What happens if a search engine visits a page using xmlHttpPanel

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  1. Richard
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    I am wondering, what would happen if a search engine or a non-javascript enabled browser visits a page with using this control? 

    Will it gracefully fall back to a method that the browser can still use? 


  2. Tervel
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    Hello Richard,

    I am not sure what exactly the question is, but hopefully the provided information will be relevant for you:

    RadXmlHttpPanel is a Panel. That means, if you originally set some content to it from the server - it will be sent to the client. So, this should not make any difference to a search engine or a non-javascript enabled browser at all.

    In order for the panel to be used in a meaningful manner, e.g. - load content on demand by initiating a client-side XmlHttpRequest - javascript has to be enabled on the browser. If javascript is not enabled, the panel will "fall-back" to being "just" a regular panel - and display its original content. Btw, in scenarios where javascript is disabled all third party controls and control suties fall-back to something pretty basic and about 95% of the functionality is lost.

    And last, going back to the "search-engine" problem - making search engines play well with partial page updates is a big topic in itself. There are vairous techniques and articles online that discuss how to tackle the problem.  Most approaches to increasing the SEO rating of a page are related to a smart use of META tags, as well as how the URL is constructed (human-readable vs. pageid=12345678, for example).

    In all cases, using RadXmlHttpPanel is to help you with specific scenarios - which makes it an unlikely candidate for building your SEO strategy on such a panel.

    Best regards,
    the Telerik team

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  3. Richard
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    Nov 2008

    Posted 09 Jul 2009 Link to this post


    thanks for your answer.

    My question was trying to ask, if i use the panel to display some information, does it automatically provide another way for a search engine to see the same information.  The content is "important", so i want it to be indexed, but the panel provides a nice way for users to get the information.

    I will do some investigation on the general ajax / search engine issues.
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