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Which control for our waiting users?

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David Jones
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David Jones asked on 08 May 2009, 10:28 PM


We currently own the full suite of your ASP.NET AJAX and need assistance choosing which control would be best for one of the pages in our site given our scenario.

We have a typical e-commerce website built using VS.NET 2005/C# running on .NET 2.0, which uses various controls from the Telerik suite including the AJAX functionality.

We have a page where the user completes their purchase by entering their payment information, after which they click the “Process Your Order” button to complete the purchase (screen shot attached) which validates their payment information and writes it to our db.  During this process, the user is left waiting for without any indication as to why.   We’d like to provide a message to the user indicating processing is occurring and also prevent them from pressing the button multiple times.  Finally, upon successful validation and db writing, we need to send them to the next “confirmation” page.

I have provided detailed information below regarding how we need the suggested control to function along screen shot of the page.

Expected control behavior

Upon the user pressing the “Process Your Order” the following should occur:

·         The page’s current validation ensures that required fields aren’t left blank, and the expiration date hasn’t passed (using CustomValidator logic).

·         If validation succeeds, then:

o   A control would display a custom message to the user indicating to the user the site is processing their order.  This message must be displayed centered within their browser and it prevents them from interacting with the page (modal).

o   If their payment information successfully processes, they’re sent to the next page (Response.Redirect() ).

o   If they’ve given invalid payment information, the control disappears, they’re once again allowed to use the page to correct their information as indicated by the validators’ error message(s), and they do not proceed to the next page.

·         If validation fails, then no message is displayed by the control (other than the validators’ error messages), and the user correct their errors.


We appreciation your assistance in this matter and look forward to any direction you provide.

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Svetlina Anati
Telerik team
answered on 11 May 2009, 08:28 AM
Hello David,

I already answered your other threads but in order to let others know what RadControls can be shown at the center of the screen and modal, I pasted my reply below:

Since you are using a custom validator you can control what to do at a certain time. This being said, you can show the user message when it fits your scenario. As to the message itself, you can use the following controls:

  1. RadToolTip - it can be programmatically shown both from the client and from the server, it can be configured to show at the center of the screen and to be modal. Its demos are available below:
  2. RadAlert -  it also can be shown at the center of the screen and modal. The common way to show it is through client javascript but if needed - this script can be executed from the server. You can find a sample demo below:

In case you need further assistance, please prepare a sample, fully runnable demo which has all the validation logic implemented and the particular point of showing the message determined and uses a standard control - e.g a DIV, panel, standard alert, etc. and indicates when exactly the message should be shown. Once you prepare it just send it to me along with explanations of the preferred control (radalert or RadToolTip) and I will modify it in order to replicate the very same behavior as the standard element.

the Telerik team

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