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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2008.31314

January 13, 2009

Common for all controls:

  • Http compression module added
    • Features: Can compress traditional Ajax response (.Net 3.5 only); Can compress Web Services and Page methods JSON response.
    • Limitations: Does not work with IE6 (will not throw errors; the resoponse will be uncompressed)
    • The web.config reference is type="Telerik.Web.UI.RadCompression" name="RadCompression"
RadAjax Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed RadAjaxManager for ASP.NET AJAX creates a new line if no control ID is set
RadCalendar Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed RadDatePicker Javascript errors when using ajaxified SharedCalendar or when Calendar-Visible="false"
  • Fixed RadDateTimePicker Calendar skin should be rendered in the HTML output only in DesignTime
RadColorPicker Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed a compatibility problem with prototype.js
RadComboBox Icon


What's New:

  • Client-side clearCache method - clears the cache when EnableItemCaching is enabled.
  • Client-side OnClientItemDataBound event. Fires for each Item that is created during Web Service Load on Demand.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed type mismatch error when the page loads
  • Fixed JavaScript error in IE7 when hovering over a disabled RadComboBox while selecting text
  • Fixed a JavaScript error after a Load on Demand request if there is a client-side created and added Item before the request
  • Fixed incosistent behavior when MarkFistMatch="true" and Filter is enabled.
  • Fixed CloseDropDownOnBlur is evaluated before the OnClientBlur event is raised when the user clicks outside of the ComboBox.
  • Fixed setting SelectedValue does not select the Item with the specified Value if it is disabled.
  • Fixed the drop down does not scroll properly to the selected Item if there is a horizontal scrollbar.
  • Fixed the Item's get_selected() method returns false even if the select() method is called before.
  • Fixed client-side exception in IE if the INPUT element is invisible (visibility: hidden; or display: none;) and receives focus.
  • Fixed hovering the RadComboBox sometimes results in "Access denied" JavaScript exception under Firefox.
  • OnSelectedIndexChanged now correctly fires if an Item is matched by typing in the input of a closed ComboBox and then clicked with the mouse (in the opened drop down).
RadDock Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed an exception when width and height are in percentage values and a different culture is used, i.e. decimal separator is different.
RadEditor Icon


What’s New:

  • Implement a new property (DialogsScriptFile) for editor dialogs, which allows to load a custom script file in the dialogs.
  • Editor dialogs will now show a loading animation before their content is ready
  • Allow localization resource files to be loaded like normal XML files. Fixes problems with localization in DotNetNuke scenarios. Use the LocalizationPath property to set the path to the .resx files

What’s Fixed:

  • Fix and improve RadEditor's ConvertToXhtml content filter
  • Improvements in Editor and Spell design-time support
  • Fixed a problem when editing a hyperlink inside a table cell in Firefox
  • Fixed Editor adding extra DIV with id='RadEditorStyleKeeper..'
  • Fixed a problem in IE when elements have empty href/src attributes
  • Fixed a problem when inserting links in Firefox using the Document Manager
  • The default width/height is not rendered if the editor is not enabled.
  • Fixed a problem with the parameters of the ShowExternalDialog client API function.
  • StoreBitmap and DeleteFile methods of the default content provider now support absolute URLs.
  • Fixed a problem with the align attribute of tables.
  • Fixed a problem with image URLs becoming absolute when the image is in an anchor.
  • When loading a custom tools file from a XmlDocument, the tools are now immediately available.
  • Fixed a problem with the borderWidth property in the SetImagesProperties dialog.
  • Ajax spell check will now ignore <object> tags. This fixes a problem with wrongly reported bad words in tag parameters.
  • Fixed a problem with CSS attribute "undefined" being added to some elements' style
  • Fixed a problem with some elements (e.g. table cells) in the style builder dialog
  • Fixed a security exception when trying to load CSS from different domains
  • Fixed a bug with IE when using classic dialogs
  • Fixed a problem with commented scripts in Firefox
  • Added DL lists to the HTML indentation filter
  • XHTML compliant content: body background property is converted to backgorundImage style
  • Adding an image map area for big dimension images now doesn't scroll the image to the top-left position.
  • Fixed a problem with the LinkManager in IE - when editing an existing anchor containing HTML tags, the Text field in the dialog is hidden to prevent the user from seeing raw HTML.
  • Fixed a problem (general GDI+ exception) with some image types (e.g. jpg) when using the Image Editor.
  • Unescape subject of email links when loading them in the link manager (on Firefox spaces appear as %20)
  • Fixed a couple of problems with style attributes (border and color attribute) when using the CleanAttributes filter for correct XHTML output.
  • Fixed a few problems with the Default2006 editor skin
RadFormDecorator Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed an error when the ScriptManager has EnablePartialRendering=false
RadGrid Icon


What’s New:

  • Added support for codeless client-side data-binding to ADO.NET DataService
  • ContextHeaderMenu client API improvements: HeaderMenuShowing client-side event added.
  • Added showHeaderMenu method to GridColumn object
  • Added AllowRounding and KeepNotRoundedValue properties to GridNumericColumn
  • Support for top and bottom positioned pagers when using client-side data binding

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed RadGrid EqualTo, NotEqualTo filtering is case sensitive with LinqExpression=true and <GroupingSettings CaseSensitive="false"/>
  • Fixed CommandItem and Top/Bottom Pager items should be resized when initially hidden column is shown client-side
  • Fixed Sort icon does sort when clicked with client-side data binding
  • Fixed column headers do not expand vertically when sorting and using client-side data binding
  • The default z-index of the popup edit form is now 2500 (was 3500) in order to display RadWindow above the edit form
  • Fixed frozen scroll is slow under IE when clicking on the scrollbar itself
  • Fixed hyperlink column support for datacolumns with .(dot) in the name
  • Fixed OnDataBinding not called for ADO.NET client-binding
  • Fixed AdvancedAndNumumeric, NextPrevAndNumeric and Numeric pagers in client-side binding
  • Fixed javascript error is thrown if DNN module does not partial rendering option
  • Fixed sorting with header context menu does not work for hyperlink columns
  • Fixed FilterControlWidth property is not applied for DetailTables' columns
  • Fixed NextPrevNumericAndAdvanced pager doesn't work when AllowRowResize="true"
  • Fixed GridDataItem client-side object expand field is not properly updated when tableView's expandItem/collapseItem methods are used.
  • Fixed GridTableView's collapseItem method do not work correctly with hierarchy and if a row index is passed
  • Fixed ExtractValuesFromItem does not extract correct values when OnCommand client-side event is handled
  • Fixed client-side data-binding uses column UniqueName to extract value from datasource instead of DataField
  • Fixed GridCustomAggregateEventArgs does not have reference to the column that fires CustomAggregate event
  • Fixed Edit-form textboxes can now be styled by RadFormDecorator or RadInputManager
  • Fixed Edit popup form cannot be released when dragged outside of the browser's window.
  • Fixed GridClientDeleteColumn does not show the embedded "Delete" image when no ImageUrl is set explicitly
  • Fixed Filtering GridNumericColumn by zero does not work as expected 
RadInput Icon


What’s New:

  • RadInput controls are now able to persist properties set on the client
  • Validation support for all InputSettings in RadInputManager
    • Required validation (both server and client-side);Web Service/Page method validation (both server and client-side)
    • Setting specific validation (NumericTextboxSetting will validate only numeric entries; DateInputSetting will validate only date entries etc.) 
    • Can work with completley disabled javascript (validation is preformed server-side)

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed RadMaskedTextBox first character typed is replaced under Safari
  • Fixed RadMaskedTextBox allows entering characters after the mask if the control is focused on the server and SelectionOnFocus="CaretToEnd"
  • Added support for AjaxControlToolkit ValidatorCalloutExtender focus event listener
  • Focus handler is now not executed if the textbox is readonly.
  • RadNumericTextBox now does not throw an error if there is a character before "n" in the display patterns
  • Fixed RadMaskedTextBox Error when ZeroPadNumericRanges="False" and PromptChar is not numeric.
  • RadMaskedTextBox with AutoPostBack now correctly posts back on enter key press if the cursor is at the end
  • RadTextBox now counts new lines correctly when determining whether MaxLength has been reached
RadMenu Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed horizontal RadMenu can be rendered incorrectly under IE (Occurs when RadMenu is placed in a table)
  • Hebrew characters (in right-to-left mode) break the menu when used in root items.
  • The CssClass property of RadContextMenu is not applied correctly.
RadRotator Icon


What’s New:

  • Added a new property - PauseOnMouseOver (default value is true). When set to false the rotator will not pause when the mouse hovers over an item.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed a problem with scrolling when the rotator is in ButtonsOver mode
  • Fixed the client API function get_currentItem() to always return the first item in the rotator view area (if more than one item is shown).
RadScheduler Icon


What’s New:

  • New property: MonthViewSettings.MinimumRowHeight; Specifies the the minimum row height in month view.
  • Appointments in the all-day area and in Timeline view are now sorted using the set AppointmentComparer
  • RadScheduler now handles yearly recurrence rules more efficiently

What’s Fixed:

  • It is now possible to display all appointments in month view by specifiying a very large value for VisibleAppointmentsPerDay.
  • Setting ReadOnly=true or AllowInsert=false will now hide extra cell space in Timeline View.
  • Incompatibility with the Prototype JavaScript library might lead to errors on page. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed the ValidationGroup of the buttons in the advanced form is not inherited from RadScheduler.ValidationGroup.
  • Fixed AppointmentMoveEnd is not raised when dropping the appointment to the same location.
  • Fixed resource header templates are not applied in vertical TimelineView.
  • Fixed headers are not properly synchronized after postback with vertical scrolling enabled (IE).
  • Fixed the resource headers in vertically grouped Timeline view do not align properly.
  • Fixed the appointment resize grip is not centered in Timeline view.
  • Fixed the header row height is incorrect in IE (quirks mode).
  • Fixed Scheduler's wrong height when inside Splitter in IE.
  • Fixed the height might be incorrect on initial page load. For this to occur, RadScheduler's height must be set to 100% and it must be placed in a RadSplitter.
  • Fixed AppointmentDelete event is fired twice per appointment when clearing recurrence exceptions.
  • Fixed AppointmentUpdate event is not fired for the master appointment when clearing recurrence exceptions
  • Fixed server error when adding a second appointment in a MonthView cell when using an AppointmentTemplate and the FormCreated event


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed RadScriptManager does not work with Microsoft Virtual Earth control
  • Fixed possible XSS attacks via RadScriptManager
  • Fixed RadScriptManager does not work in mixed 32/64bit webfarm
RadSlider Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed the SelectionStart property is not respected in favor of the Value property, when the IsSelectionRangeEnabled property is changed dynamically.
  • Fixed the server ValueChanged event does not fire for the first dragHandle, when the IsSelectionRangeEnabled property is changed dynamically.
  • The slider item now respects the value of its CssClass property.
  • Reworked the Client API of the slider so that the developer does not need to call repaint after using a setter of the slider.
  • The repaint method now only recalculates the size of the slider elements and does not dispose the current HTML and recreate it from the ground up.
  • The OnClientLoaded event of the slider now fires once the items (or ticks) of the slider are created in case the value of the ItemType property is not None.
  • The class applied to the slider with its CssClass property is now rendered as class for the wrapper element of the slider.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error when the user clicks on the items (or ticks) of a disabled slider.
  • Fixed a problem when each logical value of the slider is represented by less than a pixel-wide/high part of the track and the user could not drag the dragHandle to select the last value of the slider. The user could only select it using the increase handle.
  • FIxed the case when LargeChange>0 and the user clicked on the track too close to the dragHandle, the dragHandle moved passed the mouse position. Because if this, in case the user clicked on the track and the two dragHandles had to switch during the animation (this can happen in the LargeStep > 0), the slider threw a js error.
  • Fixed get_selectionStart and get_selectionEnd returned incorrect values, when IsDirectionReversed=true.
  • Fixed the value of the Selected property of a SliderItem was always "false", even though the item was selected.
RadSpell Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed a problem when using a dropdown to spell-check multiple languages
  • The dialog now works correctly on Safari when the web site is in debug mode (<compilation debug="true">)
RadSplitter Icon


What’s Fixed:

  • Updated the way the splitter hides its content when VisibleDuringInit=false; performs better when there is a lot of content in the RadPanes.
  • Updated the way the splitter recalculates its size, when configured in percents, for Opera, Safari and Chrome.
RadTabStrip Icon


  • Fixed a whitespace before the content of a pageview added on the client-side
RadToolTip Icon


What’s New:

  • Added new enum value for ContentScrolling for RadToolTip, called Default, the default value (the tooltip resizes itself in order not to have scrollbars even if small sizes are explicitly set)
  • Added the OnClientResponseEvent, which is fired at the end of WebService/Ajax call, immediately after the content is set

What’s Fixed:

  • Cosmetic fixes for all tooltip skins
  • Fixed the declarative setting of the tooltip's z-index through the style attribute
  • Changed the tooltip with content as a response from a WebService to clear its content every time before setting new content
  • Fixed a problem when the ScriptManager has EnablePartialRendering=false
  • Fixed a problem with Autooltipify and AJAX calls
  • Improved the integration behavior of RadToolTip when its target control is decorated with a RadFormDecorator (the tooltip was not correctly shown)
RadTreeView Icon


What’s New:

  • Implement OnClientNodeEditStart event - event fired when the user enters edit mode

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed a problem with node editing and special characters such as ^ and $
  • Fixed uncheckable child nodes are preventing TriState checkboxes from working as expected  
  • Fixed attributes collection of the expanded node is not passed to the WebMethod   
  • Fixed ExpandedImageUrl not shown in double click.
  • Fixed eventArgs.get_domEvent() returns undefined in the ClientNodeDropped event handler.
  • Fixed images of Nodes lost during drag.
  • Fixed the get_newText() method returns html encoded text during OnClientNodeEditing
  • Fixed when the node's text contains quotes (") the client-side set_text method does not update visually the text of the node
  • Fixed JavaScript error after removing an expanded node without children
  • Fixed nodes with Enabled="false" cannot be enabled through code-behind
RadWindow Icon


What’s New:

  • ShowContentDuringLoad=false will now show a loading image when a window is opened.
  • Added OnClientBeforeClose event which is cancellable
  • Made the ClientCallBackFunction obsolete

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed an IE problem with radalert shown as a result of AJAX call - sometimes causes JavaScript error.
  • Fixed RadWindowManager to render XHTML compliant markup.
  • Fixed a problem when setting the window width to an empty string.

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