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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2007.31425

February 24, 2008

What’s New in RadControls “Prometheus” for ASP.NET Q3 2007 SP2 (Version Number 2007.3.1425):

Common for all controls:

  1. Visual Studio designers are merged in Telerik.Web.UI assembly (there is no Telerik.Web.Design)
  2. New EnableEmbeddedScripts property - if set to false scripts will not be loaded from the assembly and you can specify an alternative location for custom deployment scenarios.
  3. CSS registration when a control is initially hidden and then displayed with AJAX is now fixed.


What’s Fixed

  1. RadAjaxPanels within dynamically loaded user controls that are loaded later than Page_Init (e.g. on Page_Load) are now properly ajaxified.
  2. Script controls within nested AjaxPanels now get properly registered on Ajax request from the nested panel.
  3. AjaxPanel as initiator can now update another Panel.
  4. RadAjaxManager: rendering optimizations on ajax requests of the update panels that the control logic uses internally.
  5. Improved support for validation controls
  6. RadAjaxManager is now listed in Visual Studio design time properties builder as initiator



What’s Fixed:

  1. RadDate/TimePicker was too wide under Safari. The issue is now fixed.
  2. RadDate/TimePicker now works properly on Reset.
  3. RadDate/TimePicker: OnSelectedDateChanged event handler no longer fires twice
  4. RadDate/TimePicker design time problems are now fixed - proper resize and rendering of the control at design time, fully functional SkinChooser.
  5. RadCalendar FastNavigation Today Button issue is now fixed -- Server-side selection event not firing consistently when using FastNavigation Today Button (with EnableTodaySelection="true").



What’s Fixed:

Charting Engine:

  1. Fixed Intellisense issue.
  2. Fixed an issue with Horizontal bar series item label alignment.
  3. Fixed an issue with DataSourceID value lost in some cases.
  4. Improved behavior when difference between the min and max value is very small, now works correctly with values up to 10E-14.
  5. Improved pie-chart performance.
  6. Improved bar width behavior in some cases with more than 1 series in the chart.
  7. Fixed an issue with image maps for area charts.
  8. Http handler security vulnerability fixed with UseSession=false.

RadChart control:

An issue with medium trust is now fixed.



What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a problem with the tooltip when the "No Color" is selected. Now the tooltip is "blank".



What’s New:

  1. Implementing auto height of RadComboBox – the dropdown occupies all the available height.
  2. ShowMoreResults functionality with WebService load on demand.
  3. Integrated ShowMoreResults, VirtualScrolling and WebService.
  4. Added OnClientLoad event.
  5. Added Telerik.Web.UI.RadComboBox.ComboBoxes array, which contains all instances of RadComboBox controls on the page.

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadComboBox now works correctly with RequiredFieldValidator under FireFox.
  2. RadComboBox no longer freezes when it contains templates and updates itself (through RadAjaxManager)
  3. RadComboBoxItem's text and value are now both bound when the datasource is
  4. an arrayList
  5. RadComboBox does not lose its focus when the user right clicks on another control



What’s Fixed:

  1. Problem with server event names is now fixed.
  2. Z-index is no longer changed when dragging a dock.


What’s New:

  1. The editor will not render any scripts when enabled is set to false.
  2. Added a get_textArea() mothod to the editor client API.
  3. RadEditor scripts optimization - the editor now renders less JavaScript code on the page.
  4. Implemented a new option for Strip on Paste - AllExceptNewLines (strips all tags and keeps new lines and br tags)
  5. Updated editor localization - proper localization strings are now displayed in undo/redo dropdowns
  6. If there is a single folder in the file browser dialogs, the editor will navigate to that folder automatically.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Changed the ajax spellchecker default settings - repeated words will now be ignored by default.
  2. Styles were not always preserved in FireFox. The issue is now fixed.
  3. Fixed a problem with nested lists in FireFox.
  4. Fixed a problem with the FireFox paste plain text dialog.
  5. When pasting content with allowscripts = false, the scripts in the content will be removed. The issue is now fixed.
  6. Fixed a problem with the editor in an HTTPS site causing a warning message.
  7. Margins will no longer be stripped from pasted MS Word content.
  8. Fixed an issue with font tags with size="+0".
  9. Fixed a problem when the Cancel spellchecking button is used.
  10. Fixed a problem with scripts inside comments.
  11. Fixed a problem with links starting with www in Internet Explorer.
  12. Fixed a problem with multiple editors when the Skin property is used.
  13. Fixed a problem with the editor width/height during postbacks.
  14. Fixed a problem with the font name dropdown showing "AZBY" in some scenarios.
  15. Fixed a problem with Find and Replace dialog when replacing inside a textbox in Internet Explorer



What’s New:

  1. OverrideDataSourceControlSorting boolean property for GridTableView with default value “false”.
  2. Csv section added to ExportSettings where you can specify Column/Row delimiter.
  3. EnableRowHoverStyle added to ClientSettings with default value “false”.
  4. Row hover styles added to all skins.
  5. ToolTip = Text in GridHyperLinkColumn

What’s Fixed:

  1. GridDropDownColumn.EnableEmptyListItem does not work when the control editor is RadComboBox -- no empty item is appended to the items collection. The issue is now fixed.
  2. Setting ExportSettings.ExportOnlyData to true prevents styles being applied to the grid items / alternating items; also no client events were fired for the same as the client objects were not created as well. The issue is now fixed.
  3. Paging does not work in some cases after sorting. The issue is now fixed.
  4. Pagers not calculated in GridDataDiv height. The issue is now fixed.
  5. Auto layout now works as expected in all scenarios.
  6. GridCreated is no longer called earlier than expected.
  7. Filter Menu memory leaks are now eliminated.
  8. GridDropDownColumn.DropDownControlType="DropDownList" is now properly applied for detail tables as well.
  9. InsertText on commandColumn is now properly persisted for detail tables.
  10. When item is deleted through ClientDeleteColumn on the client it is now properly removed from selectedItems and dataItems collections.
  11. Wrong spelling of GridCellDataBoundEventArgs and GridCellDataBoundEvent is now fixed.
  12. Visual Studio design time property builder datasourceID dropdown now properly selects datasourceID instead of setting data expressions.
  13. Browser freeze with client select column and large number of rows is now fixed.
  14. RadComboBox inside a grid column is now properly closed when scrolling.
  15. Export to ExcelML: if columns are not visible they are no longer exported.
  16. Filtering is no longer lost on declared columns in detail tables on page/sort/etc.
  17. Bottom CommandItem is now properly displayed when scrolling is enabled.
  18. Paging now works properly with disabled ViewState.
  19. Null ItemTemplate will no longer cause GridTemplateColumns.FillValue to throw null ref. ex. on delete
  20. ShowFooter="true" no longer breaks auto layout when scrolling with static headers.
  21. Rebind in UpdateEdited command can now be properly be canceled.
  22. e.Item can now be GridEditFormItem or GridDataItem in UpdateEdited command
  23. Column FooterStyle is now applied properly in all scenarios.
  24. The grid will no longer call Clone() method of ICloneable interface. The issue is now fixed.
  25. No more deprecated styles in the HTML code for the NoRecordsItem.
  26. RadGrid no longer throws exception - "Sys.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: id" - in case of unbound grid



What’s Fixed:

  1. RadInput controls issue with RequiredFieldValidators is now fixed -- Focusing and blurring the control (without typing any value) erroneously triggered the ErrorMessage of the validator.
  2. RadInput controls issue with AJAX toolkit validation callouts is now fixed -- The callouts were not positioned correctly when RadInput was in the new rendering mode (span wrapper instead of table).
  3. RadInput controls now work properly on Reset.
  4. RadInput Visual Studio design time problems are now fixed - proper resize and rendering of the control at design time, fully functional SkinChooser.
  5. RadNumericTextBox: server Focus issue is now fixed -- the value for type="Currency” is improperly evaluated if the server Focus( ) method is called (the control is focused but on blur the value is not correct).
  6. RadNumericTextBox: spin Buttons no longer throw "Unspecified error" inside AJAX Panel
  7. RadNumericTextBox: issue with negative values turned into positive on spin button click is now fixed.
  8. RadNumericTextBox: parsing issue with values with leading decimals is now fixed.
  9. RadTextBox with TextMode set to Password and EmptyMessage set to anything, n initial load  the RadTextBox is empty. The issue is now fixed.
  10. RadTextBox: MultiLine mode no longer ignores MaxLength


What’s Fixed:

  1. Menu width is now correctly calculated after the text of an item has been changed.
  2. The hovered style is now cleared properly from context menu items.
  3. RadContextMenu children expand mode was set to "down" after a RadAjaxManager ajax call. The issue is now fixed.
  4. Reading the menu from XML now works as expected if the file contains comments.
  5. CssClass is now included in the RadMenuItemData web service data transfer class.
  6. Items without NavigateUrl now postback on click.
  7. Now itemOpening is called only once when opening an item with ExpandMode="WebService".
  8. ContextMenu width is now properly calculated.
  9. The menu no longer moves to the left on close when dir="rtl" is set to the body (IE).


What’s New:

  1. Custom attributes are now accessible on the client-side.
  2. Reduced client-side initialization time.
  3. Support for MinutesPerRow values that are not divisors of 60.
  4. Implemented two new overloads for ExportToICalendar that take IEnumerable<Appointment> instead of AppointmentCollection as argument.
  5. SupportsMultipleResourceValues property for RadScheduler providers is now obsolete.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Visual Studio design time support fixes for ResourceView.
  2. Setting SelectedDate to a DateTime with time part different than midnight no longer causes problems in WeekView.
  3. Resource selection now works in the advanced template with ViewState turned off.
  4. The recurrence controls in the advanced template are now shown after cancelling the Insert/Update event on the server.
  5. Recurring appointments that start on the previous day are now properly shown in DayView.
  6. Yearly recurrence rules are now correctly evaluated if the appointment crosses the year boundary.
  7. Runtime exception when an appointment ends at midnight on the last day of month is now fixed.



What’s New:

  1. Added support for WebServices.
  2. Added an extra property called "Value" in TargetControl.
  3. Added a "ToolTipZodeID" property for the RadToolTipManager - choose an html element, whose children will be tooltipified
  4. Updated client-side API (set_text, set_content, set_title)

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a problem with tooltip not closing properly when mouse moved quickly in/out
  2. Pressing Esc will now close a tooltip only if it is not modal.



What’s New:

  1. Holding Shift enables multiple node selection.
  2. Implemented OnClientCallBackError event.
  3. OnClientNodeDragging is now cancelable.

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadTreeNodeData received on the server now contains all needed information.
  2. Hovering disabled element no longer throws a JS error if a RadTreeView is present on the page.
  3. ‘Telerik is undefined' error if ScriptManager.LoadScriptsBeforeUI is ”false” is now fixed.
  4. Expanding a node through the client API does not fire postback if it is ExpandMode.ServerSide. The issue is now fixed.
  5. Ajax updates that do not update the RadTreeView no longer break its toggled state
  6. Clicked node can't be deselected during OnClientNodeClicked
  7. TreeView now registers for callback if no ServerSideCallback nodes were rendered initially.
  8. Drad and drop now works as expected in Opera 9.25.
  9. Item templates are now properly preserved after drag and drop
  10. Editing the text of a templated node no longer removes the template
  11. RadTreeView Client-Side Load-On-Demand: expanded parent's image now properly change to 'expanded' after Server-Side CallBack
  12. ContextMenuID is no longer lost after postback.



What’s Fixed    

  1. Fixed a problem with multiple upload controls on the page.
  2. Fixed a problem with using checkbox controls as additional fields in the upload control.



What’s New:

  1. Added new properties - Overlay and KeepInScreenBounds.
  2. Added support for defaulttext to the radprompt function.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a JavaScript error when there are hidden windows and their state is saved in a cookie.
  2. Fixed a problem with calculated size when the page is NOT running in standard compliance mode.
  3. Fixed a problem with XHTML output.
  4. Fixed a problem with popup windows (alert,confirm) causing a JavaScript error after closing it with Esc.



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