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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2008.21001

September 30, 2008

What’s New in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2008 SP2 (Version Number 2008.2.1001):

Common for all controls:

  1. Compliance with the new Chrome browser from Google
  2. Fixed memory leaks in Internet Explorer


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a couple of memory leaks.


What's New:

  1. Added ShowDayCellToolTips property
  2. Added CalendarSummary and NavigationSummary string properties

What's Fixed:

  1. Fixed ValidatorCalloutExtender does not fire when the picker is focused
  2. Fixed memory leaks in IE.
  3. Removed onclick="return false;" attribute from calendar cells


What’s Fixed:

  1. RadChart now binds to EntitySpaces datasource control.
  2. X axis items margins now work as expected.
  3. Fixed an issue with redundant StackedArea series, generated when line
    series is present.
  4. Fixed an issue with labels, positioned outside the plot area
  5. Plot area border is now shown when empty series message is shown
  6. Fixed an issue with DataGroupColumn property being ignored in certain


What’s Fixed::

  1. The server ColorChanged event is now correctly fired in IE6.


What’s New:

  1. Implemented OnClientTextChange event

What’s Fixed:

  1. SelectedValue and get_value() properties of RadComboBox do not return the right value when combo is disabled on client side. This is now fixed.
  2. Changing the selection of the dropdown no longer throws an error: "Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus"
  3. Fixed memory leaks in IE.
  4. JavaScript error when the combobox is disabled and its text is selected is now fixed.
  5. Fixed a case when DataBind() throws an exception “Selection out of range”.
  6. SelectedIndexChanged event no longer fires every time on postback if the first item is without Value and MarkFirstMatch= true
  7. RadComboBox's input now has the correct width under Safari when its container has white-space:nowrap.
  8. Office2007 skin drop-down backgrounds no longer expand when item text wraps.


What’s Fixed:

  1. When a RadDock is collapsed and docked in a zone, dragging it outside of the zone and trying to expand it does not work the first time. This is now fixed.
  2. When a RadDock is closed and after that opened again after a postback, it shows in an incorrect place. This is now fixed.
  3. When a RadDock is resizable, closed and no height is specified to it, after opening it again its height is not correctly calculated when repainting its child elements. This is now fixed.
  4. When there are docks inside of an invisible zone, the placeholder (which should be after all docks in the zone) was moved before all the docks, which led to a drag problem. This is now fixed.
  5. Several skin fixes

What’s New:

  1. The RadEditor class now properly implements the ITextControl interface.
  2. Updated the spinbox controls in the table design dialog.
  3. Updated the tabstrip control in some dialogs (table wizard, link manager, find and replace) with RadTabStrip.
  4. The Image editor functions (crop, resize, flip, etc.) are now in a separate public class so they can be used outside of the editor.
  5. The Image editor client callback function has a new argument - get_newImageSrc() which returns the URL of the updated image.
  6. Added a new content filter to remove extra spans from the editor
  7. Improved Undo/Redo of Apply Class functionality
  8. Enabled the StripFormattingOnPaste options in Firefox 3. Content will be automatically processed now when the user pastes using Ctrl-V.

What’s Fixed:

  1. The correct filenames are now sent to the FileDelete event handler.
  2. Fixed a problem when saving content with the Chrome browser.
  3. Fixed a problem with the editor's height in IE when the editor was initially hidden.
  4. Fixed a problem with full-page editing when the XHTML content filter is off.
  5. Ajax spell check now moves to the next word when adding to the custom dictionary.
  6. Fixed a problem with the spell check when ignoring/changing a word that is present more than once in the text.
  7. Added the "Clear Class" localization string to main localization file. The Apply Class dropdown should now be localized properly.
  8. Fixed a problem with the editor selection when opening one dialog from another (e.g. image manager from image map).
  9. Fixed a few broken images in the Help dialog.
  10. Fixed an "undefined" alert when clicking OK in the Image Map dialog.
  11. Fixed the attribute descriptions in the Media Manager dialog.
  12. All browsers - applied various heuristics to determine whether a font/span tag is fully selected or not. This improves the behavior of "Apply Class" and other dropdowns. For example selecting all LI items in a list causes the class to be applied to the LIST itself
  13. NewLineBr=false behavior improvement in Mozilla when the cursor is in a link.
  14. Fixed a problem when toolbar mode is set to ShowOnFocus in Internet Explorer quirks mode (MOSS, DNN).
  15. Changed the behavior of InsertTable and ModuleManager dropdowns to always expand when clicked on the icon, rather than executing last chosen action.
  16. Fixed a problem when clicking cancel in a file browser dialog and the upload tab is active - next time the dialog is opened the upload tab should not be active.
  17. Fixed a number of issues in the RadEditor skins


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a few small bugs in the form decorator - dispose problem on the client and compatibility with RadComboBox.
  2. Fixed a number of memory leaks in Internet Explorer.


What’s New:

  1. EntityDataSource server-side filtering support.
  2. Added a client-side get_dataItem() method for GridDataItem.
  3. Added a new column property – FilterControlWidth.
  4. GridBoundColumn new property HtmlEncode. Default value 'false'.
  5. Added support for list of inherited objects with enabled LINQ expressions.
  6. Added a get_isFilterItemVisible() client method which returns the tableView's filter item's visibility.
  7. Added a method ClientFireCommandFunction which generates client-side function that fires a command with a given name and arguments.
  8. Added PdfExporting event. Fires before RadGrid's HTML is transformed to PDF. It can be used to modify the RadGrid's HTML content before it is transformed to PDF.
  9. Added support for custom tooltip for grid hierarchy expand collapse button.
  10. Added support for binding to subobjects of GridHyperLinkColumn.
  11. Added ActiveRowIndex property.
  12. Added new property to GridBoundColumn, EmptyDataText - shows when text in data cell is empty.
  13. The tooltips used for virtual paging and column reordering are now skinned.
  14. The pager's first/last buttons can now be sprite buttons - added new CSS classes rgPageFirst and rgPageLast to all skins.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed filtering menu postbacks with no filter value set.
  2. Changed server-side sort order enum to be consistent with the client-side's one.
  3. Fixed nested groups with null value.
  4. Fixed headers not hiding for hidden columns when the Grid has scrolling and static headers enabled.
  5. Fixed GridButtonColumn buttons showing in group footers.
  6. Fixed DetailTables footer items to be rendered below header when exporting to excel.
  7. Fixed GridTemplateColumn render HeaderText or HeaderItemTemplate depending
    of InitializeTemplatesFirst.
  8. Fixed Export to CSV exports HeaderText for all columns except for GridTemplateColumn. It depends on InitializeTemplatesFirst
  9. Fixed memory leaks in IE.
  10. Fixed paging breaking Custom filtering.
  11. Fixed GridButtonColumn, GridEditCommandColumn, GridClientDeleteColumn,
    GridClientSelectColumn cell content should not be cleared on client-side
  12. Fixed OnColumnContextMenu client event is not thrown under Safari.
  13. Fixed values in toDataService() for filter expression not quoted properly.
  14. Fixed a problem with GridNumericColumn NumericType="Currency" and
  15. Fixed filter menu's selected item not persisted when menu items count is reduced on the server.
  16. Fixed slider mode pager breaks DropDropdownColumn's Viewstate in 'InPlace'
  17. Fixed SortedBackColor not removed from column when another column is
  18. Fixed Top Slider Pager not working correctly.
  19. Fixed updateItem() with GridDataItem index raising an exception if the Grid's EditMode is set to 'EditForms'.
  20. Fixed even with display='false' the column's cell is shown on client-side data binding.
  21. ColumnsReorder indicators are now positioned correctly when using scrolling.
  22. Drag-to-select rectangle is no longer created when clicking on a dropdown.
  23. Fixed exception in advanced pager when PageSize is set to empty string.
  24. Fixed paging and grouping not working correctly when the Grid data source count is equal to page size.
  25. Fixed headers not being synchronized when scrolling horizontally under Safari and static headers are enabled.
  26. The horizontal scrollbar is now shifted to the right when the control is in RTL mode.
  27. The columns reorder indicators are now positioned correctly when using static headers or the body margin is not zero.
  28. The modal background of the popup edit form is now correctly sized when  the form is larger than the browser's viewport; the modal background resizes on browser window resize.
  29. The reorder indicators are now displayed if RadGrid ImagesPath is set without a trailing slash.
  30. Fixed the GridDateTimeColumnEditor ImagesPath not being set correctly.


What’s Fixed:

  1. RadInput and RadDateTimePicker - Safari and Chrome now respect the control's width setting when inside a container with a white-space:nowrap style.
  2. RadInput and RadDateTimePicker - fixed a client-side error thrown if RadFormDecorator is also on the page.
  3. Fixed ArgumentOutOfRangeException thrown if !important is used with inline width/height styles.
  4. Fixed memory leaks.
  5. Fixed the problem with freezing multiline textbox in IE when there is a new line inside.
  6. Fixed a problem with drag & drop and MultiLine mode of RadTextBox


What’s Fixed:

  1. Last context menu item is no longer partially hidden when linear animation used.
  2. RadContextMenu now correctly works in Safari 3.04.
  3. Fixed RadContextMenu Overflow not working properly – the context menu falls
    under a Java Applet in IE.
  4. Fixed memory leaks


What’s Fixed:

  1. Disabled elements inside Panel Item no longer throw an error when clicked.
  2. Expanded items on second level are now correctly registered when initialized.
  3. Fixed flickering under FF3.
  4. Fixed memory leaks.


What’s New:

  1. It is possible for the RadRotator server events to be overridden in an inherited class.
  2. Added an AutoPostBack property (needed for the onItemClick override
    to work).

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a memory leak in Internet Explorer.
  2. Fixed a bug with mouse over/out in slideshow mode during the fade


What’s New:

  1. AppointmentDataBound is now fired for recurrence master appointments
    before the recurrence rule is evaluated.

What’s Fixed:

  1. TimeSlot's get_startTime now returns correct values in MonthView when
    there is a DST change in the current month.
  2. TimeSlotCreated is now fired after navigating with the integrated date picker.
  3. Vertical day view grouped by resource now renders properly with ShowAllDayRow="false".
  4. Custom attributes are now displayed in the advanced form when there are no resources and recurrence support is turned off.
  5. Drag-and-drop does now works correctly when RadScheduler's location on the
    page is changed.
  6. Fixed memory leaks in IE.
  7. Office2007 & WebBlue skins navigation arrows now work on their full hit


What’s Fixed:

  1. RadScriptManager now correctly resolves scripts when a ScriptReference with specified path was added to the Scripts collection (applies to .NET 3.5 SP1).
  2. RadScriptManager now correctly respects script dependencies when a ScriptReference with specified Path exists in the middle of the Scripts collection.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed the Enabled property of the Slider. Until now, it could not be updated on the server.
  2. Updated the redraw method on the client - did not set the correct value for the SelectionEnd dragHandle.
  3. Updated the resizeExtenders - should not hide all IFRAMEs when the dragHandle is moved.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a potential problem with the order of properties (button properties and dialog opener related properties).
  2. Fixed issues with the RadSpell Gray skin


What’s Fixed:

  1. Added functionality to the RadSlidingPane to persist its scroll-position, when PersistScrollPosition=true.
  2. In Firefox, when you resize an expanded (not docked) RadSlidingPane, the pane moved a few pixels down the page and a few pixels to the right.
  3. In Internet Explorer 6 with SlideDirection=Left, when you resize a RadSlidingPane, the pane moved one pixel to the right.
  4. In Safari, when you have an initially docked sliding pane, with a RadMenu inside, expanding the child items of a root menu item will cause a crash.
  5. Fixed memory leaks in RadPane.
  6. OnClientResized event of the RadPane is no longer fired more than once when the splitter size is a percent value and you resize the browser.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed JavaScript error when all tabs are invisible (Visible=False)
  2. Fixed memory leaks in IE.


What’s Fixed:

  1. VS 2008 designer hangs when RadToolBarButton’s ImagePosition set to AboveText or BelowText.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed memory leaks in IE.
  2. In Safari/Chrome - when scrolling, the tooltip's calculated position not takes into account the scroll offset.
  3. Fixed a problem with tooltip overflow, when loading content in tooltip manager with AJAX request.
  4. RadToolTipManager - Changed the AutoTooltipify property default value from true to false.


What’s Fixed:

  1. ShowLineImages = false is no longer ignored in Load on demand scenarios.
  2. Width and height specified via the CssClass is no longer inherited by the dragging clue.
  3. CheckChildNodes = true now works with RadFormDecorator.
  4. Expanded and collapsed nodes are not lost after second postback when ViewState is disabled.
  5. NavigateUrl and Target are no longer lost in client-side drag and drop.
  6. Setting ExpandMode (via set_expandMode) will render the toggle image if it is not present.
  7. Fixed Memory leaks in IE.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a JavaScript error when moving the mouse cursor with a clicked left button.
  2. Select button not properly opens the browse dialog if RadUpload is placed in a fieldset with legend.
  3. The client-side updating/updated event handlers of the RadProgressManager and RadProgressArea now contain the RadUpload property when monitoring file upload.
  4. When the progress area displays full paths, back slashes are now correctly shown.
  5. RadUploadHttpModule no longer requires High level of AspNetHostingPermission.
  6. When requesting an UploadedFile by RadUploadContext.Current.UploadedFiles[FileUpload1.UniqueID], a null reference is returned instead of the PostedFile reference when having dynamically created controls. This is now fixed.
  7. Fixed an error in RadProgressManager when submitting large non-fileupload content (text-only).


What’s New:

  1. Fixed memory leaks in IE.
  2. When the size/location of the RadWindow is changed using the moveTo/set_width/set_height client methods, the window did not check its
    restrictionZone bounds. This is now fixed.
  3. RadWindow now stores its correct position in onDragEnd.
  4. Restore now correctly restores the width of RadWindow after maximize in a restrictionZone
  5. set_width/set_height no longer resizes the RadWindow when it is maximized.
  6. When the window is maximized, it no longer allows be able to move/resize.
  7. Calling minimize when a window is maximized no longer positions the window top and left to 0,0 - the correct behavior is now to restore top and left to where the nonmaximized window originally was.
  8. When making the window very small the side handles no longer get to 0px, but now stay 2 or 3 px wide.
  9. The zIndex is now updated when RadWindow is maximized to cover all other absolutely positioned elements on the page such as RadMenu.
  10. In IE when window is in a page in IFRAME, when the window is maximized and then restored the page scrolls are correctly displayed again.
  11. When resizing - if the page has been scrolled down the window no longer jumps with the scroll height. (This only affects the UP direction)
  12. Fixed a problem with RadWindow - prompt causing IE7 to block in certain scenario where you click outside the focused button and then close the prompt

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