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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2008.1515

May 14, 2008

What’s New in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2008 SP1 (Version Number 2008.1.515):


What’s Fixed:

  1. AJAXLoadingPanel problem with RadInputs/RadDate(Time)Pickers is now fixed.
  2. RadAjaxManager's default LoadingPanel is not displayed in MasterPage scenario. The problem is now fixed
  3. Invisible controls binding problem is now fixed
  4. RadAjax integration with RadMultiPage/TabStrip is improved


What’s Fixed:

  1. All Date(Time)Pickers settings are now properly persisted in ViewState.
  2. Medium trust support is improved


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed an issue with System.InvalidCastException thrown in certain cases
  2. Fixed an issue with lost appearance of PlotArea when there are no series in the chart
  3. Fixed an issue with XAxis item labels overlapping the plot area
  4. Fixed an issue when grouping data by a column with NULL values
  5. Databinding to null does not affect the chart now.


What’s New:

  1. IsSeparator property of RadComboBoxItem. If it is set to true RadcomboBoxItem will not be clickable and selectable and it will have a different style.
  2. HeaderTemplate is now accessible at the server side
  3. Additional feature to KeyBoard navigation: If RadComboBox is in “readonly” mode (AllowCustomText,EnableLoadOnDemand and MarkFirstMatch properties are set to false), keyboard can be used to navigate items.
  4. New method - setIsPostBack - public method to help avoid the problem with dropdowns not shown after direct file output

What’s Fixed:

  1. SelectedValue =”” didn’t select item with Text=”” and Value=””. This is now fixed.
  2. RadComboBox lost its SelectedValue after postback if EnableViewState was set to false. This is now fixed.
  3. Setting MarkFirstMatch to true and deleting text of the input did not allow the item with this text to be clicked. This is now fixed.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a bug with Pin/Unpin
  2. Fixed a problem when the dock is placed in a hidden container


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a problem when DecoratedControls="None"

What’s New:

  1. File upload in the editor dialogs now displays a more clear max upload size (bytes, KB, MB, GB)
  2. Updated the Image Editor dialog saving routine for better image quality.
  3. Added new properties for the image manager settings - EnableImageEditor (enable/disable image editor tool), ImageEditorFileSuffix (sets the image editor image suffix)
  4. Added a new editor property - EnableResize (true by default). When set to false, the editor resize will be disabled
  5. Improved tools file loading - editor toolstrips and dropdown items can now be loaded from the tools file as well

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a problem with the dialogs skin rendering when the editor is in an Update panel
  2. Fixed a JavaScript error when submitting the page and editor is in an Update panel
  3. Fixed a popup positioning problem when the control is in a FRAMESET
  4. Fixed a problem with setting the editor skins(dialogs)
  5. Fixed a problem with editor dialogs, which use the RadAjaxManager in Medium trust
  6. The Image Manager and Image Editor can now be used without a RadEditor control on the page
  7. Fixed a problem with editor dialogs when the control assembly is in the GAC
  8. Fixed a problem with the Link Manager dialog - existing anchors dropdown was not updated correctly
  9. Fixed a problem with the Image Editor (custom content provider)
  10. Fixed a problem with the Find and Replace dialog when the replace string contains HTML tags
  11. Fixed a problem with the Set Image Properties dialog when the selected image is in a hyperlink
  12. Fixed a couple of issues with the Path Keeper (links inside comments)
  13. Fixed a few localization issues (dialog titles were not localized)
  14. Fixed a problem with Firefox and iframes on the editor page
  15. Fixed a bug in IE 7 - sometimes clicking in on a dropdown item in the editor cleared the selection
  16. Fixed a problem with the MakePathsAbsolute filter
  17. Fixed a problem with editor height when not using the default toolbar mode
  18. Fixed a couple of problems with the ajax spell checker (adding new words, right click)
  19. Fixed a number of layout issues with the editor dialogs in all skins


What’s New:

  1. OnPopUpShowing client-side event added
  2. ColumnsReorder server event added
  3. GridDataItem.UpdateObject() method added - extracts values for each column using GridEditableColumn.FillValues and updates values in the provided object
  4. New GridDateTimeColumnEditor.ImagesPath property
  5. Added ScrollerToolTip_Skin CSS class for virtual scrolling/paging
  6. Added support for binding to nested object's properties
  7. FirstPage & LastPage command arguments
  8. CSV exporting file extension added

What’s Fixed:

  1. Pager doesn't change when setting less items. The problem is now fixed.
  2. NullReference exception fixed in Grid under ASP.NET 3.5 with aggregates and no records.
  3. Missing Insert image is now fixed.
  4. Mac skin rewritten and Input Mac skin grid-related fixes are now fixed.
  5. Black and Inox skins are improved.
  6. Drag/drop problem with destination Grid's UniqueID is now fixed.
  7. Grid slider pager and AJAX skin fixes.
  8. Fixed NextPrev pager message when the grid has no records: "items 1 to 0" (AlwaysVisible="true").
  9. Ungroup problem with two group panel items having the same HierarchicalIndex is now fixed.
  10. Grid is no longer resized on column resize if inside container with fixed width (ResizeGridOnColumnResize="false").
  11. Missing DragToGroupOrReorder and DropHereToReorder tooltips are now fixed.
  12. JS error on drag to select over the Grid header is now fixed.
  13. Grouping with Groupable="false" column issue is now fixed.
  14. When RadGrid is in container with large zIndex the selector is not visible. The issue is now fixed.
  15. Selection on click no longer fails over a table in template column.
  16. Fixed ReadOnly bound and dropdown columns problem - controls appearing in edit mode if grid is not rebound.
  17. Next page button in RTL mode is now fixed.
  18. SEOPaging settings under MasterTableView are now fixed.
  19. A work-around implemented for JS error in IE7 and MS AJAX with disabled elements.
  20. Color settings in MS Excel no longer fail on exporting.
  21. Missing pager first/last images are now fixed.
  22. Error "These columns don't currently have unique values." on grouping with trailing spaces in fields is now fixed.
  23. GridEditFormItem wrapping cell is now rendered with correct vertical-align attribute.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Design-Time absolute positioning no longer fails in VS 2005.
  2. Validator SetFocusOnError not works as expected with RadInput controls.
  3. Fixed HandleWheel over the input controls in Firefox.


What’s New:

  1. Added public getter and setter for the clicked flag.
  2. Added public click() method to the RadMenuItem client-side object.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Server-side exception after postback when using web-service load on demand is now fixed.
  2. The current item is now properly highlighted when binding to MOSS sitemap.
  3. Scrolling now works properly when the parent item is scrollable.
  4. GroupSettings OffsetX and OffsetY now work with templated items.
  5. set_visible now works for templated items.


What’s New:

  1. Added public method click() to RadPanelItem at client side

What’s Fixed:

  1. The current item is now properly highlighted when binding to MOSS sitemap.
  2. PersistStateInCookie now works as expected when RadPanelBar is bound to declarative datasource.
  3. JavaScript now executes correctly when the JavaScript code is set to NavigateUrl
  4. ContextMenu of the browser now shows on right click on the item.
  5. HoveredImageUrl now works as expected.
  6. Fixed a JavaScript error as a result of ajax update when ExpandMode is set to FullExpandedItems.
  7. SecurityException in medium trust after postback is now fixed.
  8. Improved performance during ajax update


What’s New:

  1. Client-side TimeSlot objects now have get_resource() method
  2. Server-side exception is no longer thrown when the start time is after the end time when editing and inserting appointments. This allows you to cancel the operation or take corrective action by handling the AppointmentInsert and AppointmentUpdate events. If the dates are not corrected, the next data binding operation throws an exception.
  3. RecurrenceExceptionCreatedEventArgs now contains information about the occurrence which was used to create a recurrence exception (OccurrenceAppointment).

What’s Fixed:

  1. Client-side events now return correct times with TimeZoneOffset values different from the default (TimeSpan.Zero).
  2. Month view now works with weeks shorter than 7 days.
  3. Grouped by Date WeekView’s content now shows in non-IE browsers.
  4. The footer is now rendered in Grouped Week and Day views.
  5. Grouped by resource views now work with more than 10 resources.
  6. get_newTime() returns wrong value in SchedulerAppointmentResizeEndEventArgs.
  7. The client-side Appointment get_start() and get_end() methods now return correct values.
  8. Appointment editing now works correctly when the AppointmentClick event is used.
  9. Clicking the "Show more" link in month view sometimes now redirects to the correct date.
  10. EditingRecurringSeries value is now properly updated when deleting appointments.
  11. Fixed the spelling of RecurrenceState.Occurrence and RecurrenceRange.MaxOccurences.
  12. Horizontally grouped views works correctly with number of resources that is not a divisor of 100.
  13. Appointment.get_toolTip now returns correct values.
  14. The height of the all-day area is no longer miscalculated in horizontally grouped week/day view.
  15. Setting ShowNavigationPane to false no longer hides the header in TimelineView, Grouped MonthView, Grouped WeekView.
  16. Appointments now have the correct text after showing a hidden RadScheduler.
  17. Recurrence checkbox is no longer shown in advanced form if recurrence data fields are not set.
  18. OnClientTimeSlotClick is now fired in TimelineView and for all-day slots.
  19. TimeSlotClicked now returns correct times in MonthView when FirstDayOfWeek or LastDayOfWeek are set to non-default values.
  20. Prev/Next period arrow buttons now work as expected if SlotDuration is less than a day in TimelineView.
  21. The ResourceControl user control now persist the selected resource (single-value).


What’s New:

  1. Added support for style="z-index: ... " for the RadSlidingPane and set default value for zIndex to 2000

What’s Fixed:

  1. With ResizeMode=proportional, you cannot dock a sliding pane in a zone with slideDirection=Left/Top. This is now fixed.
  2. SlideDuration property of the RadSlidingZone now works as expected in all scenarios.
  3.  _expandedSize property of the RadPane is now cleared after the RadPane is expanded by a RadSplitBar.
  4. An initially collapsed RadPane in splitter in % now has correct expanded size.
  5. The RadSlidingPanes are no longer added twice to the panes collection of the RadSlidingZone.


What’s New:

  1. Added enable/disable client side methods
  2. set_visible client-side property now hides and shows the tab

Breaking Changes:

  1. ReoderTabsOnSelect renamed to ReorderTabsOnSelect

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a JavaScript error after clicking a tab when there are separators.
  2. Selected state is no longer lost when RadTabStrip is inside invisible control (Visible = False)
  3. Fixed a server-side exception if RadTabStrip is made invisible in Page_Load after postback caused by that very RadTabStrip.
  4. Selection now works correctly when tabs are made invisible (Visible = false)
  5. The current tab is now selected when binding to SiteMapDataSource.
  6. Wrong pageview gets selected if the current RadMultiPage has invisible (Visible = false) pageviews. This is now fixed.
  7. Tabs can now properly wrap
  8. Selecting a child tab’s pageview no longer fails if the parent tab is selected
  9. Tabs with NavigateUrl and Target set are now visually selected
  10. Scroll arrows no longer disappear in Safari
  11. get_isSeparator now reports correct values
  12. get_text now reports correct values when the tab is separator
  13. set_selectedIndex now selects the corresponding tab
  14. Making the first or last tab invisible no longer prevents the rendering of rtsFirst and rtsLast CSS classes
  15. Removing inline pageviews during PageLoad no longer throws exception about duplicate IDs


What’s New:

  1. Added public click() methods to the RadToolBarButton and RadToolBarSplitButton client objects.
  2. Added AutoPostBack property to RadToolBar. Default value is false.
  3. Added a setIsPostBack public method to help avoiding the problem with dropdowns not shown after direct file output;

What’s Fixed:

  1. The ButtonDataBound event is now crrectly triggered when databinding.
  2. Having three buttons (the first one invisible), clicking the last one changes the state of its previous one to checked. This is now fixed.


What’s New:

  1. New client-side API methods set_value() and get_value(). Set/get an arbitrary value associated with a tooltip that can be used in scenarios involving AJAX or web services
  2. Added a public client-side method getToolTipByElement() needed for a number of dynamic client-side scenarios


What’s Fixed:

  1. The current node is now properly highlighted when binding to MOSS sitemap
  2. JavaScript error when there is alert or confirm inside the nodeDropping client-side event handler is now fixed.
  3. Server side exception is no longer thrown during load on demand when ViewState is disabled.
  4. The IsEmpty property now behave as expected.


What’s Fixed    

  1. Fixed input size in Safari
  2. Problem with progress area in Firefox on the Mac is now fixed.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Overlay is now correctly resized when the window is maximized/minimized
  2. Fixed a small issue with radprompt callback function not being called when the Cancel button was hit.
  3. Made modal windows to not close when ESC is pressed (up to now they would close).


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