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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2011.1413

April 12, 2011

Common for all controls

What’s New

  • Added: Updated the internally used jQuery to 1.5.2
Visual Studio Extensions Icon

Installer and Visual Studio Extensions

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Installation failure when User Account Control (UAC) is turned ON
  • Fixed: Resource Deployment CA fails when .NET20 missing
  • Fixed: Incorrect reference path added when running the AJAX UpgradeWizard in VS2010
RadAjax Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: IE9 transparent issue with loading panel
  • Fixed: RadAjaxLoadingPanels are not showing right when there are multiple ajax request in the queue
RadAsyncUpload Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadAsyncUpload cannot upload zero byte files (Silverlight module)
  • Fixed: The ContentType property of UploadedFile returns Null if async upload doesn't manage to match extension to mime type
RadCalendar Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadCalendar throws exception when EnableKeyboardNavigation="true" and ShowRowHeaders="false"
  • Fixed: RadMonthYearPicker fires OnDateSelected for invalid dates
  • Fixed: RadDatePicker with Culture = "Portuguese (Portugal)" and DisplayDateFormat="D" changes its selected date when a submit button is clicked
  • Fixed: OnPopupClosing event while Calendar popup gets closed
RadEditor Icon


What’s New

  • Added: Border-collapse dropdown to the StyleBuilder dialog
  • Improved: Split cells horizontal and split cells vertical icons

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: ConvertToXHTML filter adds empty tags "< >< />" in IE9
  • Fixed: IE9 IMG and HR closing tag added by ConvertToXHTML content filter
  • Fixed: IE9 JS error in OnResizeEnd. There is no this._resizeSelection.parentElement method
  • Fixed: IE9 PasteHtml bug
  • Fixed: ImageMap circle area shape in IE9 (canvas should be used)
  • Fixed: pasteHTML converts \t, \n, \r, and additional " " to <br> or   elements in IE9
  • Fixed: MakeUrlAbsolute content filter throws an error in Internet Explorer 9 when working with full html content
  • Fixed: Odd Behaviour with P and Span tags
  • Fixed: TableWizard problem with tables pasted from MS Word
  • Fixed: StyleBuilder integration within TableWizard produced wrong css for tables
  • Fixed: Table Properties fail to work after copy from Word 2010
  • Fixed: ImageEditor dialog's Restore Image button throws a JavaScript error in FireFox
  • Fixed: Problem with switching between Design / HTML / Preview mode in Opera when RadEditor is in full screen mode
  • Fixed: Media dialogs missing tooltips for the preview and properties tabs
  • Fixed: ApplyClass tool breaking change in 2010 Q3 SP2 release
  • Fixed: Standalone and built-in editor dialogs do not localize the [X] button
RadFileExplorer Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: The size of the RadUpload control in the Upload dialog (IE9 issue)
RadFormDecorator Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Subsequent updates of the options list for a select element do not occur
  • Fixed: Javascript exception if button is decorated
  • Fixed: Dispose of button events when combined with other event handlers
  • Fixed: RadFormDecorator overwrites any custom documentElement className
  • Fixed: updateSelect method removes the decorated select, instead of updating it
  • Fixed: Items in a decorated list box look like not selected in Chrome, Opera and Safari
RadGrid Icon


What’s New

  • Added: Property to hide the duplicate caption text in popup edit form (EditFormSettings.PopUpSettings.ShowCaptionInEditForm)
  • Improved: Updated grid's visual designer to provide support for grouping and client settings
  • Improved: RadGrid wizard designer with convert column to template column functionality
  • Improved: Support for setting default font when exporting RadGrid to PDF format

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Expand does not work when item is in edit mode and HierarchyLoadMode is set to Client
  • Fixed: GetNumericPager method of GridPagerItem will throw an exception unless the pager Mode is "NumericPages"
  • Fixed: In RadGrid design time when AllowCustomSorting is set in the properties window, AllowCustomPaging is displayed at the bottom of it
  • Fixed: On initial load RadGrid renders group footer items for sub-level groups even when parent-level group items are collapsed
  • Fixed: RadDatePicker controls inside HeaderContextFilterMenu change their culture setting on postback
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not create GridNumericColumn for int data type when AutoGenerateColumns="true"
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not provide design time editing support for FilterTemplate of GridBoundColumn
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not support semicolon (";") and bar ("|") characters in the filter
  • Fixed: Scrolling with static headers - header cells are displaced in Firefox 4 and Opera 11
  • Fixed: RadGrid triggers column reordering after resizing beyond left cell border
  • Fixed: Keyboard navigation conflicts with dropdownlist navigation
  • Fixed: Performance degradation with enabled scrolling on window resize in IPad
  • Fixed: RadGrid throws an error when ClientSettings.AllowKeyboardNavigation = "true" and style="visibility:hidden"
  • Fixed: Exception when using named anchors with PDF export in some scenarios
  • Fixed: Exception when exporting images hosted on HTTPS website (PDF export)
  • Fixed: Loading Icon in RadGrid's status bar is showing when exporting from ajaxified grid and stays until the next ajax call
RadInput Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Cannot tab out from inputs in RadGrid pager (Firefox only)
  • Fixed: RadDatePicker built-in validation fails when EmptyMessage is set
  • Fixed: RadInputManager - ErrorMessage is not shown with WebServices validation
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox fires TextChanged event twice in IE when AutoPostBack="true" and Enter is pressed after its value is changed
  • Fixed: Typing in RadMaskedTextBox does not work as expected in IE9
  • Fixed:: RadMaskedTextBox - cannot set the Text property programmatically when the TextMode is MultiLine
  • Fixed: RadMaskedTextBox - incorrect caret position with MultiLine text mode in IE9, Chrome and Safari
  • Fixed: RadInput with ReadOnly="true" does not persist its value on postback when it is set via client-side set_value() method
  • Fixed: RadMaskedTextBox does not fire OnError client-side event when mask parts are used and invalid character is entered
RadListBox Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Pressing CTRL + SHIFT (optionally) + left/right arrow on selected item hides the item
  • Fixed: "Add RadListBox" button in the RadListBox smart tag is throwing an exception when clicked
RadRibbonBar Icon


What’s New

  • Added: RadRibbonBar>RibbonBarMenuItem>NavigateUrl property
  • Added: DisabledImageUrl and DisabledImageUrlLarge as properties to RibbonBarItem

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: JavaScript error when a RibbonBarGroup's Visible property is set to false
  • Fixed: Server-side exception thrown when a RadRibbonBar is added dynamically to the page on postback for the first time
  • Fixed: RibbonBarItem's image urls are not resolved
  • Fixed: RadRibbonBar's groups disappear after an AJAX postback even if the control is not updated
  • Fixed: The CssClass property does not render on any of the following: RibbonBar, Group and all Items
  • Fixed: RadRibbonBar does not take into consideration invisible buttons when firing its ButtonClick event
  • Fixed: The client-side findItemByText method to search through all Tabs
  • Fixed:: RibbonBarMenuItem - click on item with NavigateUrl doesn't navigate
  • Fixed:: RibbonBarSplitButton - the buttons are not rendering their images
  • Fixed: ToggleList and ButtonStrip, if disabled, to disable their child Buttons as well
  • Fixed: Server error on button click when group has Visible=False
  • Fixed: JavaScript error in IE8/IE9 compatibility view when a Group does not have Text
RadSiteMap Icon


What’s New

  • Added: Disabling of all SiteMap nodes when the Enabled property of RadSiteMap is set to false

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Smart Tag is not shown if a ListLayout-RepeatColumns property is set on a SiteMapLevelSetting tag
RadTabStrip Icon


What’s New

  • Improved: scrollIntoView() RadTab client method
RadToolTip Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: When relativeTo="BrowserWindow" and the page is scrolled, incorrect position is calculated under Safari (both on PC and mobile device)
RadTreeList Icon


What’s New

  • Added: RadTreeList property to hide the duplicate caption text in popup edit form (EditFormSettings.PopUpSettings.ShowCaptionInEditForm)

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Auto-generated columns do not set UniqueName based on the data field they are bound to. Default UniqueName is used instead
  • Fixed: ItemCommand event is not fired from the header checkbox of TreeListSelectColumn when server side multi-item selection is enabled
  • Fixed: Header item layout breaks when a column bound to a DataKeyName field is hidden
  • Fixed: RadTreeList throws exception with auto-generated TreeListCheckBox column and insert form
  • Fixed: Error is thrown when AllowPaging="True" and NoRecordsTemplate is shown
RadWindow Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadWindow cannot be closed in Firefox if its size is set larger than the restriction zone for that window
  • Fixed: When DestroyOnClose="true", a js error is thrown under IE9 in certain AJAX scenarios
  • Fixed: When RTL and ShowContentDuringLoad="false", a scrollbar or incorrect position is applied under Chrome
  • Fixed: "Edit Templates" functionality in RadWindow's design-time

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