Upgrade from RadControls classic to asp.net ajax 4.5- 2014 release

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    Posted 15 Apr 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Telerik Team,


    We have purchased license your latest asp.net Ajax version for 4.5.We are in process of migrating our apps from our old classic Rad
    controls for 2.0 to latest version of UI ASP.Net AJAX 4.5. On deep diving into your latest framework and architectural changes, found there are far too many
    breaking changes and requires painful effort to migrate. It isn’t straightforward as mentioned in some your forums.  The upgrade wizard doesn’t help. The some of the control classes, properties,methods names have drastically changed from the old version to the new one.Moreover, not all changes have been documented. The upgrade process is risky and time consuming. But we need to go for the upgrade as we migrating our project to dotnet 4.5 framework.

    Expectation from support team:

    We need continuous technical support during the upgrade process in next 1 month. We have two projects to be converted. Will be posting
    snippets of code to give us direction on upgrade if appropriate documentation not found in telerik site for controls/classes we are using.

    Current status:

    On referencing Radcontrols dlls to new “telerik.web.ui” and changing the namespaces from “telerik.webcontrols” to “telerik.web.ui” we got 74 errors
    during build. After fixing some of the issues referring to doc on backward compatibility, the Errors are now reduced to 46.

    To start with, posting few code snippets where we get errors:

    Error 1: “Member not found” for each property within the “with”  stmnt

    RadRotator = New RadRotator

              With _RadRotator
                    .ID = "R"
                    .FrameTemplate = Me.CreateFrameTemplate()
                    .FrameTimeout = 3000
                    .Height =System.Web.UI.WebControls.Unit.Pixel(Me.FrameHeight)
                    .PauseOnMouseOver = True
                    .TransitionType = RadRotator.RotatorTransitionType.Slideshow
                    .TransitionEffect =RadRotator.RotatorTransitionEffect.Fade
                    .UseRandomSlide = False
                    .UseSmoothScroll = True

    Error 2:  “RadToolbarToggleButton” is not defined. “b.buttonimage” is not defined

    Dim b As RadToolbarButton
           If ButtonGroup Is Nothing Then
                    b = New RadToolBarButton
                    b = New RadToolbarToggleButton
            With CType(b, RadToolbarToggleButton)
                        .ButtonGroup = ButtonGroup
                        .Toggled = Toggled
            End With

           End If

                b.CommandName = CommandName
                b.ButtonImage = ButtonImage
                b.ToolTip = ToolTip

     We have to deliver the upgrade version to customer in one month time. A prompt help will be greatly appreciated from telerik team.

    Thank you,


  2. Ianko
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    Posted 18 Apr 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Keisha,

    Thank you for contacting the Telerik support.

    When it comes to migration from classic Telerik controls to the ones from the AJAX suite, it is recommended to contact us in separate tickets tagged with the proper product, so that we could examine carefully the provided scenario about the used control.

    Tracking the information in one thread related to multiple controls will use non-productive assistance. This is why I suggest opening different tickets for each control with which a difficulty is experienced.  This way our support officers will be able to isolate the problems and provide assistance on the migration matter faster and properly.

    Generally, migrating of our controls should be achieved along with careful examination of the online documentation. For example, the used FormTemplate property is obsolete and the appropriate one is the ItemTemplate and further configurations should be done via the Animation properties. Please follow these materials for further information on these matters:

    About the RadToolbarButton, I am unable to firmly suggest proper configuration resolution because the one should be done according to the scenario. I recommend examining this help article and configure the toolbar buttons properly according the new properties and attributes.

    If you need further assistance on the controls' migration, please open new support tickets tagged with the appropriate products and provide isolated information about the control with which the difficulties are encountered.



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  3. Keisha
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    Posted 21 Apr 2014 in reply to Ianko Link to this post

    Hi Lanko,

    Thanks for the reply.Will log tickets as suggested for indivisual controls. Hoping to quick and proper 
    technical direction on upgradation. I have referred online documentation but not much help for some of the controls..

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