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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2010.31317

January 16, 2011

Common for all controls

What’s New

  • Improved: Introduced useRoundedHints option in TouchScrollExtender, improved performance, allowed multitouch gestures in it
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Installer and Visual Studio Extensions

What’s New

  • Added: VSX option to choose whether RadSpell dictionaries will be included
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What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadAjax does not properly evaluate scripts registered with ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock
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What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: If trying to upload a file that is locked by a process, RadAsyncUpload will fail to upload the rest of the files on the queue as well
  • Fixed: RadAsyncUpload intermittently throws security exception when used in medium trust scenarios
  • Fixed: RadAsyncUpload serializer cannot deserialize custom configuration
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What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: In Firefox when the date is set manually, selecting time throws an error
  • Fixed: RadDatePicker does not correctly parse its value
RadColorPicker Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: JS error is thrown when the control is initialized in an element with "display:none" style setting and has more than one active palettes
RadComboBox Icon


What’s New

  • Added: Basic WAI-ARIA support and a new property - EnableAriaSupport
RadEditor Icon


What’s New

  • Improved: The ConvertToXhtml filter produces extra paragraphs when a non well-formed content is loaded
  • Improved: ConvertToXhtml filter - XHTML Validation fails for Strikethrough command

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Disable the Enter key in Preview mode
  • Fixed: Export to Pdf Table width set in percent attribute error
  • Fixed: In IE with ContentAreaMode=Div, the Undo/Redo functions do not properly place the selection cursor
  • Fixed: PdfExportFilter resets table width to 0
  • Fixed: Unify the behavior of FormatBlock tool in IE and Firefox
  • Fixed: ContextMenus select the entire element upon showing under Chrome/Safari
  • Fixed: LinkManager and DocumentManager produce empty link in Internet Explorer if the cursor is placed inside an empty paragraph
RadGrid Icon


What’s New

  • Added: New property (EnableSplitHeaderText, defaults to true) to enable or disable splitting of header text when we have autogenerated columns

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Programmatic creation of GridMaskedColumn on Page_Load does not work
  • Fixed: When the keyboard navigation is enabled the user can not type characters into edit form's TextBoxes
  • Fixed: The grid is focused initially when ClientSettings.AllowKeyBoardNavigation and AllowPaging are consecutively set to true in the Page_Load handler
  • Fixed: RadGrid is throwing an out-of-stack exception when args.get_gridDataItem() is called in the OnRowCreated event
  • Fixed: When the keyboard navigation is enabled and user tries to insert a new item into the detail table, the Update command is fired
  • Fixed: Column reorder does not work when a column is dropped over another column's resize handle
  • Fixed: Columns cannot be resized after reordering hidden columns in IE8
  • Fixed: Incorrect page count is returned with clien-side databinding when no records item is shown
  • Fixed: RadGrid with AllowKeyboardNavigation set to true does not set active row after update command
RadInput Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadTextBox causes a JS error in IE8 when it is in MultiLine mode and is focused just before an AJAX request updates the input container
RadListBox Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadListBox does not clear its checked indices when the clear method is invoked
  • Fixed: When typing on a templated item RadListBox will navigate to the next match, while it should sit still
RadMenu Icon


What’s New

  • Added: Client methods for handling the OuterCssClass property of RadMenu

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: OnClientItemBlur is fired twice when leaving submenu with keyboard navigation
  • Fixed: RadContextMenu root expand arrows are missing
  • Fixed: RadMenu has a hasLayout issue in IE8 and certain page layouts
  • Fixed: Left ExpandDirection arrow shows up in horizontal root menu
  • Fixed: Submenu parent is refocused after the mouse leaves the menu
RadPanelPar Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: JavaScript error when the page loads if an item has ContentTemplate, does not have Text and RadPanelBar.ExpandMode is FullExpandedItem
RadScheduler Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: The Inline Form in Month View is hidden by the rows
  • Fixed: AdvancedForm's AllDayAppointment criteria includes appointments with no duration
  • Fixed: Deleting appointments in Timeline view (with web service binding) does not properly update appointment rows and resource headers
  • Fixed: In ResourceGrouped Timeline view, the rendering of the resource headers shrinks to 25px when appointments have negative duration
  • Fixed: Inline Edit/Insert Template throws javascript errors on clicking or resizing
  • Fixed: RadScheduler inline templates are leaking events through
  • Fixed: RadScheduler rows are misaligned in Opera 11 due to changed table rendering
  • Fixed: Setting AdvancedForm-ZIndex doesn't change the z-indices of the detachable RadComboBox and RadDatePicker dropdowns
  • Fixed: Disable context menu items based on AllowInsert/Edit/Delete values
RadScriptManager Icon


What’s New

  • Improved: Support for multiple external style sheet folders

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Non-existent style sheets registered in the control's StyleSheets collection keep getting output to the client after AJAX postbacks
RadTabStrip Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Click on partially visible tab with scrolling does not select the tab every time
  • Fixed: RadTabStrip does not properly retain its scrolling position
  • Fixed: RTL group without scrolling is aligned left
  • Fixed: Scroller is not updated when dynamically adding tabs on the client
  • Fixed: dir="rtl" does not right-align the tabstrip control
  • Fixed: Tabstrip with per tab scrolling throws JS error in RTL
  • Fixed: RadTabStrip with scrolling "jumps" when clicking a tab with postback
  • Fixed: RadMultiPage does not register jQuery
RadToolTip Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: When Position="Center" and RelativeTo="BrowserWindow", OffsetY does not work
RadTreeList Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadTreeList does not persist control state when its ViewState is disabled
RadTreeView Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: The WebForms.js script is registered even when it is not needed by the TreeView
RadWindow Icon


What’s New

  • Improved: When AutoSizeBehaviors is Default and coordinates should change, the current scroll position of the main page is taken into account

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