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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2013 (version 2013.2.611)

June 12, 2013


  • Added: EnablePermissionsCheck property to AsyncUpload.
  • Added: RadAsyncUpload keyboard support.
  • Fixed: RadAsyncUpload will crash when uploading files to a custom handler that is not a generic one.
  • Fixed: Files are added twice when control is inside Update Panel and are dropped into the drag zone after postback.
  • Improved: In order to upload files bigger than 2GB the type of the ContentLength properties in the AsyncUpload is changed to Int64.


  • Improved: Performance in server binding scenarios.
  • Improved: Added label associated with input element and Label, LabelCssClass and LabelWidth properties for better accessibility.
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when an entry containing (') is added and the OnEntryAdded event is handled.
  • Fixed: RadAutoCompleteBox does not add an entry when an item from the dropdown is highlighted and Tab is pressed.
  • Fixed: RadAutoCompleteBox dropdown element is not properly disposed when the control is put inside an UpdatePanel.
  • Fixed: The Z-index set to a RadAutoCompleteBox is not applied to its dropdown element.
  • Fixed: When DropDownWidth is not set, the dropdown popup appears collapsed (width 0px).
  • Fixed: When EmptyMessage is set and you paste text in the AutoCompleteBox with the mouse (right click and paste), the text is appended as part of the empty message.
  • Fixed: The Entries AttributesCollection is not accessible on the client.
  • Fixed: The AutoCompleteBox AttributesCollection is not accessible on the client.
  • Fixed: When in TextMode and AllowCustomEntry="false", the value of the entries is lost after the OnTextChanged event.


  • Improved: RadBarcode to auto-calculate QR code Version depending on the Text length.


  • Fixed: The background color of RadButton MetroBlack, MetroTouch, Metro, Glow and Silk skins toggle buttons checked state.


  • Added: Light-weight rendering for RadCalendar.
  • Added: Support for changing the date by writing month and year into the date input of RadMonthYearPicker.
  • Fixed: RadDatePicker white space between CSS classes is replaced by   when using AntiXssEncoder.


  • Fixed: The captcha validation when the captcha image is stored in the Cache and the page is viewed by multiple users.


  • Improved: Added label associated with “CheckAll” checkbox for better accessibility.
  • Fixed: RadComboBox in LoadOnDemand scenario under InternetExplerer - the pasted text in the input is not passed through the RadComboBoxItemsRequestedEventArgs.
  • Fixed: Client-side method set_text removes the image element of the RadComboBoxItem.
  • Fixed: Items added client-side does not have checkbox element when CheckBoxes enabled.
  • Fixed: Once certain RadComboBox is focused in Internet Explorer 7, its focused state is persisted after blur or if any selection is made.
  • Changed: Image element is rendered after the checkbox element.


  • Added: RadDataPager SEO and Routing Support for Setting Page Size.
  • Fixed: RadDataPager does not add AlternateText In SEO Mode.


  • Added: Light-weight rendering for RadDock.
  • Added: Separate CSS file for RadDockZone.
  • Improved: Accessibility of RadDock – passes WGAC2.0 AA and Section 508.


  • Added: Focused and Hovered styles to RadDropDownList element.
  • Added: RadDropDownList ExpandDirection Property (Up/Down).
  • Fixed: The Z-index set to a DropDownList is not applied to its child items container.
  • Fixed: Pressing Tab after navigating through the items doesn't select the highlighted item.


  • Added: RadDropDownTree - clear and check all buttons.
  • Added: RadDropDownTree Filtering.
  • Added: Make functional CreateEntry method in TriState scenario.
  • Added: Setters to Selected Text/Value properties.
  • Added: Keyboard support.
  • Added: Webservice binding.
  • Added: Client templates.
  • Fixed: When the form is in DIV, the RadDropDownTree is not working properly.


  • Added: Public Export server method, which gets RadEditorExportTemplate parameter.
  • Added: Styles for RadEditor EmptyMessage.
  • Added: Paste image from MS Word in Chrome and keep image source into base64 format.
  • Fixed: Lists should be discontinued when 'Enter' is pressed twice.
  • Fixed: Editing of link when preceded by inline element in IE.
  • Fixed: ConvertToXtml filter strips the parent paragraph when it has another paragraph wrapped in it in IE.
  • Fixed: MakeUrlsAbsolute filter strips the style tags placed inside the BODY tag.
  • Fixed: Stack overflow error at line: 0 when pasting content in RadEditor placed in RadMultiPage in IE8/IE10.
  • Fixed: The RadEditor placed within a UpdatePanel when changing font size raise an JavaScript error in Firefox.
  • Fixed: Firing OnParentNodeChanged function while viewing the page using HTTPS, cause security message in Internet explorer 9.
  • Fixed: getToolByName method of the RibbonBar tool adapter returns null for FontName tool.
  • Fixed: pasteHtml pastes the content at the above line when the cursor is placed on a new line with only a <br> tag.
  • Fixed: MakeUrlsAbsolute filter runs when URL is absolute and converts upper letters to lower.
  • Fixed: Clicking on the Empty message text does not show the ShowOnFocus toolbar.
  • Fixed: The ConvertToXhtml filter doubles the value 'no-repeat' of the 'background-repeat' CSS property in Chrome.
  • Fixed: Chrome changes CSS text-decoration property from 'text-decoration: none' to 'text-decoration: initial'.
  • Fixed: Full screen is broken after paste in Chrome.
  • Fixed: MakeUrlsAbsolute filter throws an error when href attribute contains @ symbol.
  • Fixed: When trying to Replace all matches from a text in ContentAreaMode="DIV", an error is thrown.
  • Fixed: When ContentAreaMode is set to "Div", clicking a select element somewhere in the page highlights all of the items.
  • Fixed: RadEditor throws an error when its EditModes property is set to Preview in Chrome and Safari.
  • Fixed: RadEditor becomes unresponsive in DIV content area mode after selecting a dropdown in Chrome/Firefox.
  • Improved: The Align command in RadEditor behaves as the MS Word one and produces consistent content in all browsers.
  • Improved: The Insert list command produces consistent and XHTML compliant content in all browsers.
  • Improved: The Indent and Outdent commands produce consistent content in all browsers.
  • Changed: The Track Changes dialog of RadEditor is now obsolete in favor of the new Track Changes functionality.


  • Improved: Accessibility of RadFileExplorer.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility issues because of numerous FileExplorers added from a user control.
  • Fixed: Upload dialog layout is broken in iPad.


  • Improved: Filter - research and implementation for further improvements and additional functionalities
  • Fixed: Properties Visual Studio window does not show for RadFilter when Design view is open.
  • Fixed: "RadFilter RadFilter_Default RadFilter RadFilter_Default " is set for CssClass of RadFilter when designer is used to edit the FieldEditors.


  • Added: RadFormDecorator light-weight rendering.
  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator text input different height in different browsers
  • Improved: RadFormDecorator text input height.


  • Added: Support for Header context menu and Client-side show / hide operations with the columns.
  • Added: Conditional load mode for RadGrid hierarchy structure.
  • Added: Enable client side Row Inserting and Cell Editing - Implementation.
  • Added: Expand/Collapse-All header buttons for RadGrid’s grouping and hierarchy.
  • Added: A property to the GridColumn object that determines whether a column editor object should be visible when an item is in insert mode.
  • Added: GridAutoCompleteBoxColumn holding AutoCompleteBox controls in Edit\Insert and\or Filter items and RadAutoCompleteBox filtering options for RadGrid columns.
  • Added: Exportable property to control the columns visibility during RadGrid export.
  • Improved: Improve border support for RadGrid PDF format.
  • Improved: Client-side methods for expand/collapse of group header items.
  • Improved: GridHyperLinkColumn in ExcelML.
  • Fixed: In RadGrid on hiding a hidden column the group header shrinks.
  • Fixed: RadGrid resizing stop working when reorder animation is enabled.
  • Fixed: When editing multiple rows in RadGrid only the last row's cell in the GridNumericColumn has the correct styles applied.
  • Fixed: Header Context Filter Menu should filter RadGrid when press enter.
  • Fixed: The auto-implemented column validation functionality of RadGrid using the EnableRequiredFieldValidation property is not working for detail tables of hierarchical RadGrid.
  • Fixed: LocalizationPath property of RadGrid breaks the designer.
  • Fixed: When RadGrid items are grouped and the items in the last grid page are deleted. RadGrid does not display data although it has records left in it's data source.
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not format properly group field to decimal format string when Count aggregate function is used.
  • Fixed: RadGrid layout breaks when group by two or more columns and hide the first column.
  • Fixed: RadGrid throws exception on PostBack if hierarchy gets expanded, custom paging is used and EnableViewState=false.
  • Fixed: Right Click During Grid Item Drag Causes Drag Tooltip to Stick.
  • Fixed: NoRecordTemplate incorrect width in IE9.
  • Fixed: RadGrid flickering on postback with static headers in IE.
  • Fixed: Hiding columns in RadGrid breaks the layout in IE7.
  • Fixed: EnablePostBackOnRowClick="true" does not fire the SelectedCellChanged event on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: GridImageColumn throws exception when RadGrid is bound to an interface.
  • Fixed: RadGrid incorrectly persists edited item index after a sort group command is triggered.
  • Fixed: RadGrid Linq Grouping shows wrong group header aggregate.
  • Fixed: RadGrid with disabled ViewState and AllowCustomPaging="true" does not change its page size when the PageSizeComboBox's value is changed.
  • Fixed: Context menu attached to the RadGrid is not shown in Safari when rows drag-drop is enabled.
  • Fixed: RadGrid with grouping creates duplicate GroupIndex for the first 2 data items in every group.
  • Fixed: Column reorder animation prevents column reordering when click on the column`s title.
  • Fixed: Left Click on column header causes drag tooltip to stick.
  • Fixed: The client-side set_expanded method does not work as expected when the items in RadGrid are grouped by more than one field.
  • Fixed: RadGrid editing does not work when CellSelection is enabled.
  • Fixed: RadGrid with more than 30 columns and with two frozen columns hides the first four columns when scrolled horizontally.
  • Fixed: The arrow in collapse/expand column is partial hidden when the RadGrid is in TableLayout=Fixed Mode.
  • Fixed: RadGrid grouping by string field with "Count" aggregate does not work properly.
  • Fixed: The icons in RadGrid pager (SEO paging) are wrong.
  • Changed: When grouping a RadGrid field with Aggregate set to Count the DataType of the aggregate column is changed from decimal to int.


  • Added: Candlestick series type.
  • Added: Ability to set the text color of the Tooltips in the RadHtmlChart.
  • Added: Support for DateTime objects when the RadHtmlChart is databound.
  • Added: Ability to set the color of the series items from the code when they are created programmatically.
  • Added: Ability to highlight and toggle the visibility of the series when the series name in the legend is clicked and hovered.
  • Added: Ability to modify the line's width of Area, Line and ScatterLine Series.
  • Added: Ability to modify the marker's size of Area, Line, Scatter and ScatterLine series.
  • Added: Ability to modify the markers' border width and border color for Area, Line, Scatter and ScatterLine series
  • Fixed: Axis labels and series labels are not visible in Hay skin.
  • Changed: The Items collection in each series is obsolete. Use the SeriesItems collection that takes a specific item type for each series.
  • Changed: The background of the tooltip is now determined by the series item's color.


  • Added: Allow resizing and moving of drawable figures before merging with the image in ImageEditor.
  • Improved: the default UI arrangement of the ImageEditor toolbar.
  • Fixed: Image editor tools commands could be executed more than once.
  • Fixed: Image get cached among page reload in canvas mode.
  • Fixed: RadImageEditor saves *.jpg images as *.png when it is in CanvasMode.


  • Added: RadInputManager - Client-side ValueChanged event.
  • Added: RadMaskedTextBox - Int64 NumericRangeMaskPart.
  • Improved: RadTextBox support for additional HTML5 input types.
  • Improved: Unify the Empty message look.
  • Fixed: Text="0" in the markup of TextBox result in empty input when using NumericTextBoxSetting of RadInputManager on click inside the box.
  • Fixed: RadMaskedTextBox value not submitted correctly when DisplayMask differs from Mask in some cases.
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox loose its value if postback after focus/blur without changing the value.
  • Fixed: RadDatePicker's SelectedDateChanged event is triggered by a partial postback that does not submit client state.
  • Fixed: Setting Width to "100%" of RadInput inside Table with ColSpan greater than 1 in IE7 does not work properly.
  • Fixed: The input width in IE7, when the input is loaded after ajax request.
  • Fixed: SelectionOnFocus="none" of RadInputManager does not work properly in IE for multi-line TextBox.
  • Fixed: RadInput button wrong position in RadDateTimePicker.


  • Improved: Added label element associated with the checkbox element of the RadListBoxItem for better accessibility.
  • Fixed: Optimize RadListBox's 'transfer all' operation.

New for All Controls

  • Added: Error state property to all Input and Picker controls.
  • Improved: Mobile IE10/Win8 drag-drop and scrolling in RadGrid, RadPivotGrid, RadTreeList and RadListView.
  • Improved: Grid - Page Numbers and Header/Footer Support for PDF (APOC).


  • Fixed: When bound to RadTreeView with ID fields of type GUID, the TreeView won't load the second level of nodes.
  • Fixed: RadODataDataSource: the Models' set_pageSize() client method doesn't work correctly.


  • Fixed: RadOrgChart hovered state is not applied in DragAndDrop.
  • Fixed: RadOrgChart control fires DrillDown event on every postback after is drilled once.


  • Improved: Persistence Framework general improvements.


  • Added: Total Calculations for RadPivotGrid.
  • Added: OLAP filters for RadPivotGrid
  • Added: RadPivotGrid Biff export to excel.
  • Improved: RadPivotGrid to call ItemCommand for custom commands.
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid's filter dialogues are broken by new RadWindow's rendering.
  • Fixed: The filter value of the PivotGridReportFilterField is not persisted by the filter window.


  • Fixed: $get is not defined' error is thrown under Chrome in scenario with RadAjaxPanel.
  • Fixed: RadProgressManager throw JavaScript error in Chrome browser when is updated from RadAjaxManager – “_stopAsyncPoling is not defined”.


  • Added: RibbonBar Gallery.
  • Added: Update RibbonBarApplicationMenu.
  • Fixed: Cancelling OnClientSplitButtonClicking doesn't prevent split button selection.


  • Fixed: JavaScript error when RadScheduler properties are set as follows: MinutesPerRow="26" and DayEndTime="23:40:00".
  • Fixed: RadScheduler End After: numeric box is populated automatically based on the value set for the last inserted appointment using web service binding.
  • Fixed: RadScheduler setting the recurrence option end after 1000 occurrences will create a recurrence rule with count 1 occurrence only with WebService binding.
  • Fixed: RadScheduler throws JavaScript error in Reminder scenarios in Chrome browser.
  • Fixed: WebService: Appointment Arrows don't navigate to next/previous period dates, or expand to full time (like in Server Binding).
  • Fixed: When ExpandMode is set to Auto and the scrollbar is not visible (the Height of the Scheduler is big enough to fill all the content), the Headers are misaligned.
  • Fixed: RadScheduler validation problem with subject field within advanced form when server-side binding.
  • Fixed: Advanced form hides when expanding the recurrence editor when Modal="false" and OverflowBehavior="Scroll".
  • Fixed: RadScheduler validation problem with subject field within the advanced form with web service.
  • Fixed: When you try to edit a recurrence appointment and click Edit only this occurrence appointmentUpdate is thrown 2 times.


  • Added: Search Context dropdown.
  • Added: Functionality to pass user specific context to the web service and DataSourceSelect event handler methods.
  • Added: Functionality to Enabled/Disable the RadSearchBox client-side.
  • Improved: Added label associated with input element and Label, LabelCssClass and LabelWidth properties for better accessibility.
  • Fixed: When there is validation and submit button on the page, in chrome and IE upon enter click the form is submitted and the server event is not fired.
  • Fixed: When DropDownSettings-Height is not set, the dropdown does not auto resize.
  • Fixed: When MaxResultCount is set and fewer results are loaded in the dropdown, the ShowAllResults button is still displayed.

SharePoint 2010 / 2013

  • Fixed: SPRadGrid's stand-alone databinding is broken.
  • Fixed: SPRadListView throws a null reference exception when bound to a url field and the latter has an empty value.


  • Fixed: With Metro skin and Alignment set to Justify, the overall width of the tab collection is not properly calculated thus placing the last tab on a new row.
  • Fixed: A postback is fired upon RadTab selection, when the EnableDragToReorder is enabled and the OnReordered event is handled.
  • Fixed: Scroll position problem after window resize.
  • Fixed: ContentURL is undefined when ClickSelectedTab is set and the currently selected tab is clicked.


The new TileList control brings the modern Windows8-like navigation to your ASP.NET web applications. See demos


  • Added: RadToolTip light-weight rendering.
  • Fixed: The color of the text in the Black skin for RadToolTip - it should be black.


  • Added: RadTreeList SiteMapDataSource binding.


  • Fixed: In IE Compatibility mode bindTemplate() client method causes a JavaScript error.
  • Fixed: RadTreeView RadTextBox control in NodeTemplate, clicking on spacebar in that textbox does not print empty space.
  • Fixed: RadTreeView client dragging and dropping under IE10 Compatibility mode does not work properly.
  • Fixed: With CheckBoxes enabled in IE when you double click the checkbox, it's checked state is changed only once.
  • Improved: Added label element associated with the checkbox element of the RadTreeNode for better accessibility.


  • Added: RadWindow light-weight rendering.

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