiagram.


  • Added HighlightFirstMatch feature for the RadAutoCompleteBox.
  • Improved performance of the control during initialization.
  • RadAutoCompleteBox loses the focus of the input area when the Server-side OnEntryAdded is hooked, a new entry is added and a postback is fired.
  • The DropDownWidth property of the RadAutoComplete is set to 100px when 100% is specified as value.
  • The Client-side method of RadAutoCompleteBox get_allowTokenEditing() always returns false.


  • The clearing of RadButton's active state under IE and Opera.
  • The single click of RadButton gets disabled permanently if Р° required field validator error is detected.
  • Opening the link of RadButton (ButtonType=LinkButton) with Target=_blank in a new window.
  • RadButton incorrectly applies the value of the PressedUrl property for Icons after calling repaint.


  • RadDatePicker with Chinese culture renders the date in a wrong format.
  • The 'disabled' attribute should not be placed in the wrapper div of RadDatePicker when Enabled=False.
  • DateInput`s text is not centered in IE7.


  • The background of the selected region of the Sliders in the ColorPicker.


  • Text is not cleared after losing focus in IE10.
  • The TextChanged event is not fired when the first item is unchecked.


  • RadDropDownList does not propagate the onkeydown event, which interferes with the keyboard navigation of RadGrid.


  • Color pickers do not update the list of custom colors.
  • The Undo button is not working when the ToolProviderID property is set.
  • RadEditor with NewLineMode property set to Div wraps the text in a paragraph element when the text is entered in an empty content area under Chrome.
  • The stripping functionality does not strip <w:sdtPr> tags when pasting from Word using Internet Explorer.
  • When an image in anchor HTML element is replaced via the Image Manager, the anchor is removed.
  • The page scrolls when the user pastes in the content of RadEditor under Chrome and Opera.
  • The selected element is lost when a dialog is opened in RibbonBar toolbar mode under IE10 and below.
  • Areas in the ImageMapEditor dialog cannot be resized or moved in IE11.
  • It is not possible to add areas in ImageMap dialog in IE9.
  • When the RadEditor's property "AddComment" is set to true and the contentArea contains only text, the unselected content is removed in Internet Explorer 9 and 10.
  • Typing characters after a word has been selected deletes the selection and the newly typed content is not tracked in the Editor.
  • Track Changes does not appear disabled when the user disables it through the appropriate tool and types in a tracked inline element.


  • RadFilter sets a wrong max value to the input when the value is validated.


  • Support for all Skins in the Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX suite.
  • Ability to define custom task properties through inheritance.
  • No GUIDs can be applied as task identifiers.
  • RadGantt cannot be bound to an EntityDataSource.


  • The Gauge is not rendered in IE 11 with Document Mode 7 or 8.


  • Improved RadGrid load time in debug mode when there are a lot of hidden columns.
  • Selected items in RadGrid are not persisted when ActiveRowIndex is set.
  • The MasterTableView's Client-side collapseAllGroups(level) method does not work for a zero level.
  • The tabbing in RadGrid is not working in batch edit mode.
  • When the EditMode is set to Batch and the user tries to open a cell/row for edit, a JavaScript error is thrown in IE7 and IE8.
  • RadGrid with Batch - The image set for the ImageButton control in a GridButtonColumn is not applied to the new rows.
  • RadGrid with Batch - Setting DataFormatString to {0:d} in GridDataTimeColumn breaks the column functionality and when a date is selected through the editor control, it does not parse correctly.
  • The No Filter menu item of RadGrid is always highlighted along with the current filter option.
  • RadGrid`s footer is not aligned to the columns when scrolling and static headers are enabled.
  • In IE7 the hideShowCells method is called initially for each column that is hidden, causing slow performance.
  • RadGrid throws a JavaScript error on touch devices when tapping on a row.
  • RadGrid refresh button and rebind command does not work for data binding to a ClientDataSource.
  • RadGrid scripts are preventing two-fingers page zoom in iOS and Android.
  • When the Lightweight render mode is set globally in web.config, the context menu in the Grid is in classic render mode.


  • HtmlChart is not rendered in IE 11 with Document Mode 7 or 8.


  • When RadImageGallery is data bound to a folder, containing PNG images, the images are not loaded.


  • Setting DisplayDateFormat=f does not apply the correct format in RadDateInput.
  • The TextChanged event of a multiline textbox is firing on each postback if the text contains a new line.
  • The Rows property cannot be applied to a multiline textbox when skins with big dimensions are used.
  • When a TextBox with a set MaxLength property is added to RadInputManager and the EmptyMessage is longer than MaxLength, the form is not submitted in IE10.


  • RadLightBox is modal after a postback when templates are used even if modality is not enabled.


  • The Enable/Disable property for the CheckAll functionality does not work properly.
  • Items of a disabled RadListBox are enabled after a postback.
  • CheckBoxes are not aligned in IE11 when RadListBox is in Lightweight render mode.


  • The height of the playlist's container is bigger in IE7 when Position=Horizontal.
  • When you drag the progress slider of MediaPlayer to the end and then back to a particular position, the video stops playing and the loading panel remains visible.
  • The get_volume() Client-side method returns 0 in some browsers when RadMediaPlayer is muted.


  • The designer of RadPageLayout in Visual Studio throws Error Rendering Control.


  • An exception is thrown when using PersistenceFramework custom storage provider and the UniqueKey is set to the proxy.


  • When range grouping is applied to the PivotGrid and you reorder the fields, their properties are lost.
  • When Defer Layout Update is enabled, a field is added to the Row/Column fields collection and then it is immediately removed through the context's menu Hide option, the pivot grid updates and keeps the field.


  • The hovered items of RadRating when Precision=Item remain in hovered state when the cursor leaves the boundaries of the control.


  • The automatic scrolling of RadRotator when the cursor is moved outside of RadRotator's wrapper element while animation is playing and the PauseOnMouseOver property is set to true.
  • The Client-side events ClientMouseOver and ClientMouseOut of RadRotator are not working.


  • The reminders of a Scheduler that is data bound to a Web Service are not working properly when changing the view between Day and Month view several times.
  • No reminder indication appears when you add an appointment and set the reminder to be 0 minutes.
  • RadScheduler's ICalendar export is not working when recurring event has BYSETPOS set and there is no BYxxx rule part.
  • Reminders list shows deleted events when the control is data bound to a Web Service.
  • An Object reference error occurs when deleting reminders in Web Service.
  • Reminders are increasing when a Dismiss All object reference is displayed in Web Service.


  • The background of RadSlider track with LightWeight render mode in Glow skin.
  • The appearance of RadSlider drag handle with Lightweight render mode in IE9 and below.


  • RadTabStrip with scrolling is displayed on two rows in Android Chrome and Opera and in Silk/Glow/Metro skin.


  • The IDs of data bound Tiles are not the same between the first two postbacks.
  • Cancelling OnClicking for a RadTile inside a RadTileList does not cancel the event.


  • Introduced WCF WebService support for RadToolTipManager.


  • The HeaderToolTip property is not working in the RadTreeList control.


  • RadTreeView does not get in edit mode when CheckBoxes=true and AllowNodeEditing=true (only in Chrome).


  • Closing a RadWindow that has either AutoSize and Animations or AutoSize and DestroyOnClose enabled by registering a script from the server in the content page, causes a JavaScript error.

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