Using CDN with Fallback on local server when loading Javascript and CSS of Kendo/JQuery/Modernizr

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    Telerik Product and Version

    Telerik Kendo UI Web, any version (Optional: Kendo UI Dataviz)
    Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 5
    Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

    Supported Browsers and Platforms


    Components/Widgets used (JS frameworks, etc.)

    Kendo UI, jQuery, Modernizr

    Using Cache Delivery Network (CDN) for loading Javascript and CSS files is great, but what if the CDN server fails?
    Answer: your application breaks down looking ugly...

    So the solution it to first try to load from a CDN, then load from the Local Server files if Javascript was not loaded correctly from the CDN (the fallback).

    This project shows how to load jQuery/Kendo/Modernizr from a Cache Delivery Network, and fallback to local server files if the CDN were unavailable.
    It even tries several CDN for jQuery and Kendo, prefering CDN which are compatible with https.

    All this implementation CDN-Fallback for resides in the Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml file (in the html/head section)Happy coding!
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    Hi Michel,

    Thank you for the code library example. I think it has a couple of issues though:

    1. The modernizrVersion variable is not used correctly inside Url.Content(), which leads to an always invalid URL.

    2. If the Kendo UI scripts fail to load, then window.kendo will be undefined and window.kendo.jQuery will trigger a Javascript error. The conditional statement should only check whether window.kendo is defined (or just kendo).

    On a side note, we have updated our documentation to outline such scenarios:


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