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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2008.1619

June 18, 2008

What’s New in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2008 SP2 (Version Number 2008.1.619):

Common for all controls:

Full compatibility with FireFox 3.0 and Opera 9.5.


What’s Fixed:

  1. RadAjaxManager no longer accesses controls collection of invisible DataBound controls
  2. Browser history problem is now fixed.
  3. Session timeout (Response.RedirectLocation) is now fixed.
  4. RadAjaxManager: UpdatePanelControlTrigger added instead of AsyncPostBackTrigger to resolve InvalidCastException


What’s New:

  1. Obsolete client-side methods are no longer supported: SetDate, GetPopupContainer, GetTimePopupContainer, GetTextBox, SetMinDate

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadTimePicker TimeView popup in Safari is now fixed.
  2. JS error on selection with fast navigation popup is now fixed.
  3. RadDatePicker and RequiredFieldValidator error on focus and blur is now fixed.


What’s New:

  1. New GroupNameFormat property to control the series names in grouped databound charts.
  2. Zooming and scrolling is now supported for any set of series containing at least one line or area series.
  3. Automatically generated ChartSeriesItem labels are now available in BeforeLayout event handler.
  4. Added HttpHandlerUrl property to customize the path to the ChartHttpHandler.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed an issue with zoom/scroll when the chart is initially invisible.
  2. Fixed an issue with bar labels position.
  3. Fixed an issue with missing rotated X axis labels when zoom/scroll is enabled.
  4. Fixed an issue with bar X axis alignment.
  5. Fixed an issue with wrong graph produced when databinding scrollable chart.
  6. XAxis ValueFormat and CustomFormat properties are now applied when datatable is shown.
  7. Fixed an erroneously thrown exception when databinding candlestick chart.
  8. Fixed Legend and Title z-order.
  9. Fixed an issue with line series peaks going beyond the YValue in some cases.
  10. Fixed wrong ChartSeriesItems YValues when grouping.
  11. Fixed an issue with incorrect bar positioning when Binding XValue in StackedBar chart grouped by a given field.
  12. Fixed a design-time issue with EMF chart.
  13. Restored SaveToXml(string fileName) and LoadFromXml(string fileName) methods.
  14. Replaced LoadFromXml(TextWriter writer) method with LoadFromXml(TextReader reader).
  15. Fixed an issue with ChartSeriesItem label changed on postback.
  16. Fixed an issue with disappearing legend when textblock is too long.
  17. Zooming now works with disabled ViewState..


What’s New:

  1. Implemented EnableItemCaching property when using load on demand. All items received on demand will be cached locally.
  2. Implemented FooterTemplate
  3. Implemented OnClientDropDownOpened and OnClientDropDownClosed events
  4. Design Time > RadComboBox Item Builder - Setting the Text property also sets the Value property of the item.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Removed setIsInPostBack method. It is not needed anymore.
  2. Fixed RadComboBox being disabled after Ajax request.
  3. Fixed RadComboBox being disabled after exporting a file.
  4. Fixed RadComboBox closing during ajax request.
  5. Text is now decoded before it is set to the input field.
  6. Fixed bug related to autocomplete separators - if you choose an already selected item the rest will be hidden.
  7. Fixed bug : set_emptyMessage() now applies the css correctly.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a couple of problems with the dock title
  2. Fixed a reported problem with some client API methods - set_width,set_height,set_left,set_top
  3. Fixed unwanted vertical scrollbars, which appear in IE7 when setting width/height to a non resizable dock or collapse/expanding it


What’s New:

  1. Added support for mousdown and mouseup for skinned button

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed the initial flickering when the page loads and shows the original browser checkboxes, radios and buttons.
  2. Fixed the incorrect display of skinned buttons in hidden parent elements
  3. Fixed compatibility with RadGrid and RadTreeView

What’s New:

  1. Added a new property – ToolProviderID. Allows multiple editors to easily share the same toolbar, which greatly improves loading time and client performance.
  2. Added a new client API event – firstShow. Raised when the editor is first shown on the page (e.g. showing a hidden editor with JavaScript).
  3. Added support for the AccessKey property.
  4. New rendering for the file browser dialogs (Image, Document, Flash, Media, Silverlight, Template Managers). Improved loading speed and allow for easy customization of the dialogs.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a problem with uploading files when search pattern is *.*
  2. Fixed a problem with editor when EnableEmbeddedScripts is false
  3. Fixed a rendering problem when the editor is shown after an Ajax request
  4. Fixed a problem where parent page scrolls to the top when selecting content in the editor programmatically.
  5. Match case was not read correctly in the find dialog. It is fixed now.
  6. Fixed a problem with anchors when opening the Link Manager dialog multiple times.
  7. Localization fixes in various dialogs (image editor, set image properties, file managers, etc.)
  8. Fixed a problem with old content still showing in the Mozilla paste helper dialogs.
  9. Tools file reader used forelement instead of forElement when loading context menus. It is now fixed.
  10. Fixed a problem when opening the link manager in IE and there is no content in the editor.
  11. Fixed a problem with the image editor – sometimes the new image was saved in a wrong format.
  12. Fixed the DialogHandlerUrl editor property to accept application relative paths
  13. Fixed a problem with the Page Properties dialog when page has no title.
  14. Fixed a problem in IE - when the modules are hidden, the resizer in the editor bottom right corner would move to the left.
  15. Fixed IE editor initialization mechanism to reduce/prevent the page from flickering when scrolled down
  16. Fixed a problem with the paste command in FireFox 3
  17. Fixed an issue with AutoResizeHeight in FireFox.
  18. Fix a problem with Image Manager/Editor, when the image src contains a % (percent) symbol
  19. Fixed a problem with Image Editor – sometimes showed a cached version of the image
  20. Fixed a small problem with the editor height in IE 7
  21. Added new localization strings in the Dialogs localization resource: Common_ConfirmDelete, Common_CreateNewFolder, Common_NameExists, Common_Up, Common_PresetTargets, Common_CustomTargets, Common_Black, Common_Blue, Common_Green, Common_NoColor, Common_Orange, Common_Red, Common_White, Common_Yellow. Removed the following localization strings: FindAndReplace_Up, Common_Client_ConfirmDelete, Common_Client_AlertExists, LinkManager_CustomTargets, LinkManager_PresetTargets, FlashManager_Black, FlashManager_Blue, FlashManager_Green, FlashManager_NoColor, FlashManager_Orange, FlashManager_Red, FlashManager_White, FlashManager_Yellow.


What’s New:

  1. Added a common CSS class ("RadGrid") to the Grid's wrapping <div> element
  2. Improved the Row Selector Area CSS class and style implementation
  3. Added the GridRowSelector_Skin CSS class to the respective span element and removed inline style
  4. Implemented the .GridItemDropIndicator_Skin CSS class, which is applied to a drop indicator when dragging grid rows
  5. RadFormDecorator support is now improved.
  6. ContextMenu client event is now cancelable.

What’s Fixed:

  1. A couple of Drag & Drop JS errors are fixed
  2. Failing filtering of GridHTMLEditorColumn is fixed
  3. GridCalculatedColumn in detail table: fixed DataFormatString and FooterText properties not taken into account
  4. GridExpandColumn, GridRowIndicatorColumn, GridGroupSplitterColumn columns are no longer exported to CSV
  5. CSV export no longer adds an extra comma at the end of the rows
  6. Fixed FooterAggregates exception in no records scenario
  7. FooterItem is no longer visible after server-side columns reorder and (ShowFooter="false")
  8. Fixed TimeSpan binding issue
  9. UpdateValues() NullReference exception is fixed
  10. Modal PopUp + SelectedValue bug is fixed
  11. DateTimeColumn exception in InsertMode with ObjectDataSource scenario is fixed
  12. KeyboardNavigation JavaScript error (issue with active row in insert mode) is fixed
  13. JavaScript error with selected items in hierarchy is fixed
  14. Empty DropDown causing visual glitch in IE in view mode is now fixed.
  15. A client-side issue with hidden command item hiding the filtering item is fixed
  16. Grouping in client mode with nested groups now functions correctly
  17. Fixed dragged rows containers being stretched when grid has height 100%
  18. FilterExpressions are now passed to Where property of LinqDataSource by default
  19. Issue with DBNull, Aggregates and Filtering scenario is fixed
  20. A couple of properties' default values updated to fix design-time serialization issues
  21. When RadGrid uses a custom skin and ImagesPath is set, the GroupPanel sort icon is now an image button, not sprite button
  22. The GridColumn sort icon can now be removed


What’s New:

  1. RadNumericTextBox: NumberFormat -> KeepNotRoundedValue property: gets or sets the value that indicates whether the control will keep its original value in edit mode

What’s Fixed:

  1. A problem with the IncrementSettings.Step property and German culture is now fixed.
  2. Failing AutoCompleteType = None setting is now fixed.
  3. Fixed lost text in disabled panel (problem with RadInput and  Page.RegisterRequiresPostBack)
  4. RadNumericTextBox and UpdatePanel single refresh issue is now fixed.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Keyboard navigation in Firefox 3.0 is now fixed.
  2. RadContextMenu: a bug with direct file output is now fixed.
  3. RadContextMenu: screen boundary detection did not work properly when context menu displayed the first time. It is now fixed.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Removed rendering of "disabled" attribute to image and link elements.
  2. Fixed a problem when items with set NavigateUrl did postback instead of navigate.


What’s New:

  1. Added a CSS class (rsLastSpacingWrapper) to the last spacing wrapper in the TimelineView and in the All day area, so it can be hidden with CSS;

What’s Fixed:

  1. The visible range was sometimes incorrect in day view grouped by resource and date. It is now fixed.
  2. The Appointment client-side object now has public properties for recurrence state and parent id.
  3. Navigating to next period in MonthView now works correctly when the first day of the next month is outside the FirstDayOfWeek - LastDayOfWeek range.
  4. Appointments are shown correctly when they share the same exact start/end time (zero duration).
  5. Setting TimelineView.ShowDateHeaders to "false" now works as expected.
  6. WeeklyRecurrenceRule now correctly evaluates rules with interval greater than 1 and day of week mask.
  7. Improved rendering under IE in quirks mode (default rendering mode in DNN, SharePoint).
  8. iCalendar export now correctly exports recurring appointments.
  9. Dates returned by the client-side API are now correct regardless of the time-zone setting on the client.
  10. The original resource is now preserved in the AppointmentUpdate event arguments.
  11. The DayView.DayStartTime and DayView.DayEndTime settings now work as expected.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Script errors with IE6 SP1 (related to gzip compression) are now fixed.


What’s Fixed:

  1. The server ValueChanged event is no longer called twice, when you drop the slider handler.


What’s New:

  1. Added a new property – SpellCheckProviderTypeName. When set, the spell checker will use the custom provider instead of the default.
  2. Made the SpellCheckProvider base class public, so it will be possible to create custom spellchecking providers.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a problem with the spell check service, when the page encoding is not UTF
  2. DialogHandlerUrl property now accepts relative (~/) paths.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Improved performance in IE when there is a lot of content in SlidingPanes/Panes.
  2. Fixed a problem with nested splitters.
  3. Fixed a problem with the ContentUrl property.
  4. When all RadPanes are in PX the splitter now ignores its own size setting and become as high/as wide to show all panes.
  5. When the splitter is in a TABLE (width/height in percents), the splitter resizes to smaller size as expected, when you resize the browser.
  6. Setting Collapsed=false, when you have a RadSplitbar with CollapseDirection!=None, now correctly expands the pane.
  7. FullScreenMode=true no longer breaks the RadSplitter in case it is on a page, opened in an IFRAME, which itself is on a page with no DOCTYPE
  8. When you expand a pane the correct width/height is now applied.


What’s Fixed:

  1. A server-side exception in Medium trust is now fixed.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Clicking on the image of a button with NavigateUrl now correctly navigates to the target page.
  2. Fixed a bug with the direct file output.
  3. Modified the skins for better RTL support (dropdown arrow was not rendered properly);
  4. Disabled items (or enabled items in a disabled RadToolBar) no longer navigate when clicked


What’s Fixed:

  1. After clicking outside of a modal tooltip it is now possible to hide it using client code as expected.
  2. Right-clicking to show a tooltip in FireFox would not prevent the default context menu from displaying. This is now fixed.
  3. Using set_text() no longer causes problems in dispose when the tooltip is updated with AJAX
  4. Fixed a problem with the tooltip manager and Safari (when there are many elements to tooltipify)
  5. RadToolTip now works properly in quirksmode (non-XHTML pages) as well


What’s New:

  1. New RadTreeView.get_draggingClueElement() client-side method that returns a reference to the ‘ghost’ node element during dragging.

What’s Fixed:

  1. ‘Checkable’ property of Load-On-Demand nodes is now properly persisted after postback.
  2. Drag & drop now works as expected when recreating RadTreeView on postback.
  3. Using special characters (?, +, ], etc.) in a node's text will no longer break text editing.
  4. The Node.set_visible (client-side) method will now properly hide nodes.


What’s New:

  1. Implemented a new MOVE mechanism for RadWindow. The new mechanism offers improved performance and fixes an issue with IE in Windows Vista.
  2. Added methods to the window client API to allow moving and setting size to windows.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a problem with IE6 and AJAX.


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