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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2008.1415

April 14, 2008

What’s New in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2008 (Version Number 2008.1.415):

Common for all controls:

  1. RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX is now officially out of beta and the “Prometheus” codename is retired.
  2. Client-side API: the compatibility layer which was used in the transition beta period is now removed. All client-side methods strictly follow the ASP.NET AJAX conventions and are lower case. For instance: set_mode() should always be used from now on, set_Mode() is no longer supported. This also results in significant improvement in page loading times.
  3. Two new common skins Hay and Sunset .
  4. Two other skins – Default2006 and Mac – are now obsolete and will be discontinued with our Q2 release in July.


New Prometheus Control

  1. New client-side rendering, persistence of items added client-side
  2. New client-side events and extended client-side API
  3. New property of RadPanelItem - PreventCollapse - by default it is set to false. If it is true item will not be collapsed
  4. New property of RadPanelBar -AllowCollapseAllItems -This allows all items to be collapsed even if the panelbar's ExpandMode is set to SingleExpandedItem or FullExpandedItem
  5. Implemented  IsSeparator property.
  6. Added get_domEvent to the event arguments of all client events.
  7. Increased the speed of RadPanelBar when PersistStateInCookie is set to true.
  8. Added get_clicked property of RadPanelItem at the client side.


New Prometheus Control

  1. New client-side rendering, persistence of items added client-side
  2. New client-side events and extended client-side API
  3. Templates
  4. Improved scrolling - scrolling arrows are rendered only when needed
  5. Improved skinning - every skin defines the appearance for all 4 types of orientation
  6. Tab reordering
  7. Justify alignment
  8. RadPageView client-side rendering and persistence


New Prometheus Control

  1. New semantic rendering for minimal HTML output and full accessibility
  2. New item types - DropDown and SplitButton (dropdown items)
  3. New client-side rendering, persistence of items added client-side
  4. New client-side events and extended client-side API
  5. Custom attributes
  6. Expand/Collapse animations for dropdown items
  7. State-related images and classes (HoveredImageUrl, CheckedImageUrl, DisabledImageUrl, HoveredCssClass, CheckedCssClass, HoveredCssClass)
  8. Navigation - button items (RadToolBarButton and RadToolBarSplitButton) have a NavigateUrl and Target properties to navigate to a specified URL
  9. Loading content from XML file and outputting content as XML
  10. Visual Studio Design time support and item builder
  11. Per-button validation
  12. Per-button PostBackUrl
  13. CommandName/CommandArgument properties for Button items (RadToolBarButton and RadToolBarSplitButton);
  14. RadToolBarSplitButton DefaultButton behavior (turned on by default)


New Prometheus Control

RadFormDecorator is part of Telerik "Prometheus" suite that enables CSS skinning of checkboxes (<asp:CheckBox />), radiobuttons (<asp:RadioButton />) and buttons (<asp:Button />) without generating any additional Html elements - hidden inputs, div's, etc. Thus, it integrates seamlessly into the page and doesn't require any changes to the existing page's layout.

Here are the main features of the control:

  1. 12 skins
  2. Hover/Out states for the buttons using pure CSS
  3. Caching of images for IE6 for smooth user experience
  4. CSS for disabled radiobuttons, checkboxes and buttons
  5. Support for skinnable scrollbars
  6. DecorationZoneID property
  7. Visual Studio design-time support


What’s New:

  1. Ajax requests queuing

What’s Fixed:

  1. ValidationSummary support added
  2. Response scripts regexp no longer locks IE if there are no scripts
  3. Validators that inherit other validators now work as expected
  4. Intellisense for inner Telerik controls now works properly in RadAjaxPanel


What’s New:

  1. Implemented new property ImagesPath
  2. Public Holidays -- RadCalendar now supports Repeatable Holidays that allow you to define holiday events repeated each year.

What’s Fixed:

  1.  [RadDateTimePicker] in initially invisible panel throws js error when updated with UpdatePanel - The issue is now fixed.
  2. [RadDatePicker] Fixed a problem with EnableEmbeddedSkins="false"
  3. [RadDatePicker] now throws an exception as expected when date out of range is selected.
  4. [RadTimePicker] Fixed a problem using client-side clear() for timepicker
  5. [RadTimePicker] Fixed a problem with RadTimePicker control and ReqiredFieldValidator
  6. [RadDatePicker] Fixed a problem in Design Time VS 2008
  7. [RadCalendar] Fixed a problem with Custom Navigation Images Unless EnableEmbeddedSkins is False
  8. [RadPickers] Fixed a problem with double postback on selecting date/time


What’s New:

  1. AutoLayout functionality - The AutoLayout functionality instructs the control to perform out-of-the-box layout arrangement that provides optimal utilization of the whole chart area and ensures that all chart elements are fully readable and do not overlap with one another.
  2. Zooming / Scrolling functionality - allowing users to explore portions of large charts in more detail with excellent performance. The user can zoom to a portion of the chart by dragging and selecting with the mouse (see left-most image below) to set a new scale for the chart. AJAX retrieves the visible "chunk" of the chart that was selected. The user can continue to navigate the chart by scrolling.
  3. Automatic text-wrapping functionality
  4. New skins - Marble, Wood, Metal
  5. New series types - StackedLine and StackedSpline

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed an issue in programmatic databinding to LINQ queries.
  2. Fixed a serialization exception with StateServer / SqlServer session state and storing the viewstate in session via PageStatePersister.
  3. Fixed an issue with high CPU usage for pie chart in certain cases
  4. Fixed a DataBinding issue when changing datasources
  5. Fixed marked zones label tooltip.
  6. Fixed bar series position issue.
  7. Fixed an issue with disappearing label for bars with small values
  8. Fixed an issue with chart series items labels positioning
  9. Fixed an issue with EMF format in design time
  10. Pie chart item labels can now be placed inside the chart
  11. Extended Y axis is now extended even if the axis max value does not match the series' max value
  12. Fixed an issue with XmlDataSource
  13. Fixed an issue with Line chart series shadow
  14. Fixed an issue with axis labels serialization
  15. User-defined custom figures are now editable
  16. User-defined custom figures are now available for selection in Series.Appearance.PointMark.Figure dropdown.


What’s New:

  1. Implemented Enabled property

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed XHTML compliance issues.


What’s New:

  1. Added get_domEvent to the event arguments of all client events
  2. Implemented the EmptyMessage property
  3. Added Value property to the event arguments of the SelectedIndexChanged

What’s Fixed:

  1. HTML attributes such as ForeColor, Font, BorderColor etc. are now properly applied to RadComboBoxItem(s).
  2. Disabled RadcomboBox no longer throw javascript error if clicked or hovered.
  3. Fixed a memory leak in IE
  4. Cancelled selecting of RadComboBoxItem's text
  5. get_items().clear() now clears the selectedIem and highlightedItem


What’s New:

  1. Implemented resizing for the docks
  2. Added two new client events - OnClientResizeStart, OnClientResizeEnd

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a problem with setting height and width of the dock in percentage values (%)

What’s New:

  1. New dialog caching mechanism - dialogs will not reload when opened again, all changes are made client-side and persisted after close
  2. New a style builder dialog
  3. Added AjaxSpellLoaded event, exposed the AjaxSpellCheck object in the public API
  4. Added OnClientPasteHtml, OnClientInit events
  5. Added CssClasses support (same as RadEditor classic)
  6. Added CustomDropdowns (same as RadEdiotr Classic)
  7. Added a new property – EditorFilters - you can set which content filters will be active when the editor loads. Also added EnableFilter and DisableFilter methods to the editor server API
  8. Implemented support for the dockingZone attribute when applied to editor toolbars - similar to RadEditor “Classic” for ASP.NET.
  9. Changed the way dialogs are loaded in the editor. This allows most of the dialogs to be loaded from external files as well.
  10. Added a Silverlight manager dialog (insert silverlight content)
  11. Added an Image Editor dialog (available from the Image Manager browser)

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a couple of XHTML compliance issues
  2. Fixed an issue when setting the width and height properties
  3. Fixed a couple of issues with span tags in FireFox
  4. Fixed a problem with the spell checker in a specific scenario when it tried to check JavaScript code and html comments.
  5. Fixed a problem when uploading files and only one folder is in the upload paths list
  6. Fixed a problem when there is only a single flash object in the content
  7. Fixed localization support in editor dropdowns and toolstrips
  8. Fixed a problem with the colors of span tags
  9. Fixed a problem with anchors when using the absolute URLs filter
  10. Fixed a problem with the CssFiles property in design time
  11. Fixed some problems in the HTML indentation filter
  12. Fixed problem with extra attributes appearing on some elements(originalAttribute, originalPath)
  13. Fixed Safari 3 compatibility issues - pasting HTML, setting font size
  14. Fixed a problem with style tags in Internet Explorer
  15. Fixed a problem with the XHTML validator dialog and full page content
  16. Fixed a problem with empty paragraphs when NewLineBr is false


What’s New:

  1. Global ItemTemplate for GridTableView - When an item template is set all GridDataItems/GridEditableColumns (auto-generated or declarative) will be replaced with a single cell which will be used as a container for the templated content.
  2. Items drag and drop
  3. NestedViewTemplate (detail table template)
  4. Footer aggregates - Provides an intuitive method to define aggregates per column from design time and render the results inside the respective column's footer. Aggregate calculations are supported for GridBoundColumns and GridCalculatedColumns.
  5. Group footers and aggregates - In addition to displaying summaries/results from aggregates in the group header, RadGrid exposes group footers feature which provides the option to render footer under each group in the grid
  6. PopUp edit form - RadGrid supports editing items in a popup edit form. When an item is put in edit mode RadGrid will display a popup with the edit form.
  7. Calculated columns - You can sort, group and/or filter these columns exactly in the same way as GridBoundColumn
  8. Confirm with RadWindow for GridButtonColumn and GridClientDeleteColumn
  9. Insert Item Positioning - Insert item will be rendered either on top or under grid's results
  10. Expand/collapse of Grid's filtering item - lets you expand or collapse grid's filtering item
  11. RadMenu as filtering menu - RadGrid's filtering menu is now replaced by RadContextMenu
  12. Optimized databinding: The control takes advantage of the new LINQ (Language Integrated Query) syntax introduced in ASP.NET 3.5 and performs aggregate calculations or executes sorting/filtering/paging operations by means of native LINQ expressions. This technique significantly reduces the time necessary to process these actions "behind the scenes" and allows you to handle millions of records within a few milliseconds. Please bear in mind that these optimizations are available only in the ASP.NET 3.5 build of the grid (the assembly resides in the /bin35 folder of the installation).

What’s Fixed:

  1. GridNumericColumn & GridMaskedColumn - filtering image rendering invalid xhtml. The issue is now fixed.
  2. When a clientdatakey has a null value, exception is no longer thrown.
  3. When reordering template columns which headers template contains a table reorder indicators does not worker as expected.
  4. ExportToExcelML now shows columns in current order (not as they are in the datasource)
  5. Autogenerated column’s allowsorting property now applies as expected in Item Created event.
  6. When selecting/deselecting rows on the client the currently deselected row object is passed in events' args.
  7. Columns reorder with ColumnsReorderMethod=Reorder now behaves as expected.
  8. Hitting enter key in advanced pager’s textboxes now performs required operation in FireFox
  9. Drag-to-select now works as expected in grid with static headers
  10. Command UpdatedEdited no longer throws an exception when edit item is a FormItem
  11. RadDropDownColumn now respects ConvertEmptyStringToNull settings
  12. Footer is no longer placed under the header when Exporting to Excel
  13. grid_dataItems - get_dataItems() client function now checks if item is previously created before trying to create it.
  14. Property builder added column names are always unique now.
  15. Context menu client events are now fired even if the target element is clickable
  16. Exception is no longer thrown when detail table's pager images are defined
  17. Datetime column now properly displays dates before 1980/1/1.
  18. GridData div height is now properly sized
  19. DataFormatString is no longer applied for grid column editors
  20. Filtering now works correctly with System.Char


What’s Fixed:

  1. Implemented  ReadOnlyStyle for RadInput controls
  2. [RadDateInput] Fixed a problem when the picker's culture is set to Spanish (costa rica)
  3. [RadDateInput] throw exception when Arrow key is pressed and there is no previous SelectedDate - The issue is now fixed.
  4. [RadDateInput] now throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException when SelectedDate out of range (Min/MaxDate) is selected.
  5. [RadNumericTextBox] now throws an exception when Value out of range (MinValue/MaxValue) is selected
  6. [RadInput] The Text property of RadInput controls is not updated immediately with DefaultButton - The issue is now fixed.
  7. [RadTextBox] MultiLine mode ignores MaxLength - The issue is now fixed.
  8. [RadTextBox] Fixed a problem with TextMode set to Password and EmptyMessage


What’s New:

  1. Client event arguments now have a domEvent property.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Setting EnableEmbeddedSkins through the Web.config now works as expected.
  2. Adding items on the client-side to an empty item with enabled scrolling (set height or width) now works as expected.
  3. The ExpandedImageUrl is now applied correctly.
  4. Templates are now applied correctly when the menu item has no child items.
  5. Opening a RadContextMenu during an Ajax call no longer results in a JavaScript error.
  6. Dynamically created items with set imageUrl now render the image correctly.
  7. Context menu: Items added in the OnClientShowing event now have correct width.


What’s New:

  1. Grouping by resource is now supported in all views
  2. Support for two grouping modes - horizontal and vertical
  3. The advanced template is now available as a set of user controls for easier customization
  4. New view type - timeline view
  5. Grouping by date is now supported in all views. To enable it, prefix the GroupBy attribute value with “Date”, for example: GroupBy=”Date,Room”.
  6. New client-side events: appointmentMoveStart, appointmentMoveEnd.
  7. New server-side event: TimeSlotCreated. Can be used to customize the appearance of individual time slots.
  8. New server-side event:  RecurrenceExceptionCreated. Can be cancelled.
  9. Added overloads for ShowAdvancedEditForm and ShowInlineEditForm that accept parameter that specifies whether to edit recurrence series.
  10. The script for the advanced template is now loaded on demand.
  11. Each view type has a UserSelectable property that can be set to false to remove the view from the view change tabs.

What’s Fixed:

  1. AppointmentClick now fires even when RadScheduler is in read-only mode.
  2. The all-day appointments no longer overflow in IE (quirks mode).

What’s Changed:

Breaking changes:

    - The get_appointments client-side property of RadScheduler returns an AppointmentCollection instance instead of a JavaScript array

        - get_appointments().length => get_appointments().get_count()

        - get_appointments()[index] => get_appointments().getAppointment (index)

    - Removed obsolete fields from client-side Appointment object

        - appointment.ID => appointment.get_id();

        - appointment.Subject => appointment.get_subject();

        - appointment.Start => appointment.get_start();

        - appointment.End => appointment.get_end();

        - appointment.ToolTip =appointment.get_toolTip();

    - The appointmentMoving event is now called while the appointment is being moved. To achieve the legacy ehavior, please attach your event handlers to the appointmentMoveEnd event.

    - The day order in the RecurrenceDay enum was changed to improve compatibility with Outlook. Sunday is now first day of week and the integer values are changed to reflect the new ordering.

Non-breaking changes:

    - Obsoleted RadScheduler properties in favor of view-specific complex properties:

        - DayHeaderDateFormat => DayView.HeaderDateFormat

        - WeekHeaderDateFormat => WeekView.HeaderDateFormat

        - MonthHeaderDateFormat => MonthView.HeaderDateFormat

        - WeekColumnHeaderDateFormat => WeekView.ColumnHeaderDateFormat

        - MonthColumnHeaderDateFormat => MonthView.ColumnHeaderDateFormat

        - MonthVisibleAppointmentsPerDay => MonthView.VisibleAppointmentsPerDay

    - ShowMonthlyColumnHeader is replaced by a pair of properties:

        - MonthView.ShowDateHeaders

        - MonthView.ShowResourceHeaders

    - ShowWeeklyColumnHeader is replaced by a pair of properties:

        - WeekView.ShowDateHeaders

        - WeekView.ShowResourceHeaders

    - Obsoleted ResourceView – use DayView grouped by resource instead.

    - Obsoleted StartInFullTime – use ShowFullTime instead.

    - In WeekView, the VisibleRangeStart and VisibleRangeEnd now include the whole period (not only business hours) when all day row is displayed.


What’s New:

  1. A new repaint client method to update the splitter size
  2. Updated SlidingPanes rendering

What’s Fixed:

  1. Flash video (YouTube) in a RadPane is no longer reloaded when a RadSlidingPane is expanded.
  2. Fixed a JavaScript error when a docked RadSlidingPane is resized
  3. Fixed a sizing problem - when using percent and pixel sizes for RadPanes at the same time
  4. Fixed a problem with the Collapsed server property - sometimes it was not applied on the client
  5. Fixed a sliding pane height problem in Opera
  6. Fixed a problem when resizing in Safari
  7. Fixed XHTML compliance issues


What’s Fixed:

  1. When tooltip is Modal and OnClientShow/Hide is specified, the handler for OnClientShow/Hide is now properly executed.
  2. Fixed problems with the z-index of the tooltip
  3. Mouse detection is now improved.
  4. The control will now properly take into account the z-index style property.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Canceling the OnClientNodeClicking now prevents navigating to the NavigateUrl


What’s Fixed    

  1. Fixed a problem when there are both FileUpload and RadUpload controls on the page


What’s New:

  1. Added support for restriction zones for windows

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed problems with the ZIndex of the window
  2. Fixed XHTML compliance issues
  3. Fixed a problem when moving a window, which is not on top - the window should be made active first
  4. The control will now properly take into account the z-index style property.

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