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UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2007.21107

November 6, 2007

What’s New in RadControls “Prometheus” for ASP.NET Q2 2007 SP2 (Version Number 2007.2.1107):


What’s Fixed

  1. RadAjaxManager and Gridview Buttonfield problem is now fixed.
  2. NullReferenceException with AJAX Toolkit Extenders is now fixed.
  3. Null reference exception in ProxyScriptControl with IExtenderControl not returning script descriptors and script references is now fixed.


What’s Fixed:

  1. RadDatePicker: client side validation problem when form DefaultButton is set is now fixed.
  2. RadDateTimePicker, RadTimePicker: TimeView.EnableEmbeddedSkins exception is now fixed.
  3. RadDatePicker, RadDateTimePicker, RadTimePickre: missing border is now fixed.


What’s New:

  1. Text properties are now localizable.
  2. Legend location is now added.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Arithmetic overflow in Intelligent Labels is now fixed.
  2. ImageMap is now generated correctly when multiple charts are used in the same page.
  3. DataTable indentation now depends on Y Axis items appearance settings.
  4. VisibleValues property now works correctly with 0 values.
  5. Shadow issue with zero-value Bar is now fixed.
  6. Legend item text no longer overlaps legend item marker when the markers have custom size.
  7. DataTable now displays DataLabels.
  8. Negative values in StackedBar series are now shown correctly.
  9. Axis labels no longer move when there are no series in a chart.
  10. Shadow issue with X axis LayoutMode = Normal are now fixed.
  11. X Axis item labels are no longer shifted.


What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a JavaScript error when a RadWindow is dragged over RadDockZone.


What’s New:

  1. TableWizard, Set Image Properties, Image Map, Page Properties dialogs
  2. Toolbar modes – PageTop, ShowOnFocus and Floating
  3. Three new skins: Telerik, Monochrome, Web20
  4. Full localization support
  5. Implemented NodeInspector module (including AlignmentSelector tool)
  6. Paste dialogs in FireFox implemented allowing for format stripping
  7. FormatCodeBlock dialog
  8. Complete AttributeInspector module, with Undo/Redo support
  9. Dialogs’ server-side API is improved and provides the ability to customize appearance, add new controls etc.
  10. Added showExternalDialog() client-side function for providing backwards compatibility with the old showDialog() function

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed editor tooltips not showing in Firefox
  2. AJAX Spellchecking in FireFox now advances automatically to next word
  3. Bug fixes with Filters and Flash files in FireFox and Opera
  4. FireFox - Fixed jumping of page if disabled tool is pressed in design mode
  5. FireFox - localized message when pressing the "Paste" button
  6. Removed table borders when going into Preview mode
  7. RadEditor is now rending its height correctly when loading invisible (e.g. in a tabstrip)
  8. Several fixes to the editor content filters
  9. Create new folder popup in the manager dialogs is fixed
  10. The split buttons and the toolstrips now have tooltips


What’s Fixed:

  1. RadNumericTextBox: SelectionOnFocus.SelectAll of the control now works as expected.
  2. RadDateinput: DbSelectedDate can not be set declaratively exception is now fixed.
  3. RadMaskedTextBox: OnEnable/OnDisable client-side events now fires as expected.
  4. RadMaskedTextBox: an error when clearing the text by Text="" is now fixed.
  5. RadInput controls: missing border is now fixed.


What’s Fixed:

  1. The RRULE line is no longer terminated with a semicolon which violates the standard.
  2. “Show more..” message in month view is now localizable.


What’s Fixed:

  1. A problem with the callout positioning is now fixed.
  2. Several minor visual glitches are now fixed in the Telerik skin


What’s Fixed:

  1. A problem with RadWindow’s maximize behavior is now fixed.

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