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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2024 Q1 (version 2024.1.131)

January 31, 2024


  • New Chip Component
  • New ChipList Component
  • Support for embedding file streams with PdfProcessing library.
  • The current 2024 Q1 is the last release that supports .NET Framework versions 4.6.1 and older. The next 2024 Q2 release will support applications targeting .NET Framework 4.6.2 and above.

AJAX VSX Extensions

  • VSX: Missing Visual Studio menu commands


  • Shift+Left modifies text selection inconsistently in RadEditor
  • Odd behavior when highlighting text in RadEditor
  • Remove External Image Sources within Telerik.Web.UI.dll for Enhanced Security
  • Flash FLV format is no longer supported


  • RadGrid cannot be scrolled horizontally using keyboard
  • Columns and Filter context sub-menu items do not expand on tap
  • Remove underscores/dashes from Column aria-label properties


  • Uncaught TypeError: Right-hand side of instanceof is not an object


  • Exposed the IsBold property of FontBase.
  • Added support for embedding ZUGFeRD invoices.
  • Introduced support for embedding file streams.
  • An unwanted Stopwatch is contained in the DocumentCatalog class.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when getting the hash code of CFF font`s UnderlineThickness.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown on import because the value of the TransformMethod property is not obtained when Refence is set as an indirect reference.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown on export because the value of TransformMethod property is not obtained.
  • A NotSupportedException is thrown when decoding a CalRgb ColorSpace image.
  • Missing characters when exporting a document containing different font types but with the same name and properties.
  • Import-export specific document with Type1Font mangles text.
  • DrawTable is not setting the HasPendingContent property correctly.
  • Some characters in Wingdings (or custom) font are exported with a different font.
  • Wrong font file loaded when CidType2Font with Standard name.
  • An OverflowException is thrown when importing a document with a signature that has an empty Location string.
  • An InvalidOperationException is thrown when rerendering an encoded image.
  • An IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when concurrent accessing the FontsRepository.RegisterFont method from different threads.
  • An endless loop when trying to parse image data between ID and EI keywords.
  • An Exception is thrown when trying to import a file generated with the PdfProcessing library from HTML.


  • The XlsxFormatProvider.Import method closes the stream passed to it as an argument.
  • An InvalidOperationException is thrown: The axes are incorrectly paired exception on import.
  • Left and Top-most borders are not rendered when exporting to PDF.
  • A System.ArgumentException is thrown when protecting a sheet in an async scenario.
  • An InvalidOperationException is thrown in files where the Comments part is imported after the ThreadedComments part.
  • А FormulaParseException when importing XLS document containing #REF error in the formula.
  • OpenOffice cannot open the generated XLSX files.


  • The dom event is now available in the click and double click event arguments


  • Introduced а mechanism to replicate the whole row when a nested mail merge is executed on a table with only one column.
  • Inline image surrounded by bookmarks is incorrectly measured when the document contains numbering fields.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when a nested mail merge group starts inside a table and ends outside the table.
  • Merge field group in a single table cell causes it to replicate more times than expected.
  • PdfFormatProvider: Exception is thrown when converting a table with empty runs in the cells.
  • The list item (HTML) that contains a paragraph is shown on the next line when exported to PDF.
  • Importing a DOC file where the entire content is in a table, leads to an endless loop.
  • Having an empty list in HTML documents breaks the other lists' numbering during import.
  • Fonts that are not surrounded by curly braces cannot be imported in the RTF format.
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when importing documents containing linked picture references.


  • Added support for extraction of AES-encrypted archives.
  • A System.NotSupportedException is thrown when trying to serialize a class into an ArchiveEntry stream.
  • Changed GetCryptoProvider() method signature. It now accepts EncryptionSettingsBase instead of EncryptionSettings.
  • Removed long-time obsoleted classes: CompressionType, ZipCompression, ZipInputStream, ZipOutputStream, ZipPackage, ZipPackageEntry. Use ZipArchive, CompressedStream, and ZipArchiveEntry instead.

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