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    I really dislike tooltip manager.  I'm attempting to use just standard tooltips. I'm starting to feel like they receive absolutely no development attention.

    I have two questions.

    Why, when I place an asp button inside of a tooltip, and then the tooltip and its target inside of an ajaxPanel (prometheus) does it postback, not partial-postback?

    Why does the tooltip not rebind to its original control on partial postback when one assigns the Tooltip, the Target control, and (if you wish to test) even the ajaxManager itself to being updated controls when using an AjaxManager to handle Ajax?

    And even worse than that, why, when one has an AM AjaxSetting based off a Button within a Tooltip, and the update controls are the Tooltip, the AM, and the target control.. Does on the second partial postback, it instead act as a full-postback?

    Browser, FF

    I am very close to just abandoning the use of Telerik at all, despite the amount of time I've put into understanding it.
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    Up to your questions:

    1. For a number of reasons the tooltip objects are added to the end of the FORM. This means that they are outside of all other MS AJAX UpdatePanels or RadAjax UpdatePanels on the page, and you should not expect a click on a button inside the tooltip to produce a callback only for the fact that the tooltip's target element is inside an UpdatePanel.
    To peform a callback, please follow the approach in this online example:

    2. As far as we have been able to test, the current download of the ToolTip and the ToolTipManager should update and rebind correctly when partial page updates are made [as long as they are configured properly].  In case you haev encountered a problem, please send us a simple working project that demonstrates the issue and we will provide you with more information.

    3. It is very likely that the reason for the behavior is the reason explained in #1 - the tooltip's content area is added to a different place in the page DOM than the tooltip's original location. This is essential for the proper functioning of the tooltip and cannot be changed.
    Thus, unfortunately, expecting to use the tooltip just as, say, asp:Panel is not realistic - instead you should use more UpdatePanels to achieve the desired behavior.

    We hope this information helps.
    Sincerely yours,
    the Telerik team

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