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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2012 (version 2012.2.607)

June 11, 2012


Visualize barcodes for your products using the most popular standards with the new ASP.NET AJAX Barcode component. The controls is easy to configure and implemented with cross browser support in mind. The resulting image is rendered as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) in the modern browsers where HTML5 allows embedding SVG in your web pages. In older browsers the output comes as VML (Vector Markup Language).


  • Added: Ability to initiate postback when a RadButton set as CheckBox is checked or unchecked by pressing [Space] key using the keyboard
  • Added: Predefined CSS class that is applied to RadButton when it is read-only
  • Improved: Raise the client-side event OnClientClicking of the RadButton after the validation takes place


  • Fixed: Javascript error is thrown in DateSelected event of RadCalendar when set_rangeMaxDate/set_rangeMinDate is called for an other month date
  • Fixed: The date in RadDatePicker is initially displayed with the time part


  • Added: Additonal CSS classes to the RadCaptcha control, like ErrorCssClass and FocusedCssClass
  • Added: Client-side load event to the RadCaptcha control
  • Fixed: A problem with <embed/> element getting focus in Internet Explorer


  • Improved: The default value of the HSB Brightness


  • Added: Client Templates

Common for all controls

  • Added: New MetroTouch Skin
  • Improved: Mobile support improvements for RadGrid, RadListView, TreeList (iOS, Android)
  • Added: Excel Export Infrastructure
  • Fixed: The empty <div> tags are not rendered as new lines in the exported PDF document
  • Improved: Common gradients have normal state


  • Added: Ability to access RadDock's Tag propery on the client
  • Added: Ability for detecting the dragged RadDock on its server-side OnDockPositionChanged event


  • Added: Track changes / collaboration for RadEditor
  • Added: EmptyMessage property for RadEditor
  • Added: Support for async upload in File Browser dialogs of RadEditor
  • Added: Enable privacy-enhanced mode option for YouTube videos in Insert External Video dialog
  • Improved: RadEditor comments Skin specific styles
  • Fixed: MakeUrlsAbsolute content filter throws an error when href contains space (&nbsp;)
  • Fixed: Add comment feature works only in the last editor on page
  • Fixed: RadFileExplorer in RadEditor's FileBrowser dialogs is not localizable
  • Fixed: A problem in the RadEditor's StyleBuilder dialog that prevents a project to be built under .NET 3.5
  • Fixed: Pressing Enter a couple of times at the end of an UL/OL, when Comments are enabled
  • Fixed: RadEditor toolbar button "PasteFromWordNoFontsNoSizes" drops spaces between some words
  • Fixed: Spell-check adding </RADEDITORFORMATTED_X> in editor
  • Fixed: Editor lost spaces on paste from Word
  • Improved: RadEditor Emebdded Skin specific files with proper CSS selectors so it is possible to have two or more RadEditors with differnet skin on the same page
  • Changed: New convention for creating user specific class names for the Add Comments feature. Use .reComment.reU<Author> instead of .reComment_u<Author>


  • Added: JavaScript public methods exposing copy, paste, rename and createItemFromPath
  • Added: Text for page info and file items below the page control in thumbnail view
  • Fixed: Item selection in the Grid is not working in iPhone/iPad
  • Fixed: Problem with determining if a FileExplorer item is Directory or File
  • Fixed: fileList cache is not cleared when a folder is renamed from TreeView
  • Fixed: Upload dialog is empty after setting UploadPaths dynamically


  • Fixed: AjaxControlToolkit throws an error when clearing handlers from a checkbox that is decorated from the RadFormDecorator
  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator input width and decorated RadInput when it has a width specified


  • Added: Multi-row column headers for RadGrid
  • Added: EnableRangeFiltering property for GridDateTimeColumn
  • Added: EnableTimeIndependentFiltering property for GridDateTimeColumn
  • Added: SelectableMode property for GridItems
  • Added: Class attribute that to be independend of the skin for the drag and indicator items of the grid
  • Added: RadGrid Binary Excel Export
  • Improved: GroupLoadMode client expand/collapse functionality to behave like HierarchyLoadMode client
  • Improved: RadGrid Columns\Rows\Grid Resizing and Show\Hide items to generate less client-state
  • Improved: AllowStableSort property, enables consistent sorting results between 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 RC .NET Framework
  • Improved: RadGrid Visual Studio Design-time Wizard supports automatic field names extraction when bound with DataSourceID
  • Improved: Client-side templates implementation for GridTemplateColumn
  • Improved: Make the multiline text fields filterable in RadGrid
  • Fixed: RadGrid HeaderContextMenu does not work when Show/Hide Columns is not enabled
  • Fixed: Filtering with Between, IsNull, and NotIsNull on DateTime does not work for EntityDataSource, OpenAccessDataSource
  • Fixed: RadGrid throws Javascript error when clicking on a disabled grid and keyboard navigation is enabled (IE9 only)
  • Fixed: When ShowStatusBar="true", status does not appear on hierarchy expanding
  • Fixed: Hidden columns in detail tables re-appear after postback
  • Fixed: A doublequote character (") cannot be typed in RadTextBox when RadGrid is in insert or edit mode and KeyboardNavigation is enabled
  • Fixed: RadGrid sorting does not work when using NeedDataSource and OpenAccess
  • Fixed: GridCalculatedColumn is not sorting using the SortExpression
  • Fixed: Columns width is not applied when ShowRowIndicatorColumn property is set to false
  • Fixed: KeyboardNavigation cancel insert functionality with Esc key does not working in Firefox
  • Fixed: RadCalendar throws javascript error in RadGrid GridDateTimeColumn EnableRangeSelection custom scenario
  • Fixed: RadGrid client-side data binding does not copy selected items properly
  • Fixed: RadGrid Generates T-SQL Filter Expressions when bound to WebFormsMvp PageDataSource Control
  • Fixed: RadGrid scrolling does not place the scroll indicators correctly on mobile devices
  • Fixed: When LINQ Grouping is used "Group continued from page..." message is shown when AllowPaging=false
  • Fixed: RadGrid's automatic filtering does not fire for some characters under browsers different from Firefox and Opera
  • Fixed: GridButtonColumn always overrides ImageButton ImageUrl property
  • Fixed: When GridBoundColumn's HeaderButtonType="TextButton", the column gets selected on sort command if both column selection and sorting are enabled
  • Fixed: When GridNumericColumn is ReadOnly, it does not allow formatting of its value in edit mode (InPlace editing only)


The new chart component is HTML5-based with pure client-side rendering and features the most important chart types you need for your line-of-business applications. Take advantage of its flexible data-binding and remarkable performance.


  • Added: New DialogLoaded client-side event for the ImageEditor
  • Added: imageLoad client-side event that will be fired when the image is loaded in the image editor
  • Added: New ServerOperationCompleted client-side event for the ImageEditor
  • Added: RadAjaxPanel as an option for loading the ImageEditor’s dialogs
  • Improved: RadImagEditor's Resize dialog should allow setting size in percent with a value greater than 100
  • Fixed: Validation of the RadImageEditor dialogs when nothing is entered in their numeric fields
  • Fixed: XSS attack possibility in showing ImageEditor's dialog
  • Fixed: ClientSaved eventArguments' get_isSaved method always returns true
  • Fixed: RadImageEditor triggers validation and there is no way to turn it off
  • Fixed: Problem with resizing the image by a percentage of the original dimensions
  • Fixed: The rendering of the RadSlider control in a RadImageEditor dialog when the dialog is initially loaded
  • Fixed: Unable to open dialogs for multiple ImageEditor controls programmatically


  • Improved: RadMaskedTextBox text length validation
  • Fixed: Using shotcuts for copy and paste for RadNumericTextBox on Mac
  • Fixed: Issues with single input rendering mode
  • Fixed: RadMaskedTextBox parses wrongly numbers in octal when Mask such as "<0..30>" is used and "09" is entered
  • Fixed: When EnableSingleInputRendering="false" the width of the rendered input element should not be recalculated in IE7 and IE8

Installer and Visual Studio Extensions

  • Fixed: Configure wizard fails to launch if there is a broken reference
  • Fixed: In project design dlls' version is not updated after upgrade
  • Fixed: Upgrade Wizard fails to remove in-proj reference files when they are resolved to project bin folder
  • Fixed: AJAX Main menu and context menu are available for MVC4 projects
  • Fixed: LINQ shortcut is missing on "Choose Data Source type" page in Scenario Wizard for VS11


  • Added: Client Templates
  • Fixed: The empty message of RadListBox is not centered when the control is placed in initially hidden RadWindow
  • Fixed: When transfer mode is set to copy, the items from destination listbox are not transferred and an exception is thrown


  • Improved: AllowStableSort property, enables consistent sorting results between 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 RC .NET Framework


  • Added: Client Templates


The ODataDataSouce component will allow you to use the Visual Studio Designer to query any OData service supporting JSON or XML. Then you can build your data model(s) to easily display the data in your pages. You can use it either for codeless binding with the controls fully integrated with it (ListBox, TreeView, Menu and ComboBox for now) or use the intuitive API.


  • Added: LoadOnDemand for nodes and groups
  • Added: DrillDown functionality


  • Added: HTML encoding of PanelBar item's text
  • Fixed: An issue when creating a HeaderTemplate in code behind when RadPanelBar is bound to a datasource and the HeaderTemplate needs to be bound to datasource
  • Fixed: RadPanelBar having a ContentTemplate with an image only in the PanelItem and no text property causes Javascript error
  • Fixed: RadPanelItem does not expand when ContentTemplate is used (and clicked on Header) and OnItemClick server event handler is attached to the RadPanelBar
  • Fixed: Javascript error is thrown when adding/removing child items in FullExpandedItem mode and PreventCollapse="true"
  • Fixed: RadPanelBar OnClientMouseOut does not fire when using HeaderTemplate


  • Added: Enhanced ToolTip for RadRibbonBar
  • Added: Minimize functionality
  • Added: ControlGroups functionality
  • Improved: (Breaking change) RadRibbonBar resizing behaviour and API
  • Fixed: Visible=false does not work for RibbonBarMenu
  • Fixed: Javascript error is thrown when Visible=false is set for RibbonBarToggleList.
  • Fixed: DisabledImageUrl does not work for RibbonBarButton when it is inside RibbonBarSplitButton
  • Fixed: <input type="text"/> placed in RibbonBarTemplateItem does not allow selection (Firefox only)


  • Added: AdRotator feature for RadRotator
  • Fixed: Index property raises exception on ItemCreated event of RadRotator


  • Improved: Reccurence editor validation for numeric textboxes
  • Improved: Client-side validation for Start and End times of the default advanced form of RadScheduler
  • Fixed: After pressing Show24Hours the appointment is not resizeded properly
  • Fixed: When dragging an appoinment not starting at the begining of a timeslot, the appointment sticks to the start of the drop timeslot after dropping
  • Fixed: AppointmentController.Delete calls the Delete method of the provider with an ISchedulerInfo that is always SchedulerInfo even though a custom class is used, e.g. MySchedulerInfo:SchedulerInfo
  • Fixed: Dragging and resizing appointments issues with Google Chrome
  • Fixed: Opening the advanced form for a date before 1980 throws an exception - 'SelectedDate' should be between 'MinDate' and 'MaxDate'
  • Fixed: RadScheudler Keyboard navigation issue when a slot is selected and the focus is set ot a control out side RadScheduler on Enter pressed the still attached to the scheduler
  • Fixed: Recurrence editor validation for numeric textboxes in MVC
  • Fixed: Resetting exceptions in WebService binding mode loses first occurence
  • Fixed: TimeslotContextMenus to appear only when right clicked the time slots in the content area
  • Fixed: In MultiDay view dragging an appointment when you've scrolled down inside the Scheduler, an appointment is positioned incorrectly
  • Fixed: OnClientRecurrenceActionDialogClosed client-side event does not fire when "Cancel" or "X" are clicked
  • Fixed: If Enter is pressed in the AdvancedForm during writing in the 'Description' field, it continues writing in the InlineForm
  • Fixed: When you try to drag an appointment in DayView after you scroll the view (even a tiny bit), the appointment is being moved up
  • Fixed: When grouped by resource and vertical grouping direction is used the resource header table is not sized properly
  • Fixed: Javascript error is thrown when ExactTimeRendering enabled in WeekView, ShowAllDayRow is disabled and loading an appointment spanning beetween 2 days with (duration >= 1 day)
  • Fixed: Scroll issue in Chrome and Firefox - If one scrolls RadScheduler first and then tries to drag an appointment, it will jump up from the mouse pointer the distance RadScheduler was scrolled
  • Fixed: When Scheduler's Timeline View set with big number of slots with small duration on vertical grouping direction there are wrong calulations during resizing an appointment (it get's wrong duration)
  • Fixed: OnClientTimeSlotContextMenu occurs for time and resource headers as well


  • Added: Ability to disable the built-in jQuery
  • Fixed: The OutputCompression property is not active when CDN is enabled

SharePoint 2007/2010

  • Improved: [SharePoint 2010] Make the multiline text fields filterable in RadGrid
  • Fixed: [SharePoint 2010] SPRadGrid does not property handles user permissions when manipulating look-up fields
  • Fixed: [SharePoint 2010] SPRadGrid fails to display date time values in a format different from dd/mm/yyyy
  • Fixed: [SharePoint 2010] SPRadGrid fails to group when bound in SPList mode


  • Fixed: The OutputCompression property is not active when CDN is enabled
  • Fixed: Images are not loaded correctly when serving exernal stylesheets.


  • Fixed: RadTabStrip does not change PageViews of its child tabs when AutoPostBack property is set to true
  • Fixed: The rtFirst and rtLast classes are not rendered for items before and after an item with IsBreak=true


  • Added: WCF service binding support for TagCloud


  • Added: New EnableDataCaching property for RadToolTipManager
  • Improved: If a bigger content has been loaded on demand in a tooltip without size, the tooltip repositions intself and adjusts the callout as possible
  • Fixed: Cannot unregister UpdatePanel server error
  • Fixed: ManualClose button is mispositioned for WebService tooltip with explicit width


  • Improved: AllowStableSort property, enables consistent sorting results between 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 RC .NET Framework
  • Added: Images support for RadTreeList Excel export
  • Fixed: RadTreeList Export to PDF Item/Cell Decoration is not applied for expand/collapse column
  • Fixed: Column width is not applied when set it in Excel export settings
  • Fixed: Column width is not applied when set it in PDF export settings


  • Added: Client Templates


  • Added: Ability to control shortcuts on the client through the client-side API
  • Fixed: The empty message of RadListBox is not centered when the control is placed in initially hidden RadWindow

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