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    I'm trying to connect my datasource (from sproc) to a radtreelist control.

    I have added multiple levels with null values in the hierarchy to try to match the requirements for null values to set the nested levels but I am still getting "No records".

    Here's a sample of my data:

    wbs1        wbs2    wbs3    Name                                                                          PreConDate  DaysSincePrecon
    2009.0257   ESTR.1             
    2009.0257   ESTR.1  U0001   31 Drakestown Road - Main Project   08/04/2010  1147
    2009.0257   LEED.1             
    2009.0257   LEED.1  U0001   31 Drakestown Road - Main Project   08/04/2010  1147
    2010.0662   GRES.1             
    2010.0662   GRES.1  U0001   102 Creekview Drive 05/24/2013  123
    2010.0662   GRES.1  U0002   170E Monmouth Street    05/24/2013  123

    What I'm trying to do, is display a page of project numbers (wbs1) all condensed. When I click on the "expand" icon, I'd like it to show all levels that have only the second level (wbs2) and no third level (wbs3). And when I click "expand" on the wbs2, I'd like it to display all of the rows that share the wbs2.  I can change the sproc so that it gives me any configuration, i.e. nulls at some level, 0 at some level, etc.

    Here's my aspx code:
    <telerik:RadTreeList ID="RadTreeList1" runat="server" DataKeyNames="wbs3" ParentDataKeyNames="wbs1"
            Width="800px" Skin="Windows7" GridLines="Both" AutoGenerateColumns="true" DataSourceId="SqlDataSource1" >

    <asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:SqlConnectionString %>"
            SelectCommand="dbo.getDataSproc" SelectCommandType="StoredProcedure">

    Thanks in advance.
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     The data in the table should have a foreign key relationship that will actually specify the hierarchical structure. It can be a self referencing relationship like the Employees table from Northwind. Then you set the primary key as DataKeyName and the foreign key field as ParentDataKeyName - this way the control will now exactly how to build the hierarchy.
    Here is a sample data:

    ID     ParentID     wbs1            wbs2     wbs3    Name                                                               PreConDate     DaysSincePrecon
     1            0            2009.0257                 
     2            1            2009.0257    ESTR.1            
     3            2            2009.0257    ESTR.1  U0001   31 Drakestown Road - Main Project       08/04/2010        1147
     4            1            2009.0257    LEED.1            
     5            4            2009.0257    LEED.1  U0001   31 Drakestown Road - Main Project       08/04/2010        1147
     6            0            2010.0662                 
     7            6            2010.0662    GRES.1            
     8            7            2010.0662    GRES.1  U0001   102 Creekview Drive                                  05/24/2013        123
     9            7            2010.0662    GRES.1  U0002   170E Monmouth Street                             05/24/2013        123

    More information on the treelist structure can also be found in this help topic:

    Best Regards,
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