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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2012 SP1 (version 2012.2.724)

July 24, 2012


  • Fixed: Error occurs when there are two RadAsyncUpload controlss on the page and on the second one Enable="false" is set


Meet Telerik's ASP.NET AJAX AutoCompleteBox control which will help you provide user friendly UI for filling forms by auto-suggesting items based on their input. The component supports single- and multi-item selection, as well as two input modes - Token and Text. It also supports binding to server-side and client-side data sources. See demos


  • Fixed: Issue with changing similary styled states of a toggle RadButton on the client
  • Fixed: A problem with displaying a RadButton image when there is a bracket in its URL
  • Fixed: JavaScript error thrown by RadButton when partial rendering is disabled for the Page (i.e. ScriptManager.EnablePartialRendering=false)
  • Fixed: Problem with disappearing icons when the Icon URL is specified relatively to the current directory and not relatively to the root directory
  • Fixed: RadButton does not trigger Page validation when the JavaScript is disabled for the client browser


  • Fixed: Changing cell style in the client OnDayRender event does not work properly
  • Fixed: RadDateTimePicker changes the current time of MinDate(MaxDate) with the default value(12:00:00 AM) after postback
  • Fixed: RadMonthYearPicker Month/Year Popup does not show at the correct position
  • Fixed: RadDatePicker renders 2 labels when EnableSingleInputRendering="true"


  • Fixed: RadCaptcha does not clear previous CaptchaImages from Session or Cache


  • Fixed: Unable to get value of the property '_events' error is detected on page unload


  • Fixed: A postback is made when the drop-down is opened and then closed withoud making a selection for a RadComboBox with CheckBoxes enabled and Empty Message set
  • Fixed: When load-on-demand is enabled, the scrollbar goes to the top of the items when new sets of items are loaded
  • Fixed: Height of the dropdown is not properly calculated on the first opening

Common for all controls

  • Improved: Export Infrastructure Performance Optimization
  • Improved: Export Infrastructure Rendering Speed Improvements
  • Fixed: SkinRegistrar throws "the item has already been added to the collection" exception


  • Fixed: InsertList command applies style of a single element on the whole paragraph in Chrome
  • Fixed: InsertList command does not apply the list over the entire paragraph, when there is no selection, in IE9
  • Fixed: InsertList command uses the browser command, when the NewLineMode property is set to P or NewLineBr is set to false, in IE
  • Fixed: get_htmlAcceptChanges and get_htmlRejectChanges methods return html whithout the content filters to be applied. isFiltered and stripComments arguments added
  • Fixed: Acept/Reject TrackChanges commands does not work when ToolbarMode property is set to RibbonBar
  • Fixed: A <p> tag is removed from the content after inserting an ordered list in Chrome
  • Fixed: Initially hidden editor is loaded partially disabled (invisible text in the content area) on iPad
  • Fixed: Pressing Enter a couple of times in the end of an UL/OL, when Comments are enabled
  • Fixed: The user cannot write in Comments element
  • Fixed: TrackChanges Ctrl+C, Ctrl+B, etc. - marks the selection as DEL
  • Fixed: TrackChanges: "Enter" on the end of paragraph, cursor does not move with the new line - FF
  • Fixed: When typing in tracked paragraph, the INS goes outside the paragraph after it


  • Fixed: Filtering the first loaded folder does not restore filtered items when removing the filter word
  • Fixed: InitialPath is not working correctly when ExplorerMode is set to FileTree
  • Fixed: Deleting a folder when ExplorerMode is set to FileTree causes a JavaScript error
  • Fixed: JS Error is thrown when opening a context menu and no grid row is selected
  • Fixed: OnClientFolderChange event is not raised when navigating from the Grid
  • Fixed: The first item is always selected in the FileList (grid or list view) when it is being focused


  • Fixed: The page is scrolled to the top when a decorated radio button is selected


  • Added: Support for Horizontal/Vertical Alignment for RadGrid Biff export
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not persist its column groups when they are declared dynamically on Page_Load
  • Fixed: RadGrid throws an exception when evaluating values from a GridTemplateColumn in GridGroupHeaderTemplate
  • Fixed: RadGrid throws a null reference exception when a property of the autoexpand/rowindicator column is set in the mark-up of a detail table
  • Fixed: DestDataItem is null when row is dropped on a table element inside GridTemplateColumn's ItemTemplate
  • Fixed: GridGroupByField on two fields which contain NULL values and EnableLinqGrouping="true" returns "Comparer.Compare" error
  • Fixed: GridHyperLinkColumn shows properties from the base class which are not overridden in the child class
  • Fixed: ImageUrl property is skipped for GridButtonColumn if the CommandName is set
  • Fixed: RadGrid column sizes are changed when hide operation is performed over column in RadGrid in IE7
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not pass filter expression when header context menu filtering is used
  • Fixed: RadGrid doesn't restore the original column width when column is hidden then restored in IE9
  • Fixed: RadGrid item's get_expanded() function does not return correct value when HierarchyDefaultExpanded="true"
  • Fixed: RadGrid Multi-column headers do not apply custom CSS class
  • Fixed: An error is thrown when cell selection and KeyboardNavigation are enabled and one presses shift in filter textbox
  • Fixed: Double click is not executed on Android devices
  • Fixed: GroupBy property of HeaderContextMenu does not work correctly
  • Fixed: RadGrid cell selection does not set active cell style correctly in some scenarios
  • Fixed: RadGrid group footer items of a parent group are hidden when a child group header item is collapsed
  • Fixed: While selecting multiple items in FF13, the transparent style is not applying on the selection area
  • Fixed: RadGrid Multi-column headers misalignment in IE7
  • Fixed: GridExporting Event Does Not Fire When Exporting To Binary Excel Format
  • Fixed: RadGrid Binary export element decoration


  • Added: New OnClientSeriesClicked client-side event fired when clicked on series; the args expose value,category,seriesType,seriesName and seriesData
  • Added: New OnClientSeriesHovered client-side event fired when clicked on series; the args expose value,category,seriesType,seriesName and seriesData
  • Fixed: Labels DataField adds a %
  • Fixed: MissingValues=Gap not correctly working when the chart is databound (works for explicit items)
  • Fixed: When no Y axis settings are provided, databound vs staticly declared chart with same values differs in appearance
  • Fixed: When specific cultures are used, RadHtmlChart does not work correctly


  • Fixed: Resizing an editable image introduces border artifacts


  • Improved: RadInput styles
  • Fixed: Width of RadInput controls is not correct when in Design mode of Visual Studio
  • Fixed: Default button is not executed when there is RequiredFieldValidator and Enter key is pressed in the input after typing new value
  • Fixed: OnTextChanged event of RadMaskedTextBox does not fire as expected
  • Fixed: RadInput's width is not correct when in QuirksMode
  • Fixed: RadMaskedTextBox does not preserve its value when DisplayMask property is set to different value of the Mask and it shows the RangeValidator error message unnecessary
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox does not accept 0.0 as value if previously the value was less than 1 and the DecimalSeparatos is ","
  • Fixed: Text in the RadTextBox is not shown after page loads if TextMode="MultiLine" and EnableSingleInputRendering="false"
  • Fixed: The get_newValue() in arguments of ValueChanging event of DateInput should hold the original input text and not the parsed Date
  • Fixed: Type="text" is added to RadNumericTextBox when set value to it in design time
  • Fixed: RadMaskedTextBox isEmpty() client-side method does not work correctly
  • Fixed: The value of RadNumericTextBox gets appended instead of being added when click on SpinUpButton
  • Fixed: MaxLength property is not applying to RadTextBox when TextMode="MultiLine"

Installer and Visual Studio Extensions

  • Improved: Optimized solution load times


  • Fixed: When load on demand is enabled and RadListBox is bound without datasource, an exception is thrown


  • Fixed: RadODataSource startsWith filter does not append 'startsWith' to the request query string


  • Fixed: RadOrgChart control is bound twice if the control is bind in PageInit (RequiresDataBinding property is reset by the framework)

PivotGrid CTP

The first public version of RadPivotGrid for ASP.NET AJAX is available in the Q2 2012 SP1 release as a CTP. The control has all the basic features, such as paging, sorting, drag-and-drop fields, scrolling (vertical and horizontal), etc. You can bind the component using declarative DataSource controls or programmatically bind the PivotGrid to custom collections or DataTables. See demos


  • Fixed: RadRibbonBar buttons lose text on browser resize when width=100% of the RadRibbonBar control
  • Fixed: RibbonBar in splitter is not properly resized
  • Fixed: Nested Ribbon auto boxes (control groups) do not behave correctly with certain items
  • Fixed: RadRibbonBar dual images not updating on resize
  • Fixed: Ribbon group title is not 100% wide in IE9 running as IE7
  • Fixed: Ribbon is not resized on window resize


  • Added: Ability to resize Appointments by dragging the Appointment start
  • Added: Integration with ODataDataSource
  • Fixed: Cannot create all day appointment when RadScheduler is grouped by date and resource and one tries to insert an appointment in the all day row
  • Fixed: An 'apt is null' or 'parent is null' errors occur when trying to open the advanced edit form for a recurring appointment in Month view when RadScheduler is populated from a Web Service
  • Fixed: When in Month view, apointments longer than a week do not follow the value set to VibileAppointmentsPerDay property
  • Fixed: RadScheduler grouped by date and a resource type (GroupBy="Date, User") in MonthView appointments that span multiple days appear only in the first and last slots for their duration
  • Fixed: RadScheduler RecurrenceEditor DatePicker of "End By" not work since Q2 because of RadDatePicker update
  • Fixed: RadScheduler when grouped by resources vertically and ResourceHeader Template is used only in MonthView the items in the template are not rendered
  • Fixed: TimeLineView resize right is not limited by resource
  • Fixed: Vertical scrollbar of RadScheduler when OverflowBehaviour is set to Scroll
  • Fixed: When creating appointments that span over several days, in Month view the VisibleAppointsPerDay is not honored for the next row
  • Fixed: In TimeLineView with OnFormCreated event set, the inlineInsert form is not positioned properly
  • Fixed: Problem with dragging appointments when RadScheduler is grouped by multi-valued resource type
  • Fixed: WeekView WebService binding: moving appointment starting before visible daystart (but same day) causes js error
  • Fixed: WeekView: WebService Binding: setting DayStartTime="00:00:00" causes js error
  • Fixed: When RadScheduler is grouped by date and a resource type (GroupBy="Date, User") there is no border for the time slots of the last day column


  • Fixed: Sliding when a RadSlider increase/decrease handle is pressed and the cursor is dragged


  • Fixed: Change in facebook scripts broke facebook share button /which is officially deprecated by Facebook/. It is fixed to work in RadSocialShare for IE9, FF, Chrome and Safari browsers
  • Fixed: If the CurrentUICulture of the current thread is set to a locale which is not supported by Facebook, the buttons are not correctly rendered


  • Fixed: RadTreeList DetailTemplate renders wrong when we have static headers


  • Fixed: RadTreeView expand/collapse image does not render as expected in RTL mode


  • Fixed: AutoSize should not reposition minimized/maximized RadWindow
  • Fixed: If MinHeight is set to bigger value than Height and no MaxHeight is provided, the RadWindow is not respecting the MinHeight
  • Fixed: If MinWidth is set to bigger than the content should occupy, autosize adds some extra pixels after resize

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