Using Telerik Web ReportViewer in ASP.NET MVC application

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    Posted 26 May 2010 Link to this post


    Telerik Reporting version 4.0+
    .NET version 2.0+
    Visual Studio version VS2008+
    programming language C#
    To convert code

    Telerik online converter  

    [OBSOLETE: This code library is obsolete. In Q3 2013 we have introduced HTML5 Report Viewer with ASP.NET MVC Extension.]

    This code library shows you how to use Telerik Reporting Web Report Viewer with the ASP.NET MVC and Razor view engine. Since it is a standard ASP.NET server control which relies on the classic Web Forms behavior including page lifecycle, viewstate, postback mechanism, etc, we need to override VerifyRenderingInServerForm event handler.

     public override void VerifyRenderingInServerForm(Control control) 
                // to avoid the server form (<form runat="server">) requirement 

    For MVC 3 you can include partial view with the web report viewer in a MVC 3 page:

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