WAI-ARIA: Can I assign roles to the RadPanelBar

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    I may be configured something wrong, but after enabling ARIA support on the RadPanelBar all I can see is that the items are rendered with a role="tab".

    Shouldn't the RadPanelBar itself be rendered with a role="tabstrip" attribute?

    Actually, in the project I'm assigned to, the RadPanelBar is used as a means of navigation - it's bound to the SiteMapDataSource. So I'd like to change the RadPanelBar's role to "navigation". How can I do this?

    Your answers are appreciated.

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    Thank you for reporting this issue.

    You are right it should have  role of tablist. We will fix this as soon as possible.

    As for your second question we have implemented the WAI-ARIA support of RadPanelBar according to the w3 specification of the accordion which is a similar control and that is why changing the role to some other is a custom solution that is not supported by the control.

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    You are right: giving it a second thought I can - I even need to - surround the RadPanelBar with a <div role="navigation"> element myself. Since assigning two roles to the same element drops all roles except the rightmost one, surrounding the RadPanelBar with a landmark <div> can easily be done manually.

    Thanks for updating the RadPanelBar with an upcoming version!

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