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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2013 SP1 (version 2013.2.717)

July 17, 2013


  • Fixed: AjaxSetting.EventName property does not register the added event name to the corresponding AsyncPostBackTrigger.


  • Fixed: When the upload is canceled in OnClientFilesSelected an additional row is added. It happens when an upload file exists.


  • Fixed: When only the EntryAdded event is handled, deleting an Entry also triggers a postback.


  • Fixed: RadBarcode throws exception if no ScriptManager is added to the page.


  • Fixed: When clicking a disabled RadButton, it changes its position in Chrome and Firefox.


  • Fixed: The function calendar.unselectDates(calendar.get_selectedDates()); does not deselect all dates in MultiView RadCalendar.
  • FIX: The VsDocs summaries and comments of the Telerik.Web.UI.Calendar.DateTimeFormatInfo class are the same as those of the InputControl.


  • Added: Support for custom caching provider.


  • Fixed: DefaultItem is created after Localization is applied.
  • Fixed: MinFilterLength is ignored once the necessary number of symbols is entered and request is initiated after symbol deletion.


  • Fixed: Dock Title couldn't be edited when docked.
  • Fixed: Missing reference to the ownerEvent property of the args parameter of the drag start handler of RadDock.
  • Fixed: Drag start event of RadDock cannot be cancelled.
  • Fixed: RadDock's repaint() method is not calling ResizableWidget's repaint.


  • Fixed: Google Chrome does not focus RadDropDownList's DOM element upon activation (through access key), which breaks the keyboard support.


  • Added: Expose reference to the RadTreeView in the RadDropDownTree control.
  • Fixed: When SelectedValue is set, custom FullPathDelimiter is not applied correctly for the created entries (the default one is always applied).


  • Added: Provide a mechanism for reverting back to the changed/updated Editor commands.
  • Fixed: The name of the anchor is not applied when inserting an anchor in IE7.
  • Fixed: Input type radio, checkbox, text and textarea HTML elements are now fully editable in Design Mode.
  • Fixed: When text is pasted from Word as plain text in Chrome via the browser's context menu, it is pasted as HTML.
  • Fixed: After a partial postback, when showing a floating toolbar in RadEditor, a JavaScript error is thrown.
  • Fixed: The appearance of floating toolbars in RadEditor with LightWeight RenderMode.
  • Fixed: If empty list is inserted, it should be removed when the InsertList command is chosen.
  • Fixed: When a list is inserted, indenting two list items (one after another) creates two separate nested lists.
  • Fixed: Parent list is not discontinued by pressing 'Enter' twice when its nested list has been discontinued.
  • Fixed: In IE after a nested list is inserted using Indent command, it is discontinued as soon as some text is typed.
  • Fixed: If a span is wrapped into a link, modifying the link with the Hyperlink manager doesn't change the URL but adds additional nested anchor in IE and Chrome.
  • Fixed: RadEditor in ContentAreaMode="DIV" throws an error when a dropdown from the toolbar is clicked and the page is submitted in Chrome and Firefox.
  • Fixed: RadEditor hover/active background does not appear with the Silk and Glow skins when the toolbar is in a DockingZone.
  • Fixed: Outdenting an empty nested list item using Enter key positions cursor in previous list item for IE9.
  • Fixed: Insert Paragraph command in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed: RadEditor's toolbar is hiding when moving among the tabs and ToolbarMode is set to "RibbonBarPageTop".


  • Fixed: ClientMove event in FileExplorer is not canceled correctly.
  • Fixed: Handling touch events on iPad after opening a document.
  • Fixed: Uploading file to already deleted folder throws unhandled exception.


  • Fixed: An error is thrown when a key is pressed over a focused decorated button.
  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator DropDown in Right to Left Mode to be properly aligned.
  • Fixed: The RadFormDecorator’s LightWeight mode is missing a resource in the Default skin.


  • Fixed: RadLinearGauge settings are not preserved after postback in .NET 3.5.


  • Fixed: When some properties are changed in design-time, RadGrid generates a lot of redundant markup.
  • Fixed: When YahooStyleScrolling is used in RadGrid and user scrolls down, select multiple rows using shift + down arrow key, the selection is not persisted on next page load.
  • Fixed: RadGrid rendering breaks when simply "<filterMenu></filterMenu>" tag is added after the MasterTableView declaration.
  • Fixed: Filter icon of MetroTouch and BlackMetroTouch skin is wrong.
  • Fixed: If RadGrid with enabled MultiRowSelection is placed in an IFrame, when clicking on a row which generates an Ajax response, the control will throw an “activeElement is null” exception.
  • Fixed: RadGrid's InPlace editing does not work as expected in IE10 when MultiRowEdit and MultiRowSelection are enabled.
  • Fixed: RadGrid's batch editing functionality does not work as expected when an EditItemTemplate is not defined for a GridTemplateColumn.
  • Fixed: RadGrid's batch editing functionality does not work with multicolumn headers.
  • Fixed: RadGrid batch editing throws exception when deleting from detail table.
  • Fixed: When EditMode is set to Batch and a DataType is specified (int, decimal or double) for a column server-side the negative values are converted into positive.
  • Fixed: RadGrid's last selected item index is not persisted correctly when two or more postbacks are triggered from external controls.
  • Fixed: When sorting DataFields with the same name but with different case sensitive a meaningless error occurs.
  • Fixed: Hiding columns does not work properly when multicolumn headers are enabled, but UseStaticHeaders="false" and AllowScroll="false".
  • Fixed: When defining a FilterTemplate for a GridDateTimeColumn and using range filtering the filter values are not correctly set after postback.
  • Fixed: The RadGrid's scroll is wrong in RTL mode and Chrome.
  • Fixed: RadGrid column selection does not work when Scrolling with static headers is enabled.
  • Fixed: RadGrid settings of "Grouping" and "Grouping settings" tab in design time are not synchronized.
  • Fixed: RadGrid grouping by string field with "Count" aggregate does not work properly.
  • Fixed: RadGrid’s ExcelML requires setting the UseAllDataFields property.
  • Fixed: RadGrid could not serialize big amounts of JSON to the client.
  • Fixed: In IE7 RadGrid’s columns that are set with display="false" are not shown on postback even after display="true".
  • Fixed: OnRowDblClick event is not fired in mobile devices.


  • Added: Missing IntelliSense definitions for the Client-Side API of RadHtmlChart regarding datasource and transitions.
  • Improved: RadHtmlChart now has 10 built-in colors for the series for each skin.
  • Improved: Simple, Metro, MetroTouch and BlackMetroTouch skins should not use gradients for the series items of RadHtmlChart.
  • Fixed: Setting Visible="false" for axes in RadHtmlChart prevents modification of axes' inner properties.
  • Fixed: The DataSource of RadHtmlChart is not persisted after a postback.
  • Fixed: The Transparent color in RadHtmlChart returns white (#ffffff) instead of "transparent".


  • Improved: MaskedTextBox setting of RadInputManager to show validation on invalid key press.
  • Fixed: When setting a MaskedTextBoxSetting, RadInputManager prevents numeric values to be entered from the keyboard's number pad into the extended text box.
  • Fixed: When setting a MaskedTextBoxSetting and the mask in the extended text box is highlighted, RadInputManager prevents numeric values to be entered.
  • Fixed: RadTextBox resizing does not work properly in RTL mode in IE.
  • Fixed: ArrowKeys Increase and Decrease do not work on the AM/PM part of the date format of RadDateInput.


  • Improved: Performance of RadListBox's multiple selection.


  • Fixed: RadListView throws NullReferenceException when filter expression is built manually within user control.
  • Fixed: RadListView does not preserve the value of the GroupItemCount property in ViewState.


  • Fixed: Under mobile devices the public click method of the RadMenuItem throws JavaScript error.

New for All Controls

  • Added: Forced text wrap support for PDF export.
  • Improved: Add an API to Toggle the PDF Security.
  • Improved: RadWindow and RadDock LightWeight Command Buttons Hover States.
  • Improved: Metro, Black/MetroTouch, Silk, Glow and Translarent skins for Menu, Scheduler, Panelbar, DropDownList, DropDownTree, ComboBox, AutoCompleteBox, Tabstrip, SearchBox, ToolBar and ProgressArea
  • Fixed: Exported PDF files appear blank in some cases.
  • Fixed: PDF text wrapping causes white space characters to disappear.
  • Fixed: Interactable elements (i.e. Links, Buttons, etc.) events are consumed by the widget - this affects RadDock's TitleTemplate and RadTileList's Templates.
  • Fixed: If the "runat=server" is omitted from <head> tag all stylesheets’ <link rel=”stylesheet” /> elements related with RadControls are not closed properly.


  • Fixed: RadPanelBar child items do not get highlighted when selected in Q2 2013 Metro Skin only (in contrast to the Q1 2013).

Persistence Framework

  • Added: Persistence for RadTileList using Persistence Framework.
  • Improved: RadDock state persistence support by Persistence Framework - DockZoneID property is now persisted.


  • Fixed: Column GrandTotal is visible when set GrandTotalsVisibility="None" and there are only row fields added.
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid height cannot be set in percent.
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid configuration panel does not work as expected when the DefaultDeferedLayoutUpdate property is set to false.
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid's expand/collapse functionality does not work as expected when more than two PivotGridRowFields are defined.
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid should define the core NullValue object as serializable.


  • Fixed: Unable to enter text in text inputs that are in a Rotator item under Chrome/Safari.


  • Added: WebService Binding to REST WebAPI services for RadScheduler.
  • Fixed: WebService: in MonthView when today's date is one day after the last visible date, a JavaScript error occurs.
  • Fixed: WebService: Week/MultidayView: Movig an appointment which has an AllDay part appends additional white spaces to the all day table.
  • Fixed: Appointments indicators are not positioning properly when GroupBy property is used.


  • Added: HighlightFirstMatch property, which automatically highlights the first match in the drop down when set.
  • Fixed: TabIndex is rendered on the wrapping div element instead of on the input one.

SharePoint 2010 / 2013

  • Fixed: SPRadGrid when in SP edit mode is opening the internal new record dialogue as well as when the plus image is clicked in the command item.


  • Fixed: Drag cannot be applied under Android.
  • Fixed: The Postback events of a control inside the ContentTemplate of a RadContentTemplateTile are not fired.
  • Fixed: The CssClass property of a RadTile does not have effect.
  • Fixed: If the Visible property of a tile is set to false its client controlled properties are applied to the next tile in the group.


  • Added: Single click functionality to RadToolBar control.
  • Fixed: Toolbar 'rtbItemFocused' class remains after button click under Firefox.


  • Fixed: Aggregates do not work when are applied to RadTreeList's AutoGeneratedColumns.


  • Fixed: RadTreeView CSS not rendering correctly when using template and databound.
  • Fixed: When dragging a node which has a TreeView in its template, a JavaScript error occurs.
  • Fixed: The JavaScriptSerializer used to load nodes via callback uses the default (4MB) value of the MaxJsonLength property.


  • Fixed: Under IE10 a Modal RadWindow shown in the Sys.Application.Load event inside a RadAjaxPanel inside another RadWindow throws a JavaScript error.
  • Fixed: RadWindowManager with Windows is the last manager created on the page regardless of the order in the markup.
  • Fixed: Since Q2 2013 RadWindow no longer takes the content page title if ShowContentDuringLoad=true.
  • Fixed: On a subsequent page load (page refresh, postback, navigation) when ShowContentDuringLoad=false in LightWeight RenderMode the content page height shrinks.
  • Fixed: The IconUrl property does not take effect in RadWindow with RenderMode=Lightweight.
  • Fixed: Changing the predefined dialogs icon through an argument of radalert() and radconfirm() does not work with RenderMode=Lighweight.
  • Improved: Changing RadWindow Light Rendering Toolbar buttons to be rendered with input type button, instead button.

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