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Release History

UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2010.2929

September 28, 2010

Common for all controls

What’s New

  • Added: Support for Google Chrome 6
  • Improved: RadStyleSheetManager combines stylesheets after AJAX requests
RadAsyncUpload Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadAsyncUpload throws JavaScript error when it is in RadWindow's ContentTemplate
  • Fixed: RadAsyncUpload server-side validation not working
RadComboBox Icon


What’s New

  • Improved: RadComboBox is now HTML5 compliant

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: The dropdown size is incorrect the first time the dropdown opens if its height exceeds the window's visible height and the document has 'overflow: hidden'
  • Fixed: The dropdown size is incorrect in IE the first time if there are items with long text with spaces
  • Fixed: RadComboBox's position is changed from absolute (if set) to relative in IE8
  • Fixed: RadComboBox sends the anchor along with the URL when doing AJAX callbacks
  • Fixed: The width of RadComboBox (with label) inside RadPanelItem grows infinitely when the panel items are expanded/collapsed
  • Fixed:: RadComboBox's dropdown arrow has incorrect cursor on hover in IE8 when document.body has no margins
  • Fixed: Removed the legacy RadComboBox margins in Opera and WebKit
RadDock Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadDock outputs CSS class named "clear" that might cause problems if other elements have this class applied
RadEditor Icon


What’s New

  • Added: Built-in support for Safari on iPhone / iPad

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Paragraph Styles (FormatBlock) dropdown doesn't insert classes or inline styles
  • Fixed: RadEditor content is not submitted correctly in some cases (e.g. ASP.NET validator with EnableClientScript="false")
RadFileExplorer Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: When copying a file in RadFileExplorer, the target folder does not get refreshed and the new file is not visible
RadFormDecorator Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: z-index applied to .rfdSelect and .rfdSelectBox classes, in order to stay over the modal layer
RadGrid Icon


What’s New

  • Added: RadGrid client-side GridDataItem.get_isInEditMode() property

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: GridEditableColumn DefaultInsertValue is not applied on detail tables
  • Fixed: Column animations do not work with sorting
  • Fixed: RadGrid does not fire PageSizeChanged for detail tables
  • Fixed: The group footer item is not hidden on initial load when groups are collapsed and RetainGroupFootersVisibility = false
  • Fixed: The group footer is not hidden when the Expanded property of the GridGroupHeaderItem is set to false after rebind and RetainGroupFootersVisibility = false
  • Fixed: Grid's HeaderContextMenu throws an error when filtering on date in Google Chrome
  • Fixed: RadGrid's column header has a "move" cursor when the column cannot be dragged
  • Fixed: GridDragDropColumn should not set a CSS class to the custom drag image when DragImageUrl is set
  • Fixed: GridTextBoxColumnEditor does not set TextBoxMode and TextBoxMaxLength properties when the grid is rebound
  • Fixed: Footer cell colSpan is not correctly calculated if a footer cell does have colSpan explicitly set
  • Fixed: GridBinaryImageColumn's default image value does not work as expected for detail tables
  • Fixed: Popup edit form's databound title value is lost if control postbacks from within Template/UserControl edit form
  • Fixed: SelectedIndexChanged event is not raised in some scenarios
  • Fixed: RadGrid control, column and item widths/heights not being persisted correctly in some scenarios
RadInput Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadInputManager submitting incorrect values for numeric textboxes when using a culture with comma decimal separator
  • Fixed: RadInputManager numeric textboxes not persisting their values correctly with custom DecimalSeparator
  • Fixed: RadInputManager validation does not work for invalidated textboxes after postback
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox fires onbeforeunload in IE when spin buttons are clicked
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox passes validation when out of range value is entered and AllowOutOfRangeAutoCorrect="false"
RadListBox Icon


What’s New

  • Added: selectItems/unselectItems and checkItems/uncheckItems methods for quick selection(unselection)/check(uncheck) of multiple items
  • Improved: RadListBox selection performance
RadListView Icon


What’s New

  • Added: RadDataPager can work independently (without setting PagedControlID)

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadDataPager does not page when AllowSEOPaging="true"
RadMenu Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: "rmImageOnly" class is applied incorrectly when there is no ImageUrl set
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when opening second level items in IE6
  • Fixed: RadContextMenu is injected in the first found form tag on show
RadRotator Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadRotator breaks RadMenu animations while scrolling
RadScheduler Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Dragging multi-day appointment in MonthView to the right edge creates a horizontal scroller in IE6 and IE7
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when you have a RadScheduler instance with Reminders-Enabled="false" and another one with Reminders-Enabled="true"
  • Fixed: The localization of the Reccurence Editor in the Advanced Form is not working if set through the Localization property
RadSiteMap Icon


What’s New

  • Added: Better ImageUrl support in RadSiteMap
RadSpell Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Spell checker throws an error if the length of a word exceeds 50000 symbols
RadSplitter Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: JS error on detaching handler for an event of a RadPane content element
RadTabStrip Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: The pageviews added on the client are not switched properly when clicking the corresponding tabs
RadTagCloud Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: A problem with MinColor and MaxColor properties in TagCloud
RadToolTip Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: When a RadToolTip has already been shown once, set_width and set_height do not work any more
RadUpload Icon


What’s New

  • Improved: Added a property to include text in the RadProgressArea heading area
RadWindow Icon


What’s New

  • Added: Windows collection editor in RadWindowManager's configuration wizard in design time

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: When DestroyOnClose="true" and Overlay="true", an IFRAME element is left in the DOM after the RadWindow is closed (the same under IE6 even if Overlay is not set)

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