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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2013 (version 2013.1.220)

February 20, 2013


  • Added: Ability to set the transparency on a RadAjaxLoadingPanel to 100 but retain the LoadingImage without transparency
  • Added: New "UpdatePanelCssClass" property to RadAjaxPanel and RadAjaxManager's AjaxUpdatedControl


  • Added: EnablePermissionsCheck property to AsyncUpload
  • Fixed: Rijndael algorithm is not FIPS compliant


  • Added: DataSourceSelect event
  • Added: Support for ModelBinding
  • Improved: Performance in server binding


  • Added: PDF Export for RadBarcode control + PNG Output Type
  • Added: RadBarcode Designer-time support improvements
  • In RadBarcode UPCA the first digit is not always set to 0 as per the standard
  • RadBarcode using MSIMod10 the check digit is not calculated correct


  • Added: A VisibleWithoutSource property for RadBinaryImage that provides an option to not render an <img> tag if there is no source for it.


  • Improved: ToggleState functionality - Added FindToggleStateByText, FindToggleStateByValue, SetSelectedToggleStateByText and SetSelectedToggleStateByValue server-side methods
  • Added: A client-side property that allows dynamically setting a ValidationGroup for RadButton
  • Added: A possibility for accessing the RadButton's click DOM event object
  • Fixed: Margin left in RadButton Metro Skin that breaks the button when it is clicked
  • Fixed: The background of dynamically disabled RadButton with specified Disabled Image
  • Changed: RadButton's rendering so it is HTML5 compliant


  • Added: RadCalendar Title Text Customization
  • Added: Functionality to the RadTimePicker to show only specific times in the time picker list
  • Improved: RadDatePicker PopupPosition should be respected when boundary detection is turned on and there isn't enough space in the viewport
  • Fixed: RadCalendar does not deselect from the column header when there is unselectable date in the column


  • Added: Lite rendering for RadComboBox
  • Fixed: When RadComboBox has default item and the first item is selected SelectedIndex and Text Change events are not fired
  • Fixed: RadComboBox does not save any zeros ("0") at the end of the typed string on post back under IE8 and 9
  • Fixed: RadComboBox throws a JS error in IE when being quickly blurred after AJAX request


  • Fixed: RadCompression appends double "gzip" header is some scenarios
  • Fixed: RadCompression does not allow excluding classic ASP headers without excluding ASP.NET headers as well


  • Added: Properties to RadDataPager button fields for setting ImageUrl to the First, Prev, Next and Last buttons when SEO paging is enabled
  • Added: Integration with RadDropDownList control


  • Added: Codeless long-term State persistence
  • Fixed: Visibility of the RadDock’s placeholder (shows where a dragged dock will be positioned if dropped)
  • Fixed: Transparency of Р° dragged RadDock


The new Telerik ASP.NET DropDownList component is a simple, easy-to-use and fast-performing drop down, which can be bound to any DataSource control, WebService, or custom object. See demos


RadDropDownTree is a dropdown component with a built-in tree. It can be bound through any DataSource control, DataTable or custom object that feeds it with hierarchical data. See demos


  • Added: New Title textbox in Set Image Options, Hyperlink and Image Pap properties dialogs
  • Added: New OnClientDomChange client-side event to the RadEditor control
  • Added: New dialog for creating and editing select HTML elements
  • Added: Public Export server method, which gets RadEditorExportTemplate parameter
  • Added: Styles for RadEditor EmptyMessage
  • Fixed: Bullets not pasted from Word correctly
  • Fixed: Pasting multi-level list from MS Word fails
  • Fixed: Pasting multiple list items separated by a paragraph from MS Word results in two separate lists
  • Fixed: Pasting multiple lists from MS Word results in one combined list
  • Fixed: Copy and Paste from MS Word 2007 does not preserve numbering and formatting
  • Fixed: Paste from Word removes spaces in Firefox
  • Fixed: Additional symbols are added to editor’s content when paste from Word and switch between the modes in IE9
  • Fixed: Tables not pasted from Word correctly
  • Fixed: When pasting tables from Word, the borders and background formatting is stripped
  • Fixed: Empty paragraphs are added to the pasted content in RadEditor
  • Fixed: Redundant paragraphs are added to the content when paste from Word
  • Fixed: RadEditor’s content not edited properly in Safari on iPad when ContentAreaMode is iframe
  • Fixed: RadEditor's content couldn't be edited when zooming in iPad
  • Fixed: TrackChanges styling when ContentAreaMode is set to Div
  • Fixed: LinkManager modifies the entered by the user Url in Telerik.Web.UI v.2012.3.1308
  • Fixed: Applying link to multiple list items (<li>) produces invalid HTML
  • Fixed: Applying link to multi-line HTML elements results in invalid HTML
  • Fixed: Raising of domChange event of Editor for phantom links
  • Changed: Raise domChange event for every newly created link in InsertLinkCommand


  • Added: New property to configure RadFileExplorer to allow/disallow changing file extension during Rename
  • Added: Additional argument to the event args of the move client-side event, so that "rename" operation is distinguished from the "move" operation
  • Added: Invalid characters validation for Rename
  • Added: Scrolling of the treeview pane while dragging a node
  • Improved: TreeView scrolling to display the currently loaded folder
  • Fixed: If Root Folder name contains URL special char it is not selected when used in InitialPath


  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator is breaking the appearance of buttons under IE6
  • Fixed: Checked property of decorated input checkbox is not respected in Opera


  • Added: RadGrid Mobile support for IE10
  • Added: Model Binding support for .NET 4.5
  • Added: Mobile Support for RadGrid Cell Selection
  • Added: Integrate RadGrid data pager with RadDropDownList control
  • Added: Export Caption Text When Using RadGrid BIFF Export
  • Added: RequiredFiledValidator and ModelErrorMessage auto generated validators which are rendered when a grid's item is in edit mode
  • Improved: Remove the gap above the scroll in RadGrid
  • Improved: Add functionality for exporting Barcode control to PDF
  • Improved: Export table caption text when using BIFF format
  • Improved: GridBoundColumn to set the ID property of the TextBox in TextBoxColumnEditor like "TB_ColumnName" where the ColumnName is the UniqueName of the column
  • Fixed: RadgGrid's column cell selection should be preveneted when column resizing has started
  • Fixed: The length of selected Cells Indexes is not calculated properly in IE7/8
  • Fixed: Sorting does not work from Header Context Menu when using Client Side binding like WCF Web Service
  • Fixed: Client side function set_visible() doesn't hides completely RadGrid rows.
  • Fixed: RadGrid multi row selection + keyboard navigation does not work correctly
  • Fixed: RadGrid Realtime resizing throws JavaScript exception
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not sort grouped data correctly when bound to SqlDataReader
  • Fixed: RadGrid could not filter GUID values when EnableLinqExpressions property is set to true
  • Fixed: RadBarCode could not be exported to PDF when IgnorePaging is set to true
  • Fixed: Columns with Visible="false" still increase the RadGrid's ViewState size
  • Fixed: RadGrid throws exception when user puts item from the MasterTableView into edit mode and then change page sizes from a page size combobox into a DetailsTable
  • Fixed: RadGrid is not focused when cell selection is enabled and the grid focus short-cut key is pressed (the default being Cntrl+Y)
  • Fixed: EnableViewState property of RadGrid does not turn off the ViewState of RadGrid instance
  • Fixed: RadGrid Client Grouping and Client Hierarchy do not work correctly when combined
  • Fixed: RadGrid document events for default text selection are not cleared when AllowMultiRowSelection is true and EnableDragToSelectRows is false
  • Fixed: RadGrid paging does not work when CurrentPageIndex is set to int.MaxValue / RadGrid.PageSize
  • Fixed: RadGrid layout is broken, when all columns except the template column are hidden.(IE, Chrome, Safari)
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not calculate its table colspan correctly when having NestedViewTemplate with Client load mode and columns hidden with Display=false
  • Fixed: Dragging RadGrid rows show additional empty area by using Virtual Scroll
  • Fixed: RadGrid group header expands horizontally more than expected when hiding columns on the client and then expanding a group
  • Fixed: GridClientDeleteColumn produces not relevant value for the ImageUrl property when in design mode
  • Fixed: RadGrid and RadlistView get all record from the database when it is bound via LinqDataSource or EntityDataSource control
  • Fixed: RadGrid automatically expands the detail tables when exporting to Word with hierarchical load mode set to Client
  • Fixed: RadGrid ignores column HeaderTemplate when exporting to CSV
  • Fixed: RadGrid raises an exception if a menu item is added to the HeaderContextMenu without "TableID" attribute.
  • Fixed: HeaderTemplate controls are rendered in reverse order when ExportOnlyData is true
  • Changed: Properties for invisible columns are not persisted in ViewState. See this forum thread for more details.


  • Added: Properties for controlling the visual appearance of axes labels and titles, series labels, chart title and legend texts
  • Added: Exposed the DataItem of the series item in the client-side events of the RadHtmlChart
  • Added: Exposed the datasource of the RadHtmlChart on the client through get_dataSourceJSON and set_dataSource
  • Added: More HtmlChart series types - Bubble, Donut
  • Added: Ability to control the color of each series item of the RadHtmlChart
  • Fixed: The Datasource of RadHtmlChart is not sent to the client if there isn't a series databound in the markup
  • Fixed: RadHtmlChart does not render properly under certain Cultures of the page when decimal values are used


  • Added: Drawing of geometric figures - Pencil, Line, DrawRectange and DrawCircle tools
  • Added: More filters: Sepia, Greyscale, Hue/Saturation
  • Changed: RadImageEditor New Tools sprites to be placed in Skins common folder and all skins to use one of the two options - Dark or Light depending on the skin


  • Added: MaskedTextBoxSetting to the RadInputManager
  • Fixed: RadTextBox set_maxLength() client method works only when TextMode="MultiLine"
  • Fixed: RadInputManager's NumericTextBoxSetting does not parse correctly custom decimal separators
  • Fixed: RadInputManager Designer has visual glitches when DPI of the monitor is different than 100%


  • Improved: Mac users can use Cmd key as Ctrl key in Multiple selection scenarios
  • Fixed: Inserting an item with the client insert() function doesn't update the checkedIndices property in the ClientState


  • Fixed: NewPageSize property of the RadListView always returns zero


  • Fixed: RadMenu's NavigateUrl property does not work in iPad, iOS, Android (FF and Opera, works only in Chrome)

New for All Controls

  • Added: New Silk, Glow and BlackMetroTouch Skins
  • Improved: Accessibility support improvements (better support for Section 508 and Level AA of the WCAG 2.0) in RadDatePicker, RadDateTimePicker, RadGrid, RadMonthYearPicker, RadTimePicker, RadPivotGrid, RadTreeList
  • Improved: WAI-ARIA support improvements in RadBarCode, RadBinaryImage, RadCalendar, RadDataPager, RadDatePicker, RadDateTimePicker, RadFilter, RadGrid, RadInput, RadMonthYearPicker, RadTimePicker, RadPivotGrid, RadTreeList
  • Improved: Design time improvements in RadBarCode, RadBinaryImage, RadCalendar, RadDataPager, RadDatePicker, RadDateTimePicker, RadFilter, RadGrid, RadInput, RadListView, RadMonthYearPicker, RadPivotGrid, RadTimePicker, RadTreeList
  • Improved: Export Infrastructure support for inserting new rows in an existing structure
  • Fixed: Performance issues when exporting images using the Export Infrastructure
  • Fixed: RadCombobox appearance is broken in RadGrid, RadPivotGrid and RadTreeList due to change of the specifity of its CSS rules
  • Fixed: When a RadListBox, RadTreeView or RadComboBox is placed inside an UpdatePanel and bound to RadODataDataSource, after partial postback the control doesn’t work correctly


  • Fixed: RadOrgChart is not ordered properly with expand/collapse under Safari6 (IPad)

Persistence Framework (Beta)

Telerik's ASP.NET Persistence Framework provides out of the box mechanism for preserving end user settings of RadControls, such as selected indexes, expanded states, position and so on between sessions. In addition you can save custom key-value pairs to fulfill your scenario requirements. See demos


  • Added: Templates support
  • Added: Model Binding support for .NET 4.5
  • Added: Client methods for finding items by CommandName/Argument; Add client methods for getting CommandName/Argument of items
  • Added: Integrate RadPivotGrid data pager control with RadDropDownList control
  • Added: Mobile Support for RadPivotGrid Fields Drag Drop for iOS (5 - 6) and Android - 4.0
  • Added: Mobile Support for RadPivotGrid Scrolling for iOS (5 - 6) and Android - 4.0
  • Added: Hierarchical PivotGridFields list
  • Added: Floating menu for fields
  • Added: Dialog for setting the Aggregate fields aggregate function
  • Added: Summarize By Settings Dialog and Functionality
  • Added: Support For Xmla Olap Binding
  • Added: Support For Adomd Olap Binding
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid's column header cells' expanded state is not calculated correctly
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid's height is not calculated correctly when it is set with the attribute height
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrids vertical scroll is hidden
  • Fixed: RadPivotGrid layout breaks when hide all data fields and add them to the column header zone


  • Added: get_commandName(), get_commandArgument() client methods to items supporting these properties
  • Added: findItemByCommandName(), findItemByCommandArgument() client methods


  • Fixed: In MonthView a multi-day appointment is not transferred to the client, if the appointment in the day when it starts exceeds the value of the VisibleAppointmentsPerDay property.
  • Fixed: AllowEdit=false"" does not work in RadScheder from 2012.3.1205 version the appointment still can be dragged
  • Fixed: Error in export to ICal ics file when the recurrence rule is set to yearly with specified month and day


  • Improved: RadScriptManager to combine external script references


Telerik's ASP.NET SearchBox is a simple input which has a default search button, though any customs buttons can be added to it. It provides API for displaying search results in a dropdown form based on the user input. See demos

SharePoint 2010 / 2013

  • Added: Internal editing for Look-up columns in all of the SPRadListView templates
  • Added: RadEditor, RadGrid, RadListView and RadScheduler Web Parts are migrated to SharePoint 2013
  • Fixed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object in the ImageManager when selecting an image in the content area and loading the ImageManager


  • Added: Zero position (reference point) of the RadSlider different from the left/right most point of the slider
  • Improved: The client-side API of RadSlider to allow adding and removing items


  • Added: Yammer button
  • Fixed: An error is thrown if you attempt to open the dialogs (e-mail, compact) from an external control by using toggleEmailPopup() or toggleCompactPopup() functions


  • Added: Model Binding support for .NET 4.5
  • Added: Server side SelectedIndexChanged event
  • Added: Confirmation dialog for TreeListButtonColumn
  • Added: Integrate RadTreeList data pager control with RadDropDownList control
  • Fixed: TreeListCalculatedColumn raises exception if RadTreeList is bound with LoadOnDemand
  • Fixed: The pagesize dropdown control in the pager should not fire validation


  • Improved: Mac users can use Cmd key as Ctrl key in Multiple selection scenarios
  • Fixed: RadTreeView client dragging and dropping under IE10 Compatibility mode does not work properly
  • Fixed: Clicking spacebar does not print an empty space in RadTextBox placed in a NodeTemplate


  • Added: Additional parameters option for radopen(): width, height, left, top
  • Added: CenterIfModal boolean property, which specifies whether a modal RadWindow is centered automatically or not


RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX adds a new Zip Framework which provides API for compressing and decompressing files, as well as streams. See demos

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