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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2013 SP1 (version 2013.1.403)

April 3, 2013


  • Fixed: When more than one RadAjaxPanels are added on the page with set RestoreOriginalRenderDelegate to false only the last one performs Ajax requests.
  • Fixed: RadAjaxManager UpdateInitiatorPanelsOnly property does not work as expected


  • Fixed: When uploading several files at once, if you use OnClientFileUploading to cancel one of the files, the next don't get uploaded in IE (SilverlightModule)
  • Fixed: UploadResult not returned properly in the FileUploadedEventArgs
  • Fixed: Even if the upload is canceled the file is still uploading (with Silverlight module)


  • Added: Localization Support
  • Fixed: RadAutoCompleteBox doesn't work correctly with ASP.NET CustomValidators


  • Fixed: Make the ByteMode.cs of RadBarcode to be encoding independent, to be able to open the source in ANSI and compile it properly.


  • Fixed: the functionality of the client-side method set_checked in a radio RadButton.
  • Fixed: the client-side ASP.NET validation not being executed when it is initiated by a RadButton with ValidationGroup
  • Fixed: the raising of the RadButton Click event when the control is used on a master page and ValidationGroup property is set
  • Fixed: the tabbing navigation of RadButton
  • Fixed: the click triggering of RadButton when enter key is pressed in FireFox and WebKit browsers
  • Fixed: the client-side validation of RadButton when its CausesValidation property is set to false
  • Fixed: RadButton AccessKey attribute is rendered from the server and the control fails XHTML validation
  • Fixed: RadButton hover state in IE7 Metro skin
  • Fixed: RadButton Default type pressed state in IE8 wrong background image position


  • Improved: RadCalendar hover style to be applied over the selected style when hovering with mouse
  • Fixed: RadCalendar appends some of its styles on every hover for its special days.
  • Fixed: RadCalendar's keyboard navigation doesn't work in Opera.
  • Fixed: RadMonthYearPicker throws an exception when RadFormDecorator with rounded corners is enabled (IE8-specific)


  • Fixed: If AutoScale for an axis is true, after zoom operation, the resulting axis range might be different than the axis range selected by the user.


  • Fixed: RadComboBox in Load On Demand scenario - request for all items is not initiated when the selected item is deleted with the "Delete" button (Internet Explorer only)


  • jQuery is updated to version 1.9.1
  • Fixed: Visual Glitches in Metro, MetroTouch, MetroTouchBlack, Glow and Silk


  • Added: FindItemByText and FindItemByValue server methods to RadDropDownList
  • Improve: When DefaultMessage is not set RadDropDownList Preselects the first Enabled Item
  • Fixed: RadDropDownList does not serialize context properly when bound to WCF service.
  • Fixed: The id of the DropDownList's dropDown element contains the unique id of the control instead of the client id which breaks the validation.


  • Added: RadDropDownTree CreateEntry method on the DropDownTreeNode
  • Added: RadDropDown Entries and FullPath delimiters
  • Added: RadDropDownTree DefaultValue, SelectedText and SelectedValue properties.
  • Added: RadDropDownTree ToolTip for entry area.
  • Added: RadDropDownTree Clear methods on entries collections
  • Added: RadDropDownTree ExpandNodeOnSingleClick property
  • Added: Sync RadDropDownTree width with dropdown width.
  • Added: DropDown AutoWidth
  • Added: Hovered and Focused state
  • Fixed: When node is checked in RadDropDownTree and the user unchecks the same node after postback, a JavaScript error occurs. The DataValueField should not be set.
  • Fixed: After fast clicking on a the node's checkbox under IE (e.g. 3 time) the state is not changed correctly - RadDropDownTree
  • Fixed: When the control is disabled a JavaScript error occurs


  • Added: NonExistingFolder error message as Localizable
  • Improved: "Select", "Radio" and other form elements in RadEditor to become selectable in Firefox
  • Fixed: Redundant span tags are added to the content when changing the text font
  • Fixed: Paste From Word functionality does not work at all in Opera
  • Fixed: Improve the time for getting the pasted HTML in Chrome when paste from MS Word
  • Fixed: Pasting MS Word Table with empty cells in Safari problem
  • Fixed: WordListConverter does not convert the list to the correct listStyleType
  • Fixed: Inserting links is not possible from Hyperlink Manager in IE7
  • Fixed: RadEditor missing Sprite items and missing Styles for Apply CSS class dropdown
  • Fixed: RadEditor MetroTouch and BlackMetroTouch Select Disabled hover state and Selected disabled tool hover state
  • Fixed: RadEditor Glow and Silk disabled items hover state.


  • Fixed: RadFileExplorer Upload/Rename/Delete/NewFolder dialogs dimension when Silk and Glow skins are used
  • Fixed: the FileExplorer's AsyncUpload window rendering in Chrome
  • Fixed: FileExplorer crashes after clicking on the Refresh button in IE7 and IE8.


  • Fixed: RadFilter throws an exception when editors are created in Page_Init.


  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator BlackMetroTouch and Glow Background rfdZone
  • Fixed: Decorated inputs dimensions with Glow, Silk and MetroTouchBlack.


  • Added: DataFormatString should be taken into consideration when exporting RadGrid to Excel (BIFF) format.
  • Fixed: RadGrid's keyboard navigation doesn't work as expected in Opera
  • Fixed: When hierarchical GridTableView is filtered and other detail tables are expanded, the newly expanded detail tables get the current filter function and value of the filtered grid table
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not set correct DataType to GridCheckBoxColumn when it is not populated with data
  • Fixed: RadGrid incorrectly shows a DropDownList control that is initially hidden (display none)
  • Fixed: RadGrid disables browser copy feature when AllowMultiRowSelection property is set to True
  • Fixed: RadGrid onclick JavaScript is incorrectly set in hierarchy tables when OnCommand client-side event is specified
  • Fixed: RadGrid fires mousemove event on every mouse move in IE. Problem is caused by the RowResize functionality
  • Fixed: RadGrid's cell selection does not work with jQuery 1.9.1
  • Fixed: In Webkit browsers there is no resizehandler, when the RadGrid is placed in a few absolute positioned elements
  • Fixed: RadGrid could not select multiple items when the first row is selected and EnablePostBackOnRowClick is set to true
  • Fixed: VS crash when expanding the MasterTableView of RadGrid in the property grid
  • Fixed: RadGrid column styles are not applied when exporting
  • Fixed: When the RadGrid is bound to array of DataRows and grouping is performed the "Unable to cast object of type 'System.Data.DataRow' to type 'System.Data.DataRowView'." exception is thrown.
  • Fixed: GridMaskedColumn with EnableRequiredFieldValidation="True" and GridMaskedColumnEditor set, result in exception
  • Fixed: Filtering for GridCalculatedColumn does not work with data source controls other than SqlDataSource
  • Fixed: RadGrid GridColumn.HtmlEncode double encodes the string in edit mode


  • Improved: Setting the Axis color applies visual changes to the axis labels and the axis title.


  • Fixed: Dialogs content disappears after drag in IE
  • Fixed: Big images cannot be saved when the CanvasMode of the ImageEditor is set to "Yes"
  • Fixed: MSOCAF validation issues in RadImageEditor.


  • Improved: RadTextBox should treat the values from autocomplete of the browser as value of the control itself and not as display text.
  • Fixed: Dispose of RadAjaxManager to check if the items in the settings array are actually RadInputComponent.


  • Fixed: When put in a container which alters it’s ID, or in a master page or usercontrol, and assigned a LoadingPanel, RadListBox doesn’t show the loading panel.

Persistence Framework

The Persistence Framework goes official and offers:


  • Added: Two more values in PivotGridDataCellType enumeration: RowGrandTotalColumnTotal and ColumnGrandTotalRowTotal
  • Added: RadPivotGrid PivotGridDataCell - RowIndex and ColumnIndex properties for determining the data cell position in the data table
  • Improved: RadPivotGrid localization
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid does not clear correctly filter expressions of the filter window
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid throws error when it is bound to empty data and NextPrevNumericAndAdvanced pager mode is used
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid throws exception when GrandTotalsVisibility is set to None and hide all row fields
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid throws JavaScript exception in IE8 when bound to OLAP and drag a field from the ConfigurationPanel All Fields(TreeView) section
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid RowGroupsDefaultExpanded and ColumnGroupsDefaultExpanded work only for the first level


  • Added: Ability to resize appointments across multiple columns in Week/Multiday View
  • Fixed: Hourly recurring appointments combined with reminder get doubled when viewed under day View.
  • Fixed: RadScheduler reminder does not show up for appointments "older" than certain number of days
  • Fixed: RadScheduler whitespace at the bottom of day view with some specified properties set
  • Fixed: When setting different timezone to RadScheduler sometimes the MonthView does not render the days of the appropriate month properly
  • Fixed: get_slotsPerDay(), get_dayStartTime(), get_dayEndTime() functions don't return correct values for Resource and Date grouped MultidayViews (they return the values set for WeekView instead)
  • Fixed: RadScheduler's OnClientAppointmentClick event is not fired under mobile browsers (and IPAD), when Editing is enabled.


  • Fixed: When RadSearchBox is bound to WCF service the results are not properly serialized, and need to be normalized on the client.


  • Added: Pinterest as another social network


  • Fixed: The title of the Sliding Pane is not visible with RTL direction


  • Fixed: RadTabStrip last tab falls on the second row when ScrollChildren="true" and the browser window is being resized in IE9
  • Fixed: TabScroller is not initialized when adding items using "insert" method of RadTabCollection.
  • Fixed: RadTabStrip does not render scroll when all tabs are removed and then new tabs are added using client-side code.
  • Fixed: TabStrip width is not calculated correctly in IE9 (on window resize)
  • Fixed: Tabs don't change their appearance when the RadTabStrip is disabled
  • Fixed: Clicking a tab navigates in IE when the RadTabStrip is disabled.
  • Fixed: The set_enabled() client-side method toggles the RadTabStrip_[Skin]_disabled class.
  • Fixed: When adding RadTabStrip from the code behind with "width" property set, the last tab goes on the next row -only in IE9
  • Fixed: Scroller is not updated when tab are removed using client-side code and the scroll functionality is not needed.
  • Fixed: RadTabStrip does not provide "swipe" scrolling under Android devices.
  • Fixed: When scrolling is enabled and the tab collection is cleared using the "clear" method, the scroller is not disposed.


  • Fixed: RadTreeList's keyboard support doesn't work in Opera.
  • Fixed: RadTreeList column reordering does not work correctly when the first column is hidden
  • Fixed: RadTreeList resizing causes misalignment in IE7
  • Fixed: RadTreeList resizing causes misalignment when resizing a column to a width that causes scrollbars to appear
  • Fixed: RadTreeList resizing issues in Glow, Silk and Metro skins
  • Fixed: RadTreeList throws exception when perform sort operation


  • Fixed: Clicking the expand button quickly multiple times sends multiple requests for the items.

Visual Style Builder

The Visual Style Builder application goes out of Beta and offers:


  • Fixed: radopen() does not properly honor left and top for a modal popup and if left=0
  • Fixed: RadWindowManager radopen top and left parameters does not work on second call of the method with a same name parameter provided.
  • Fixed: AutoSize feature of RadWindow produces scrollbars in BlackMetroTouch, Glow, Silk and Simple skins
  • Fixed: RadWindow Metro Skin borders and Title Styles
  • Fixed: RadWindow position becomes incorrect in RTL mode when close and reopen the window consequently in IE9 and IE10.


  • Added: MaxJsonLength property to the XmlHttpPanel
  • Fixed: $telerik gets overwritten when loading RadControl inside RadXmlHttpPanel

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