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    Dear Telerik Team,

    What I've noticed is that during rendering the Report generator doesn't (maybe for some elements only, at least DataTables) check the property Visible when planning paper length for reports in Preview and this Bug is producing the next behavior:-

    For example, there is a data table with property Visible set in true in Designer code, but during the report generation, if the database query for that table gets back with Rows.Count = 0 and inside your code you set this property Visible = false (because you don't like to fill the doc with extra empty tables), and there are many such blocks inside your report, then it could be resulted to an extra blank page at the end..
    I don't know how your render works exactly, but I understand it must check for some absolute locations of elements/blocks and then reserve the amount of paper sheets,
    In my case, there are no blocks with absolute location.. the report should be printing as soon as a new Visible element is coming up to the entry of Renderer, so elements are populating with data and getting value for property Visible before they're rendered..

    But Reporter anyway adds an extra page if it was there during the Preview Mode.
    My suggestion is:
    Maybe there is the reason to add a new property to a Report = say, Report.RenderStrategy = [Common] | [Dynamic] and change the strategy of rendering without planning the minimum of paper before rendering?
    Sorry, if I was unclear, but I am not the Writer :) Hopefully I described the situation pretty clear for developers of the Report Component?

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