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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2012 SP1 (version 2012.1.411)

April 10, 2012

Common for all controls

  • Improved: jQuery version updated to 1.7.2
  • Fixed: Potential memory leak condition in IE8 or below
  • Fixed: Adding RadAjaxManager through the controls SmartTag throws exception

Installer and Visual Studio Extensions

  • Improved: All product installers' disk cost estimation
  • Fixed: Inconsistency in the toolbox groups naming
  • Fixed: AJAX Upgrade Wizard breaks Sitefinity Projects
  • Fixed: Scenario wizard fails when attempt to add a scenario through the Add New Item context menu
  • Fixed: Upgrade Wizard fails when there are missing tags in the web.config file


  • Fixed: "Estimated time" indicator of the RadProgressArea always shows 00:00:00, when uploading with FileApi
  • Fixed: MaxJsonLength could not be set to the serializer used by the AsyncUploadHandler
  • Fixed: RadProgressArea is diplaying "UploadingFiles"


  • Fixed: RadCalendar throws javascript error in IE with installed DivX
  • Fixed: RadCalendar's selected date is different in IE and other browsers after mutliple dates were selected and multiple selection gets disabled
  • Fixed: RadTimePicker's TimeView object does not refresh its visial selected date when date input value is cleared
  • Fixed: RadDatePicker throws exception when JavaScript is disabled and the user submits text in wrong format into the DateInput
  • Fixed: The width of RadDatePicker is not applied in IE Compatibility Mode, when a date is set from code behind


  • Fixed: The client-side object of the RadColorPicker is not created when it is placed in an inactive tab of TabContainer and it is set with PaletteModes="HSB"
  • Fixed: When in HSV and HSB modes the ColorPicker values can be dragged to -1 and 101/361 values
  • Fixed: RadColorPicker popup is positioned incorrectly in a scrollable container
  • Fixed: RadColorPicker KeepInScreenBounds would show up such that the palette tabs may stay hidden at the bottom of the page
  • Fixed: RadColorPicker palette popup is not positioned properly when it is set with ShowIcon="true" and it is placed at the bottom of a page


  • Fixed: When autocomplete is enabled for the RadComboBox (MarkFirstMatch=True, AllowCustomText=False, EmptyMessage="value"), the first item is duplicated when pressing TAB after selecting a second item
  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown when the RadComboBox is in Simple Rendering mode and its repaint method is invoked.
  • Fixed: RadComboBox client-side filtering to search through encoded HTML


  • Added: Enable privacy-enhanced mode option for YouTube videos in Insert External Video dialog
  • Fixed: When the ToolBarMode property is set to RibbonBar the borders of the editor's tools holder are hidden in Firefox
  • Fixed: All characters within style attributes are converted to lower case by the ConvertToXhtml filter
  • Fixed: DocumentManager removes the link placed above the current selection
  • Fixed: Editor Cell Properties StyleBuilder bug in IE8
  • Fixed: FormatBlock command does not strip unnecessary BR elements
  • Fixed: Initial enter does not move the cursor to the next line in IE8 when NewLineMode is DIV
  • Fixed: Insert hyperlink creates a new set of tags in Chrome and Firefox when editing an existing anchor
  • Fixed: Pasting lists from MS Word removes the anchors
  • Fixed: Problems with bullet creation when the previous sibling is an UL or OL element
  • Fixed: Shift+Enter shortcut does not work correctly in Safari
  • Fixed: Spellcheck Suggestions pop-up placed incorrectly in Chrome when ContentAreaMode is Div
  • Fixed: Table wizard does not work when heading rows is greater than zero
  • Fixed: The standalone table related buttons are enabled when the editor is not focused and break the editor when ContentAreaMode='Div'
  • Fixed: ApplyClass strips the selected image in Chrome
  • Fixed: Paragraph tag causes double breaks in RadEditor
  • Fixed: RadEditor color palette is missing in style builder dialog
  • Fixed: “Remove Align” does not work in Chrome
  • Fixed: Add Comment feature works only for the last editor on page
  • Fixed: RadFileExplorer in RadEditor's FileBrowser dialogs is not localizable


  • Fixed: FilterTextBox content is removed when paging through the filtered file items
  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown when ViewPaths and InitialPath are incorrect or missing
  • Fixed: MinimumValue should be smaller than MaximumValue error in Chrome after uploading an image
  • Fixed: Dialogs are not displayed in RTL direction mode
  • Fixed: After deleting folder its parent is not selected
  • Fixed: The content of the just deleted folder is displayed in a new folder with the same name and location created immediatly after the old folder deletion
  • Fixed: Deleted images are not cleared from cache
  • Fixed: Current item could not be selected on single click after upload of an already existing file
  • Fixed: RadFileExplorer custom content provider – Up folder item does not work and is displayed for the root folder
  • Fixed: Problem with determining if a FileExplorer item is Directory or File
  • Fixed: RadFileExplorer FileExtension Icon in Opera


  • Fixed: RadFilter with "postback on blur" makes an infinite recursion when the filter input is in SingleInputRendering mode
  • Fixed: RadFilter changeFilterFunction client-side method throws an error
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when postback on blur is enabled and expression is added


  • Fixed: RadTextBox width changes on hover when decorated with RadFormDecorator
  • Fixed: Width unifying for input type=image should be prevented
  • Fixed: The AjaxControlToolkit throws an error when clearing handlers from a checkbox that is decorated from the RadFormDecorator


  • Improved: RadGrid KeyboardNavigation + MultiRowSelection mimics file explorer behaviour
  • Improved: Meaningful exception is thrown when trying to select multiple items and AllowMultiRowSelection="false"
  • Fixed: When sorting a column, the arrows for asc and desc sorting appear together
  • Fixed: RadGrid appearance breaks in hierarchy mode when all the columns from a parent table are hidden using the header context menu
  • Fixed: RadGrid edit form closes during Update command when the command is canceled and set e.Item.Edit=true
  • Fixed: RadGrid design-time Editor closes itself if OpenAccessDataSource controls is used and you click on the MasterTableView editor
  • Fixed: RadGrid filtering with Entity Framework breaks when there are null values in the datasource
  • Fixed: RadGrid groups state is not persisted correctly when GroupLoadMode client
  • Fixed: RadGrid fires Delete command when a edit form input text control is focused and the delete key is pressed with keyboard navigation enabled
  • Fixed: RadGrid starts row selection on a right click
  • Fixed: Expand/Collapse CSS class does not change in IE6 when HierarchyLoadMode="Client" with FormDecorator
  • Fixed: Issue with items drag and drop
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when keyboard navigation is enabled and AllowRowSelect = false
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when RadGrid left arrow is pressed in edit mode and keyboard navigation is enabled
  • Fixed: Expand\collapse is not working when HierarchyLoadMode="ServerBind" and keyboard navigation is enabled
  • Fixed: NoRecordsTemplate does not show when RadGrid is bound client-side
  • Fixed: RadGrid allignment issue with static headers in WebKit browsers
  • Fixed: RadGrid automatically adds CellSelectionMode="None" when generating the schema from the datasource design-time
  • Fixed: GridClientSelectColumn does notr work well on iPad when scrolling is enabled
  • Fixed: RadGrid designer does not persist DataNavigateURLfields property of the HyperLinkColumn
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not sort enum values properly
  • Fixed: Groups expand/collapse does not work properly when GroupLoadMode="Client" with hierarchy expanded
  • Fixed: GridHyperLinkColumn, GridImageColumn, and GridAttachmentColumn set wrong DataType
  • Fixed: Clicking on an item causes the page to be scrolled up to the top in IE when keyboard navigation is enabled
  • Fixed: RadGrid multi-selection with [Shift]+click breaks when calling dataBind() for a second time after selecting
  • Fixed: RadGrid resizing and reordering do not work in Opera after scrolling
  • Fixed: Selection is wrong when keyboard navigation is enabled and AllowMultiRowSelection=true
  • Fixed: GridHyperLinkColumn renders redundant empty space when its ImageUrl property is set
  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown upon cell selection when Display="false" for a column
  • Fixed: An error is thrown when more than two GroupByFields are added in RadGrid
  • Fixed: RadGrid.MasterTableView.ExpandCollapseColumn's Visible and Display properties do not work when set in code


  • Fixed: PixelFormat, i.e. bpp, of the edited image is different from the original image when applying Crop and Resize
  • Fixed: Problem with positioning of RadImageEditor's tool dialogs
  • Fixed: Editing transparent GIF removes the transparency
  • Fixed: RadImageEditor throws an exception when used in web applications with Session disabled


  • Fixed: Auto postback does not work for [Enter] key when the value is not changed for the RadNumericTextBox
  • Fixed: Invalid value of RadDateInput is not properly cleared on the client when EnableSingleInputRendering="true"
  • Fixed: RadDatePicker is causing unnecessary blur for its DateInput when focused
  • Fixed: RadInput controls in grid filtering context menu should be 160 pixels wide
  • Fixed: Form AutoFill in Google Chrome does not work properly for RadInput controls
  • Fixed: In IE9 RadDateInput's value is not properly displyed when Enabled="false" and EnableSingleInputRendering="true"
  • Fixed: In Internet Explorer focusing hangs in recursion when SetFocusOnError="true" for several RequiredFieldValidators that validates RadInputs
  • Fixed: Next day is selected when using RadTimePicker that has MinDate set to 11PM on the current day
  • Fixed: Qurks Mode issues with single input rendering
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox's span is not shown when value is enterred, [Enter] key is pressed and the control is blurred (only when the decimal separator is ",")
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox's value overflows the input area when spin buttons are shown and horizontal align is set to right
  • Fixed: RadTextBox does not update its styles correctly when using set_value after empty message was shown
  • Fixed: Unable to type properly in RadMaskedTextBox after its text has been selected in Safari
  • Fixed: Validation for RadMaskedTextBox is fired on blur even though the text is not changed
  • Fixed: When ShowButton="true", the text entered in RadInput is not aligned correctly in IE8
  • Fixed: When using RadInputManager, the Value of inputs gets cleared after focusing if the ca ret was in the address bar of Google Chrome
  • Fixed: The Width of the RadTextBox should be automatially set to Auto when Columns property is used
  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown in IE7 when Enabled="false" for RadInput and the input is clicked
  • Fixed: When RadMaskedTextBox is disabled (Enabled="false") the vertical window scroll bar of IE9 is displayed
  • Fixed: Styles of RadDateInput are not changed properly if the control is ReadOnly and focused on Init and set_value() is used to change its value
  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown on initialize of RadInput in IE7/8
  • Fixed: The width of RadDatePicker is not applied in IE Compatibility Mode, when a date is set from code behind
  • Fixed: DefaultButton is not working when [Enter] is hit in the RadTextBox with single input rendering enabled


  • Added: Sort method for ordering Items based on a property/attribute value by using a lambda expression
  • Added: set_cssClass() and get_cssClass() methods to RadListBoxItem class
  • Fixed: A Design-time error when clicking on 'Add RadListBox' in RadListBox's SmartTag
  • Fixed: RadListBox client-side filtering does not search through items with encoded HTML as text
  • Fixed: When the TransferMode of the RadListBox is set to Move, the AllowTransferDuplicates property is ignored allowing duplicates to be transferred
  • Fixed: Attributes set on items are not preserved when items are moved from one RadListBox to another using transfer mode "Copy" (client-side)
  • Fixed: Client-side reorder using drag and drop does not work when alert message is invoked in the OnClientDropping event handler
  • Fixed: Disabled RadListBoxItem can be selected when SelectionMode="Multiple" and [Shift] key is pressed
  • Fixed: During server-side event "Reordering" Offset property does not work properly
  • Fixed: Issue with MarkFirstMatches - matching fails for the last item if there are too many items starting with the same letter
  • Fixed: It is possible to transfer disabled items when server-side transfer is used
  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown when using LoadOnDemand and press a key in the listbox
  • Fixed: OnClientSelectedIndexChanged/ing is always fired on subsequent clicks of the same item
  • Fixed: RadTextTox in ItemTemplate does not get focus when drag and drop turned on
  • Fixed: Up and Down arrows select disabled items
  • Fixed: When a textbox is in item template of RadListBox with SelectionMode set to Multiple, the [Space] button is not working
  • Fixed: ASP:DropDownList does not work in IE9 and Chrome when placed inside the ItemTemplate of RadListBox with EnableDragAndDrop=true
  • Fixed: When you bulk insert CHECKED items via the insertItems() client-side method the items are rendered twice on the page, even though the size of the items collection is correct
  • Fixed: When multiple selection is on and you drag to select items, disabled items also get selected


  • Fixed: RadListView client-side sorting does not work as expected in IE8 or below


  • Fixed: When removing item client-side its DOM properties are not disposed and when added again its children are not initialized properly


  • Added: Expand/collapse for groups
  • Fixed: New IDs are set to the template controls after the first postback
  • Fixed: Drop events are no fired when master page is used


  • Fixed: Events of the controls inside RadPanelBarItem do not fire after moving the item
  • Fixed: When PanelBarItem's Visible property is set to false and then back to true, the item looses its expanded state
  • Fixed: RadPanelBar ExpandHandle does not appear when addidng child items to a child item of RadPanelBarItem client-side


  • Fixed: When mouse scroll is used for scrolling, the rotator sticks
  • Fixed: The client-side itemShown event gets fired before the indices of the rotator items have been populated
  • Fixed: set_currentItemIndex method is not working properly when the RotatorType property is set to SlideShow and the SlideShowAnimation-Type property is CrossFade
  • Fixed: The scrolling behavior of RadRotator when ScrollDirection="Down" is set and it does not have enough items
  • Fixed: The scrolling of a RadRotator in a ButtonsOver mode when all of its items are added on the client
  • Fixed: In webkit browsers the up/down/left/right arrows can be used to scroll the content of the RadRotator out of its viewport
  • Fixed: RadRotator PauseOnMouseOver does not resume animation when the mouse leaves the items through the container div


  • Improved: New design-time wizards
  • Added: Slot selection for week and month views grouped by resource/date
  • Improved: Recurrence editor validation for numeric textboxes.
  • Fixed: Editing recurrent series in WebService mode populates the Advanced Form with the wrong values
  • Fixed: Appoinments style does not change to readonly when RadScheduler is in WebService binding mode and its ReadOnly property is set to true
  • Fixed: An error is thrown in the advanced form when the recurrence checkbox is checked and no radio button is selected (Hourly, Weekly etc.) with web service binding
  • Fixed: ModalDialog is not positioned properly when RadScheduler is with OverflowBehavior="Scroll" and it's higher
  • Fixed: RadScheduler RecurrenceEditor does not add new recurrence rule to an ocurrence from the first time when bound to WebService
  • Fixed: RadScheduler RecurrenceEditor not resetting properly the exceptions when bound to WebService
  • Fixed: ReadOnly property of the views does not work at all in Web Service binding mode and does not stop insert in server-side binding mode
  • Fixed: WebServiceAppointmentController.CreateRecurrenceException calls the Update and Insert methods of the provider with an ISchedulerInfo that is always SchedulerInfo even though a custom class is used, e.g. MySchedulerInfo:SchedulerInfo
  • Fixed: Issue in the ExactTimeRendering of the RadScheduler in TimelineView when part of the appointment is hidden in the beginning of the visible slots
  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown upon start dragging in month view of RadScheduler when gouping is used
  • Fixed: RadScheduler does not calculate start/end time of the day correctly when SelectedDate is in the transition week from winter to summer time
  • Fixed: RadScheduler with WebService binding resetting exceptions removes exception appointments but does not remove the exceptions to the recurrence rule
  • Fixed: Right clicking on the inline edit/insert form opens a time slot context menu
  • Fixed: Setting WeekView-ReadOnly to true makes DayView read-only too
  • Fixed: RadScheduler server-side error when trying to open the advanced form in some specific environments
  • Changed: The EnableCustomTimeZones property is renamed to EnableTimeZonesEditing so that it better describes its purpose


  • Fixed: Embedding data from the server-side in the ToolTip property of a RadSliderItem


  • Fixed: RadSocialShare Custom icons styles


  • Fixed: RadSplitter text color styles for nested splitters with different skins
  • Fixed: RadSplitter Black Skin slide content background color


  • Fixed: RadStyleSheetManager modifies the paths to the images in external CSS files


  • Fixed: An issue with unnecessary added iFrame inside the div when creating PageView client-side
  • Fixed: Focusing a tab (with access key for example) to select it under IE
  • Fixed: When removing a tab client-side its DOM properties are not disposed
  • Fixed: When the ReorderTabsOnSelect property is set to True and an ajax request is performed, the tabs are reordered
  • Fixed: Wrong tab is selected after client-side reordering and postback
  • Fixed: When you hide a tab using the client-side set_visible() method, the siblings have wrong CSS classes applied


  • Fixed: The raising of the client-side events 'itemClicking' and 'itemClicked' when the items are loaded via web service
  • Fixed: RadTagCloud's ItemClick server-side event is not fired under IE6


  • Fixed: Shadows do not work correctly for separate RadToolTip which is not created through the RadToolTipManager


  • Improved: RadTreeList Export to PDF Item/Cell Decoration
  • Added: Worksheet-specific options in RadTreeList Excel export
  • Added: Support for expand/collapse images in ExpandCollapseCellStyle for RadTreeList Excel export
  • Fixed: TreeList issues with reordering and resizing
  • Fixed: RadTreeList "No records to display" text shows twice when AllowScroll and UseStaticHeaders are sett to true
  • Fixed: RadTreeList resizing does not preserve columns' width after postback when called through the API
  • Fixed: RadTreeList multi-column sorting does not work.


  • Added: EnableNodeTextHtmlEncoding property which indicates whether to Html encode the text of nodes


  • Fixed: In IE7 when EnableFileInputSkinning is set to false the first input is not visible


  • Fixed: Server-side RadPrompt throws a JavaScript error for some values set for initialValue parameter
  • Fixed: When OnClientClose is set and Tools->Generate local resources is used in design time, Visual Studio incorrectly adds the obsolete OnClientCallbackFunction property in the markup


  • Fixed: The escaping of a string passed to a RadXmlHttpPanel via its client-side method set_value()

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