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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2012 SP2 (version 2012.2.912)

September 12, 2012


  • Improved: RadAjaxManager UpdateInitiatorPanelsOnly new property ensures that only UpdatePanels wrapping the initiator UpdatedControls will be updated
  • Fixed: Updating controls does not work with RadAjaxManager when the Ajax initiator is wrapped in Panel and the ajax setting is added dynamically


  • Fixed: RadAsyncUpload cannot upload zero byte file (File API module)


  • Added: EmptyMessage for AutoCompleteBox
  • Added: New get_dropDownElement() client-side method
  • Added: New OnClientLoad client-side event
  • Changed: Renamed AllowCustomToken property to AllowCustomEntry so that it works for InputType text as well


  • Fixed: The appearance of RadButton in Visual Studio's Design view when preceded by another element


  • Fixed: Delay or error is thrown when checking the "Check All" checkbox
  • Fixed: RadComboBox paging breaks virtual scrolling in ODataDataSource scenarios
  • Fixed: RadComboBox throws a Design-time error when bound via SqlDataSource and the DataValueField property value is empty or null


  • Improved: Design-time wizards updated according to Visual Studio 2012 UX guidelines
  • Improved: Internet Explorer 10 support
  • Fixed: Excel Export Infrastructure throws an exception when element style has strongy typed font size
  • Fixed: Telerik.ScriptManager.EnableEmbeddedjQuery="false" does not disable the embeded jquery scripts for RadGrid, RadListView, RadInputManager, and RadTreeList controls


  • Fixed: RadDock's placeholder has incorrect position when in a horizontally oriented RadDockZone that contains dock controls with various width


  • Fixed: Deleting text in editor leaves a new line break in Chrome
  • Fixed: Part of RadEditor's content disappears after applying the “Insert Paragraph” tool in Fifefox
  • Fixed: Using standalone dialogs throws a server error
  • Fixed: ConvertToXhtml content filter converts single quotes to quote entity


  • Fixed: The design time rendering of the RadFileExplorer when placed in an ASP:UpdatePanel
  • Fixed: Refreshing the explorer clears the selection of the ListView
  • Fixed: The client-side refresh() method does not honor the provided parameter


  • Fixed: The page is scrolled to the top when a decorated radio button is selected


  • Fixed: RadGrid cannot bind its GridBinaryImageColumn when there is a GridCalculatedColumn and LINQ expressions enabled
  • Fixed: When GroupLoadMode="Client" collapsing a group in the detail table causes all same level groups to collapse
  • Fixed: AggregatesValues collection does not work as expected in medium trust for numeric or text fields
  • Fixed: Control visibility is not taken into consideration when exporting RadGrid to CSV format
  • Fixed: GoToPage and ChangePageSize textboxes does not function properly on Enter key
  • Fixed: GroupContinuesText is not correct when more than one group is used and LINQ grouping is turned on
  • Fixed: Columns' HeaderContextMenu sub menu gets closed on internal click
  • Fixed: Multi-row selection is not working properly when EnablePostBackOnRowClick property is set to true
  • Fixed: GridHyperLinkColumn does not allow sorting when SortExpression is specified
  • Fixed: RadGrid throws server-side exception when bound to non-eval expression
  • Fixed: SEO paging does not work with advanced pager
  • Fixed: Columns reordering does not work when a column is hiddend with display="false" and multi-column headers are enabled
  • Fixed: GridClientSelectColumn does not behave correctly in Internet Explorer when KeyBoardNavigation is enabled
  • Fixed: RadGrid group header message is not correct when the control is sorted by Enum field and LINQ grouping is enabled
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not distinguish sort and drag-drop command, when the browser is zoomed out (Chrome only)
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not pass its paging parameters correctly when bound on the client in some scenarios
  • Fixed: RadGrid group aggregates do not work correctly for inner groups
  • Fixed: RadGrid group footer item of a parent group is hidden when a child group header item is collapsed and group load mode is Client
  • Fixed: RadGrid multi-item selection does not function correctly when Shift + left click on a item after the second is performed
  • Fixed: RadGrid pager numeric textbox controls do not set correctly Min/Max value on the client
  • Fixed: RadGrid sorting by Enum values does not work when data is grouped
  • Fixed: When RadGrid has static headers enabled the client gridDataItem.get_cell() and gridTableView.getColumnByUniqueName() methods do not work
  • Fixed: RadGrid column width is calculated incorrectly when exporting to BIFF format


  • Added: New Design-time Configuration Wizard for RadHtmlChart
  • Added: A method that returns the SVG rendering of the RadHtmlChart
  • Fixed: MissingValues=Gap not correctly working when the chart is databound (works for explicit items)


  • Fixed: RadInputManager is trying to manage inputs even if they are not visible after an ajax call
  • Fixed: New value set in the event arguments of ValueChanging event of RadNumericTextBox is not applied when it is equal to zero
  • Fixed: RadInput does not update its state properly when focused before client-side initialization is finished. As a result the empty message is visible into the input while it is focused
  • Fixed: RadMaskedTextBox's validation value is not null if there is any literal in the mask and the control's text is deleted client-side.
  • Fixed: SelectionOnFocus="SelectAll" for RadInputManagers's settings does not work in the latest version of Google Chrome
  • Fixed: Styles of RadInput are not serialized properly when using .NET 4.5 with System.Web.Security.AntiXss.AntiXssEncoder
  • Fixed: RadDatePicker width is not applied correctly when the page is initially loaded in IE8 CompatView with IE8 Standarts Document Mode
  • Fixed: RadMaskedTextBox DisplayMask does not function correctly when it contains literal characters and enumeration mask part


  • Fixed: In client transfer with TransferMode="Move", if you check an item and then transfer it, the item.get_checkBoxElement() doesn't return the correct DOM Element
  • Fixed: RadListBoxItem's client object has incorrect text when server template is used
  • Fixed: selectItems() and checkItems() client methods don't update the _selectedIndices and _checkedIndices properties of the ListBox


  • Fixed: Enlisting fields in the schema section does not lead to querying only the enlisted fields


  • Fixed: Hover on SVG element defined in panelbar throws error


  • Fixed: DataFormatString property of PivotGridRowField does not work properly


  • Fixed: If you write something in a RadTextBox on the page and immediately after that click a button in the RibbonBar (with postback), the textbox doesn't preserve its value
  • Fixed: When a toggle button from ToggleList inside ContextualTabGroup is toggled, a server error is thrown after postback
  • Fixed: When the text of an item contains & or & the EnhancedTooltip displays & in the title


  • Fixed: Error in TimeLineView when edit appointment which exceeds the visible area and SlotDuration > 24
  • Fixed: The second row does not appear as selected in multi-time slot selection when RadScheduler is grouped by Date and Resource, Vertically in Week View
  • Fixed: Setting ShowAllDayRow="false" for RadScheduler negates ShowHiddenAppointmentsIndicator="true"
  • Fixed: Timeline View does not work properly in IE9


  • Fixed: Change in facebook scriots broke facebook share button /which is officially deprecated by Facebook/. It is fixed to work in RadSocialShare for IE9, FF, Chrome and Safari browsers


  • Fixed: RadTreeList does not fire its client OnItemDragging event when the AjaxControlToolkit is added to the project
  • Fixed: RadTreeList passes only the first DataKeyValue in the TreeListChildItemsDataBindEventArgs
  • Fixed: RadTreeList root level insert does not work properly when column reordering is enabled
  • Fixed: RadTreeList throws an error when opening the root insert form in InPlace edit mode with static headers


  • Fixed: When the word "trial" is present in the ContentTemplate of the RadWindow its contents will be shown on the page
  • Fixed: If MinHeight is set to bigger value than Height and no MaxHeight is provided, the RadWindow is not respecting the MinHeight
  • Fixed: If MinWidth is set to bigger than the content should occupy, autosize adds some extra pixels after resize

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