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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2014 (version 2014.1.225)

February 26, 2014

Device Detection Framework (New)

Device Detection Framework helps you get information about the device screen dimensions of your web site’s or app’s users in CSS pixels. It tells you whether the screen is small, medium, large, or extra large, enabling you to serve different content for each. 

Page Layout (New)

Page Layout helps you quickly build your page layout on the server side, add responsive capabilities to your sites and apps and reduce network usage on mobile devices. 

Image Gallery (New)

Image Gallery helps you rapidly display collections of images by writing little to no code. The control features built-in paging, navigation, and a set of beautiful animations for a nice user experience. See demos

Responsive Web Design sample app (New)

New sample app that helps you to develop RWD sites with Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX.

All Controls

  • Adaptive capabilities in Scheduler and Menu.
  • Responsive capabilities in TileList
  • Elastic capabilities in Button, Dock, Form Decorator, Image Gallery, Notification, Social Share, ToolTip, Window (more to follow in Q1 2014 SP1).
  • Wrong links to demos and help in Design Time of Visual Studio.
  • Setting the RenderMode property to Auto when using French culture throws an exception.
  • Fixed compatibility with Bootstrap.
  • The obsolete built-in skins Transparent, Hay, Forest and Sitefinity are removed. You can find more information in this sticky forum thread.
  • ODataSettings part of the WebServiceSettings, used by the RadComboBox, RadListBox, RadMenu and RadTreeView are now obsolete. You can find more information in this sticky forum thread.


  • The function $create of controls with the same parent are invoked in a reverse order when RadAjax is used.


  • The File dialog of RadAsyncUpload could be opened only with double click under IE10 in an RTL scenario.


  • Added a throbber icon, which is shown while searching.
  • Added a property IsCaseSensitive that indicates whether the filter logic of AutoCompleteBox is case-sensitive or not.
  • If the dropdown is opened and more text is typed in the input, causing it to break to a new line, the dropdown position is not adjusted.
  • The TabIndex property of RadAutoComplete does not apply on the input of the control.
  • When AutoCompleteBox is empty and the Tab key is pressed, an empty dropdown is opened.
  • Issues with triggering RequiredFieldValidator.


  • When RadBinaryImage is placed on the page, it forces Visual Studio to generate an <assembly> node into the local resource file.


  • Added localization for RadCalendar.
  • The popup on RadDatePicker moves away when the page is zoomed in Windows Touch.
  • The layout of RadDatePicker and RadTimePicker is broken in IE11.


  • The Audio Detection is moved from Detection Framework into RadCaptcha to prevent ActiveX popup when it is not used.


  • Added uploading via Drag&Drop.
  • Added ability to create a custom AmazonS3, Azure or Everlive upload provider.
  • Amazon and Azure SDK's references, used by RadCloudUpload, are updated to versions and respectively.
  • RadCloudUpload does not pass WAVE validation.
  • Error notification is not rendered under IE.


  • The Client-side API is updated with a getter function "get_checkBoxes()".
  • RadComboBox with Label is not correctly measured under IE6 when container control is initially invisible.
  • Styles are not applied to Label elements in "Metro", "BlackMetroTouch", "Glow", "Office2010Black" and "Simple" skins.
  • Problematic rendering when the Render Mode Auto is explicitly set in the configuration of the control.
  • RadComboBox trims the text in the input, once the text is changed and a PostBack is fired.
  • With CheckBoxes enabled, the input is updated with the text of the highlighted item when using the Up/Down keys.
  • The arrow icon is visible even by setting the property ShowToggleImage to "false".


  • The ItemsRequesting, ItemsRequested, ItemsRequestFailed Client events are added.
  • The Keyboard support of RadDropDownList is not working with caps lock enabled.
  • When the selected item's text comes as HTML encoded from the server, opening and closing the dropdown without changing the selection breaks the text of RadDropDownList.
  • Under touch enabled devices the propagation of the "touch" event is not prevented, thus the element beneath the touched item gets touched as well.
  • RadDropDownList does not select properly an item in Chrome for Android.
  • When RadDropDownList is in a RadGrid, events are propagated for both controls.


  • Added a new property CloseDropDownOnSelection.
  • The nodes are checked on text click.
  • The selected node is scrolled into view.
  • Canceling the events OnClientEntryAdding and OnClientEntryRemoving does not prevent nodes checking in CheckChildNodes and TriState cases.
  • Initiate a postback only if there is a change in the selected entries when the property AutoPostBack is set to true.
  • RadDropDownTree is not focused when its access key is set in Chrome.
  • RadDropDownTree triggers a postback even if there is no change in the entries collection.
  • An invisible icon of the clear button in the Windows7 skin.


  • Format a single word with collapsed selection in RadEditor.
  • Added a PageProperties editor dialog.
  • The Subscript, Superscript, Foreground, Background, FontName and RealFontSize commands are now DOM based in order to produce more consistent content across browsers.
  • Improved tracking of commands by the RadEditor track changes functionality.
  • Improved RadEditor's rendering when it is shown via AJAX in an initially hidden parent.
  • Fragmentation of text nodes after using inline commands.
  • Inserting a link in a collapsed range would not add it to the undo stack.
  • When switching back to RadMultiPage that contains RadEditor with ContentAreaMode=DIV, the height of the content area shrinks under IE10 in IE8 standards mode.
  • Problem with text background under Opera.
  • Broken toolbar for initially hidden RadEditor inside RadPageViews under IE11.
  • The TemplateManager dialog is not functioning under IE11.
  • The command InsertCustomLink adds empty content of the inserted link in IE.
  • A memory leak in IE8 that occurs when the editor is used in tabs in a user control.
  • RejectAllChanges button rejects only the last change that has been made in IE11.
  • Accepting all changes is impossible in IE11.
  • The Bold, Italic, Underline, Subscript and Superscript commands do not work in a combination with EnableTrackChanges="true" and ToolbarMode="RibbonBar".


  • Added Fluid Design for RadFormDecorator.
  • Keyboard navigation of select elements is not working in IE11.
  • The label form element is decorated even if RadFormDecorator is configured to skip it.


  • Added a RadGrid BIFF format to support the Multi-Column headers feature.
  • The border at the bottom of RadGrid is missing, because the control does not calculate correctly its height.
  • Fixed misalignment in RadGrid in IE11.
  • RadGrid with frozen columns does not scroll after resizing of the window in IE.
  • When a local culture is using coma as decimal separator, RadGrid is throwing an exception on closing the EditFormPopUp.
  • RadGrid BIFF export treats cell values of custom columns as string.
  • When EditMode is set to Batch and a row is deleted, all LinkButtons do not trigger postback in Firefox.


  • Added new series types - Funnel, Box Plot, Radar, Polar.
  • Added Margin property for the PlotArea of RadHtmlChart.
  • Added an AxisCrossingPoints collection, which specifies the crossing points of the X axis and the multiple Y axes.
  • Added a Color property for axis and series labels.
  • Added PlotBands (marked zones) in RadHtmlChart.
  • Added a new Gap property to Bar, Column and RadarColumn series.
  • Added a new Spacing property to Bar, Column and RadarColumn series.
  • Added a new DateFormats property to AxisLabelAppearance.
  • Added new properties MinDateValue and MaxDateValue for DateAxes in RadHtmlChart.
  • Added Step and Smooth appearance of the line in Area, Line and ScatterLine series in RadHtmlChart.
  • The default value of the X axis Type property is now "Auto".
  • The BaseUnit property of X axis is updated with "Seconds", "Weeks" and "Auto" (default one) values.
  • The Margin and Padding properties can now be set with top, right, bottom and left values.
  • Setting MissingValues property to "Gap" has no effect for AreaSeries and LineSeries in RadHtmlChart.
  • Add "Center", "InsideEnd" and "OutsideEnd" positions for the labels of Pie and Donut series.
  • Strings representing dates are not converted to dates when RadHtmlChart is data-bound.


  • Security issue in ImageEditor that allows saving the image in an up-level folder. You can find more information in this sticky forum thread.


  • Added different text (label) positions.
  • Added full screen view
  • Added different types of animations.
  • Added design time support.
  • The LoadingPanel of RadLightBox is not affected by EnableEmbeddedSkins property set to false.
  • The iframe of RadLightBox is not loading if navigation buttons are disabled.
  • Item with NavigateUrl doesn't display if Next and Prev buttons are hidden.
  • LightBox throws a JavaScript error when the maximize button is clicked.
  • Newly added LightBoxItems to the items collection of LightBox do not get attached to the corresponding TargetControl.
  • RadLightBox control does not pass HTML5 validation.


  • Added Lightweight render mode.
  • Improved HTML5 validation of RadListBox.
  • Improved Load-On-Demand functionality.
  • The Items are hidden when Header or Footer Template is used under IE.
  • The height of the control is bigger than expected when the ListBox has a header and a footer template.


  • Added Playlist Support.
  • Added Banner Advertisements.
  • Added support for older browsers.
  • It is not possible to play videos on RadMediaPlayer when FullScreenButton or HDButton is hidden.
  • RadMediaPlayer does not recognize root-relative path with ~ for its Source and HDSource properties.
  • The client methods isEnded and get_fsActive of RadMediaPlayer do not return the correct value.
  • RadMediaPlayer could not be muted.
  • The Mute state of RadMediaPlayer is not preserved on postback.
  • The ProgressBar of RadMediaPlayer does not work correctly when the control is placed inside a RadWindow or a RadLightBox.
  • Text property is added to MediaPlayer when the control is inserted on the page via VS Toolbox.
  • RadMediaPlayer does not recognise root-relative path with ~ for its Poster property.
  • The Path property of RadMediaPlayer MediaPlayerVideoFile does not work.
  • The volume is turned on when moving Volume slider despite of the fact that the player is muted.


  • Added Adaptive mobile render mode.
  • Added ContentTemplate.
  • Fixed skins issues with RadMenu.
  • Menu items marked as separators fire events upon click.
  • RadMenu renders columns for child items in Chrome when EnableRootItemScroll="true" and Width="900px".
  • When an item is disabled, the toggle button works in both render modes.
  • RadMenu in lightweight render mode has small width of the drop down when its height is set.
  • RadMenu in lightweight rendering mode throws a JavaScript error when you try to hide a separator item.
  • Custom CSS classes are not applied to RadMenu's templated items.
  • In Lightweight render mode, the drop-down of an item with expand mode, set to web service, is not sized correctly.
  • Scrolling RadContextMenu with the mouse throws an exception when the DefaultGroupSettings-Width and DefaultGroupSettings-Height are set with only one item (or not enough items to show the scroller).
  • There is a double .rmDisabled class in the browser markup when an item is disabled.
  • RadMenu does not render the Separator.
  • Missing styles for sprite icons of items.
  • RadMenu does not apply any styles to its disabled items when the lightweight render mode is set (applies for all of the skins).
  • Displacing of items after hover effect by zooming Menu with Glow skin.
  • No menu icons are displayed when using single sprite file.
  • Missing styles in RadMenu for expanded items.
  • RadMenu's skin look is not consistent in the classic and the lightweight rendering modes.
  • The Selected property of RadmenuItem does not set the needed styles to the selected item with the Silk skin.
  • Vertical RadMenu flickers if there is only one item and it is hovered.
  • Clicking on the document does not collapse opened root items on a mobile device.


  • Added Fluid Design to RadNotificatrion.
  • Improved RadNotification's sprite to use the common RadActions sprite, instead of the local one.
  • When ContentIconUrl is used, the content icon is clipped because of a missing CSS class when the application is deployed under Windows8.


  • Added support for version 3 of OData.
  • Querying total count of an OData service, exposing XML formatted data, throws parse error.


  • The CSS class rocHidden in toolbar wrappers is with a dot before the class name.


  • RadPanelBar does not have styles for focused state of root elements.


  • Persisting settings of derived controls is not possible.


  • Added support for calculated fields.
  • Added support for Report filters in OLAP Filtering.
  • Added the OnDataProviderError event of RadPivotGrid.
  • Improved RadPivotGrid TotalFormats PercentOfColumnTotal and PercentOfRowTotal to work on sub-totals.
  • Pager background in RadPivotGrid (Silk skin) is not correct.
  • Fixed a RadPivotGrid exception in case four (and more) aggregates fields are added.
  • RadPivotGrid does not calculate its height correctly when the ConfigPanel is on top or bottom.


  • RadProgressArea does no work under Safari 7 (browser limitation).


  • Added a separate rendering for printing RadRating.


  • Loading items from XML loads nested MenuItems at one level.


  • Added a public method that will return the index of the currently shown item in the rotator.


  • Added Adaptive mobile render mode.
  • Improved UI experience on touch devices.
  • Improved HTML5 validation.
  • Fixed the resizing of all the series when RadScheduler is bound to a list.
  • Appointment positioning is broken in cultures that use "," as a decimal symbol.
  • RadScheduler does not have the modal look in Chrome when the AdvancedForm-Modal property is set to true.


  • Added a throbber icon to be shown while searching.
  • Added an IsCaseSensitive property.
  • Autocomplete functionality could not be disabled and then enabled on the client.


  • Vertical RadSlider throws a JavaScript error under IE7 when a handle is dragged.
  • The background SelectedRegion image is not repeating when RadSlider becomes wider.


  • Added RadSocialShare Fluid Design.


  • Provide responsive design for RadTileList to handle viewport resize.
  • When there are more than nine columns in a group of a TileList, the tiles form a second row.
  • When a RadTile has EnableSelection=false, right-clicking it will still apply selection appearance.


  • Fixed layout issues with MetroTouch skin in IE7.


  • RadToolTip with RelativeTo=BrowserWindow is not positioned correctly under Chrome.


  • Improved keyboard support to confirm with the W3C Specification.

Visual Style Builder

  • VisualStyleBuilder reports colors wrongly.


  • When a RadWindow with RenderMode=Lightweight is closed via JavaScript its resize handles remain available under IE.

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