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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2009.1527

May 26, 2009

Common for all controls:

  • Full support for Google Chrome v2
  • Compatibility with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1
  • New common skin: Simple
  • Add support for all RadControls to render properly in callback / MVC / webservice scenarios
  • New integration demos with Silverlight: RadChart and RadUpload

Visual Studio Extensions

What’s New:

  • The new Upgrade menu item lists the available assemblies on the computer and allows upgrading the Telerik.Web.UI references of your WebSite/WebApplication to a newer version.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: The suggested assemblies to upgrade/reconfigure your website now depend on the website TargetFramework (applicable for Visual Studio 2008).
  • Fixed: Templates can now be created in WebSites/WebApplications using Latest Internal Build assemblies.
  • Fixed: Any WebSite / WebApplication using the Telerik.Web.UI assembly is now recognized as a Telerik WebSite and has the upgrade and reconfigure menu items enabled. The Template menu items are enabled, but still check if the assembly supports template creation.
  • Fixed: The Visual Studio IDE displayed an error when reconfiguring a WebSite from using a GAC reference to using a Bin reference.
  • Fixed: The telerik tagprefix declaration in the web.config file now contains the full assembly name when a GAC reference used, avoiding design-time errors of nested items.
RadCalendar Icon


What’s New:

  • RadTimeView new property "RenderDirection" to control DataList RepeatDirection

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: RadDatePicker throws an exception when postback occurs and popup is not closed
  • Fixed: RadTimeView with RenderDirection set to Vertical does not show slected date properly
RadChart Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Missing axis item labels with AutoScale=false and IsLogarithmic=true
  • Fixed: A null reference exception when passing empty datasource
  • Fixed: An IndexOutOfRange exception in the chart wizard
  • Fixed: Skin loading performance optimizations.
RadColorPicker Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: The Items collection of the RadColorPicker is not persisted after postback.
RadComboBox Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Attributes of items added via WCF web service are not populated
  • Fixed: The selected Item is not scrolled to top view when the drop down is opened by clicking on its input (Chrome, IE).
  • Fixed: In IE7 if the response,returned from a postback before the drop down is opened for the first time, is arbitrary or file content, the drop down positions incorrectly thereafter
  • Fixed: Items are not initialized if the text is changed before items are accessed for the first time.
  • Fixed: Clicks on the bottom border of the Input portion of the RadComboBox are not handled.
  • Fixed: eventArgs.get_text() returns the URI encoded text instead of the original one in the OnClientItemsRequesting event handler.
  • Fixed: if the ComboBox Value matches an Item after Items request, the Item is not selected.
  • Fixed: Empty message is cleared on blur if the input has been left blank and MarkFirstMatch="true".
  • Fixed: The highlighted item is selected on blur if Filter is set and AllowCustomText and EnableLoadOnDemand are false.
  • Fixed: Item added between track/commitChanges calls followed by an immediate AJAX callback is duplicated on the next postback
RadCompression Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Request is not properly decompressed when a call is made to a script webservice and call throws an exception.
RadEditor Icon


What’s New:

  • A new server event (ExportContent). Raised when doing export to PDF and allows getting the output PDF content.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: FullScreen mode issues in FireFox and Opera scenarios
  • Fixed: Caching table properties in TableProperties dialog
  • Fixed: Mozilla paste plain text dialog content was too wide, paste HTML dialog had an ambiguous title.
  • Fixed: A table does not preserv its height value in Table Properties dialog in FireFox.
  • Fixed: Presereve new cells attributes when applying table alternating commands.
  • Fixed: FormatBlock tool problems in IE and FF when only single line of text in content area. IE only - scenario when creating a link from text in paragraph, wrapped in table cell, selection is incorrect.
  • Fixed: Dialog titles were not properly URL encoded
  • Fixed: A client exception when EnableResize is set to False in Opera
  • Fixed: Improved paste from word behavior in FireFox.
  • Fixed: A problem when saving images from Image Editor dialog when using custom content providers
  • Fixed: Selected index of select elements in the content area not preserved in IE 8
  • Fixed: Find and replace dialog - replace sometimes inserts extra text in IE
  • Fixed: Sometimes an object tag is stripped of its attributes in IE 7
  • Fixed: Image Editor width/height boxes crop large numbers
  • Fixed: Find whole words does not work correctly in non-IE browsers so it will be removed from the dialog on those browsers for now
  • Fixed: Some custom content providers did not display the correct file name in the image preview part of the image manager dialog
  • Fixed: Optimization for XHTML client filter when there is a lot of content in the editor.
  • Fixed: A problem with multiple editors on the page when setting properties through ASP.NET themes.
  • Fixed: File browser dialog might not load properly when the specified view path is very long.
  • Fixed: Sometimes a javascript error is thrown when enabling/disabling the editor on postback
  • Fixed: Unwanted border appears when resizing images using the Image Editor dialog
  • Fixed: Updated built-in German localization thanks to Manfred Pohler
  • Fixed: File browser dialogs sometimes display deserialization error after creating/deleting folders
  • Fixed: Document Manager does not load correctly if you have added custom tabs to the Link Manager dialog
  • Fixed: Insert and Cancel buttons are hidden in the file browser dialogs in IE 6 when upload is enabled
  • Fixed: DB content provider example updated to support file and folder move/rename
RadFileExplorer Icon


What’s New:

  • Implement paging for the RadFileExplorer - controlled with the AllowPaging property (default is False)

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: When the control is initially loaded, back button is enabled but it shouldn't be
  • Fixed: Add skin-specific CSS properties to RadFileExplorer and fix the width of the address box
  • Fixed: FileExplorer will automatically open MS Word document without an extra popup window.
  • Fixed: The control height/width is not always respected when inside a RadSplitter
  • Fixed: Moving folders using a custom content provider sometimes calls the MoveFile provider method instead of MoveDirectory
  • Fixed: Page validation should not be triggered when uploading files from the file explorer control.
  • Fixed: A possible null reference exception when moving/renaming files, now ignoring spaces between comma separated ViewPaths, UploadPaths, DeletePaths
  • Fixed: When deleting a selected folder the focus should go to the parent folder
  • Fixed: Added an optimization to server-side grid rendering. Fixed a problem with the "Up one folder" feature and some custom content providers.
  • Fixed: The control should not allow renaming of files to new files with extensions that are not in the SearchPatterns configuration setting
  • Fixed: Disabled toolbar items do not look disabled in IE 7
RadGrid Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Mmultiple selection under MAC box (commandkey + click)
  • Fixed: Column headers are misaligned when scrolling with static headers is enabled under IE8
  • Fixed: Client-side data-binding GridButtonColumn throws an exception on page size changed
  • Fixed: Filtering menu causes double postbacks if menu is expanded but no filter is applied
  • Fixed: Columns are not populated correctly if reordered and client-side databinding is used
  • Fixed: RadGrid is not paged when populated client-side and slider is clicked on the bar or on the buttons
  • Fixed: NextPrevNumericAndAdvanced pager doesn't work when AllowRowResize="true"\
  • Fixed: Virtual Scrolling does not work in Safari - scrollbar is not sized and positioned correctly
  • Fixed: RadGrid sort messages should not be applied if HeaderToolTip is set.
  • Fixed: RadGrid Hide/Show columns client-side cause footer to appear incorrect
  • Fixed: RadGrid footer cells are misaligned in IE8 when using static headers
  • Fixed: Added associated label for input controls for the autogenerated edit form
  • Fixed: RadGrid declarative styles and CSS classes should be applied to DetailTables directly, instead of being inherited only
  • Fixed: Group footer aggregates with nested groups are not calculated correctly
  • Fixed: FilterControlWidth property is not applied for DetailTables' columns
  • Fixed: Default value not set for RadGrid's drop down column
  • Fixed: Grouping related options of HeaderContextMenu should be hidden if GroupingEnabled property is set to false
  • Fixed: Pager's Next image button is inserted twice when ImagesPath and NextPageText are set
RadInput Icon


What’s New:

  • Input Manager: Added new property FindTargetInputById - finds TargetInput setting by input control ID

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: RadInputControl does not persist Width property when set programmatically
  • Fixed: RadInputManager numeric textboxes do not display ($n) negative pattern
  • Fixed: RadInputControl - does not postback when text is cleared and AutoPostBack="true"
  • Fixed: RadInput does not fire ValueChanged when Enter is pressed
  • Fixed: RadMaskedTextBox text selection
  • Fixed: RadDateInput pressing of up/down keys or mouse scroll to change the part of the date/time does not work properly in Safari and Chrome
  • Fixed: RadNumericTextBox NumberStyle for parsing DbValue was not correct
  • Fixed: RadDateInput uses the culture from the thread instead of the one set in its "Culture" property on initial load
  • Fixed: Invalid styles are not applied if only custom server-side validation is used
  • Fixed: RadInputManager NumericTextBoxSetting with Type="Percent" does not persist the value on postback
RadMenu Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: The client-side API now works even when the RadMenu has no items initially
  • Fixed: RadMenu renders extra space after the rmLink and rmItem CSS class names
  • Fixed: A JavaScript error occurs when an empty menu is placed on the page
  • Fixed: Attributes of items added via WCF web service are not populated
  • Fixed: Scrollable menu items have incorrect width on first show (IE7 only)
  • Fixed: RadContextMenu and RadMenu submenus -- incorrect positioning in Firefox quirksmode when scrolled.
  • Fixed: The context menu closes after the RMB is released (FF 3 on Mac OS)
  • Fixed: The OnClientShowing event is not raised when the Menu is shown via its showAt method
RadPanelPar Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: First image on the page is added to the client-side added items
RadRotator Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: RadTicker -- JavaScript error when the ticker datasource is empty and AutoStart is set to true
RadScheduler Icon


What’s New:

  • New property: WebServiceAppointmentController.AppointmentFactory; Allows you to work with custom appointment classes when using web service data binding
  • New client-side property: get_height / set_height
  • The arguments for the appointmentDataBound client-side event now contains a reference to the original AppointmentData object returned from the web service - get_data()
  • New client-side appointment property: cssClass; Sets the appointment CSS class
  • Implemented ResourceCollection.getResourceByType
  • Implemented ResourceStyles support when using web service data binding
  • Implemented support for custom appointment classes

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: AllowInsert no longer hides the insert area in TimelineView (use TimelineView-ShowInsertArea instead)
  • Fixed: Appointments don't have default tooltip when binding to a web service
  • Fixed: The SchedulerResource client-side class doesn't have public setters for its properties
  • Fixed: ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception when using negative TimeZoneOffset with web service data binding
  • Fixed: The all-day appointment area grows in size even if there are no appointments in it when using web service data binding
  • Fixed: The web service methods can now return additional information alongside the appointments
  • Fixed: Setting TimelineView-ShowInsertArea to false renders incorrect markup for empty cells
  • Fixed: The "Show More" link is not correctly displayed in month view when the appointments span multiple days
  • Fixed: The initial values for the weekly, monthly and yearly recurrence in the advanced form can be incorrect when TimeZoneOffset is set
  • Fixed: The TimeLabelRowSpan property is now supported in WeekView and DayView when using Web Service data binding
  • Fixed: Appointments are not updated when using web service data binding and Appointment.ID is System.Guid
  • Fixed: A JavaScript error occurrs when ShowHeader is "false" and using Web Service data binding
  • Fixed: AppointmentClicked is fired after appointment resizing
  • Fixed: The 1-9 dates in Month View don't have a leading 0 when using web service data binding
  • Fixed: RadScheduler: TimeSlot start/end time calculation is incorrect in TimelineView (client-side)
  • Fixed: The recurrence fields in the advanced form are now prefilled when using Web Service data binding
  • Fixed: Unnecessary vertical scrollbar is rendered when ColumnWidth is set and OverflowBehavior is set to "Scroll"
  • Fixed: The resources drop-downs are not initialized correctly in the advanced edit form when using web service data binding
  • Fixed: Client-side rendering doesn't work with ShowAllDayRow="false"
  • Fixed: "Show business hours" doesn't work if the appointments contain table elements and the control is using web service data binding
  • Fixed: The advanced form validation fails when inserting all-day appointments in IE
  • Fixed: Localization does not work with client-side rendering
  • Fixed: Changing the Culture property has no effect until the first postback in some cases
  • Fixed: A server error can occur if the inline insert/edit template has no Subject binding defined


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: RadScriptManager no longer throws an exception in case of invalid input
  • Fixed: RadScriptManager outputs JavaScript when the URL is tampered.
RadSlider Icon


What’s New:

  • New SelectedItem, SelectedItems and SelectedValue server-side properties and get_selectedItem, get_selectedItems and get_selectedValue client-side methods.
RadSpell Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: The dialog title was not HTML encoded. Possible security issue.
RadSplitter Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: When a vertical nested RadSplitter has Height and all its panes have width, you get an "Attempt to divide by zero" error.
RadToolBar Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: The click event is not fired when custom CSS class is set
  • Fixed: Enter key does not post back
RadToolBar Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Improve Integration between RadToolTip and RadInput
  • Fixed: RadToolTip's opacity gets smaller and smaller and the tooltip disappears under FF when certain animations are used (e.g fade, resize)
  • Fixed: Improve the behavior - prevent the firing of OnAjaxUpdate event when it is not needed (the ajax request/postback is initiated form a control outside the tooltip )
RadTreeView Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Attributes of nodes added via WCF web service are not populated
  • Fixed: RadTreeNode does not navigate when enter is pressed
  • Fixed: Exception is thrown after clicking a node populated via WCF service
  • Fixed: An empty RadTreeView renders invalid HTML markup (empty ul tag)
  • Fixed: Drag-and-drop is broken when there is already a selected node - the last selected node is being dragged
  • Fixed: Expanded node with ExpandMode = WebService cannot collapse
  • Fixed: JavaScript error after web service load on demand of nodes which have children
  • Fixed: Performance problem with tristatecheckboxes, lots of nodes and checkchildnodes=true
  • Fixed: Disabled nodes returned from WebService look enabled
RadUpload Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: RadUpload progress module does not work in Sharepoint
  • Fixed: isExtensionValid is not precise
RadWindow Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: RadWindow animation IE bug - opacity must be removed completely after the animation finishes.
  • Fixed: FixRadWindow's AutoSize under IE8

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