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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2009.31208

December 7, 2009

Common for all controls:

  • CDN support --Starting with the Q3 Service Pack 1 release you will be able to load the control scripts and skins from the Telerik CDN. Read details in the blogs
  • New Windows7 skin
VisualStudio Extesnions Icon

Visual Studio Extensions

What’s New:

  • The VSExtensions now provide support for the CDN functionality in RadScriptManager and RadStyleSheetManager
  • The Telerik.Web.UI assemblies are now available in the .NET tab of the Add Reference dialog in Visual Studio
  • The .NET 2.0 toolbox items are now properly populated in Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010

What’s Fixed:

  • The VSExtensions performed an invalid check for admin privileges. This is now fixed - privileges are checked upon specific actions.
RadAjax Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Scripts registered through ScriptManager's ScriptPath on an Ajax request are loaded twice
RadBinaryImage Icon


What’s New:

  • Added support for setting image's filename which will appear inside SaveAs browser dialog if image is saved.
  • RadBinaryImageColumn - DefaultImageUrl
RadCalendar Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Shared Calendar does not pop when using numerous date pickers
  • Fixed: Shared RadCalendar does not select dates when used with AutoPostBack RadDatePicker and HideAnimation.Duration > 0
  • Fixed: RadCalendar should not have a hover effect on the title if MonthYearFastNavigation is disabled
  • Fixed: RadCalendar should not display dotted outline on dates when PresentationType="Preview"
  • Fixed: RadDateTimePicker does not honor the MS AJAX set_visible() method
  • Fixed: jQuery does not clear filter styles in RadCalendar animations in IE7
  • Fixed: Special days, if selected initially, cannot be deselected.
RadCaptcha Icon


What’s New:

  • Random fonts for different characters of the RadCaptcha Image

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: A problem with setting CaptchaLinkButtonText dynamically.
  • Fixed: A problem with CaptchaImage in WebGarden environment.
RadChart Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Design-time wizard does not work in certain scenarios
RadColorPicker Icon


What’s New:

  • Localization for the slider mode UI strings.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: When the Preset property of the RadColorPicker control changes dynamically, the Items collection is not updated.
RadComboBox Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: The default values of VirtualScrolling and Value client-side properties are incorrect
  • Fixed: [LoadOnDemand=True, MarkFirstMatch=True] Previously selected Item is selected on blur if the input is empty
  • Fixed: Input style is reset on input change
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when updating RadComboBox with UpdatePanel in ASP.NET 4.0 (Beta 2)
RadEditor Icon


What’s New:

  • Added ability to link thumbnails to the original image in the Image Manager dialog
  • Change Image Manager dialog properties tab and add a "Link to original" checkbox if image is detected as thumbnail.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: When you apply formatting to text inside a table, the formatted text appears at the end of the page and the td element disappears.
  • Fixed: Incorrect localization of some tool buttons in the editor dialogs (e.g. document manager caller in link manager)
  • Fixed: Safari pushes content to the bottom of the page when applying FormatBlock command.
  • Fixed: Exclude the "br" tag stripping functionality in FireFox from the FixEnclosingP filter and add it to the ConvertToXhtml content filter.
  • Fixed: Insert Table Pop-up does not come up when globalization culture="tr-TR"
  • Fixed: An error when hitting Enter in TextArea
  • Fixed: After editing a link, which is in the middle of a line, in FireFox the conetnt from the end of the link till the end of the line is stripped.
  • Fixed: A problem with missing JS class when using RadDialogOpener to open some editor dialogs without an editor on the page
  • Fixed: Pasting specific content in IE with StripFormattingOptions set to MSWordRemoveAll sometimes crashes the browser
  • Fixed: Alert the user that the Paste button is disabled in WebKit browsers due to security restrictions.
  • Fixed: Adding a table through the insert table tool sometimes duplicates the previous element in Firefox
  • Fixed: Pasting from MS Word in FireFox sometimes adds garbage to the pasted text (CSS styles)
  • Fixed: A problem with localization in Image Manager and Document Manager dialogs when LocalizationPath property is set.
  • Fixed: Problem when changing the dialog definitions collection on the server when RegisterWithScriptManager is false
RadFileExplorer Icon


What's Fixed

  • Server performance improved - content provider created only once per request, ResolveDirectory no longer called on many file operations
  • Fixed: Deleting a file from TreeView when ExplorerMode="FileTree" calls ContentProvideer.DeleteDirectory method instead of ContentProvideer.DeleteFile one
  • Fixed: An exception when trying to move one root tree folder over another
RadFormDecorator Icon


What’s New:

  • CSS scrollbar colorizing for all skins in WebKit browsers

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: A problem in FireFox when setting selectedIndex of decorated select elements using JavaScript
  • Fixed: Double rounded corners on initially hidden in a PageView inputs in Opera
  • Fixed: Decorated Button's client click event fires twice in IE in some cases
RadGrid Icon


What’s New:

  • UseClientSelectColumnOnly property added, which when enabled, disallows items to be selected by clicking on the data items except for the GridClientSelectColumn
  • A new property, DefaultInsertValue, exposed for all columns that can enter into insert mode to enable the setting of predefined insert values.
  • Added an option to update filtercontrol's value when using client-side API filter method and client databinding

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Telerik.Web.UI.RadGrid filter client API method fails when function type is Telerik.Web.UI.GridFilterFunction
  • Fixed: RadGrid row drag indicator is visible during row resize
  • Fixed: Telerik.Web.UI.RadGrid calling sort method with asc order does not show sort icon if there is already column sorted asc
  • Fixed: Memory leaks when row selection is switched on.
  • Fixed: Incorrect colspan set to fitlering cells in IE8 when used with a compatibility meta tag
  • Fixed: RadGrid support for row dropping over the GridDataDiv, below the data items (when static headers are used)
  • Fixed: RadGrid columns not aligned under IE8 in IE7 mode when static headers are used and some columns are hidden
  • Fixed: RadGrid GridButtonColumn does not bind properly with client-side binding ButtonType="LinkButton"
  • Fixed: Telerik.Web.UI.RadGrid scrolling with static headers and frozen columns throws error under Internet Explorer when column with Display="false"
  • Fixed: RadGrid column resize transformed to column reorder when resizing too much to the left
  • Fixed: GridColumnCollection.Insert() does not track the inserted column's ViewState
  • Fixed: Insert item does not show with UseStaticHeaders and InsertItemDispay="Bottom"
  • Fixed: Client-side validation does not work as expected if a validationgroup is set to RadGrid
  • Fixed: GridHTMLEditorColumnEditor does not apply Width, Height and Tools settings after modifications in CreateColumnEditor event
  • Fixed: RadGrid filtering on DateTime fails when bound to OpenAccess
  • Fixed: Exception is thrown on postback if column is hidden through client-side API and Page’s ViewState is disabled.
  • Fixed: GroupHeaderItem CSS class applied incorrectly to GroupSplitterColumn cells when grouping and hierarchy are used at the same time
  • Fixed: Encoding the file name when exporting to Excel fails.
  • Fixed: Column reorder fails when a column is dropped over a control in a header cell.
  • Fixed: GetAutoExpandColumn throws a null reference exception when accessed at the initialization stage of a hierarchical grid.
  • Fixed: An exception is thrown if DataItem's cell is accessed by UniqueName when global ItemTemplate and EditFromTemplate are used
RadInput Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: SelectionOnFocus="None" does not apply the default browser selection in IE
  • Fixed: RadTextBox scrolling in FF
  • Fixed: RadMaskedTextBox not persisting value on postback when there are leading prompt characters in the value
  • Fixed: RadMaskedTextBox: Bouncing char after mask limit.
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox fails when current culture NumberFormat.NumberGroupSizes is set to one element array containing zero(new Int32[] { 0 })
  • Fixed: The ParseDouble method in InutUtils.cs applies cultures in the wrong order.
  • Fixed: SelectionOnFocus fix for all major browsers and input types
RadListBox Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Clicking on an empty ListBox throws a JS exception.
  • Fixed: RadListBox: The control is not disabled when its Enabled property is set to false
RadListView Icon


What’s New:

  • Added Visual Studio design-time automatic, type sensitive generation of RadDateTimePicker and RadNumericTextBox for build-in layout templates

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: EmptyDataTemplate is not hidden if RadListView is bound after postback of another control to non empty collection
  • Fixed: InsertItem is not shown when EmptyDataTemplate is set and RadListView is bound to a empty datasource
  • Fixed: DeselectCommandEventArgs is fired with incorrect CommandName
RadMenu Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Incorrect size in IE6, 7 in right-to-left mode
  • Fixed: RadContextMenu items are not correctly aligned in Right-to-left mode
  • Fixed: Controls can't submit/postback when they are inside a ContextMenu item template
  • Fixed: Wrong size after loading with AJAX
  • Fixed:
RadRating Icon


What’s New:

  • Added DbValue property for the RadRating control that would set the Value of the control in a database-friendly way (allow DBNull values).

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: The value of the Precision property of the RadRating control should influence only the rate precision and not the display precision.
  • Fixed: You cannot set 0 as value for the RadRating control using the client API - the new value is not preserved in the client state.
RadRotator Icon


What’s New:

  • RadTicker: Add NavigateUrl property
RadScheduler Icon


What’s New:

  • Visual clue for non-visible appointments

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: AppointmentContextMenuItemClicking/ed is not fired on the server
  • Fixed: Javascript error in the Advanced Form when using Prototype.js
  • Fixed: Appointments can disappear when opening inline insert/edit form over them
  • Fixed: JavaScript error in IE when Advanced Form's Subject field is hidden
  • Fixed: Advanced Template example: The form is not fully functional after an AJAX update
  • Fixed: RadScheduler renders invalid HTML markup (div nested inside span element)
  • Fixed: NullReference exception when trying to access 'RadScheduler.GetTimeSlotFromIndex(n).Control' during PreRender
RadScheduler Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Combined scripts served by RadScriptManager are not cached by IE6
  • Fixed: RadScriptManager can serve incorrect set of scripts when navigating with the Back / Forward buttons in FF
RadSiteMap Icon


What’s New:

  • Updated the Visual Studio (design-time) RadSiteMapDataSource Editor Form.
RadSlider Icon


What’s New:

  • Add set_dragText method for the RadSlider control that will allow developers to change the text of the dragHandles using the client API of the control.
RadSplitter Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Nested splitters in some cases do not calculate the size of their panes correctly or throw js error during initialization.
  • Fixed: RadSplitter throws a js error when the page is in RTL mode.
  • Fixed: When RadSplitter is configured in percentages and the value of its Visible property changes from "true" to "false" and back to "true", the splitter will no longer resize with the browser.
  • Fixed: When there is a RadPane that is collapsed backward and the value of the Visible property of the splitter changes from "true" to "false" and back to "true", the pane will appear collapsed forward.
  • Fixed: ExpandedPaneId and DockedPaneId properties of RadSlidingZone do not work when the RadSplitter control is in an INamingContainer (e.g. in a MasterPage).
RadTabStrip Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Hiding one or more page view in a RadMultiPage will result in the incorrect page view being shown when selecting tabs on the associated RadTabStrip
  • Fixed: Javascript error on mouse over a tab next to a separator
  • Fixed: Scrolling to the last tab using PerTabScrolling="true" leaves a gap between the last tab and the scroller
  • Fixed: RadTab.scrollIntoView() does not position the tab correctly in IE8
  • Fixed: RadTab.scrollIntoView throws JavaScript error PerTabScrolling is "false"
  • Fixed: Tab scrolling does not work when scrollIntoView() is used
RadToolTip Icon


What’s New:

  • From Q3 2009 SP1, RadToolTip uses a base stylesheet file for its skins. If you want to use a custom (pre-Q3 2009 SP1) skin with the latest release, you need to set the EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet property to false.
  • New AnimationDuration property
  • NewOnClientResponseError event for RadToolTipManager

What’s Fixed:

  • FIxed: When animation is used, sometimes a few tooltips hang on the screen and remain visible
RadTreeView Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: RadTreeView text and digits are separated in RTL mode.
  • Fixed: Stand-alone RadTreeNodes should be serializable using JavaScriptSerializer
RadWindow Icon


What’s New:

  • New AnimationDuration property
  • Added ability to clear the cached properties when cloning RadWindowManager/RadToolTipManager

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: A problem when you set Animation and AutoSize. The Autosize is not working because it is executed before the animation finshes.
  • Fixed: CssClass property does not apply the value on the Wrapper div element.
  • Fixed: When the RadWindow is resized to smaller width than the titlebar allows, the handles disappear
  • Fixed: Visual glitch in all skins when VisibleTitleBar is set to false
  • Fixed: When explicitly initial width set to a very small value after the autosize a scrollbar is shown
  • Fixed: When there is a custom border set to the wrapper DIV, the proprtional coordinates are not correctly caluclaulated when autosized
  • Fixed: When used as controls container and the actual width is smaller than the initial, it does not resize to the smaller width
  • Fixed: set_height not working correctly
  • Fixed: set_contentElement not inserting the content where it should be in some scenarios
  • Fixed: Title problem when the RadWindow is maximized
  • Fixed: Some font styles are incorrect when the page is in RadWindow in IE7.
RadXmlHttpPanel Icon


What’s New:

  • Added a new property - RenderMode, which controls the wrapping tag of the panel - inline mode (span, default behavior) or block mode (div)

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