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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2007.31314

January 14, 2008

What’s New in RadControls “Prometheus” for ASP.NET Q3 2007 SP1 (Version Number 2007.3.1314):


What’s Fixed

  1. Invalid HTTP requests are no longer generated on parsing the response of an Ajax request.
  2. __EVENTTARGET is now properly initialized.
  3. ASP:MultiView with data-bound controls problem in AJAX Panel is now fixed.


What’s New:

  1. Improved rendering of RadDate/Time pickers

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadDateTimePicker: TimeView is now properly displayed in Safari.
  2. RadDateTimePicker: FastNavigation popup is now hidden as expected on TimePopupButton click.
  3. RadDate/TimePicker controls now work properly with asp.net ajax callout validators.
  4. RadDatePicker: disabled datepicker no longer loses its value on postback.
  5. RadDatePicker: A rare crash in old Safari versions is now fixed.
  6. RadDate/TimePicker: problems with the manually added selected dates are now fixed.
  7. Rad(Date)TimePicker: the fastnavigation popup is now hidden on timeview opening


What’s Fixed:

Charting Engine:

  1. Fixed white spaces between Pie series segments
  2. Fixed antialiasing problems with zero borders
  3. Fixed DataTable overlapped by rotated axis items issue
  4. Fixed antialiasing problems in oblique borders
  5. Fixed an issue with datatable rendered over a rounded chart
  6. Fixed Chart rendering error when there is no series and data table is enabled
  7. Individual items can now override series text colors settings
  8. Chart wizard error when setting title is fixed
  9. Fixed issue with legend title overlapping the first item
  10. Fixed an error when LogarithmBase is less than 2
  11. The legend is not serialized in .aspx when adding RadChart to the page
  12. StackedBar series now respect XValue
  13. Fixed a SeriesPalette property reset issue
  14. Fixed a legend colors issue
  15. Wizard crash when clicking Skins tab is now fixed
  16. Axis LabelAppearance serialization issue fixed
  17. Fixed an issue with "#STSUM" default label value
  18. Fixed a visual appearance issue when BarWidthPercent is specified
  19. Pie item labels positioning is improved
  20. Fixed an issue with hidden horizontal bars
  21. Fixed axis labels alignment issue
  22. Fixed axis items dimensions serialization issue
  23. Fixed a problem with MarkedZone label rendering
  24. Visible property is not persisted in skin
  25. Fixed an issue with StackedArea series labels visibility


What’s New:

  1. VirtualScrolling feature -adding items via callback upon scrolling the drop down. To enable this feature, set EnableVirtualScrolling property to true.
  2. AutoHeight feature -if the Height property of RadComboBox is not set - the dropdown will be sized according to the available space.
  3. The HeaderTemplate is now frozen (does not scroll when scrolling the dropdown)
  4. The AutoPostBack is now implemented.
  5. tlrkComboBoxes array has been removed.
  6. RadComboBox has different style when its input or image is hovered, focused or disabled.

What’s Fixed:

  1. The SelectedValue property returns an actual value when RadComboBox items have been loaded on demand.
  2. ClearSelection method now clears the SelectedValue.
  3. ItemsRequested event now fires only once if the ShowDropDownOnTextBoxClick is set to false.
  4. Items loaded on demand when AppendItems is set to true are now properly initialized.
  5. RadComboBox now works as expected in MediumTrust.


What’s New:

  1. New DockCommandsCollection Insert method so that docks can be added at a specific index server-side.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Problem with applying the correct css class to the toggle commands (Collapse/Expand, Pin/Unpin) is now fixed.
  2. When applying Skin only to RadDockLayout it now gets applied to all its child controls (zones, docks)
  3. Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 design-time problems with RadDockLayout are now fixed.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a number of properties being automatically added to the editor definition in design time.
  2. Fixed a problem with the <noscript> tags being lost in IE
  3. AllowScripts property now works correctly.
  4. A problem with wrong html content, which caused Internet Explorer to freeze is now fixed.
  5. The Paragraps list had its Name and Value properties reversed (Tag/Title). This is now fixed.
  6. Improved full screen mode.
  7. Fixed problems with the paste helper dialogs in Firefox.
  8. Fixed a problem with style attributes content (XHTML compliancy)
  9. Fixed a problem with the editor control when added during a RadAjax request
  10. Fixed a problem with Firefox and full-page HTML content
  11. Several improvements for Safari browser
  12. Toolbar (showonfocus, pagetop) was automatically showing on page load. This is now fixed.


What’s New:

  1. ImagesPath property for custom skins (when EnableEmbededSkins="False")
  2. HorizontalAlign overriding skins: Text-align is now used instead of align for GridTableHeaderCell and GridTableRow
  3. Codeless hierarchy support for LinqDataSource

What’s Fixed:

  1. Excel Export: when columns are set to visible=false they are no longer exported.
  2. HeaderText now is used instead DataField in CSV export.
  3. "&nbsp;" removed for CSV export and DataBoundLiteralControl support added.
  4. Advanced pager problem when grid is bound to empty collection is now fixed.
  5. Fixed a paging problem when sorting is on and there is no filter (NeedDataSource).
  6. Problems with pager and IScriptControls with ServerBind is now fixed.
  7. JavaScript error with server-bind hierarchy - headerRow is null is now fixed.
  8. Table-layout:fixed problems with hierarchy and scroll under FF are now fixed.
  9. Detail table header visibility problem with ServerBind hierarchy on expand is now fixed.
  10. EnableEmbeddedSkins is now applied for the grid child controls.
  11. Status panel loading text is now showing for all grids if more then one on the page
  12. Disabled elements problem on mouse over is now fixed.
  13. NullReference exception in FillData when columnToUse does not exist in the table is now fixed.
  14. Exception with related grids: IndexOutOfRangeException: Index -3 is either negative or above rows count is now fixed.
  15. Exception "this._owner.GridDataDiv is null or not an object" in case of unbound grid with scrolling turned on is now fixed.
  16. ReadOnly columns cells value is no longer lost on postback when the grid is not bound.
  17. Grid with scrolling inside PageView exception “OnWindowResize is not a function” is now fixed.
  18. XHTML validation problems with GridGroupSplitterColumn are now fixed.
  19. XHTML validation error of filtering menu image (incorrect 'allign' attribute)is now fixed.
  20. Accessing e.Item.ClientID in ItemCreated no longer breaks grid client-side functionality (two "id" attributes).


What’s New:

  1. New rendering of RadInput when no buttons/labels

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadInput controls now work as expected with asp.net ajax callout validators.
  2. RadTextBox/RadMaskedTextBox Columns property now works as expected.
  3. RadInput controls: the empty message is limited by the maxLength property.
  4. RadDateInput: A rare crash with old Safari versions is now fixed.
  5. GroupSizes now works as expected with AllowRounding="false".


What’s New:

  1. Context menu now supports scrolling for the root group

What’s Fixed:

  1. JSON serialization error when a menu item is added in two menus is now fixed.
  2. JavaScript error during client-side dispose is now fixed.
  3. Fixed incorrect ajaxification of context menus - first time works ok, second time causes postback.
  4. OnClientMouseOver now fires as expected in Internet Explorer.
  5. RadMenu does postbacks only the first time if the current url contains hash ("Default.aspx#test"). The issue is now fixed.
  6. Exception when using relative paths in ImageUrl is now fixed.
  7. The position of the child group is now correctly calculated when an OffsetY is applied to a scrollable parent.
  8. Setting the Enabled property to false now works as expected.
  9. Design time rendering issues in Visual Studio 2008 are now fixed.


What’s New:

  1. New property - DisplayRecurrenceActionDialogOnMove.
  2. New client-side events - OnClientAppointmentMoving,  OnClientFormCreated, OnClientAppointmentContextMenu, OnClientTimeSlotContextMenu.
  3. The date pickers in the advanced form can now be localized (String keys: AdvancedCalendarOK, AdvancedCalendarCancel, AdvancedCalendarToday).

What’s Fixed:

  1. The date pickers in the advanced form are no longer getting wrapped under Firefox 3.0 Beta2.
  2. Problems with localized month names in the advanced form are now fixed. Other minor localization issues are fixed as well.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Problem with the spell control, when added during a RadAjax request is now fixed.
  2. Custom skins are now correctly applied to the window component.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a problem with disposing the tooltip.


What’s New:

  1. OnClientContextMenuShowing is fired even if no context menus are defined.
  2. Implemented more public constructors of RadTreeNode (public RadTreeNode(string text, string value), public RadTreeNode(string text, string value, string navigateUrl) )
  3. The RadTreeNode.Category property is now implemented
  4. The RadTreeNode.Remove method is now implemented
  5. The RadTreeNode.Clone method copies all properties and clones all child nodes as well
  6. Client-side CssClass property (get_cssClass, set_cssClass)
  7. PersistLoadOnDemandNodes now works in ServerSideCallback mode

What’s Fixed:

  1. Context menus are no longer cleared in databound treeview.
  2. The Target property is now rendered as expected.
  3. Exception on loading viewstate when context menus are created after nodes is now fixed.
  4. Binding to hierarchical datasource using the DataSource property is now fixed.
  5. Unnecessary node text wrapping is now fixed.
  6. get_nodes().clear() no longer clears the context menus.
  7. Context menu now shows as expected when the ContextMenuID property is set in the NodeExpand event fired via ServerSideCallback.
  8. Child nodes no longer remain hidden if expand animation is set to "None".
  9. Nodes can now be edited as expected if the user is subscribed to the NodeClick event.
  10. Security exception after postback in Medium Trust is now fixed.
  11. Drag And Drop issues when the NavigateUrl property is set are now fixed.
  12. NodeClick is now fired for the correct node when there are invisible nodes.


What’s Fixed:    

  1. Temporary files are now deleted as expected from system temp folder.
  2. The built-in checkbox value can now be obtained server-side.
  3. Uploading large files problem in IIS is now fixed.
  4. RadUpload does not interfere with client-side validation on the page.
  5. RadUpload now uploads 0 byte files even when there is no RadProgressManager on the page.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Firefox issues with maximized windows and windows from a different domain are now fixed.
  2. Incorrect size when you maximize, close, and then open a window again is now fixed.




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