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New Confirm Dialog in Rad Button

A highly requested feature that allows you to easily ask the client for confirmation with RadWindow dialogs before triggering a post back. Your app’s users can feel safer in their UX and will have the opportunity to verify their details and no longer worry about submitting incorrect information.


New Themes for RadMultiColumnComboBox

You can now choose from multiple built-in themes to customize the appearance of the RadMultiColumnComboBox. As a quick recap, this component combines the features and functionalities of both RadDropDownList and RadGridView so that you can easily develop highly interactive and visually stunning interfaces. 


RadMultiColumnComboBox Enhancements

You will be able to leverage more server-side events and have an improved server-side binding, similar to the RadComboBox and RadDropDownList. With this enhancement you can now create an even more interactive user experience for your WebForms applications.

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX

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