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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2009.31314

January 13, 2010

Common for all controls:

  • Fixed: Dynamically registered skins have invalid URLs (IE7 only, CDN support must be enabled)
VisualStudio Extesnions Icon

Visual Studio Extensions

What’s Fixed:

  • The backup operation of the Upgrade Wizard now does not throw an exception when in a Http-based website.
RadAjax Icon


What’s New:

  • Added: get_updatedElement() method for the ClientShowing and ClientHiding events of RadAjaxLoadingPanel
RadCalendar Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Telerik.Web.UI.Calendar.CalendarView changing current view and Ctrl+click in any day cell opens new browser in IE
  • Fixed: Cells styles modification applied on DayRender event are not persisted after postback if
  • Fixed: RadDateTimePicker does not honor the MS AJAX set_visible() method
RadCaptcha Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Problem with the accessibility of the captcha textbox
  • Fixed: "Generate New Image" link causes validation
  • Fixed: Problem with Validation when more than one RadCaptcha on the page
RadComboBox Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Drop Down is misplaced in Opera and Safari when placed in relatively positioned container with scrollbar
RadCompression Icon


What’s New:

  • Added: Added: Support for WCF RIA Services

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Possible null reference exception when checking if request's handler is a RiaDataService
RadDock Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Problem with ForbiddenZones property
RadEditor Icon


What’s New:

  • Added: Custom / HEX colors support in editor colorpickers
  • Added: Border style optimization (the editor will compact CSS border styles if possible)

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Problems Pasting Content From Word Containing Lists
  • Fixed: Problem in Firefox when deleting Flash content
  • Fixed: Localization in Silverlight Manager dialog
  • Fixed: pasteHtml does not place the cursor after the pasted content in Safari / Chrome
  • Fixed: Problem in Firefox when deleting Flash content
  • Fixed: Remove ExtraBrakes should not be executed if there are more than one
    element in the end of p., h1 etc.
  • Fixed: showIcon property of custom editor tools is not respected in some scenarios
  • Fixed: The Table Wizard dialog adds an empty < thead > tag to the edited table, which produces non XHTML compliant code.
  • Fixed: Iframe elements with inner text
  • Fixed: Output "& nbsp ;" instead of character code 0xa0 for non breaking spaces. This fixes a problem in IE when saving to a database with only ascii encoding.
  • Fixed: When closing Image Map dialog in Firefox after all areas have been deleted an "Invalid Properties!" error occurs.
RadEditor MOSS Icon

RadEditor for MOSS

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Problem with not registered clent methods when you load the control with AJAX for first time.
RadFileExplorer Icon


What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Problem refreshing a RadFileExplorer when there is more than one instance of the explorer control on the page
RadFormDecorator Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Decorated DropDownList renders twice in Firefox, Opera when shown in a tabstrip's page that is initially hidden
RadGrid Icon


What’s New:

  • Added: New TextMode property for the GridTextBoxColumnEditor control
  • Added: RadGrid support for row dropping over the GridDataDiv, below the data items (when static headers are used)
  • Added: Persistence of inline styles for grid columns reordered on client
  • Improved: Show a drop indicator for NoRecordsItems as well, when using items drag-and-drop

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Multiple selected items with grouped grid and AllowMultiRowSelect set to false.
  • Fixed: NoRecordsTemplate is not shown when client-side OnCommand handler is attached
  • Fixed: Changing GridDataItem.Selected state in ItemDataBound puts the item out of edit mode with EditMode="InPlace"
  • Fixed: Columns are not reordered correctly when exporting tot ExcelML
  • Fixed: Correct alternate text should be set for GridButtonColumn if ButtonType is ImageButton and Delete or Edit commands are set
  • Fixed: enablePostBackOnRowClick causes multiple items to be selectable after postback when AllowMultiRowSelection="false" (default)
  • Fixed: Encoding the file name when exporting to Excel fails.
  • Fixed: Filtering does not work when UseAllDataFields="true" and Sorting has been applied
  • Fixed: GridClientSelectColumn does not set header checkbox checked state properly when there are no items
  • Fixed: In some cases CSV columns data is exported with empty string in front
  • Fixed: Grid insert form is not hidden if PerformInsertCommand is fired from CommandItem
  • Fixed: Javascript error in IE8 Compatibility mode when ShowHeader=False and ItemTemplate is used
  • Fixed: Server-side RowDrop event is fired if row is dropped on the RadGrid's outer div element
  • Fixed: RadGrid context menus did not open in Opera
  • Fixed: Server-side RowDrop event is fired if row is dropped on the RadGrid's outer div element
  • Fixed: Editable columns' DefaultInsertValue property should not be serialized by RadGrid's designer by default.
  • Fixed: Visible and Enabled properties of detail tables when set to false are not taken into account.
  • Fixed: RadGrid's browser window resize method throws a null reference exception in some scenarios.
RadInput Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: RadMaskedTextBox bouncing char after mask limit.
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox increment/decrement on keyup/down and scroll in IE significantly slow
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox appends the decimal separator at the end when typed in the middle
  • Fixed: RadTextBox value not restored properly during form reset
  • Fixed: Selecting text in RadTextBox and RadDateInput does not work in IE when the input is not initially focused
  • Fixed: Setting auto postback on client does not work when it is not enabled on the server
  • Fixed: RadTextBox scrolling in FF
  • Fixed: RadInputManager with RegEx input setting obliterates invalid value in the input on a submit button being pressed.
  • Fixed: RadInputManager erasing of invalid value entered in inputified control when a submit button triggers client validation.
  • Fixed: RadInputManager DateInputSetting Min/MaxDate does not show error message for out of range dates
  • Fixed: RadInputManager DateInputSetting does not prevent postback on invalid date when IsRequired is set
RadListBox Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: RadListBox doesn't support percent widths in IE6.
  • Fixed: RadListBox is not disabled when its Enabled property is set to false
  • Fixed: Attributes are not copied on transfer in TransferMode=Copy
RadListView Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: DataSource control assignment should be prerequisite in order design-time LayoutBuilder to be shown
  • Fixed: DeselectCommandEventArgs is fired with incorrect CommandName
  • Fixed: Error is thrown when paging is enabled through design-time LayoutBuilder form
RadMenu Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Selecting a hidden item on the server results in a JavaScript error
RadRating Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Images are aligned left in RTL RadPanelBar
RadScheduler Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Appointments rendered with incorrect height when their end time falls in between two time slots (Web Service binding mode)
  • Fixed: The Description field is not included in the exported iCalendar file
  • Fixed: Client rendering breaking in WebService mode when changing between Views
  • Fixed: Client-side rendering for Month View grouped by resource does not work
  • Fixed: Date headers in RadScheduler month view with Sunset skin are white.
  • Fixed: MinutesPerRow is now included in ISchedulerInfo and in the SchedulerInfo default implementation (Web Service Binding)
  • Fixed: RadScheduler default context menu commands are not working (regression from build 2009.3.1215)
RadSlider Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: When you access the SelectedItem or SelectedItems properties of the RadSlider during AJAX request, the ID of the selected item(s) is reset to i0 and you can get a "Multiple controls with the same ID 'i0' were found." server error.
RadSplitter Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: In case you have a splitter that is nested inside a collapsed pane and you resize the splitter of this collapsed pane, when you expand the pane, the nested splitter will have incorrect Width(Height).
  • Fixed: In case a nested splitter with VisibleDuringInit=false is updated with AJAX and its parent pane is not, the nested splitter will not show.
  • Fixed: When a splitter is added to the page during AJAX request, you might get "'panes is null or not an object." JS error.
RadTabStrip Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Vertical RadTabStrip with set width doesn't fill up
RadToolBar Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Cancelling the buttonClicking event does not prevent the clicked button from becoming selected (SplitButton)
RadToolTip Icon


What’s New:

  • Added: New Overlay property (e.g to show it above Java Applet)

What's Fixed:

  • Fixed:The RadToolTipManager/RadToolTip interpret the Alt attribute when the target control is explicitly set, not only when AutoTooltipify is used
RadWindow Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Single quote shown under FF when radprompt called with null argument (reported by client)
  • Fixed: When anchor (#) is used in the NavigateUrl and ReloadOnShow="true" - the anchor is broken (reported by client)
  • Fixed: When the RadWindow is minimized, closed and reopened, wrong tooltip of the minimize button (reported by client)
  • Fixed: When there is a border and the radWindow is dragged, it changes its size (e.g with the Simple skin)
  • Fixed: When Top and Left are 0 and no OffsetElement is set they are not applied
  • Fixed: Problem when you set Animation and AutoSize. The Autosize is not working because it is executed before the animation finishes.
  • Fixed: Incorrect width when AutoSize is used in quirks mode
  • Fixed: When the page is in RTL mode and a RadWindow is shown under Safari/Chrome big unnecessary scrollbars appear

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