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New UI for ASP.NET AJAX Component: Stepper

With R2 2022, we’ve shipped a new ASP.NET AJAX UI Stepper component, which breaks down complex web experiences into logical, digestible steps and a visually-intuitive progress. The Stepper includes multiple customization and configuration options, such as support for icons, images, vertical and horizontal modes, validation and warning messages, animations and more! 


New component in UI for AJAX: Stepper

New Dark Theme Available in UI for ASP.NET AJAX Docs & Demos

With the second Telerik release of 2022, we’ve added a new dark theme in the ASP.NET AJAX docs & demos. The Dark theme has become a preferred style for many developers as it reduces eye strain and ensures good color contrast and improved accessibility. You can now easily switch between light and dark themes and browse through the resources in your favorite mode.   


New Dark Theme Available in Telerik Docs & Demos

DataViz Improvements

In the second major release of 2022, you will find several of the most wanted data visualization features, such as:  

  1. New notes in RadHtmlChart  

  1. Ability to modify the width of the range placeholder in radial RadGauge 


DataViz Improvements

PDF Export Enhancements

With R2 2022, you will find several of the most voted features related to PDF Export functionality, such as: 

  1. Ability to disable hyperlinks in the exported PDF via the RadClientExportManager

  2. Ability to scale the content when exporting PDF with the RadClientExportManager 


New Feature in RadGrid

We know the RadGrid is the backbone of your web applications, and with every update, much effort is directed toward making it the best in class. With R2 2022, we’ve introduced the ability to show a NoSort icon to indicate that an unsorted column can be sorted. It is controlled by the Grid.SortingSettings.ShowNoSortIcons (default value is false) and GridColumn.ShowNoSortIcon properties.The new feature will significantly improve the sorting capabilities of the Grid. 


New Feature in RadGrid

Accessibility Improvements in UI for ASP.NET AJAX

With R22022, we’ve focused on further improving the components’ accessibility compliance levels and documentation. We’ve addressed 7+ errors and made improvements to the AsyncUpload, Dock, Window, Tooltip, Tile and Editor, concerning the accessibility and Section 508 compliance of the following controls:  

  1. Fix Heading levels should only increase by one error  

  1. Fix Form elements must have labels error 

  1. Fix Elements must only use allowed ARIA attributes error  

  1. Fix ARIA roles used must conform to valid values 


Accessibility Improvements

New Features in Telerik Document Processing

In the R2 2022 release, we have something new for those of you who are using  Telerik Document Processing  within your ASP.NET AJAX apps! In the latest distribution package, you will find several of the most-wanted items from our Feedback Portal, such as:  

  • Insertion and deletion of comments (SpreadProcessing): Allows adding rules used during cells visualization and applies formatting depending on their values.  

  • Implementing cell reference to whole columns (SpreadProcessing  

  • Support for Type 3 fonts in PDFProcessing   



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