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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2008.2826

August 25, 2008

What’s New in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2008 SP1 (Version Number 2008.2.826):


What’s Fixed:

  1. AJAX Panel client events settings are now correctly persisted at design time.


What's New:

  1. New Black skin
  2. RadCalendarPopup and RadCalendarFastNavPopup CSS classes
  3. Added ViewSelectorStyle and ViewSelector_Skin CSS class
  4. Added   to the empty row header cell

What's Fixed:

  1. Fixed RadDatePicker in FireFox problem when the skin is set in the web.config
  2. Fixed an issue with the default day type CSS classes for special days not preserved after hover/select
  3. Removed double space between Today and OK FastNavigationPopup buttons so that all three buttons can be centered
  4. Default2006 skin fix


What’s Fixed:

  1. Setting skin no longer causes SecurityException under specific conditions in
    Medium Trust.
  2. Setting ActiveRegion attributes for a chart element no longer causes duplicate
    attribute rendering.
  3. PlotArea margin values are now correctly set when used in combination with the
    DataTable element.
  4. Bar series items are now correctly displayed in case of a StackedBar
    series with series item values of 0.
  5. Item labels representing DbNull values are no longer misaligned with respect to the
    other zero values.
  6. Chart series are now properly displayed when XAxis.AutoScale=false and
    preset zooming set.


What’s New:

  1. Updated rendering of the RadColorPicker's palette on the client if ShowIcon is set to true


What’s New:

  1. Header and Footer design time support
  2. Filtering functionality now works with AutoCompleteSeparator.

What’s Fixed:

  1. If the request takes too long the response returned will be the same as the last one. This is now fixed.
  2. Calling RadComboBox.DataBind() no longer throws an exception in specific cases.
  3. EmptyMessage now applies correctly when EnableLoadOnDemand and MarkFisrtMatch properties were set to True.
  4. SelectedIndexChanged is now properly fired when you close the dropdown clicking on the image.
  5. Calling of clearItems method in the OnClientItemsRequested event no longer throws an error.
  6. ComboBox is no longer losing focus after item is selected by clicking.
  7. Cannot set the Text to the combobox in some cases even that AllowCustomText is set to true. This is now fixed.


What’s Fixed:

  1. DockPositionChanged client event was fired when dragging a floating dock over a zone. This is now fixed.
  2. Incorrect margin calculations in Safari are now fixed.


What’s New:

  1. Added support for tabIndex and its proper visualization for styled buttons. This attribute was ignored so far.
  2. Added support for skinning TEXTAREA, TEXTBOX, FIELDSET, LEGEND, LABEL, H4, H5, H6 elements, as well as extended the DecoratedControls enum with the ability to switch on/off the various options.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a problem with styled buttons not showing the correct tooltip/title text. They used to show the actual button text/value instead.
  2. Fixed a problem with IE not displaying properly input elements after the page load.

What’s New:

  1. Implementation of RadFormDecorator in RadEditor's dialogs
  2. Added a new filter to the RadEditor ContentFilters property - EncodeScripts
  3. Added a new function to the client API - saveContent(). It should be used to manually save the editor content before submit (e.g. when submitting using custom ajax client code).
  4. Added server-side FileUpload and FileDelete events.
  5. Marked one of the StoreFile methods in the file browser provider as obsolete. When creating a custom content provider, you no longer need to have a StoreFile overload with HttpPostedFile as the first parameter.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed 2 localization settings in the ImageMap dialog: AlertDeleteAllAreas and AlertDeleteArea.
  2. Fixed shape properties disappearing when removing the last shape in the ImageMap dialog.
  3. Fixed an extra slash issue in the href of the area in the ImageMap dialog.
  4. Fixed the +1/2 px increase when you click an area in the ImageMap dialog.
  5. Updated table design tab in Table dialogs. Fixed problem when opening dialog more than once. Fixed spinner related problems.
  6. Fixed a bug in IE - table stays selected after the table wizard dialog is opened.
  7. Fixed a problem with heading columns calculation in the Table dialogs accessibility tab.
  8. Fixed some problems with merge cells, merge rows, and split cell context menu commands.
  9. Fixed a problem with the upload tab in the flash manager dialog on some browsers - it was hiding the insert and cancel buttons.
  10. Enabled the FragmentIgnoreOptions spell property in the editor's spell checking configuration.
  11. Restored Default2006 skin
  12. Variuos CSS issues, crossbrowser compatibility, html changes in most of the dialogs


What’s New:

  1. Client-side DataBinding improvements: toString() and toDynamicLinq() methods extended with parameter (instance name); toDataService() method added for filter expressions.
  2. ImagesPath support: ImagesPath is now supported with embedded skins and Skin=""; Added RadGrid client-side property ImagesPath; ReorderIndicators now use client-side ImagesPath
  3. Added OnExcelExportCellFormatting event
  4. Added SelectedValues RadGrid property
  5. GetNumericPager method added for the GridPagerItem - returns NumericPager control
  6. Added items drop position support: GridItemDropPosition arguments enumeration (Above, Below).
  7. Frozen Columns optimization in IE6

What’s Fixed:

  1. Reduced the default z-index of the popup edit form
  2. Avg group header aggregates calculation fixes
  3. NestedItemTemplate no correctly raise ItemDataBound event.
  4. Clientdatakey values are now re-populated when using client databinding.
  5. Fixed an exception thrown on switching to edit mode caused by GridNumericColumn's DataFormatString setting and ReadOnly=true
  6. Fixed an exception thrown on DateTimeColumn filtering when Picker type includes time
  7. Reorder indicators are no longer visible after last column when reordering grouped columns in group panel
  8. The text property of link buttons, labels and hyperlinks are now correctly exported to CSV.
  9. Client mode hierarchy expanded state is now correctly persisted across postbacks.
  10. Fixed a GridHyperlinkColumn issue when both DataTextField and DataNavigateUrlFields are set.
  11. Contextmenu event is now correctly raised under FireFox3 on Mac box when drag/drop functionality is used.
  12. Fixed an exception in GridTableRow.ClientID
  13. The GridExpandColumn ButtonType is now set by default to ImageButton if the ImagesPath property is set.
  14. Fixed formatting (DataFormatString) when GridNumericColumn's NumericType is Currency
  15. Fixed status bar text position in RTL mode
  16. The semi transparent background of the popup edit form (in modal mode) now resizes on browser window resize
  17. The opacity of the semi-transparent background of the popup edit form (in modal mode) now works in Opera


What’s New:

  1. set/get_caretPosition client-side property

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadMaskedTextBox Copy/Paste problems fixed
  2. RadInput controls now do not inherit styles from RadGrid, when used in RadGrid edit forms
  3. Fixed the RadNumericTextBox SpinUpCssClass and SpinDownCssClass properties not being applied
  4. Fixed a problem with double postback on pressing enter


What’s New:

  1. findItemByUrl  and findItemByAbsoluteUrl  client side methods of RadMenu.
  2. Hierarchical databinding to IEnumerable via the DataFieldID/DataFieldParentID properties
  3. Add DataBindings for the public properties of RadMenuItem

What’s Fixed:

  1. Flow and DefaultGroupSettings.Flow are now properly deserialized (XML).
  2. Arrows are now rendered if child items are added on the client.
  3. Auto scroll now behaves correctly in combination with screen boundary detection.


What’s New:

  1. findItemByUrl  and findItemByAbsoluteUrl  client side methods of RadPanelBar.
  2. Hierarchical databinding to IEnumerable via the DataFieldID/DataFieldParentID properties
  3. Add DataBindings for the public properties of RadPanelItem


What’s New:

  1. Added new client events - client load, client button click (only in buttons mode), client button over and client button out (only in buttonsover mode)

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed set_width() and set_height() client functions to properly resize the rotator
  2. Fixed JavaScript errors when the rotator is initially empty.
  3. Fixed mouse over and mouse out events not being fired in non-automatic advance modes.
  4. Fixed a bug when the rotator is initially in an invisible parent.
  5. Fixed a problem with the InitialItemIndex property
  6. Fixed a problem with disappearing items when the combined item length is smaller than the rotator view area.
  7. Fixed a problem with moving the mouse out of a rotator item forcing scroll in automatic advance modes.
  8. Rotator type FromCode now scrolls items instead of a whole viewport.


What’s New:

  1. New view type: Multi-day, displays continuous range of days, much like week view, but without observing week boundaries. UserSelectable is false by default for this view.
  2. New localization string: HeaderMultiDay (default value “Multi-day”).
  3. New SchedulerNavigationCommand – SwitchToMultiDayView.
  4. Added new CSS class - rsDragTarget that is applied to the rsWrap holding the currently dragged appointment.
  5. The resource attributes are now accessible on the client. Implemented as get_attributes() property of the client-side Resource class.  Same usage as Appointment.get_attributes()
  6. Resource header template.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Creating recurrence exception through PrepareToEdit/UpdateAppointment now works when the Start date is changed.
  2. The advanced form is now recreated properly on postback from a control in it.
  3. The all-day check-box is now functioning correctly in the advanced form customization example.
  4. Display prev/next appointment segment arrows now work properly in TimelineView.
  5. Custom attributes with NULL and empty string values are now sent to the underlying data-source.
  6. The rsLastSpacingWrapper class is now applied correctly.
  7. A JavaScript error no longer occurs in IE when the "End by this date" calendar popup button is clicked in the "Customizing the Advanced Template" example.
  8. The localized strings of the date-picker are now rendered correctly in the "Advanced template" example.
  9. TimelineView grouped by resource now works correctly in design-time.
  10. FormCreating is now fired when calling the API methods for showing the insert/edit form.
  11. TimeSlotCreating is not fired before Page_Load on post back.
  12. AppointmentUpdate is now fired before provider update when deleting single occurrence.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Clicking on the track to decrease the value by the clickOffset, when
    Orientation=Vertical and clickOffset>0, leads to an increase insetad of a
    decrease in the value by the clickOffset.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a problem with ControlsToCheck not initialized properly in some cases
  2. Closing the spell window with the X produced JS error when navigating away from the page
  3. Restored Default2006 skin


What’s New:

  1. Added SetExpandedSize method, useful when you want to save/load the
    state of a collapsed RadPane on the server.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Restored the Default2006 skin
  2. In IE, RadioButtons inside a RadSlidingPane sometimes no longer lose their selected state
  3. Fixed a problem with HeightOffset in IE
  4. Fixed a problem in Firefox where flash objects are restarted when you resize the browser.
  5. OnClientLoaded handler was executed before the RadSplitter has finished resizing its panes. This is now fixed.
  6. Fixed a problem with sliding panes size when the tabs container is invisible.


What’s New:

  1. findTabByUrl  and findTabByAbsoluteUrl  client side methods of RadTabStrip.
  2. Hierarchical databinding to IEnumerable via the DataFieldID/DataFieldParentID properties
  3. Add DataBindings for the public properties of RadTab

What’s Fixed:

  1. Tab reordering now works correctly after ajax updates
  2. Children of invisible tabs are no longer rendered
  3. Server-side exception when the client-state hidden field contains invalid data is now fixed.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Separator buttons having Text property set now render correctly (a very small text was displayed before)
  2. A style “display:none” was applied to item’s link element instead of items’ main element. This is now fixed.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Improved a scenario where the Overflow property of the tooltip is set
    to Both and very long content is assigned to the tooltip. In IE and Opera
    the tooltip would not render with the correct size


What’s New

  1. findNodeByUrl  and findNodeByAbsoluteUrl  client side methods of RadTreeView.
  2. Initialiazation time improvement
  3. Hierarchical databinding to IEnumerable via the DataFieldID/DataFieldParentID properties
  4. Add DataBindings for the public properties of RadNode

What’s Fixed:

  1. Exception after postback when using integer types in custom attributes on the client-side is now fixed


What’s New:

  1. RadUpload and RadProgressArea design time support is visually improved.
  2. RadUpload now works seemlesly in right-to-left mode.
  3. RadProgressManager’s EnableMemoryOptimization property is deprecated.

What’s Fixed:

  1. When ControlObjectsVisibility set to None, RadUpload no longer renders an empty <UL> tag (which was not XHTML compliant)
  2. Clicking the Select button now correctly opens the browse dialog when RadUpload placed in an element with relative/absolute/fixed positioning.
  3. CustomProgressMonitoring now works correctly even if no RadUpload is added to the page.
  4. From time to time RadUpload threw a “Non Negative Number Required” exception during upload. This is now fixed.
  5. RadUploadContext.Current.UploadedFiles now correctly contains uploaded files.
  6. The Progress bars of all skins displays properly in Safari.
  7. The current file name is now properly displayed in the progress area (was missing backslashes before)
  8. The RadUpload property of the progressData (in a client-side progress event handler) was a null reference and it was not possible to check the request size on the client (during the upload). This is now fixed.


What’s New:

  1. Changed RadPrompt return handler to return null instead of empty string
    when the Cancel button is pressed (like the default browser propmpt does)
  2. Added support for automaticl focus on the first button when a RadAlert or
    a RadConfirm dialog loads (so that user can close it by hitting Enter on the
    keyboard). RadPropmt already has such support.
  3. IE -  Improved on a problem with IE not hiding the content of a RadWindow
    when moved or resized which resulted in the window content iframe beginning
    to consume the mouse events.

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