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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2014 SP1 (version 2014.1.403)

December 20, 2017

All Controls

  • The IntelliSense markup in Visual Studio 2008.
  • Incorrect handling of parent invisibility in IE11 and MutationObserver.
  • Setting RenderMode on a control does not override the web.config settings.


  • Ability to upload files, which contain invalid characters for windows, under MAC and Linux.
  • Files uploaded via the native browser of Android have file size equal to zero.
  • The ability to use RadAsyncUpload if you answer "No" when it asks you to update the version of the Silverlight plug-in - in this case it should fail over to another upload method.
  • If the browser requests to update the version of the Silverlight plug-in and the user answers "No" , RadAsyncUpload will fail over to another upload method.


  • Show More Results functionality.
  • AutoCompleteBox throws JavaScript error in IE 7/8.
  • Pressing Enter or Esc when editing a token throws a JavaScript error in Chrome.
  • AutoCompleteBox width is smaller in IE7.


  • Improved the elasticity of RadButton to set the size in EMs when using font icons.
  • The background color of RadButton in toggle buttons with Metro skin.
  • The disabled, hovered, active and focused states of RadButton in MetroTouch, Silk and Glow skins.
  • Missing extended 24x24 pixels sized icons in RadButton's Base CSS.


  • The cells widths are not correct in some skins of RadCalendar with RangeMinDate/RangeMaxDate set.
  • When MinDate is set in RadDateTimePicker, the FocusedDate is set as the day after and this causes errors with EnableNavigationAnimation=true.


  • The audio code functionality of RadCaptcha under IE11.


  • RadComboBox is doing a double automatic postback when used in an Update Panel.
  • When the Backspace is pressed after the selection of the RadComboBox is performed, the page is navigated to the previous one.
  • When a label is used in the ItemTemplate of the RadComboBox, selection is not doable when clicking on the text.
  • Space key press does not trigger ItemsRequested event only in IE
  • RadComboBox and RadDropDownTree controls are inconsistent relative to their height of the input and the margin/padding that is set relative to the browser.
  • Drop down height is now determined after the first items load when EnableVirtualScrolling is true and Height is not specified.
  • When you paste a text in the input of RadComboBox, this text does not persist on the server-side upon postback when using IE8.
  • Keyboard support of RadComboBox when bound to a web service.
  • Double postback after item is unchecked.


  • RenderMode=Auto in a Dock results in a JavaScript error and incorrect behavior of the control.
  • RadDock title wrapper height when the control is in LightWeight mode and the Title property is not defined.


  • When uploading images, the uploaded image is selected so you can press 'insert' immediately after uploading.
  • Improved pasting block elements within block elements in a valid XHTML way.
  • Paste functionality in Firefox, Chrome and IE7 when ContentAreaMode is DIV.
  • Paste functionality when EnableTrackChanges is set under Chrome and Safari.
  • Paste from Word stripping functionality when EnableTrackChanges is set.
  • When pasting a heading from Word, the Word formatting is not stripped in FireFox.
  • Inline spellchecker duplicates the content when there is a style tag under the content.
  • RadEditor on the main page cannot be focused after typing in a RadEditor in a page loaded inside a RadWindow with DestroyOnClose=true.
  • JavaScript errors on pasting content with P element nested inside the RadEditor's content with SPAN and P elements under IE7-8.
  • When a table is inserted under IE, the cursor cannot be set outside of the table.
  • Browser crashes when bold text is deleted with backspace in RadEditor under IE7-8.
  • The target attribute dropdown of the Link Manager is not updating the correct value.
  • Updating content in IE with ContentAreaMode="Div" and AutoResizeHeight="True" causes page to scroll.
  • Turning off BackColor/ForeColor formatting in IE11 is impossible.
  • Image Properties dialog is empty with floated element in Chrome.
  • The Drag&Drop feature of text, images and tables is not working under IE11.
  • Dialog Security Exception in Medium trust.
  • Image Manager crop operation doesn't work in SharePoint 2010 with IE.


  • Selecting an item in FileExplorer thumbnails view should scroll item into view.
  • Select uploaded file when using AsyncUpload in FileExplorer.


  • Empty options from decorated selects by RadFormDecorator in Lightweight mode do not have arrow.
  • Empty options from decorated selects by RadFormDecorator in Lightweight mode do not have height.
  • Wrong dropdown appearance in Silk and Glow when the disabled element is hovered - applies background color and changes the height of the element.
  • RadFormDecorator's CheckBox and RadioButtons spacing, when the elements are horizontally placed.


  • When the saveAllChanges method of the Batch Editing Manager is fired, the OnCommand event handler is not called.
  • In RadGrid with multicolumn headers a header/column misalignment appears if column widths are set in percentage (IE7 only).
  • When the InsertVisiblityMode is set to AlwaysHidden for a GridTemplateColumn, the new items do not get inserted and the values in the template columns are not updated.
  • Header and data cells are misaligned in RadGrid with static headers.
  • Filter does not work when using a FilterTemplate and the DateTimeColumn's EnableTimeIndependentFiltering property is set to true.
  • RadGrid throws a JavaScript error when you try to navigate through the cells and ASP ScriptManager is used.
  • RadGrid bound to a null DataSource throws server error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • The dropdown in RadGrid's pager is not hidden for DetailTables when PagerStyle-Mode=NextPrevAndNumeric.
  • RadGrid includes not edited rows in the GridBatchEditing command.
  • In RadGrid after changing the skin with RadSkinManager, the "Page Sizes" dropdown in the pager is not rendered with the proper width.
  • RadGrid with FrozenColumns does not fire onScroll event.
  • RadGrid FrozenColumns feature does not work with hidden headers.


  • Added RadImageGallery Keyboard Support.
  • In case two image galleries are on the page (one with LightBox mode), the first opened image is wrongly rescaled.
  • ImageGallery in Thumbnails mode freezes when rapidly switching between images.
  • In RadImageGallery the show/hide thumbnail area button in some skins is not with the proper styles.
  • In RadImageGallery the Prev/Next buttons in the ImageArea in some skins are not positioned correctly.
  • ImageGallery is not responding when clicking rapidly between images and animation is set.


  • Height set on button click is not persisted after postback.
  • RadNumericTextBox parses wrongly its value, when it is on focus during the submit and it-IT culture is set.


  • Added RadLightBox mobile improvements.
  • If the Restore button is pressed when switching to a big image – image gets resized in case animations are used.
  • In IE7 Description label and Maximize button are “jumping” to the right when using IAF.
  • In IE7 the Close button is seen in the top left corner while Fade animation for Show is played.
  • When animation is used, image is resized in case you switch between two large images.


  • SelectedIndexChanged event is not fired when using the keyboard to change the selection.


  • FilterExpressions of RadListView cannot be added during ListViewCreating event when using client side binding.


  • Mobile improvements – adaptive behavior
  • In RadMediaPlayer when setting a custom skin a server exception is thrown.
  • In RadMediaPlayer when EnableEmbeddedSkin is set to false the buttons in the playlist are not sized correctly.
  • RadMediaPlayer cannot play video from absolute path in IE 7 and IE8.
  • Cannot add width and height in percentage for the Flash player.
  • RadMediaPlayer's Flash player in Opera does not put video in full screen.
  • RadMediaPlayer Volume Slider is unusable in IE11.
  • The function $find("RadMediaPlayer1").get_volume() returns 100 on initial load.
  • The function $find("RadMediaPlayer1").get_volume() does not return 0 when you decrease the volume to the minimum with the slider.
  • When YouTube video is loaded into the RadMediaPlayer and FullScreen="true" when the player is put in normal mode the video overflows the player.


  • Menu items start opening on mouseover when ClickToOpen="true" after the menu has been closed by calling its client-side close method.
  • When the document is in RTL mode, the RadContextMenu is not positioned correctly in IE and Chrome.
  • RadGrid exporting inside an iframe (RadWindow) when RadMenu is present on the page.
  • In Lightweight render mode keyboard selection with enter does not work.
  • In RTL mode the up and down button actions are inverted.
  • The CssClass is not rendered for menu items marked as separators.
  • Menu in light-weight render mode is missing vertical line in multicolumn sub-items.
  • RadMenu MultiColumn menu does have transparent background when Silk skin is used.


  • Improved the AppDataStorageProvider of PersistenceFramework.
  • RadPersistenceManager persists only the last applied sort expression in RadGrid.
  • Persistence Framework does not support two controls with the same ID.


  • GetDescriptionsDataCompleted event where the OLAP groups can be manipulated.
  • Property for setting max number of items returned into FilteringWindow.
  • Ability for changing the name of Configuration panel’s “More fields” group folder in OLAP binding.
  • Ability for removing “More fields” group folder and flat all child fields from it.
  • Ability to persist Filtered state of PivotGrid.
  • AllowNaturalSort for RadPivotGrid.
  • In RadPivotGrid the horizontal scroll is unable to scroll all columns.
  • Persistence Framework should recreate the RadPivotGrid fields.


  • Allow Rotator to correctly handle width in percentage.


  • Scheduler CSS issues when X-UA-Compatible tag is applied to a page for rendering compatibility.
  • ContextMenu add Appointment defaults to a 30 minutes appointment in server-side binding.
  • AppointmentComparer does not work correctly in .NET 4.5.
  • RadScheduler keyboard navigation does not allow going out of it once focused.
  • If the Resource type name contains "Date" and you try to group the timeline view by this resource a JavaScript error will be thrown.
  • RadScheduler setting MultiDayView-ColumnHeaderDateFormat property to any date format will do nothing when web service binding is used.
  • JavaScript error in RadScheduler Web Service binding when grouped by resources and switch from Dayview to Monthview.
  • Appointment resize doesn't work properly when appointment start time is not rounded up to minutes.
  • RadScheduler reminder - two appointments with reminders if you try to snooze the reminder for second time it will throw a JavaScript error because no appointment (reminder) is selected.
  • Bug in TimeLineView of RadScheduler only observed in IE8 - white borders of the time slots.
  • RadScheduler with EntityDataSource does not update the reminder field, all other fields are updated fine.
  • MonthView grouped by Resource: Exception is thrown when AddNewAppointment is selected from TimeSlotContextMenu and several slots are selected, when the insert form is rendered on the server.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Navigating through the controls on the AdvancedForms using the Tab key doesn't work in WebService Binding scenarios.
  • MonthView: Selecting multiple timeslots and inserting an appointment through the TimeSlotContextMenu doesn't work correctly when the InsertForm is rendered on the server.
  • RadScheduler WeekView misalignment when grouped by Date and Resource simultaneously and grouped vertically.
  • Function get_firstDayStart doesn't update its value in web service binding mode.
  • Wrong calculation of the end of series in the RecurrenceRule.
  • Setting EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet="false" for RadScheduler does not propagate this setting for the embedded calendar control.
  • Scheduler scroll area always has scroll in IE7 mode.


  • Improved ShowMore Results Functionality.
  • In IE9 SearchContext ComboBox expands and fills the entire SearchBox width.
  • RadSearchBox is not resized when the parent container is resized.
  • RadSearchBox width is incorrectly calculated when placed in RadWindow's content template.


  • Locking a free sized RadPane breaks the Splitter's rendering.


  • RadTabStrip disappears when closing Tabs when ScrollChildren functionality is enabled and closable tabs feature is implemented.
  • The TabStrip Drag-to-Reorder feature is not working in Chrome for Android.
  • The left border of RadTabStrip is missing when MetroTouch skin is used and the RadTabStrip has orientation VerticalLeft.
  • TabStrip throws a JavaScript error when it is disabled and tab click is called from the client-side API.
  • TabStrip's justify alignment and last item.
  • Newly added Tab at Client-side is not correctly sized when the RadTabStrip is configured with Align=Justify and Width=100%.
  • RadTabStrip last tab falls on the second row when the RadTabStrip is placed in a splitter pane.
  • Wrong background images in TabStrip with horizontal bottom orientation in RTL mode.


  • Added RTL support for TileList.
  • Navigating to a page and selection should not be possible when a tile is disabled.


  • Click events could be fired for disabled ToolbarButtons when using HTTP traffic recording tool.


  • RadTooltip and RadToolTipManager throw a JavaScript error when RenderMode is set to a value different than Classic or Lightweight.
  • ToolTip LightWeight CallOut not to be displayed when ShowCallout property is set to false.
  • RadToolTip LightWeight Glow and Silk close button position in IE11.


  • Performance improvements in RadTreeList
  • The property Height does not work correctly in RadTreeList
  • RadTreeList does not calculate correctly the colspan with hidden columns in EditMode.


  • RadTreeView re-bounces upwards on scrolling down to browse newly expanded items in iOS and Android.

Visual Style Builder

  • Integrated RadMediaPlayer with VisualStyleBuilder.
  • Integrated RadLightBox and RadImageGallery with Visual Style Builder.
  • The VisualStyleBuilder does not apply a background color for "Selected region" in RadSlider.


  • Embedded dialog resources when RenderMode is set to Auto.
  • RadWindow LightWeight Mode TitleBar height to avoid broken appearance in RTL mode.
  • The RadWindow Icon in BlackMetroTouch and MetroTouch is now a Window and not a Diskette.

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