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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2007.31218

December 17, 2007

What’s New in RadControls “Prometheus” for ASP.NET Q3 2007 (Version Number 2007.3.1218): 

  1. All controls now have full support for Visual Studio 2008.
  2. Telerik is among the first component vendors to provide native support for ASP.NET 3.5. We now ship a native ASP.NET 3.5 version of Telerik.Web.UI.dll (RadControls “Prometheus”) compiled specifically for System.Web.Extensions v3.5.


New Prometheus Control

Stepping upon the rich functionality of its predecessor and built on top of MS ASP.NET AJAX framework, RadGrid “Prometheus” for ASP.NET raises the bar higher in its category. RadGrid Prometheus delivers unmatched performance and an incredible feature set. The Q3 highlights for RadGrid “Prometheus” are:

  1. Optimized Databinding

RadGrid “Prometheus” for ASP.NET features a completely rewritten databinding core, which is an incredible performance boost – the grid is now up to 10 times faster than before. This optimized databinding results in much faster behavior of all RadGrid’s capabilities such as paging, grouping, sorting, etc. 

  1. Extended Functionality Through Integrated Controls

All the controls included in the “Prometheus” suite are now incorporated in a single assembly, which results in an extremely flexible architecture and unlimited customization capabilities. The controls from the “Prometheus” suite can be easily integrated among each other, facilitating the development process. For example, RadSlider is now integrated in RadGrid for enhanced paging and scrolling experience.  

  1. Rich Data Editing

RadGrid “Prometheus” for ASP.NET allows you to codelessly edit data through the integrated RadEditor, RadDatePicker, RadInput and RadComboBox column editors. With the help of these controls, you can manage various data entries - text, numerical, dates, etc. Depending on the column data type, a relevant Editor allows you to edit content in a friendly environment.  

  1. Extended Client-side API

RadGrid now provides a great new set of client-side methods and events to facilitate customization. It is now very easy to perform almost any RadGrid opreation on the client: expand/collapse, delete, resize, reorder, select, scroll (with option for static headers and static columns). 

  1. Native Export to Excel

RadGrid “Prometheus” supports native export to Microsoft Excel that will offer you full control over your data exports. This functionality empowers you to customize the appearance of your exported document prior to exporting.

  1. Support for LinqDataSource and ObjectContainerDataSource

In addition to all ASP.NET 2.0 declarative datasources you can codelessly bind RadGrid Prometheus to LinqDataSource and ObjectContainerDataSource.

RadMenu, RadTreeView and RadComboBox

New Prometheus Controls

Q3 release introduces three more “Prometheus” controls – RadMenu, RadTreeView and RadComboBox. All three of them are supercharged versions of their classic equivalents, inheriting their rich functionality and beating all records in terms of performance.

  1. New client-side API

RadMenu, RadTreeView and RadComboBox have a rich client-side API and comprehensive set of events guaranteeing full control over various functions performed on the client. You can easily add/delete/update items at the client side and all the changes will be persisted on the server as well. The rich client-side API provides unbeatable performance and desktop-like experience.

  1. Minimal HTML Output

The controls have a new highly efficient semantic rendering mechanism, which uses list items and CSS instead of tables. As a result, the HTML output is considerably reduced, which dramatically improves performance.

  1. Powerful Databinding

Prometheus navigational controls now have the ability to bind to web services on the client. The controls can now load data on demand which results in previously unattainable performance boosts. Additionally, the navigational controls support binding to all ASP.NET 2.0 declarative datasources (AccessDataSource, ObjectDataSource, SqlDataSource, SiteMapDataSource, and XmlDataSource) and the new LinqDataSource.



RadUpload is another AJAX-injected control now part of the RadControls “Prometheus” suite. The new version still has the familiar features and functionality, but now offers a couple of optimizations:

  1. Optimized rendering mechanism for minimum HTML output
  2. InputSize property to control the width of the file input elements



RadSpell has been also added to the “Prometheus” suite and takes full advantage of the ASP.NET AJAX framework.

Q3 2007 introduces two new resource controls – RadScriptManager and RadStyleSheetManager, which optimize the loading time and trafic by combining resource requests to the server.

RadScriptManager is a control that replaces the ScriptManager available in the Microsoft Ajax Extensions suite. When put on the page, RadScriptManager combines all the requests to javascript assembly resource files in the page to a single one, thus reducing the page load time and traffic consume.

Similar to RadScriptManager, RadStyleSheetManager combines all the requests to stylesheet resource files in the page to a single one, reducing the page load time and traffic. The difference is that it does not replace the ScriptManager, but instead works together with it.



What’s Fixed

  1. Classic RadControls scripts are now  properly loaded on the fly (if Visible="false") when UseEmbededScript = false
  2. RadScriptBlock not initialized properly problem is now fixed.
  3. RadScriptBlock NullReferenceException design-time is now fixed.
  4. RadScriptBlock: When a JavaScript handler placed in ScriptBlock is attached to a control’s client event JavaScript files are now properly loaded.
  5. RadScriptBlock: The script in the block will be executed only if the control containing it is the first added in the AjaxSettings collection. The problem is now fixed.


What’s Fixed:

  1. [RadDateTimePicker and RadTimePicker] datepicker + Editor under Safari problem is now fixed
  2. Javascript error when trying to use the calendar ViewSelector is now fixed.
  3. RadDate/TimePicker controls: Improved height rendering - missing bottom border problem is resolved.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Click is now RadChart default event.
  2. X axis item labels can now be hidden declaratively.
  3. Custom ChartMargins, ChartPaddings and Corners now work in MediumTrust
  4. Fixed Line series items tooltip issue.
  5. Fixed wizard crash issue in some rare scenarios.
  6. Mixed series items are now positioned correctly
  7. Fixed Gridlines rendering error if axis items count = 0
  8. Vertical gridlines and DataTable are now rendered over the PlotArea
  9. Stacked100 area and spline area labels are now shown correctly in horizontal series orientation
  10. Hiding major grid lines of X-Axis now hides major tick marks.
  11. Fixed DataTable and pie series exception.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Default value for the DockToggleCommandState State is now properly set.

What’s New:

  1. Two new dialogs added - track changes and Xhtml validator.
  2. EnableEditing functionality - ability to switch off selected tools, context menus, modules, etc.
  3. Auto-resize Height

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadEditor will now no longer execute scripts in the content
  2. Support for @import rules in the editor content area stylesheets.
  3. AutoResizeHeight property - When set to true the editor's height will grow or shrink with the content
  4. Improved the XHTML output in Firefox
  5. Fixed a problem with Firefox and full HTML page content
  6. Improved "Unlink" command behavior in FireFox and other non-IE browsers
  7. Fixed a problem when the editor class is inherited
  8. New lines are no longer counted in the Statistics module
  9. Fixed an Opera issue - inserting nested anchors
  10. Fixed several resize problems in RadEditor Prometheus in IE and Firefox
  11. Fixed a Safari selection issue - clicking the toolbar removes the current selection
  12. Fixed a problem where the editor becomes uneditable in Mozilla when made visible on the client, or when moved in the DOM.
  13. Safari 2.x crashes with some dialogs are now fixed.
  14. A javascript error with Ajax and ASP.NET validators is now fixed.
  15. ConvertFontToSpan filter will now copy all tag attributes (ID, etc.)
  16. Problems with context menus in non-IE browsers are now fixed.
  17. Non-breaking spaces in Firefox are correctly preserved when you switch to HTML mode


What’s Fixed:

  1. DateInput: Time parsing problem is now fixed.
  2. Input controls: Improved height rendering - missing bottom border problem is resolved.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Changing the value of SelectedView no longer requires a call to Rebind ().
  2. Implemented new client-side events for controlling the recurrence action dialog: RecurrenceActionDialogShowing  (Can be used to cancel the dialog and select an option through code) and RecurrenceActionDialogClosed.
  3. A problem in iCalendar export routine is now fixed. Incorrect date format string was used.
  4. The cancel button in the confirmation dialog no longer navigates.  


What’s Fixed:

  1. A problem with sticky mode and IE6 is now fixed


What’s Fixed:

  1. IconUrl property

What’s Fixed:

  1. Safari 2.x crashed when loading some dialogs are now fixed.
  2. Firefox problems with alert box are now fixed.


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