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UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2012 (version 2012.1.215)

February 15, 2012

Common for all controls

  • Improved: CSS resources minification
  • Fixed: Design-time wizard is not able to extract the embedded skin names from Telerik.Web.UI.Skins assembly for some controls


  • Improved: RadAjax control Visual Studio designer
  • Fixed: RadAjaxManager fires OnResponseEnd for a canceled AJAX request when an AJAX-ified RadToolTipManager shows a tooltip


  • Fixed: Modifying _maxFileSize on the client may lead to chunk uploading files larger than allowed


  • Added: RadBinaryImage CropPosition property specifying the cropping position when ResizeMode="Crop"
  • Added: RadBinaryImage Fill transformation


  • Fixed: When set dynamically the FocusedDate property of RadCalendar with multi month view is not applied before the next PostBack
  • Fixed: The navigation buttons of RadCalendar in rtl mode are only visible when hovered over them (only with Metro skin applied)
  • Fixed: When calling the showPopup(x, y) function of RadDatePicker inaccurate image is displayed at the bottom right corner of the popup


  • Fixed: RadColorPicker right-to-left – the ‚#’ sign is not placed properly beside the color code


  • Fixed: RadComboBox width is incorrect when simple rendering and label are used
  • Fixed: RadComboBox triggers validation if its selection changes on the client and a Button with CausesValidation="False" postbacks
  • Fixed: Width issue of the combobox in simple rendering mode in IE9 Compatibility View


  • Added: Ability to move cursor beyond table in Design Mode - FireFox
  • Added: FormatSets dropdown, which is a combination between apply class and paragraph.
  • Added: Ability to add comments for certain content
  • Fixed: ApplyClass command changes the class name of RadEditor's content area when ContentAreaMode is set to DIV.
  • Fixed: ShowOnFocus toolbar appears and disappears twice when RadEditor is placed in RadSplitter
  • Added: Image Manager thumbnail view for RadEditor


  • Added: Thumbnails ExplorerMode to the FileExplorer
  • Fixed: TreeView ContextMenu is not shown after it has been disabled and enabled dynamically
  • Fixed: Initially visible upload fields
  • Fixed: Calling deleteItem(path) method throws JavaScript error
  • Fixed: RadFileExplorer throws JavaScript error when it is shown during Ajax requests


  • Fixed: RadFilter generates two or more field editors for a GridCalculatedColumn


  • Added: support for input with types url, search, tel and email
  • Improved: RadFormDecorator default text input width set to 160 pixels (when width is not exlicitly specified) in order to unify the input width of the different Telerik input controls


  • Added: RadGrid cell and column selection
  • Added: RadGrid.GetBindingData overloads to sort, filter and page IQueryable collections
  • Added: FilterDateFormat property for GridDateTimeColumn
  • Improved: Setting Browsable=False to GridClientSelectColumn properties that are not functional
  • Improved: RadGrid Visual Studio designer with support for automatic field names extraction when bound with DataSourceID
  • Fixed: RadGrid's ItemCommand event does not fire when initiating insert client-side
  • Fixed: Filter menu in RadGrid goes off-screen on mobile Safari
  • Fixed: GridAttachmentColumn throws an exception on download if the binary attachment value is null or empty byte array
  • Fixed: GridHyperLinkColumn throws an exception during databinding if RadGrid is bound to a base interface collection
  • Fixed: The GridDateTimeColumn’s CurrentFilterValue and AndCurrentFilterValue properties are not set on HeaderContexMenu’s filter item when column’s PickerType is set to TimePicker
  • Fixed: RadGrid column aggregates do not work correctly with multiple grouping
  • Fixed: RadGrid keyboard navigation makes infinite loop when the Enter key is pressed and the focus is into INPUT in the GridEditForm
  • Fixed: In a grouped RadGrid the 'First' and 'Avg' aggregate functions are not correctly applied when a group is spaned in more than one page
  • Fixed: When RadGrid is grouped with EnableLinqGrouping set to true, field alias is required for an aggregated field when more than one select fields are added
  • Fixed: RadGrid horizontal scrollbar disappears when using frozen columns and expanding the browser window after scrolling to the right
  • Fixed: RadGrid export to PDF throws an exception when the Skin property is set to empty string
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not update the PageSize combobox when page size is set programmatically in a SEO paging scenario
  • Fixed: LINQ grouping does not work as expected when more than one GroupByField is specified in a single group expression
  • Fixed: RadGrid group split text indicating that a group spans on multiple pages is not correct when there is only one page of data
  • Fixed: Grid columns' HeaderToolTip is not working when AllowSorting="false" and AllowColumnResize="true"
  • Fixed: GoToPageTextBox width and height in the pager item are not calculated properly when Single Input Rendering is enabled
  • Fixed: Incorrect no records item width when UseStaticHeaders property is set to true


  • Added: Functionality to create custom image operations to edit the image on the server
  • Added: Functionality to override the default server-side CacheImage Provider of the ImageEditor
  • Added: New ExternalDialogsPath property that will enable the users to load dialogs from custom location
  • Added: Upper and Lower zoom bounds for controlling the zoom range
  • Improved: "Best Fit" Zoom to stretch the image when the image dimensions are smaller than the dimensions of the editable area
  • Fixed: InsertImage dialog throws JavaScript error when the RadImageEditor is in Right-To-Left mode


  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox applies scientific notation on focus and wrong value on blur when DecimalDigits and AllowRounding are set and value like 0.0000001 is entered
  • Fixed: TextChanged event of RadMaskedTextBox is fired without reason first time when the form submits.
  • Fixed: RadTextBox missing bottom-border in IE 6
  • FIxed:TextBoxMaxLength and TextBoxMode does not apply for GridTextBoxColumnEditor when set on ItemCreated event of RadGrid
  • Fixed: InvalidTextBoxValue property for RadDateInput does not work when EnableSingleInputRendering="true"
  • Improved: Single input rendering mode is enabled by default for all RadInput controls


  • Fixed: Inheriting RadListBox and adding custom controls with the CreateChildControls always leads to a ViewState corruption


  • Added: RadListView client-side databinding to arrays and web services
  • Fixed: RadListView does not render any content initially in design mode and cannot be selected in the design surface in Visual Studio
  • Fixed: RadListView erroneously generates ClientSettings.DataBinding.ItemPlaceHolderID in design mode
  • Fixed: RadListView should warn on closing the layout editor that the templates, data key names and other properties will change


  • Added: New server Show method which allows single client change of text (not kept in ViewState, works on AJAX request without update of RadNotification)
  • Improved: ContentIcon and TitleIcon properties resolve relative paths
  • Fixed: RadNotification with ShowSound throws JavaScript error when the server Show() method is called
  • Fixed: In some scenarios, if close or menu icon is clicked after a js error has occurred, a postback is performed


  • Added: Drag-and-drop functionality for RadOrgChart
  • Added: Expand/Collapse functionality for RadOrgChart


  • Fixed: RadPanelItem.Expanded="true" does not take effect when there are both a HeaderTemplate and a ContentTemplate in the item and it does not have items and text.


  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown when setting RibbonBar.Visible property to true


  • Improved: Client-side API - added methods for removing items from the Rotator's Items collection


  • Added: OData binding for RadScheduler
  • Improved: Enhanced Time Zones support


  • Fixed: RadScriptManager outputs the CompositeScript at the end of all scripts instead of right after the AJAX framework scripts when script combining is ON (which is the default value)


  • Added: LinkedIn standard third party share button
  • Added: Ability to set new url and title for a separate custom button in the OnClientClicking event
  • Added: Client-side ability to dynamically change url and title to share [priorities are kept & third party buttons are reloaded accordingly]
  • Added: Localization for both custom and standard third party buttons
  • Improved: Reduced the data sent from the server when global settings are used
  • Improved: Positioning of dialogs when the browser is not maximized
  • Fixed: Facebook Like and Send do not show after updated with AJAX
  • Fixed: Relative UrlToShare in the main tag is not resolved


  • Fixed: First click event not propagated inside sliding pane under iOS5
  • Improved: Base CSS styles removed from skin specific files to the base stylesheet to reduce the filesize of the skin specific files


  • Fixed: RadStyleSheetManager incorrectly combines Telerik skin css files from the Telerik.Web.UI.Skins assembly


  • Improved: EnableShadow default value changed to true
  • Improved: RadToolTip Close button look and feel and button position
  • Improved: Set default padding and/or margin to the content area and Tooltip title element for better UI and visualization


  • Added: Functionality to export to Excel
  • Added: RadTreeList column resizing feature
  • Added: RadTreeList show/hide columns on client functionality
  • Added: RadTreeList column reorder functionality
  • Added: Columns reordering functionality for RadTreeList
  • Fixed: RadTreeList client-side TreeListDataItem.get_isRoot() property does not return correct value in some cases
  • Fixed: Expand button positioning and missalignment issue in RadTreeList in IE6 and IE7
  • Fixed: The width of RadTreeList with StaticHeader is not liquit in Chrome
  • Fixed: TreeListImageColumn and TreeListHyperLink columns DataUrlFields are not found when LoadOnDemand is implemented with DataTable in RadTreeList
  • Fixed: GoToPageTextBox width and height in the pager item are not calculated properly when Single Input Rendering is enabled


  • Added: Checked property to the RadTreeNodeData class
  • Fixed: Apply proper CSS styles when the last node is invisible
  • Fixed: Calling node's methods causes javascript error if the node is not already added to the treeview
  • Fixed: Calculating checked state of node with all children uncheckable doesn't work properly
  • Fixed: 'Plus' image still visible in a tree node that has child nodes, but all of them have Visible='false'
  • Improved: RadTreeNode's text is not HTML-encoded when created through ServerSideCallback expand. See this forum thread for details.


  • Added: Ability to easily change or remove the image in radalert and radconfirm (both in client and server calls)
  • Improved: Bottom resizer is shown only when resizing is enabled
  • Fixed: AutoSize does not work correctly when a custom border is applied to the wrapper DIV element
  • Fixed: RadWindow with NavigateUrl does not look and work correctly under iOS5
  • Fixed: Left and Top are reversed in the cascade() method
  • Fixed: Maximized RadWindow incorrectly shows resize arrows on resizers' hover


  • Fixed: Cannot pass numbers to the set_value() method when using RadXmlHttpPanel in ASP.NET callback mode

SharePoint 2007/2010

  • Added: [SharePoint2010] Client-side binding for SPRadScheduler WebPart.
  • Improved: [SharePoint2010] SPRadGrid WebPart enhancements

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